Relationships and Your Love Life–3 Dreadful, yet Very Common Reasons for Staying Together

Relationships and Your Love Life–3 Dreadful, yet Very Common Reasons for Staying Together
Almost everyone hopes and strives for a long-term relationship, but few are ever able to find and cement a mutually satisfying, compatible bond that lasts the rest of their lives. Those who place great importance on the fantasy of permanent, romantic bliss may see this as a tragedy, but we believe that’s an erroneous, dysfunctional perspective.

Short-term relationships end for various reasons, including people changing and evolving or regressing at different rates over time, the shattering of illusions resulting in broken alliances, and “good” and “bad” love karma and personal timing: most connections, we have discovered in our work, have destined beginning and ending times.

There are many reasons couples stay together for longer periods of time, but we’ve found, generally, that there are four main categories of people who seek or remain in a longer-term relationship, which include three terrible reasons for doing so:

1) Singles seeking financial security or couples who can’t afford to break up yet. It’s common for couples to remain together because creating a second household would be too expensive. The divorce rate during the recent economic downturn has decreased, and reduced incomes is the number one reason.

All facades aside, financial security as the primary motivation for entering a relationship makes the connection a business relationship, not a love relationship. Adherents to the traditional American marriage model and those with a sense of entitlement deny it and express outrage when we point it out, but this sort of arrangement is essentially matrimonial prostitution. Please note, we believe how anyone chooses to live their love life is their business (not the government’s, and not society’s), unless they are being dishonest and, or using or abusing someone. We’re just calling it like we see it.

2) Those who are afraid of change, being single or alone, or are seeking happiness outside of themselves. These types will wait it out until they are forced to change, or they will end up feeling alone and isolated, even while in a relationship, because of their fear.

3) Those who feel a marriage or long-term relationship is a requirement to be a good parent. Unfortunately, a bad relationship will take the focus off a child and all will suffer in the process. Because of this, we recommend a child contract (which protects the child along with the primary caretaker) instead of a marriage contract.

4) And finally, most couples get married assuming they have what it takes to remain together, but then realize months or years later they lack the most important element, which happens to be metaphysically oriented: The good love karma of their predestined life circumstances that allows them to experience, for the most part, a harmonious, happy, long-term relationship. We estimate this is only about 15% of the population.

Is there something wrong with you if you don’t experience a rewarding longer-term or life-long relationship? It’s easy to think so if you get caught up in what you are “supposed to do” as a “normal” member of society.

Great importance is placed on life-long relationships. This is unfortunate since everyone has many soul mates and what is learned from a relationship is more important than its duration. Just because it ended doesn’t mean it “failed.”

If you aren’t involved in an ideal, longer-term relationship, don’t fret. Perceptions and expectations about the way love lives “should” be cause more misery than almost any other issue.

Instead of comparing yourself with those who seem to have what you’d like (remember, appearances can be very deceiving) and generating regret and despair, accept where you are, be grateful for all you have such as relationships with friends and family, learn to love yourself and occasional solitude, and refuse to buy into romantic fairytales.

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Signs of a Cheating Partner – They Can Be Very Obvious

Signs of a Cheating Partner – They Can Be Very Obvious

Do you suspect that your husband or wife is cheating on you? If you do, you may want to find out the truth. You may hear people saying that “ignorance is bliss”. This is probably true in certain situations. However, when it comes to cheating, ignorance is certainly not bliss.

If you do not know how to catch a cheating partner, fret not! Catching a cheating partner is not difficult as long as you know what to look out for. Once you know what to look out for, you will realize that those signs are actually pretty obvious.

Of course, if you want to catch a cheating partner, you need to become more observant. Take note that none of the signs alone is enough to prove that your partner is cheating on you. You will still need to gather solid evidence.

The signs discussed below are simply indications. Just because your spouse are displaying them does not necessary mean they are cheating on you. There may be other reasons for their odd behaviors.

Here are some common signs of a cheating spouse:

1) Change In The Level of Affection

One of the most obvious signs of cheating is the change in the level of affection. Perhaps, your wife used to be very affectionate towards you. Now, you realized that she is no longer as affectionate anymore. She may be hiding something from you.

Or perhaps your husband started becoming more affectionate than before. He may be trying to ease his guilt of cheating on you.

2) Weird Behavior Around The Computer or Phone

Some people use the phone to cheat while others may use the computer. If your spouse shut down the computer or hang up the phone whenever you are approaching, then something may be wrong.

You may want to check on his/her computer or cell phone when you have the opportunity to do so. Of course, you should do so without his/her knowledge.

Signs of a Cheating Partner

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Cheap Auto Insurance – The Best Place to Get Very Low Rates

Cheap Auto Insurance – The Best Place to Get Very Low Rates

Check with other insurers and compare their quotes. Don’t rely on your present quote only if you want to get the best result especially when you are buying a new car. Do not just accept the dealer’s offer.

Doing a monthly payment of your premium will increase your premium. Try to make an annual payment it saves cost. Doing this on a 0% credit card would help spread the cost. Installment payment would attract a 33% increase on your premium.

Careful driving without being involved in any accident would earn you a discount because you will make no claims. You can get up to 75% discount on your policy if you don’t make claims in fives years. You can transfer your no-claims bonus from one insurer to another. Insurers would be interested to know if any form of traffic offense is recorded against you. This could make them increase your premium. So you are advised not to drink while driving, do not make calls while driving, obey traffic signs and maintain speed limit.

Expensive high performance cars that also comes with huge spoilers, booming exhausts and body kits are classified by the insurer in the high premium group. So buying such cars would mean paying higher premiums. Go for less expensive cars that are valued in low insurance covers. You would also get discounts if your car has an alarm and immobilizers.

Make sure you park your car in a safe place because it is very important when calculating your premium. If you park you car on the street, there is much risk and your premium would increase but if your car is parked in the garage or on a private driveway your premium would reduce. To also find a good policy move to a place where crime is less and risk is low.

Start enjoying lower rates today by getting and comparing enough quotes from quotes comparison sites.

Here are two very reputable sites for your quotes comparison.
insureme Auto Insurance Quotes
Hometown Auto Insurance Quotes
Chimerenka Odimba is the publisher Several finance based sites.

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BiPolar Marketing Tips – The 2 Opposite Ideas That Lead To Radical Online Profits Very Quick!

BiPolar Marketing Tips – The 2 Opposite Ideas That Lead To Radical Online Profits Very Quick!

Who else is struggling to turn a profit online? Are you finding it difficult to focus on one thing? Does the temptation to jump from idea to idea compel you to NEVER finish one project from start to finish? If you said yes…the simple truth is, you are NOT alone. In my experience, there is NO bigger enemy of achievement than maniac marketing movements that most of us make from one market to the next…one idea to the next…and one “plan” to the next, without ever really seeing anything through from start to finish.

My solution? It actually sounds a bit “bipolar” on paper…but in reality, it makes PERFECT sense…and is a great way to incorporate everything you’ve learned, while still staying focused on one thing.

Here is the idea in 2 words or less.


What does it signify?

Isolate the ONE thing you are best at. Or most passionate about. Or…simply KNOW you can make money from because you already are. Isolate that…and make that the center of your online universe. It can be a service. (like life coaching or fitness or a blog on raw food advice) It can be an ebook or ecourse on any topic. It can be a single squeeze page…or a single static review page that sells affiliate products. It really doesn’t matter…as long as you decide to ISOLATE that one idea, and invest all of your time, energy and effort into making it profitable.


Integrate EVERYTHING you’ve learned about driving traffic, keyword selection, monetization and otherwise into a cohesive and comprehensive plan to accommodate that one idea. that means writing articles like this. Writing press releases and link bait. Creating feeder sites, social networking submissions and viral video. Tweeting, friending, sharing and squeezing EVERY strategy you know of to compel, cajole and coerce as MANY people as possible to interact with your content…PERIOD.

Does it work?

Absolutely! You can leverage ALL sorts of strategies very successfully as LONG as you first isolate the ONE thing you know will make your money. Most people, unfortunately…do the “integrate” step FAR too early…and end up wasting too much time, energy and INCOME without ever having a sustainable plan to profit from it. (and if that sounds like you…you CAN turn it around in a hurry. Starting today.)

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Annuity Quotes Can Be Very Easily Found From Comparison Websites

Annuity Quotes Can Be Very Easily Found From Comparison Websites

Although some people have the benefit of final salary pension schemes guaranteed by their employer, most people who wish to ensure they have more retirement income than the state pension provides, save using either a private pension plan (PPP), or an occupational defined contribution pension scheme. The funds put into the scheme are invested by the pension fund manager. For younger people there can a major proportion of the fund invested in equities, as these provide the best opportunities for long term growth, but as the person approaches retirement age the fund manager will change the balance of the fund to emphasize cash and government bonds, protecting the growth that has already been achieved. On retirement, part of the pension fund may be taken a lump sum, and the remainder is either used as an unsecured pension (USP), or an annuity may be purchased to provide a guaranteed life-time income. Annuity quotes may be very easily found online, as there are now several comparison websites in operation.

When a person is approaching retirement age they must make some choices about what to do with the contents of their pension fund. According to current regulations the pension fund cannot be touched until age 55, and if the fund owner survives to age 75, purchase of an annuity becomes compulsory.

A lump sum can be taken from the fund after age 55. This can be up to 25 per cent of the fund’s value, and no tax is charged on this sum. In the case of small pension funds the government allows 100% to be withdrawn, under the so-called triviality rule.

The remainder of the fund can either be used to purchase an annuity, or it can be left in the fund where it can provide an unsecured pension (USP). Note that USPs are sometimes called income drawdown.

Income drawdown, or unsecured pension, is not suitable for all retirees. One benefit of this option is that the fund will remain invested, and it may continue to grow in value. Additionally if the retiree dies the fund will form part of the estate, and can be inherited by the beneficiaries of the will.

The danger with income drawdown is that if the retiree has a long life after retirement, then the fund will become exhausted. Actuaries can calculate the point in a person’s life at which income drawdown becomes a worse option than annuity purchase, and it is always recommended that those using drawdown employ an independent financial advisor to conduct regular reviews.

Annuities are an insurance instrument, purchased from a life assurance company. The life company takes the pension savings, and guarantees the retiree a life-time income. The life company is, in effect, assuming the risk that the person may live for a long time, in which case the company would lose money on that particular annuity sale. This is however simply the trading of individual risk for collective risk, which is inherent in all insurance business.

Annuities can be bought from any life assurance company, there is never any obligation to buy from the pension fund manager, although they will normally make an annuity offer. Annuity quotes from many companies can be very easily found, as there are now several comparison websites in operation.

Annuity Rates can find you the best annuity quotes from the entire annuity market. We can also find you the best over 50 life insurance.

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