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Computer says no

Computer says no

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Increasing ambition for worldly acclaim

Increasing ambition for worldly acclaim

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The Belt

The Belt

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abandoned beauty

abandoned beauty

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Personal Computer

Personal Computer

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National Urban Water Saving Publicity Week Today, Saving You Yet? – Water-saving Publicity Week,

National Urban Water Saving Publicity Week Today, Saving You Yet? – Water-saving Publicity Week,
2009 May 10 to May 16 is the 18th a national urban water-saving publicity week, Yantai City, the Office of Urban Management Bureau of the city to save water in the May 10 workshop on the theme “Strengthening conservation and waste reduction, promotion of scientific development “Publicity Week, and set up the main venue in Namsan Park, Yantai, Binzhou Medical College Campus, Shandong Institute of Business, Lu Dong University, Yantai University, respectively, and set up a sub-venue.

5 10 8 am early today, Yantai City, the staff members came to the water on the Maozhuotaiyu Awareness Week Nanshan Park main venue, and together with some water companies were at the scene of the past members of the public water-saving publicity. According to a company to the staff bathroom, toilet water storage capacity at present is generally 2 to 4 liters of water, common toilet in the water than in the past reduced by more than half, to be able to use less water to clean the toilet, some new technology becomes crucial, for example: the smooth ceramic surface level flush pipes of thickness, styling design, etc. will influence the flushing effect. Present a common water-saving toilets generally at 400 yuan, compared to the average toilet seat price is almost, well received by general public.

In eastern Shandong University, Shandong Institute of Business, Yantai Vocational College, Binzhou Medical College, Yantai Water-saving publicity sub-campus venue, the school also organized a water signature, signed nearly a thousand students in the rain, and that in later Life will pay more attention to water conservation. Yantai, Binzhou Medical College campus, a female college student told reporters: “The school implemented a variety of Energy Measures to take water for instance, buy a ticket before entering the bathroom after a bath is easily washed, the students have no concept of saving, longer wash time also wasted a lot of water, now with a time Charge , Credit cards can shower after, but if a long time to wash, then also the high cost, so now when taking a bath very quickly, saving a lot of water. “

Punishment, according to Binzhou Medical management of water and electricity Lin Zhuren General introduction, the school has invested 45 million yuan and built a card bathroom, and installed in the Kai Shuifang IC Card Control system, two water-saving project in December 2006 began to use the students to play a pot of boiling water about 1 penny, take a bath about 2 yuan a general enough also. After the water bath system to install credit card rate of 60% or more, to install credit card water boilers and save over 50% of the water.

Reporter learned that the university interview venue, the four institutions will be campus lake (natural reservoirs) rational use of water as a priority. It is understood, Binzhou Medical College, Yantai has invested more than 350 million campus construction of a water storage capacity of 70,000 cubic meters of artificial lakes, mainly for landscape Fire Water, irrigation, rainwater harvesting 20,000 cubic meters per year, saving a lot of water; Shandong Institute of Business has invested more than 20 million underground ceramic pipes, more than 10 million yuan investment on the three ponds were extensively, to nearly 3,000 cubic capacity increase meters, all buildings will be hospital-wide deep-water trunk lines and the number of people who stay to the natural rain water collection ponds for construction and green water, water up to a year savings of more than 10 million tons; Lu Tung University, more than 80 million in construction investment transformation of the artificial lake, on the campus and the surrounding mountain rainwater collection, as green, infrastructure, Environment Health, such as water fountains, water savings each year nearly 10 million cubic meters of water saving nearly 30 million; Yantai Vocational College has invested nearly 300 million excavation of the area of nearly 10,000 square meters, capacity of about 18,000 cubic meters of artificial lake, not only beautify the campus and can accept water, according to preliminary statistics, the annual water savings of nearly 10,000 tons, the cost savings of 3 million yuan.

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Improper Dismantling E-waste Culprit As The New Urban Pollution – E-waste, Waste Electronic Products

Improper Dismantling E-waste Culprit As The New Urban Pollution – E-waste, Waste Electronic Products
Science and technology, electronic product updates accelerate already hastened the development of a Walk in city streets for electronic waste recycling “troops.” With the hammer to drop fire, lead, cadmium, mercury, PVC, brominated dioxins … … these people to avoid any heavy metals, specific pollutants have been quietly hiding in you by my side, dismantling e-waste is improperly become a new urban pollution culprit.

Electronic age birth to “a new career”
In Harbin Development Zone, the special collection of waste electronic products, Lao Liu was very different. This drove a small truck, Chuaizhuo

Mobile Middle-aged man out of the major office building and residential area, not beating down the street crying, breaking barrels, he handed him a business card?? Professional high buy electronic products. With the electronics in the home and office and update the popularity of speed, a new career out of being birth.

Riding a tricycle with other scrap buyers the street crying, different, Lao Liu printed business cards distributed to each company’s office. After each phone contact, Lao Liu always flattered to open on his truck door service, back to the always discarded scrap printers, computers,

Air conditioning , Washing machine And other bulk “valuable goods.”
In front of customers and acquaintances, he will show themselves and the street crying, the “peer” different, “they receive is used newspapers, empty bottles, ye see is garbage. We are high-end collection electronic goods, a ‘next home’ waiting for getting goods with us! “

“High recycling old mobile phones, toner cartridges, ink cartridges,
MP3 . “The small hand-held small ads are always a lot of cities across the street bridges, universities and e-city” landscape “;” high recovery

Refrigerator , Washing machines, household appliances, “cries the residential area from time to time to break the silence. These things are not that used junk it? Worthy of” high “buy it? The face of the curious bystanders, vendors are usually closely guarded secret not to smile answer.

Electronic dismantling experienced professional team, “guerrillas”
Many cities in China, surge in e-waste “resource” is already a success of the industry chain and related occupations. Acquisition – the initial dismantling – transport – Fine dismantling the whole industry chain, the guerrilla-style cottage and emerging professional dismantling enterprises face encounter. Cake fight e-waste, the “hammer smashed fire” of the guerrillas and the Professional Team Who the winner?

Streets in many cities, the number of walk with a lot of old
Home Appliances Acquisition of “force” them to tens of dollars or a price of 200 yuan recovery appliance is sent to a small workshop. Here, the “hammer smashed fire” of the 19th century was used means of disposing of electronic products in the 21st century: after the brutal dismantling, acid leaching, fire, liquid cross-flow, no treatment or flow directly into the drain line on the ground , are difficult to extract the precious metals and toxic and harmful substances were found inside the trash of life … …

Guerrilla-style cottage on the e-waste has become a fixed “flow”: the first step is the classification of the acquisition personnel in the maintenance of various electronic products after a simple resale into the countryside; second step is “pure manual “dismantling many workers without protective case with a screwdriver, hammer, etc. simple tool to split electric plastic, metal, circuit boards, wires, etc., sometimes in order to remove the gold, silver, copper and other components, it simply violently smashed the one.

In such barbaric and not in the shelter of the dismantling, leaching, fire and other primitive tools were used with impunity: In order to obtain the middle of the copper wire and other metal, it simply burning wires, toxic, odorous gases with The spread to nearby residential areas; baking board, burning garbage generated a lot of harmful gases and suspended solids, threatening the health of workers; computer monitor screen is crack, plastics were burned by acid leaching of metal, lead, cadmium , brominated dioxins and other harmful substances into the air, soil, hazardous waste disposal and proliferation because of random … …

Harbin environmental services group Qin Sheng Feng, general manager, said dismantling e-waste is a very specialized industry, enterprises need a qualified professional operation, to make use of specialized equipment.

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Ministry of Housing to introduce the field of urban and rural views on energy saving – energy saving, emission reduction – HVAC Industry

Ministry of Housing to introduce the field of urban and rural views on energy saving – energy saving, emission reduction – HVAC Industry

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Provinces, autonomous regions and Construction Department, and municipal construction committee, separately listed cities Construction Commission (Construction Bureau), Construction Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

To implement the “Building Energy Conservation Regulations” and “the State Council on Further Strengthening the Work of fuel-efficient power-saving” (Guo Fa [2008] 23), “the State Council issued in 2008 on the organization of work of energy saving notification “(Guo Ban Fa [2008] 80),” the State Council on Carrying out the National Energy Action Notice “(Guo Ban Fa [2008] 106) spirit of the document, ensure” five “emission reduction plan goal is to make the field of energy saving building in 2008 to work to implement the following comments.

1, objectives and general requirements (1) energy saving targets. To the end of 2008, construction of 16 million tons of standard coal fields to achieve conservation objectives, including: new buildings for energy saving and mandatory standards for energy-saving 8 million tons of standard coal; deepen Heating System, on the north Heating Area and existing building energy-saving heat metering to achieve energy-saving 3 million tons of standard coal; the strengthening of national institutions of office buildings and large public buildings management and transformation of energy-saving operation to achieve energy-saving two million tons of standard coal. Development of solar energy, shallow geothermal energy, biomass and other renewable energy applications in building construction, to achieve three million tons of standard coal to replace conventional energy sources.

(B) emission reduction targets. To the end of 2008, the new urban sewage treatment capacity of 12 million tons / day, strive to two years in 36 cities the lead in realizing the full collection and disposal of sewage. Strengthen the construction and operation of urban waste disposal site monitoring.

(C) the general requirements. Conscientiously implement the “Building Energy Conservation Regulations” and “the State Council on Further Strengthening the Work of fuel-efficient power-saving” (Guo Fa [2008] 23), “the State Council issued in 2008 on the energy saving work of the notice” (State Office [2008] 80), “the State Council on Carrying out the National Energy Action Notice” (Guo Ban Fa [2008] 106) document the spirit and the guidance of scientific concept of development, the area of energy saving as the change in construction important starting point for growth, strengthening responsibility assessment, improve the institutional mechanisms, focused work, improve public education, give full play to market mechanism, so that a comprehensive energy conservation program of work for the various tasks.

2, on the key areas of energy conservation and emission reduction

(A) firmly to curb high energy consumption, high emission excessive growth of the industry. In urban planning should reflect sustainable development consistent with local requirements, resources and environmental protection requirements as a mandatory content. Do not comply with the mandatory energy efficiency standards for civil engineering construction projects, non-payment of construction project planning permit and construction plans through the review, shall not issue construction permits. Continue to effectively adjust the urging and guidance of the local housing supply structure, small condominiums to increase the supply of proportion.

(B) fully grasp the new building energy conservation, improve energy levels. Over housing and urban construction departments should continue to strengthen the implementation of energy efficiency standards for new construction supervision, to make the building energy-efficient design, construction, quality acceptance criteria, “Construction supervision of building energy efficiency is” and “Green Construction Guide” for implementing implementation of a quality inspection, special inspection of the focus of energy conservation, and strive to the end of 2008 national new construction phase of implementation of mandatory energy efficiency standard rate of 80% or more. To actively promote land-efficient environmentally friendly construction and green building. Conditions to develop new areas to study 65% of the mandatory building energy efficiency standards and promulgated and implemented. Conscientiously implement the “Energy conservation measures of information publicity,” on the new (reconstruction and expansion) and for energy saving in civil construction, to its energy performance, energy-saving measures for the protection requirements for publicity. According to the “civil Interim Measures of energy efficiency evaluation and labeling,”

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