Make Unique Sewing Patterns That Fit You

Make Unique Sewing Patterns That Fit You

Looking for the right sewing pattern making supplies can be a challenge if you are fired up with the idea of replicating great stuff displayed at stores coast to coast. With some of the handy tools available, you can sort of recreate the magic by creating your own sewing patterns. They can be unique and the most common sewing pattern supplies are threads, machines for sewing, needles, sequins and rhinestones. But the main idea is to make sewing making patterns that fit you.

Look for drafting services

Patterns are nowadays done by printing on a single sheet and you need to pick them carefully for matching the measurements. If you settle with a pattern that is ideal for your waist and hip size, your best bet would be to check out a pattern that is very close to the measurement of your hip. You can go easy on the waist line as it can easily be altered later on. Making sewing patterns can be a great challenge and you need to check some of these tips beforehand.

To create your own sewing patterns that would be unique, you should simultaneously look for drafting services. It is a great option if you are not very sure of doing it on your own and unable to alter patterns skillfully.

There are myriad options these days and you can also use software to learn sewing pattern drafting. It is getting common among many women to check out workshops and community colleges as well as e-books to learn more on the subject before they attempt on their own.

But if you want to make your own sewing patterns, you need the right sewing pattern making supplies. And they are all available in standard sizing from commercial pattern making companies. At the back of the envelope, you can find the garment patterns drawn making it easy for you to follow.

If you check out the drawings, it would be easy for you to identify the seam lines of the garments. The keys show the body type ideally suited for the patterns and once you follow them, you can get a perfect fit.

Tailor’s curve and designer’s curve

Among the tools to create unique designs on your own, the tailor curve and the designer curve would be your best bet. With the tailor’s curve you can be assured of perfect measurement for different curves to suit sleeves for coast and jackets. You can be ensured of the accuracy you want with the perfect pattern making tool.

If you use the designer’s curve, there is no way you can go wrong as the tool is a preferred system used by professional designers the world over. There are rulers that are specially tailored for the likes of front line designers and are ideal for any type of curve.

With a first rate sewing pattern making system you can get accurate results. The right sewing pattern making supplies can ensure accuracy and make your sewing experience much more enriching and rewarding.

Learning about sewing pattern making and designing can be done right in your own home. With the help of our 3 hour live class room DVD. In the DVD we cover all the necessary information for pattern making, fitting and designing, we also include 6 patterns from our unique system. To learn more about these and other sewing pattern making supplies visit us today at

Spain – A Unique Culinary Experience

Spain – A Unique Culinary Experience

A gastronomical holiday

Spain is famous for its beaches, its mountains, and its natural parks that offer miraculous landscapes that please the eye and nourish the soul. It is famous for its impressive architectural and cultural heritage. Historical vestiges are at every step, in all the cities of Spain. But very few can imagine that Spain is the perfect destination for those who love food and enjoy tasting new dishes and flavors. One of the best places in Spain, one that blends the new with the old, the culture with the tradition, is the capital: Madrid. The region of Madrid is famous for its flavors, which are unique and full of passion or “encantadoras” (delightful), as the Spaniards would say.

The amazing cuisine of Madrid

After you visit the palaces, the cathedrals, and the museums, take your time to also enjoy the cuisine. You can’t say you have been to Madrid until you have tried the “cocido” and the “tripe”. The cocido is a stew, made of meat, chickpea, and potato. The dishes are not originally from Madrid, but Madrid is the city that made them famous. People come here just to taste the “cocido madrilène,” which actually brings together all the cocidos cooked in Spain and it never uses the same ingredients; they depend on their availability in the season. Chickpea occupies a place of honor in the cuisine of Madrid. It is used for the cocido, but tourists can also taste the chickpea stew, served with vegetables, cod, or spinach. Seafood is also very important for Madrid, as it is for the whole of Spain. If you visit Madrid around Christmas, you will definitely try the red bream, as it is always cooked this time of the year. If you love desserts, you will have the opportunity to taste the Aranjuez strawberries and the Villaco

nejos watermelons; these two fruits are very popular as ingredients served in desserts in Madrid. As a tourist in Madrid, you will also have the opportunity to taste the “torrijas,” which is a type of bread pudding, “bunuelos,” a fritter filled with cream and chocolate, and the “huesos de santo,” which are marzipan shapes.


If all these have determined you to visit Madrid, you should know that there is no better place to stay than in a villa. The accommodation conditions are similar to those in hotels, but you have the chance to really feel the spirit of Madrid in a private villa. You can ask for the owner to cook for you, so besides the multitude of restaurants that provide traditional dishes, you will also have the chance to taste wonderful homemade recipes. Enjoy!

If you are planning for family vacations, staying at villas may be a great option villas costa blanca , villas benissa and villas denia are few of best options.

Softly Opens the Clouds

Softly Opens the Clouds

When making the images I think a lot of space and what is out there no one has ever seen. What if this was looking out the window of our ship as we fly past clouds of space dust. What would we see be for we find a new world or more beings like us out there. It is fun to dream of the unknowns.


Father and son collaboration

Our photographic art is a kinetic motion study, from the results of interacting with my son A.J and his toys.

He was born severely handicapped much like a quadriplegic. On December 17,1998. Our family’s goal has always been to help A.J. use his mind, even though he has minimal use of his body.

A.J. likes to watch lights and movement. One of the few things he can do for himself is to operate a switch that sets in motion lights and various shiny, colorful streamers and toys that swirl above his bed.

One day I took a picture of A.J. with his toys flying out from the big mobile near his bed like swings on a carnival ride. I liked the way the swirling objects and colors looked in the photo.

I wanted to study the motion more and photograph the whirling objects in an artful way, I wanted my son A.J. to be a part of it. After all, he’s the one who inspires me. When A.J. and I work together on our motion artwork, A.J. starts his streamers and objects twirling, I take the photographs.

Activating a tiny switch might not seem like much to some, but it’s all A.J. can do. He controls the direction the mobile will spin, as well as when it starts and stops. The shutter speeds are long, and sometimes, I move the camera and other times I hold it still.

I begin our creation with a Nikon digital camera. Then I use my computer with Photoshop to alter the images into what I feel might be an artistic way. Working with Photoshop, I find the best parts from several images and combine them into the final composite photograph. I consider the finished work to be fine art. The computer is just the vehicle that helps my expressions grow.

I take the photographs and A.J. adds the magic. It’s something this father and son do together. After I’ve taken a few shots, I show him the photos in the back of the camera. When the images are completed, I show him from a laptop. He just looks. He can’t tell me whether or not he likes the images, but he’s always ready to work with me again.

It offers me my only glance into A.J.’s secret world. We’ve built a large collection of images and I hope the motion and color move you as much as they do me.

A.J. inspires me to work harder to understand my life in the areas of art, photography, people, spirituality, and so much more. He truly sets my mind in motion and helps me find the beauty in everyday things.

Abstract Art set:

AJ Patnode – A Journey of Hope (documentary):

This shows how I do the Camera work:

AJ’S blog:

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Urban outfits & Street Wear: Carve your own niche with unique fashion and style

Urban outfits & Street Wear: Carve your own niche with unique fashion and style

With changing times there are various new genres of fashion companies and clothing which are coming into play and which have developed into something new and exciting for the youngsters. This kind of clothing is called the urban sense which has resulted into a new trend for the fashionistas. Clothes are the most sought after essentials by both urban men and women. They reflect the personality and persona of the person and make sure that they sport clothes according to the occasion, venue and the kind of audience they are going to be a part of.

The clothes today are becoming trendier and fashionable according to the changing lifestyle where the modern working individual lives a busy hectic lifestyle with his work commitments etc which need to be well coordinated in the time spend in adorning those clothes etc. Since there are many kinds of clothes which are easy to wear and comfortable too therefore the individuals prefer them as their regular wears. The clothes can be bought from anywhere in the world through the active use of internet which provides the option of online shopping which is an easier way and gives you a complete insight into the market rates and consumer feedback.

The urban style and outfits are an expression of the contemporary lifestyle where everything is an expression of how comfortable and good one can feel in the clothes or outfit they are sporting. This may also mean short and trendy dresses with lots of accessorizing too which can get you into the feel of the modern lifestyle making you feel super confident and sassy at the same time. Urban outfits are a growing rage among the college going youngsters who like a hip hop, classy kind of dressing spree which makes them stand apart from the league and showcase their confidence and guts.

The designers design urban outfits keeping in mind the latest cuts, designs and patterns which are prevalent in the market and have produced enormous popularity from the regular consumers at all times. Urban clothes are also inspired from various musical bands and their performances sporting popular phrases, statements and fancy images etc. it would not be wrong to say that they exhibit the urban chic lifestyle. There are numerous consumers who are looking for something really unique and eye-catching as their urban outfit and therefore they can enjoy some great time browsing and online ordering at various websites which deal in urban and street wear. These websites offer comprehensive prices and stupendous quality which can be enjoyed anywhere in the world by ordering them.

For more information about Urban Outfits, and StreetWear, please visit:

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Unique Styles for Urban Dresses

Unique Styles for Urban Dresses

Urban wear is much more than merely considered as street fashion, and this goes the same with dresses. Urban dresses have been evolving as time passes, and it has now become a personal style statement. Women who are strutting their stuff in these urban dresses clearly state their own style and personality. Before, urban clothing was just connected to hip hop musicians. Nowadays, not only hip hop musicians are dressed in urban dresses. With their vibrant designs, it has become a universal design wave.

As stated, urban wear can symbolize the style identity of the people wearing them, given that they might customize their whole ensemble to be noticed. Together the continuous evolution of urban clothing styles, it has become a winner not just to teens, but also to the more mature age bracket. It has even gone to touch on socio-economic lessons. Hip hop music artists, celebrities, and public personalities can be seen dressed in this particular style every once in awhile.

However, the biggest concern regarding urban dressesis how costly it can be. Right now, there are several hip hop musicians who are insistent on trending economical urban fashion clothes as well as accessories because of their own declaration against materialism. Urban clothing and hip hop music are not just about the dresses and jewelries you put on, whatever perspective you view it from.

There are a few urban fashionistas who might not be into shiny colorings, baggy pants and noisy components, but these individuals are in a position to merge urban style clothing with their own personal taste, making another kind of fashion trend.

Urban clothing lovers have a tremendous sense of style since they are able to blend their personal brand of fashion as well as street style wear together to make gorgeous urban dresses. Their designs are becoming exciting and fashionable, as they try to break the rules to make a statement for themselves. It is generally hit or miss for other people. However, the declaration of their personal style is really bold.

Urban street fashion brands seem to be paying attention to this kind of sub-culture and are beginning to capitalize on it. Urban clothing designers would certainly build a special connection to street awareness, identifying exactly what the urban consumers desire. After all, clothing fashion trends would likely know exactly what is trendy by what is seen on the streets.

Get more style and fashion tips, news and updates at is your one stop site for fashion. Shop at your favorite fashion shops and brands online and get tips,news and coupon discount all in one place.

july 4, 2008 Cole Dusts my Home

july 4, 2008 Cole Dusts my Home

thank you for all the magic in my dream home^^

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WordPress Quoting Plugin ? A Unique 4-in-1 Business Tool

WordPress Quoting Plugin ? A Unique 4-in-1 Business Tool

A WordPress quoting plugin is a web extension that is designed to perform complex calculations. It makes securing quotes and estimates much easier because all calculations are done automatically. But did you know that aside from being a quote calculator, this simple yet exceedingly useful tool is a lead magnet, extra profit generator, and a company image booster rolled into one?

Indeed, it is hard to believe that a simple website add-on is capable of doing such things but ask any experienced quoting plugin user you know and they will tell you that what was written above is true. Aside from providing users with fast and reliable quotations on certain products and services, a quote engine such as this is capable of all these things and more.

Let’s discuss the “lead magnet” part of the WordPress quoting plugin. Online studies have shown that more web users are attracted to sites that provide them with quality content and services. If users find something of value in your website, they are surely to come back over and over again. For this reason, you will need to install an estimator in your website because it generates traffic and attracts prospects like the way magnet attracts metal.

Business owners can make extra money with the help of a quoting plugin. Setting up a Google AdSense account – or other similar platforms for that matter – is a great way to earn extra income passively. All you have to do is to save space for ads on the webpage where the quoting engine is located. The more clicks and visits you get, the bigger your additional profits will be.

By installing an estimator in your business website, you can get a huge corporate image makeover. Sounds impossible? Not really. It is a given that having a WordPress quoting plugin can increase company productivity and efficiency because it delivers fast and reliable product quotes and estimates to would-be customers. For this reason, potential clients will love you more because you can make quick and accurate responses to their inquiries.

Using a WordPress quoting plugin can also eliminate human error, which can give your business a negative image. As you may know, if not handled properly and immediately, earning a negative image can diminish your company’s profit potential. But by installing an estimator in your business website, you can be sure that you will be able to provide prospects with the most reliable and most accurate quote calculations.







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Take A Walk

Take A Walk

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