Relationship Trust Building Tips for Men Who STILL Love Their Wives

Relationship Trust Building Tips for Men Who STILL Love Their Wives

By Otto Collins

The headlines are filled with stories of celebrity couples who are splitting up because one (or both) had affairs. You might look around you at your male friends, family members or co-workers who are so focused in on their careers, hobbies or other interests that they pretty much take their wives for granted.

Their marriages undoubtedly show the signs of neglect.

When you observe the marriages of those around you, it may be dis-heartening. You might feel like you are one of the few men out there who still loves his wife and wants to do whatever he can to create a healthy, passionate and connected relationship.

You may also want to make sure that you do your part to keep the relationship trust strong between you and your spouse.

The good news is this: You are not alone. There are men (and women) out there who do still love their partner and who care deeply about their marriage.

The other good news is that you CAN bolster trust and sustain the closeness and love you share with your wife. This can actually prevent infidelity.

Here are 3 ways to do just that…

#1: Make sure that your woman knows she is a priority to you.

Don’t assume that your wife knows how important she is to you. Too many men take it for granted that, after a period of time, they don’t need to express their love and appreciation for their partner as often as they used to.

This isn’t about your woman being needy or insecure. What it IS about is you continuing to let her know how much you adore her. Find ways to regularly convey the message that she is a priority to you.

Does this mean that you have to drop everything, ignore your career aspirations or your other interests in order to keep your marriage strong and alive?

Of course it does not.

You can actually make room in your mind, and your life, for the possibility of having multiple priorities.

Letting your woman know that she is priority to you can mean something as simple as calling her to let her know you’ll be late from work that night. It may also mean that you tell her how beautiful she looks, even when she’s wearing normal, everyday clothing.

#2: Keep growing…together

There’s nothing worse for a relationship than stagnation. When you and your wife stop growing and learning– both as individuals and as a couple– that’s when troubles can easily arise.

Give yourself permission and an invitation to grow beyond where you are right now. This might mean that you face some of those habits you have that mostly cause inner turmoil and struggle in your life. Have the courage to face those tendencies that limit you and try out some new ways of being.

The same goes for your marriage. Without judgment or criticism, identify those relationship habits that have developed over the years and learn some new strategies that can help you and your wife act and respond differently to one another.

Be supportive and appreciative of your spouse’s growth strides too. Change can be an exciting, connecting and passion-inducing addition to a marriage.

#3: Stay open…to yourself and to your woman

If you do feel triggered, upset or somehow distant from your spouse, make the deliberate choice to open up to yourself and to your woman.

Take the time to regularly go within and become clear about what is bothering you or how you are feeling in general.

Make it your intention to be as open to your spouse as you can be as much of the time as possible. Does this mean that you’ll always be open to her.

Probably not.

What is does mean is when you recognize that you’re shutting down, you figure out what’s going on inside of you and between you and your woman and then you go to her with an invitation to re-connect.

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Building Trust After An Affair – Transparency Is The Key

Building Trust After An Affair – Transparency Is The Key
Are you finding the perfect way to get that trust back from your partner? It may seem unlikely, but transparency might just be the answer. Relationship expert Dr. Frank Gunzburg, in his book entitled “How to Survive an Affair,” mentioned that transparency is the key to building trust after an affair. According to the dictionary, the word “transparent” has twofold meanings. The first is, “fine or sheer enough to be seen through” and the other is “free from pretense or deceit.”

In the context of building trust after an affair, transparency both means being free from any deceit or pretension by disclosing the truth to your partner and as well as being sheer enough to be seen by your partner so that he wouldn’t have to question anything. To minimize doing any suspicious act is one way that you can gain transparency.

There are five ways on how you can avoid these suspicious acts.

1. Stop Going Out For Now

The first way to decrease suspicions is to avoid late night outs without good reasons. Going out late with friends or with co-workers is not bad, but for the time being, it may not be a good idea at all because the other party might think that you are staying out late because you are meeting the third party. That’s why, to avoid any speculations. Come home early or, if a friendly dinner can’t be avoided, come home at a friendly hour too

2. Don’t Hide Any Mail

Since you are still building trust after an affair, hiding the bills or any other snail mail from your partner might not be a good idea as it can be a gesture that you are keeping something. So, to avoid any suspicions about “hidden” expenses, show him or her every single letter that’s mailed to your name.

3. Avoid Business Trips If Possible

Trips to distant places might be interpreted by your partner as a form of excuse so that you can visit the person with whom you have had an affair. For the time being, it is safe to stay at home with your partner and avoid business trips to distant places whilst you are working on building trust after an affair. Or better yet, take your partner along if possible. It both develops trust and gives you time to bond with each other too.

4. Don’t Keep Secrets And Avoid Lying

Keeping even petty secrets or small, innocent lies can be a form of behavior that’ll trigger a series of events which can cause you to go on a “relapse” or go back to what you’ve done before; which is a big no-no. Just always tell the truth to your partner, and telling the truth means telling everything too.

5. Never Say, “It’s None Of your Business”

The statement itself proves to be very suspicious. If possible, avoid these kinds of apathetic remarks such as “nothing” or “you don’t have to know” because it may trigger again another distrust issue against you.

Transparency is not about asking permission from your partner before doing anything, as like what a child does. Transparency is voluntarily revealing the information to your partner just like an adult. Always remember, being as transparent as you can be is a great factor in building trust after an affair.

If you feel that the trust has gone from your relationship, you can get immediate help right now.

You can quickly learn how to build trust after an affair and survive whatever has caused these issues and the process can be helped somewhat if you have a tried and tested strategy.

Get instant access now and download the free 7 part course to learn exactly what to say and do right now to save your relationship.

mouse 3

mouse 3

When you buy something, that does’nt work, before trowing it away, make some photos!

This is my first try with my new extension tubes, that allow me to approach with the 70-200 to almost 10cm, instead 150cm (4inch/60inch)!

You will notice much "dust" on the wheel. Well, it was very hard to getting rid of it, i think there was a static charge. And then i found the dust just interesting

Strobist info:
Room was completely dark and i "painted" the subject with a hand held torch.

Posted by mh__photo on 2013-04-24 22:25:12

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Did Radical Ronald Reagan Republicans Destroy Trust in Government?

Did Radical Ronald Reagan Republicans Destroy Trust in Government?

Before 1965 it appears that the United States public trust in the government was quite a bit higher than it is today. As time has gone on the government has been less and less trusted for some reason. Many Democrats blame the Republicans. Further, they charge that it was the Ronald Reagan era that publicized the ineptness of government that started this downward spiral. But is that really the case?

Did Radical Ronald Reagan Republics Destroy Trust in Government? Or did they merely point out the facts, call the emperor naked, and wake everyone up? And could it be said that the generation of the 1960s and all the antiwar protests did more to destroy the trust in government? This came well before Ronald Reagan.

In the book, “In Defense of Government; The Rise and Fall of Public Trust” by Jacob Weisberg, the author claims that it was the Ronald Reagan era that started the mistrust of government and he noted some facts about the public perception of the time noting that some 75% of the people did not trust the government, during the campaign of President Reagan.

Whether or not this is true is hard to say, but the statistics sound right. Today, it is quite obvious that the people of the United States do not trust their government for some reason. Maybe the mistrust of government is a good thing, as it keeps people on their toes, and not to be led down the wrong path or down a dead end, and yet, one has to ask about other nations, and their blind obedience to their government and their trust factors.

What happens when China’s population wakes up to the problems with an overbearing centralized government, and the injustices, and losses of freedoms that comes with it all. The bureaucracy is stifling life, and dashing opportunity. We all ought to be thankful that we live in the US, and trust must be earned no matter which nation you live in. Please consider this.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

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