Havila Borg – Aberdeen Harbour Scotland – 25/11/2018

Havila Borg - Aberdeen Harbour Scotland - 25/11/2018

Aberdeen Harbour Scotland – Sunday 25th November 2018, another wet overcast day,a rough sea over at the South Breakwater and a few vessels berthed at Torry Docks provided today’s shoot, I enjoyed the two hours I had before darkness fell.

Length o.a. : 78.60 m
Length b.p.p.: 69.00 m
Breath moulded:. 17.60 m
Depth moulded: 7.70 m
Draught, Max.: 6.502 m
Freeboard, min: 1208 mm
Ligth ship 2220 T
Deadweight 3787.4 T
Gross tonnage: 2954 T
Net tonnage: 998 T
Classificati on
A) CLEAN DESIGN DK(+) HL(2.8) OILREC According to NOFO 2005

Deck cargo 2500 tons
Deck area max L x B = 55.5 m x 14.4 m = 800 m 2
+-Deck strength Main deck from stern to fr. 85 = 5 t/m2
Fuel Oil 910 m3 Flow meter with printer
Liquid Mud: SG 2,8 975 m3 Total in 8 combi tanks
1 Agitators in each tank (EL. Driven)
Brine : SG 2,8 975 m3 Total in 8 combi tanks
Base oil: 414 m3 in combi tanks
Pot water: 933 m3
Drillwater / ballast: 1004 m3 / 1827 m3
Methanol + 178 m3
Nitrogen bottle rack system + 1 Nitrogene Comp.
MEG / Glycol 156 m3
ORO: 1122 m3
Cement / Barite/bentonit: 302 m3 in 5 vertical tanks

Fuel Oil 2 x spindle Screw0- 200 m3 9 bar
Liquid Mud 2 x Ecc. Screw 0-100 m3 24 bar
Brine: 2 x Ecc. Screw 0-100 m3 24 bar
Base Oil 1 x two Spindle Screw 100 m3
Pot.water 2 x Spindle Screw 0-200 m3 9 bar
Drillwater/ballast: 2 x Spindle Screw 0-250 m3 9 bar
Methanol: 2 x Spindle 0-75 m3 9 bar
MEG / Glycol 2 x two spindle screw pump 0-75 m3 9 bar
ORO: 4 x Ecc. Screw 0-100 m3 24 bar
1 x 2 Spindle Screw 100 m3 9 bar
Cement / Barite: 2 x Comp. 30m3/min – 5.6 bar
2 x Cyclone
2 x Dust Collector

A total of 8 cleaning machines fitted in: MUD,& Brine
Slop Tank 1 x 20.0 m3

MACHINERY / D/E-PROPULSION Resiliently Mounted
Main Engines: 4 x 1380 BkW/1800 rpm
MTV: Type 12 V 4000M50B
Main generators: 4 x 1445 EkW. 690 V, 60 Hz
Type: Marelli MJR 450 LA4B3
Emergency Engine: 1 x 99 BKW/1800 rpm
John Deere 6068 TFM 50
Emergency generator: 1 x 125 kVA-690 V 60 Hz

PERFORMANCE / CONSUMPTION a t 4 , 8 m d r a f t
Max speed: 13.8 knots
Econ- speed: 9-12 knots /
Service. speed: 12.0 knots / 9.1 t pr 24 hrs
Econ. speed: 10.0 knots /5.5 t pr 24 hrs
DP II Average: Draft 5,0 mtr / 9.3 t pr 24 hrs
HS: 2.5 m wind 25 knots
Harbor Mode 1 t pr 24 hrs

Frequency controlled 2 x 1600 kW Schottel Twin
probeller Type STB 1212
Fwd. Tunnel thrusters 2 x 880 kW
Brunvoll Type FU-80-LTC-2000
1 x Consol forward bridge
2 x Consol aft bridge
1 x Radio station

IAS Powertec
1 x Shipload
1 x Fanbeam laser 4.1
1 x Radius
1 x Kongsberg DPS 200 CM
1 x Kongsberg DPS 116 CM
2 x Spotbeam
2 x Gill ultrasonic wind sensor

RR Helikone-x
Havyard Powertec
Cabins 11 off single cabins
2 off double cabins
2 off 4 men cabin
1 off office
1 off Hospital with additional 1 bed.

LIFE S AVI NG EQUIPM E N T 2 3 p e r s o n s
Safety Equipment: Acc to NMD/SOLAS for 23 persons
Life Raft: 4 x 25 persons
Mob boat: Type mako 5.55 m Water jet version, 6 persons
Survival suits: 23 persons
S t a n d b y r e s c u e e q u i p m e n t
Rescue class 250 persons
Mob boat: Type mako 5.55 m Water jet version, 6 persons
Rescue scoop 1 x Dacon
1 x Atlas 200 SL WS P
Bo i l e r
1 x Parat Electrical 1600 kW

1 x Sat. TV: Seatel
1 x Rack with 4 x Tuners
1 x TV in all crew cabins
1 x TV in all lounges
1 x Radio / CD in all cabins
1 x Gymnasium w/Equipments

Windless 1 x NDM AWE-42 K3 8.7 T
Tugger winch 2 x NDM 7 ATC 180L4 10 T
Capstan 2 x NDM Capstan 101 10 T
Deck Crane 1 x Abas 3T 1.7 m -12 m
Provision crane
Hose Connection all substance Midship and aftship Starboard and Port
Methanol connection station starboard side aftship

2 x Stabilizing tanks. Passive anti.roll system.
1 x Furuno S-Band ARPA Radar, Model FAR-2137S (10 cm)
1 x Furuno X-Band ARPA Radar, Model FCR-2117. (3 cm) Chart Radar
2 x Furuno Conning system, Model Furuno
2 x Furuno DGPS Navigator, Model GP-150
2 x Furuno ECDIS, Model TECDIS
3 x Sperry navigate X mk1
1 x Sperry Marin Navpilot 4000
1 x Furuno Echosounder FE-700
1 x Athe doppler logg
1 x Jotron uais tr-2500
1 x Tayio td-1550A direction finder
1 x Furuno Voyage Data Recorder, Model VR-3000

1 x Furuno FS 2571C MF/HF/DSC 250 W Simplex radio station
2 x Furuno Felkon 15 Inmarsat C
1 x Fleet 33
3 x Jotron. Tron TR-20 GMDSS Portable VHF
2 x Furuno FM 8800D VHF
2 x Sailor RT 2048 VHF
3 x Motorola GP360 VHF Portable
3 x Motorola GM380 UHF
2 x GSM mobile phone Fax/Voice
1 x V-sat
1 x Furuno navtex NX 7000

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Honey, what about the pig?

Honey, what about the pig?

This is a picture I took back in 1984 while I was living in Cusco, Peru, for one year as an exchange student. I chose not to dust the slides (oops, mistake!) so, well, they’re kind of dusty!

I don’t remember what town this was in, but it was certainly in the province of Cusco… maybe on the way to or from Urubamba. This was a common form of transport in Cusco.

No me acuerdo en qué ciudad estuvimos, pero creo que estabamos de vuelta a Cusco de Urubamba o tal vez de Pisaq.

I love the fact that I used to live in a place where pigs just roamed the town! I didn’t actually live in this place, but I lived it Cusco, which is within an hours drive from wherever this was taken.

11/14/07 I have this picture up as my desktop right now… when I got home tonight after class I turned my computer on and was admiring the pig. It struck me that most people that I know probably didn’t ever live in a place where pigs roamed the streets! While I was looking at this picture, I noticed the landscape and how much it looked like it would have lots of landslides. Then I remembered from my studying for my Geography exam last week that the Andes mountains are volcanic mountains, i.e. that they were formed by volcanic action. Then I thought about how many Earthquakes they have because of being a volcanic place… and THEN I was thinking about El Sen~or de los Temblores (god of earthquakes)… and then, I logged out of flickr and went, uncharacteristically, to CNN and there was a picture with a caption about a 7.7 earthquake in northern Chile. I thought "Wow…" Why? Because I had just been thinking about Our Man of the Earthquakes moments before and there it was in the headline of CNN’s main web page.

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Pressurized Vehicle

Pressurized Vehicle

Some of the big engineering challenges and safety problems to manned exploration of The Moon and Mars, are that spacesuits have to be pressurized, and this makes it difficult for astronauts to bend knees, elbows and fingers, causing them to get fatigued quickly. Radiation and dust contamination for the crew is a major health risk and spacesuit failure from rips, meteors, and cracks are fatal.

In this concept we have my pressurized vehicle that could transport explorers over long distances and harsh landscapes, like an ant on roller skates, each of the six legs can move independently, with a full range of movement over and around large obstacles and adjusting for inclination as needed. The astronaut would egress from the roof of the crew cabin into the bucket via an airlock in the floor of the bucket. Then like a cherry picker, the astronaut would move the bucket into the spot the astronaut wanted to be in, up high on a cliff or face down on the deck and they will look at samples closeup with their own eyes, then using the robotic arms for collecting the samples. The robotic hands could be changed out with different tools on the fly. Drill, hammer, saw, chisel, ratchet, and so on.

The vehicle, bucket and arms, could be operated remotely from the crew cab, from a geosynchronous orbit, or from choreographed computer command lines.

This vehicle would be powered hydrogen fuel cells that can be recharged infinitely by photovoltaic solar cells.

Posted by boston7513 Kevin Moore on 2011-03-10 22:17:15

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Gather Auto Transport Quotes to choose the finest moving company

Gather Auto Transport Quotes to choose the finest moving company

When you wish to shift your car or cars to long distances, from corner to corner, across countries, overseas or air, taking into service Auto Transport Services is the superlative solution. You may possess different variety of cars ranging from small trailers care to classic vintage cars or most modern luxurious car to move, driving it independently all by yourself to a novel locality doesn’t appear to be a good scheme. This can be chancy besides being uncomfortable and uneconomical.

In view of that, it’s always intelligent to employ professional Auto Transport Services.  These companies are there for you, to assist you in moving your all sorts of cars safely to long distances. The two standard types of transportation presented are open and closed methods of transport. Most of the time the cars can be transported each by rail or by automobile carrier trucks.

One needs to be more vigilant while choosing land transportation of a cars, vehicle or autos. The sedans are much susceptible to getting damage easily. An open container hauler can simply leave your sedan at the sympathy of road wreckage and squally weather. And in a case of a vintage car, the harm could be almost irreparable. Even the sheer act of loading and unloading the motor vehicle into a closed container can result in ruining it. Still, open container is a most economical and easy alternative for short distance car relocation.

Nonetheless, you must always learn to compare the different Auto Transport quotes prior to choosing the most suitable Auto Transport Services for your destined move.  These companies don’t always offer exorbitant services, but rather provide valuable assistance at smart prices. The prices are usually based on the mass and the size of the automobile to be moved. Also, it may depend on the spot of origin and destination. For this reason, they may in fact save you a couple of bucks, over driving the coupé all by yourself.

You need initial hunt for such companies and then, compare the Auto Transport quotes of them and choose the most appropriate company, which provides maximum services though at reasonable rates. Calculating always helps in smooth, simple, and stress-free move of your sedan to a brand new situate.

Sam Miller expertise in writing about on how to fix on professional Auto Transport Services when shifting to a new place. Gather Auto Transport Quotes prior to choosing the most appropriate one.

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Importance of auto transport quotes in appointing car moving companies

Importance of auto transport quotes in appointing car moving companies

Many occasions arise in which people need to move. A new job, need to modify the site or if you want to start a new life, there can be many alternatives to move. These movements often include rental car moving companies.

Today the world has become a global village. So it is surprising that the car moving companies earn good money to move cars from one city to another, especially cars. Apart from that, car sales have also increased dramatically over the last ten years to increase the number of people who are looking for Auto transport quotes and car moving services. This has also resulted in an increase in the number of cars passing by companies and car shippers, customers can choose.

Thus, the question of how did you choose the best company moving car becomes relevant. In addition, each company has to consider several factors before you provide auto transport quotes. In case you feel that you have certain prerequisites, please feel free to let them know when you fill the information for the Auto transport quotes. This will allow them to cite the most right quotes for you. Here are some tips that can help you make a car movement easy and safe:

First, determine if a machine is expressed in an open or a closed unit. Even though, a closed transport vehicle to pay more to look after in opposition to wear and tear of wind, water, dust, etc. This is well again if the car or the vehicle is fairly new.

Secondly, a review of a company if the car is sent to the proper address. Automotive pioneers traffic only up to some “drop off” from where it is necessary to collect the car. Others put forward additional support on behalf of giving it to the house.

Last but not least, take advantage of the list. The checklist is no more than a list of all your data before the vehicle is transported. Examine the list made by the car movers. After wards, you can cross check this list to see if there was a dent or scratch.

Car moving companies offer the service of relocating cars from one location to another safely. To appoint a reputed moving company of cars one must consider auto transport quotes is the best option to be on the safer side. Sam Miller writes on efficient car moving companies. Log on to carmoving.org for more details.

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Car Transport Quotes Online – Affordable Alternatives

Car Transport Quotes Online – Affordable Alternatives

Being a smart consumer, you should know about the fact that not all car transport companies rates, services, customer support and what they have to offer are identical. Using online services will be the best way for you to save time and money.


There are several online services available and quite simply they can provide you with huge amounts of data on any and all car transport or auto shipping companies in the nation within a fraction of a few seconds. To drill down a little deeper and elaborate a little more on the services they provide along with what kind of data they provide you with, I’ll give you a quick example here.


When you submit your information in their online web form all they require is your origin: or state, city and zip code of where your car would be leaving from. Then your destination: or state, city and zip code of where your car will be delivered. It really doesn’t get much more technical than that.


After submitting your information, like a search engine they index their data and pull up as many as 8 car transport companies geographically located to your specifications and give you the following results: They show you consumer reports and testimonials, what particular services each available company specializes in. As well, you can compare prices between each company. You can get estimates from each company.


Whether or not they have covered car carrier services or it’s an open car carrier service. Hint: Open car carrier service is less expensive than closed transit carriers.


Whether or not their registered with the USDOT. If they have good or bad reputations. Whether or not their service provides additional insurance for the coverage of your car and if it’s included in the price of the agreement.


Being a smart consumer it pays to have every detail prepared and in front of you for you to make an informed decision. By not only saving your time and your sanity trying to locate a reputable car transport service, by utilizing particular resources you will save a ton of money as well.

If you would like to get stress free Car Transport Quotes or just want to read more articles about how to save money, time and your sanity when choosing the right auto shipping service, please feel free to visit our other sites that have extremely invaluable information all related to finding the best deals on auto shipping.

Auto transport quote: gives complete details of the car transport

Auto transport quote: gives complete details of the car transport

When people decide to relocate their cars from one place to another, then they start looking out for the reliable auto transport quote from the market. In this discussion, we will see how people can avail the car transport quote for their own benefit. While to get this quote, we need to be upfront to find out the quality shipping services. Taking preparation for the car relocation with the help of proper quote will give us a space to think about this service by sitting on our couch. We need to be flexible in gaining the best auto transport quotes for better solution in the vehicle transfer from one place to another. We can always schedule other customer’s date of moving the cars to the same place, so that our car will not get transferred alone.

We can also take the advantage of an expedited auto transport quotes, which will give us one particular time and date for shipping our cars more flexibly. This kind of transport option will send our car in a quicker way in our requested date and time. Though this particular option might cost us more than the standard auto transport quote , but it will avoid any amount involved in car rental, taxi cab and other services. Options are open to the customers so that they can choose as per their suitability. This kind of approach can help both the customer and the company in dealing with certain issues.

When the terminal is quite close to the residential area, then we will have to pay fewer amounts for the shipping fee. We should not pay extra charges for driving our car to the terminal. Rather, we should pick up our car to the terminal and it will cost us less. But, in case of international auto transport, total amount of the shipping would be quite higher. Yes, these companies are quite reliable for any kind of international auto transport . We can also get the transport quote for the enclosed and open shipping. In case of enclosed auto transport, we need to pay extra amount with the existing bill. Though open auto shipping is quite safe, but any kind of damage might take place in this case. Thus, it is to say that if we need to value our car, enclosed transport would be better option. Even if, we are involving more amount of money in enclosed option, but our car would be transported safely and without any damage.

Jag Jenny shares international auto transport and auto transport quote that makes you able to find the plans that best fits your needs.

Tips For Getting the Best Auto Transport Quote

Tips For Getting the Best Auto Transport Quote

If you are looking for an auto transport company for your car or vehicle, auto transport quotes play an important role in making the right choice. The quotation will give you significant details that will aid you in making most efficient choice regarding the top company to appoint.

Auto Transport quotes also helps in finding the best cost feasible for moving your vehicle according to your budgets. The best way to find an auto transport quote is going online.

Do proper research and carefully check different auto transport companies and compare their quotes.  This is significant since you need to evaluate different auto transport companies prior to making a finial choice. The quote will allow you to decide what cost a specific company and what type of service they are offering.

To avoid any type of scam do proper research about the company looks for customer reviews. With proper research you will be able to find the best company with most reasonable price for moving your car to the desired destination.

Here are few tips for finding an auto transport company online. Use the following ways to find the best company for your vehicle.

The first step is to look for an auto transport company in major search engines. For this, go to google.com and type the auto transport company. You will find abundance of websites. Open few of websites compare their quotes; look for type of service they offer and overall reputation of company.

The second thing is find reviews for reviews. Different customers write reviews about different companies regarding their auto transport services. These reviews also give the clear idea about the performance of company as they are unbiased. So, help you in making the best choice.

In this article just only two ways are explained, you can use to find an auto transport quote online. So, now it is your responsibility to keep these things in mind while doing your online research to find the best company that offer the service at most affordable price.



For more information about Auto transport, auto transport companies, auto transporters, auto transport quote, and auto transport rates visit http://www.autotransportinusa.com/

Get 7 Free Auto Transport Quotes Online

Get 7 Free Auto Transport Quotes Online
Relocation can sometimes become tough if you do not get the right help. Relocating all your belongings to your new house can be a bit tedious. This is the reason why these days people usually hire the moving company professionals who are expert in moving your belongings.

Once you can make arrangements for your belongings you need to think about your car or vehicle which also needs to be relocated in your new address. For this purpose you need to contact with an auto transport company. These companies have become quite common these days and they are growing in number.

They take the responsibility of your car and make sure that you car reaches undamaged to your destination. In case of any damage or loss the auto transport companies pay a certain amount of compensation.

But for this you need to make sure that the company you have hired provides insurance to your car. An auto transport company is also required for shipping your car when you purchase it online. In the beginning people feel quite reluctant to hand over their cars to people who are completely unknown to them.

But it is true that thousands of people have trusted these companies and given their cars in their hands for safe delivery. The most important task is choosing the best company in this business.

There are people who usually search for cheap auto transport companies because they cannot afford high prices. A good research on the internet can really help you find cheap services and can also help you save some money. There are websites which can give you free auto transport quotes.

You just need to fill in a form with certain details about the car and about the distance to be travelled. You can compare the prices of the various companies to find out which companies charge less. There are two ways to reach out to these companies.

First of all you can go through a broker and secondly you can deal with the company directly. There are certain benefits of working with the brokers. He is the person who can deal with the company on your behalf and get you the best deal possible.

These brokers usually have good relationship with the companies and this is the reason why they can negotiate on your behalf. If the broker has your interest in mind then he will surely work for giving you the lowest price in the company.

He will also make sure that your car is in the best hands. In case you have decided to deal with the auto transport companies yourself then you must perform all the legworks which are usually done by the broker.

You must go for the verification of license and insurance information as well as check out for the company reviews and customer complaints, make sure the cheap auto transport company provides quality service. Always try to get the 7 free auto transport quotes available online to avail the best deal.

Visit http://www.carmoves.com/articles/auto-transport.html to learn about the basic of auto transport.

How To Get The Best Car Transport Quote

How To Get The Best Car Transport Quote

Moving your car from one place to another may require you to use car transportation. Whether you are moving to another country or just across country, you would still need car transportation so that you may be able to move it easily.

Car transport companies have different car transport rates that is why it is very important that you conduct a little research about the types of services that each one offers. Also, you need to familiarize your self with the contracts that every car transport companies have. If you do not read the entire agreement, you might end up paying more instead of saving more.

Most car transport companies provide a free quote online with just a click of a mouse. In order for you to get the most accurate estimate on how much you will have to spend in a car transport, you should provide the exact details necessary in determining the actual cost such as the type of the car, the destination, and the type of car transport service that you need. Alternatively, if you prefer to talk to a representative, you can call them up and ask for a free quote.

Asking for a free quote is one way to determine a company’s legitimacy since all legitimate companies let their client to have a free car transport quote. If a particular company refuses to provide a free quote, it is an indication that it is only after your money; the company does not car on providing you a quality car transport service as long as they are being paid.

The weight of the car is also an important factor that affects the car transport quote. Most car transport companies have certain limitations on the weight of the car to be transported. Usually, they only allow up to 45 kilos of personal belongings to be transported with the car.

Learn more about car transportation and see providers offer the best car transport service.

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