Aarkstore Enterprise || Transparent Conductive Films For Flexible Electronics 2010-2020

Aarkstore Enterprise || Transparent Conductive Films For Flexible Electronics 2010-2020
Transparent Conductive Films for Flexible Electronics 2010-2020
This report focuses on the requirements and achievements to date on the topic of flexible transparent conductors, where high transparency and high conductivity are required. Worldwide research and design efforts are presented, both from research institutes and companies that are developing the necessary materials and processes. Several technical solutions available are compared, and forecasts are given for the next 10 years.

The importance of Transparent Conductive Films (TCF)
Increasingly more and more flexible devices are required, from flexible displays for e-readers, OLEDs and other types to flexible photovoltaics and beyond. These devices require a conductor to close the layers of active materials, but that conductor needs to be transparent in applications such as displays and photovoltaics to allow light through. Today, transparent conductive oxides are widely used for rigid devices but these will become more expensive due to rare materials used, and are inadequate for most flexible electronics applications where they can easily crack under little strain. Alternatives are sought.

The main materials available for this purpose are:
Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs)
Organic materials, such as the most common PEDOT:PSS
Carbon nanotubes (CNT) and graphene

Each have trade-offs between conductivity, transmittance, and flexibility. Each can be patterned in different ways. While sputtering will remain an important and high-volume technology for coating of rigid substrates like glass, solution-based processes including printing and the use of organic and nanoparticle materials have already gained a lot of traction and are expected to dominate the market for the flexible applications within a few years. Significant new developments are being made with both the materials used and how they can be deposited. This report addresses the performance of the different options and profiles organizations around the world that are developing better solutions.
The biggest opportunity
In 2020, the biggest opportunity is for flexible OLEDs and flexible photovoltaics – however, both lack appropriate, low cost flexible barriers today, which delays the market penetration.

While ESD (electro static discharge) applications have moderate requirements concerning the properties of TCFs, demands in devices such as OLEDs are more complex. The main reason is that in that case, not only the standard properties as conductivity, transmittance and flexibility are important, but the interactions with other layers play an important role, namely charge carrier injection. In addition, for large area devices, homogeneity is more critical, especially when it comes to display and lighting applications. The human eye is more sensitive to changes in brightness than to changes in colour, and brightness of an light emitting device depends on the electrical conditions – voltage in the case of inorganic electroluminescence, current flow in the case of electrochromic and light-emitting semiconductors.

Market forecasts 2010-2020
Find that the market for TCFs will be $ 0.24 million in 2010 – mainly used in research and development and used in small quantities for commercial devices. By 2017 TCFs will become a billion dollar market for printed and potentially printed electronics, reaching $ 3.39 billion in 2020, mainly due to photovoltaics and OLED displays. The report gives forecasts by component for ten years.

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Rubber Soles And Transparent Formula And Technology Of Production – Footwear, Rubber, Beef Tendon –

Rubber Soles And Transparent Formula And Technology Of Production – Footwear, Rubber, Beef Tendon –
Transparent rubber into two kinds, one is semi-transparent rubber, custom tendon end of the city. The other is pure and transparent rubber, commonly known as glass, plastic. Today we mainly discuss the formula and process translucent rubber.

Country’s factories produce tendon in the end, but really to operate strictly in accordance with the process, to achieve the theoretical value of the formula to set a handful. One reason is that in order to save costs, and second, the formal process in the end do not know how to do. Most others are copied, as long as the color can be close to, can be translucent enough.

Today speak of a theoretical formula can be set up formula and process, based on this framework, you can create up to international advanced level around the year 2000 on the physical properties of the standard. Production can be achieved while products such as NIKE and the ADI standard. Why not meet latest international standards, it is due to material limitations and our ideas.

1. Material Material effect on the properties is very important. China’s current development of rubber materials is very large. Basically common materials can reach 90 years of international level. However, the quality of materials of different manufacturers vary significantly. If you are using the white carbon black, and some to 6,000 yuan a ton, and some only 3000. If you want a good product properties, select the genuine product manufacturer. What impressed me most was when originally I was foreign and detector tests Shoe Washing experiments, must use an American brand of washing powder to test. And ten years are so. China’s detergent quality not good? No, but a pursuit of stability. Raw materials, you may spend more money, but abnormal decrease in production, reduce defects, is the equivalent of saving. General plant production is often abnormal in solving mind spent the most, and most bothers. We should not sleep all night the night to deal with problems.

2. Formula China’s shoe rubber factory sorely lacking what? Technology! We all should feel the same, in order to find a good teacher, ask people for a good recipe, should spend big money! Please do not come to a full-time, part-time, please. Raw materials, technical guidance for traders, but also spend money on raw materials suppliers and so on.

Good RB formula must meet three basic requirements: property, cost and processing of the three best balance. Shall be subject to multiple selection and production test by the formula to determine the composition of the final.

Formulation is a very complex task, the design formulas need to request a reasonable indicator of the physical properties of rubber and with the choice of the main agents, and to ask the designer about various operating characteristics of the machine, the integrated consideration while also need to consider environmental and other factors. At present, China’s overall technological level of formulation to be 30-40 years behind the international level. Because the liberation of our technology industry is blank, liberation has suffered during the Cultural Revolution and so on, until we go back and discover, has been behind too much.

Now we talk about the specific composition of tendon rubber formulation
1. The main glue Should be normal with NR or natural rubber with styrene butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber IR system, based on butadiene rubber-based system. At present, most of the factories are also used for natural and styrene butadiene rubber-based system, because the BR in the 60 years before the international production, the Chinese 67 years to start production, and this time was during the Cultural Revolution, China’s technology was a disaster. No one to study the use of these new materials. A lot of shoe rubber factory in the early held that only state-owned factory masters to spread out to several recipes, that you would follow suit. Real technology development is foreign investment in China, the outflow of foreign capital has created the technology in China shoe technology. Therefore, China’s system Shoes Should be grateful to foreign investment.

Here is a simple formula with the example of the main rubber

NR / IR 20-30 international standard use of rubber in Malaysia. Most domestic use 3L standard plastic.

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Free Software To Convert Nsf Demo Facility Makes The Purchase Of Export Notes Tool More Transparent

Free Software To Convert Nsf Demo Facility Makes The Purchase Of Export Notes Tool More Transparent
Product Demonstrations Are Helpful in Judging Products Worthiness: Software product when available in their demo versions bring about a transparency in the whole purchase process as the users know beforehand what is in store for them if they purchase that particular product. With product in sight before its purchase, users are not in any surprise situation as they already know what they are going to buy and how that software will perform the conversion operation in case of email conversion tools.

Most Companies are Today Providing Demo Versions of Software: Looking at this universal requirement of product demos, most companies provide their products in the demo versions, which are mostly given free of cost to the users. SysTools also has its product available in the Demo Versions, which are free and downloadable. Users can download these trial versions from the product websites of SysTools, where the Download Links are provided. Though these versions are mostly restricted and do not allow complete process, still they are enough to judge the products efficiency.

SysTools Export Notes software is a third-party NSF to PST tool, that not only comes with a demo version, but also gives this facility free of cost. Yes! The Demo Version of SysTools Export Notes software is FREE. This free NSF conversion demonstration gives an idea about the working process of the product. You can get this FREE software to Convert NSF demo to test the tool prior to its purchase. See how the software will convert Lotus NSF mails using this demo version. Evaluate the efficiency of the product in performing the NSF to PST convert process and judge the performance of the tool in executing Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion process using this free trial version. You can also get familiar with the interface of this NSF to PST Converter using the demo and can even check out the features of this export NSF software.

Takeaway Point: Having said that, it can be concluded that you must always go for a third-party NSF to PST converter which is available in its FREE demo like SysTools Export Notes software.

An important component of the software toolbox of SysTools Export Notes software. It is available in FREE software to Convert NSF demo version helping users to evaluate the product before purchase.

The More Transparent The Better Types Of Jade – Jade Jewelry – Jewelry Industry – Precision

The More Transparent The Better Types Of Jade – Jade Jewelry – Jewelry Industry – Precision
As the “king of jade” jade has been the favorite for the Ms. Amy, now, with resources growing scarce emerald, jade price all the way up, high prices of up to millions or even tens of millions, from jade jewelry become a collectors collection of objects, then what kind of jade has a collection value?

Jade big price increases According to Guangdong Provincial jewelery and precious metals testing center owners Qing-Hong Guo introduced late last year and this year his year to the Jade exchanges and raw materials market research found both the finished product or raw jade, just six months alone has increased nearly 50%. Why are the prices of jade

the way up it? Qing-Hong Guo believes that Jade is extremely slow as a scarce renewable resource, is a little on the less resources face increasing scarcity situation. The Chinese people have a special love jade, jade market surge in demand, but also highlighted the value of jade.

Jade Cargo is divided into A, B goods, C goods, goods for the A, B goods, C 3 emerald price goods, Qing-Hong Guo remind consumers: buying goods Jade C generally not more than 12 hundred dollars Jade B goods purchased normally not more than 2000 yuan. If more than two prices, then the consumer is definitely suffer. The A jade goods are in good general ~ 30,000 yuan 20,000 yuan over.

Observe the color of jade is also a way to judge the value of jade, jade has a different color, the more common green, purple, yellow red, yellow and black, blue and so on. The various colors of jade prices will vary. In general, the color green for the best, the higher the saturation, the more concentrated the green, the more valuable. Saturation is low, lack of color is not transparent, green Talking about value is not high.

Qing-Hong Guo told reporters: jade collection in the industry with the popular saying: “outsiders colors look kind of experts.” Color, hulking guy, and other conditions being equal, adjacent between the two species, the price difference about double that.

Dry white jade no value to the collection
So-called “species” that is, the transparency of jade. Jade more transparent, the better seed. Jade from good to bad turn into glass species, ice species, oil species, soybean seeds, dry white, the higher the seed the better value to the collection, kinds of glass, ice species even without the green, it is worth collecting, and bean species dry white jade color, if not extravagant, not much green space, then there is no collection.

Jade jewelry and precious metals in Guangdong Province Quality Test Center test director in charge Headquarters Lung Chu said: “As ordinary consumers, and joined the line of investors to buy jade in the market is the safest, but if from an investment perspective to buy jade , the mall is more than the wholesale price point of your lot. If the collectors to long-term investment in Emerald, specialize in professional jewelry appraisal is necessary. Although the layman through the short-term training, and a level can not be compared to professional appraisers, but The price of all types of jade, or judging, and help determine authenticity. ”

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Blue Star Glass Float Glass, Transparent Conductive Film Complete Line Of Industrial Test

Blue Star Glass Float Glass, Transparent Conductive Film Complete Line Of Industrial Test
From Hangzhou Blue Xingxincailiao Technology Co., Ltd., Weihai Blue Star Glass Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University Study and Research for Development, with completely independent intellectual property rights of float glass, transparent conductive film online recently in the company’s third-line float
The industrial testing, with industry conditions, and amorphous silicon thin film solar cells as a substrate of glass on the market, technologies and products to fill the domestic blank.
Preparation of transparent conductive film float glass line is the difference in float glass production line of tin bath and annealing kiln, using chemical vapor deposition coating process, the coating material in the gas jet to heat evenly, clean, High-speed pull attracted onto float glass surface, gaseous material under high temperature in the glass surface transport, decomposition, diffusion, deposition film, and film atomic composition of solid and glass combination covalent bond. Of the respective multi-layer barrier coating layer and the conductive layer to form a “glass / multi-layer barrier layer / multi-layer conductive film,” sandwich-type composite membrane, with the response regulator and regulator to adjust the haze of the film’s surface resistance and conductivity Haze.
Transparent conductive film glass float line can be a large area, the advantages of large-scale continuous stable production is very obvious, which is amorphous silicon thin film solar cell market has gradually become the mainstream of the important reasons. Float glass is a transparent conductive film glass substrate, coated with multilayer films and conductive features to achieve its stability, the largest production area of more than 5 square meters, is a monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon solar cells area several times.
Preparation of transparent conductive film float glass line is not only low cost, high chemical resistance, hardness, good stability and high conductivity, visible through the high surface roughness of the film can easily control the formation of a certain texture and haze, to meet the amorphous silicon thin film solar cells on thin film transparent electrode material requirements.
Currently use the float process to online production of SnO2 transparent conductive film glass company only Japan Plate Glass (NSG) Corporation, the United States AFG company, from the use of effect, the Japanese board Glass (NSG) the company’s product is better than the United States AFG companies that supply China production of amorphous silicon solar cell company price is very high. So Blue Star developed transparent conductive film glass production technology is of great significance, not only to make transparent conductive film SnO2 glass product localization, the formation of independent intellectual property rights, fill technology gaps, but also to the glass industry of solar energy quickly into the conductive substrate advanced in the world.

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Measurement Of Color View The Standard Plasma Enhanced Consumer Transparent Line Of Sight – Plasma,

Measurement Of Color View The Standard Plasma Enhanced Consumer Transparent Line Of Sight – Plasma,
With the Olympics Will end, the whole
Flat Panel TV Market has entered a “post-Olympics” economy. During the Olympics, large-screen full-HD flat panel

TV Start by most consumers. This one, thanks to leading manufacturers of plasma Panasonic Olympic TOP sponsor of the special status, plasma possession of the absolute superiority. Under

Suning Electrical data: Olympics, big screen
Plasma TV Demand has improved significantly, and this one, Panasonic accounted for more than 30% of shipments.

Fact, the market as early as last part of the wealthy manufacturer of vision has been bullish on the future development of plasma TVs, and actively tackle the problem. The plasma TV market performance this year has been very eye-catching, before the Olympic Games, revealing a considerable force people to strength. According to statistics, 2008, 1-10 months, plasma TV market in China retail sales volume of 1.346 million units, up 178%. Which, following the second half of 2007 32-inch plasma in the Chinese market volume is listed, the 2008 market continues to enlarge, become a plasma TV market, a new force, sales share of 49%, in the plasma TV has a traditional advantage of 50 inches and above product volume rose 190%. Correspondingly,

LCD TV 1-10 months of retail sales in 2008 grew 50%. Amount from the market point of view, plasma TV and LCD TV is not, but the growth rate point of view, the situation of the plasma TV market really gratifying.

Plasma, LCD sales comparison Reason why plasma TVs can turn the tide, is also closely related to their own advantage. Compared to LCD TV, plasma in color performance, dynamic definition and other aspects obvious advantages, particularly color perspective, the performance is more prominent. The past, has been criticized by outside plasma TV resolution has long been difficult to raise the issue of dust has become history. With high-definition terrestrial digital broadcasting signals the opening, the whole concept of rapid and profound definition accepted by the people after the Olympics, also appeared in the plasma market, a new growth point?? Full HD products, universal access to age. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, said the Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo, Full HD is the future direction of development, now we can see from 32 inches to 50 inches or larger TVs feature full HD products, this is certainly mainstream in the future development of direction. These technical advantages have ensured the plasma TV market, strong vitality.

Size of the domestic dynamics of plasma
In fact, the market such as Panasonic maker of plasma from 42 inches to 105 inches of product level with a full high-definition, especially as the leader of the Panasonic plasma, the technology has a very strong accumulation. PZ800C its flagship series this year, plasma TV, for example, compared to the previous generation aircraft were fully upgraded: screen with the latest G11 Panasonic Full HD Plasma

Panel This is at present the most advanced one of the plasma panel. FullHD resolution of not only the physical size of 1920 1080, also adhering to the self-luminous plasma TV advantage, almost no viewing angle, and built-in top VrealPRO3 processing chip, support xvColour standard color gamut, a sharp bright screen performance. Scan on the screen while using the 480Hz sub-field drive technology, and joined the TUFdisplay technology to enhance the degree of color and black-screen life has also reached 100,000 hours. In addition, in line with Blu-ray technology, PZ800C also equipped with 24P movie playback mode, can display 24 frames / second film original picture, the dynamic resolution of 1000 lines, the effect is encroaching upon theater. And compared to the same type of LCD TV, PZ800C series screen performance, in particular the strengths perspective is self-evident. But with such a top-end performance of competing products market, Matsushita will outshine others in the field of plasma is not surprising.

Because different imaging principle, LCD and PDP perspective in color performance is different, watching TV, as viewing angle (direction) of the different images of the color change with angle, thus causing a decline in overall image quality . When the color change can be perceived as color when the view angle. In general, when the color changes in the 0.015 or less (ie color u, v, 0.015), it will not be human perception. And higher than 0.015, the color change will lead to image color distortion, chromatic aberration higher the number, the more the image quality dropped. Therefore, a critical value of 0.015, 0.015 or less in the color change in the visual angle increases, the better the performance of color perspective. Can be seen from the figure, PDP, when viewed in the 170, the color change is still not reached the critical value of 0.015, it generally will not break through boundaries of color perspective. The LCD viewing around 100 degrees when the color change has already reached about 0.015. Some say that popular, that is when the viewer and the LCD TV into a 100 degree angle screen time, is almost completely blind to the. The plasma in the offset angle 170, can still be the same with the TV picture horizontal perception. So compared to LCD, plasma has better color performance perspective can be very obvious advantage perspective.

But on the other hand, plasma TVs and prosperity of the state contrary to the much overlooked, is the concept of color, and no clear view put forward, and plasma display differences in testing methods also make corresponding technical parameters of the color is not angle unity, almost every vendor testing methods are different, no less than the competition between each other, and consumers is Ruzhui clouds. This has been the consumer of purchase plasma TV is not a unified technical parameters affect the fairness of market competition, deceived consumers line of sight, to some extent delay the development of the industry.

Order to change the status of this unregulated market, and promote the healthy development of the plasma industry, the China Video Industry Association has said that the national digital audio, video and multimedia product quality supervision and test center Zhangsu Bing, Sun Qifeng, Liu and other industry experts issued draft angle color measurement method of plasma standards.

Because this standard from non-vendor third party, and in a test environment and calculation methods, and relatively uniform, and therefore the results objectively and impartially, and with horizontal, as the market standard for the promotion. The angle measurement standard color promotion, will also drive the plasma market, flat market norms and the whole building. Even http://img.hc360.com/home-a/info/images/200812/200812291150099990.jpg

. Jpg http://img.hc360.com/infoeap/201004/14/09/12712098361506436972124496.jpg
ht/ico01.jpg http://www.hc360.com/cpcs/diaoyong/right/ico01.jpg


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“mac Lightful “series Before The Whitening Naked Makeup More Transparent.

“mac Lightful “series Before The Whitening Naked Makeup More Transparent.
MAC Lightful series to the whitening by the charge of ionized water as the base, penetration is excellent. Formulas the grape carbohydrate amine strengthens exclude cutin, help corneous layer absorption active ingredients to improve skin bright, uniform tenderness. Activation energy into the system, the skin from the inside to the outside is full of water, for whitening ingredients – continued type of vitamin C derivatives opened a layer through the skin in “direct lift” to allow more in-depth skin whitening ingredients to the bottom,Tiffany jewelry to enhance whitening effect to create long-lasting supple white muscle.

Persistent vitamin C derivatives with 2 times multiple new formulations plant Brightening formula (grape, mulberry, plum, gentian extract) and the activation energy into the system (ion water, silk protein, caffeine). Intensive long-lasting bright formula can penetrate the skin deep from top to bottom to prevent the transfer of melanin to enhance metabolism, from the inside to the outside skin rosy, white to play a more excellent effect.

Stretch moisturizing system: high unit hyaluronic acid (lock water), tuberose (water), moisture lock water to maintain skin moisture balance, replenishment time in the skin surface without interrupting the water strong magnetic field.

MAC Lightful Foaming Crme Cleanser, face cream mousse formulation, washed water and elastic skin. Gentle formula can be gentle but thorough cleaning and conditioning the skin. Brightening formula multiple plants (green tea, cucumber, mulberry root, apple and grape extract), can be a long time to improve skin transparency. Very small molecular ion into the water, silk protein, and sodium hyaluronic acid through the stratum corneum moisture was absorbed by the skin, skin-friendly good,best mac blush help the skin surface to maintain moisture, protect the line into a flexible water film. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and will not cause acne formation.

MAC Cosmetics is a super bright white light moisturizing lotion, soothing lotion. Persistent vitamin C derivatives and yellow gentian root and green tea extract can make the skin whiter and brighter. Injection of tourmaline, silk protein and caffeine-ionized water penetration very superior to the deep to the skin and prevent dry skin pigmentation caused by shortage. Eight amino acid formulations can release moisture, exfoliation, skin looks brighter, skin color is more symmetrical.

MAC bright white light moisturizing repair essence 2 times continued ascension type vitamin C induces the body. With the activation energy into the system, efficient and moisture penetration force will effectively serve the skin whitening ingredients deep, effective skin bright uniform color. Silk protein is rich in moisturizing factor, better skin and slows down the aging skin white and transparent, filled with moist feeling. New formulation matrix, formed in the skin surface while moisturizing Huanen feeling the deep penetration of the skin deep and storage, the formation of the skin plump and supple and elastic.

MAC Cosmetics Outlet bright white light to prevent bask in segregation frost light texture and the breeze has soothing, moisturizing and isolation protects the efficacy of the emulsion. With persistent vitamin C derivatives, skin whitening fades. Contains Shea Butter and wheat germ extract compositions, and regulate skin efficient lock water. With multiple plants brightening formula (hydrolyzed rice bran extract and gentian extracts). Protection with SPF 30 and PA power, dual Defense UVA / UVB ultraviolet effective prevention caused by the sun spots, freckles protect the skin. The dermatologist tested, does not cause acne.

MAC Cosmetics Online for the bright white Hydra Cream drying due to UV-induced skin problems, as well as the age increases due to the loss of skin tone and clarity. Whitening active ingredients will be passed to the depths of the stratum corneum, and tightly locked in the skin effect, the inhibition of Mylar poured pigment production, prevent sun induced spots, freckles, and give full play moist, sustainability whitening effect, without causing viscosity tired of touch. Rich in vitamin C continuous type induces the body. Decomposed melanin spots, ruddy color.

MAC bright white light whitening powdery cake for Asian woman to the development, the innovation ingredients MAC Cosmetics bright pure white whitening SPF25 / PA++ + bask in powder, is in a powerful protective powdery bottom, a new formula whiten, sunscreen, moisturizing and hold makeup oil-control four efficacy. Pure white mica, with the coated pigment technology, grease or sweat in the encounter, you can own the melanin coated, white powder became brighter, so bright all day show look like a morning just as on the makeup. Gentian root extract and vitamin C derivatives, can be bright, white skin through clarity of decomposition of melanin spots, thus improving skin tone, so that a more symmetrical ruddy complexion and increase transparency.

MAC Cosmetics with a high degree of creativity and avant-garde concept, developing the MAC Cosmetics Outlet incomparable distinctive style. MAC colour bold innovation, subverts the traditional style, grasps of, is the most simple ordinary several spiritual concept, humanitarian, equality, business of justice and responsibility.

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Optional Equipment Home Security Transparent To The Development Of Adverse Price

Optional Equipment Home Security Transparent To The Development Of Adverse Price

After 20 years of development, security industry in China has gradually climate, security products are increasingly favored by the consumers. But the market brought hot product quality and price can not be ignored such issues as lack of transparency, there is a lot of shoddy security products and prices are not standardized, harm the interests of consumers, but also caused confusion in the market throughout the security industry. With the new security site consumption patterns appear to facilitate the installation of optional equipment is expected to become the development trend of the form.

Prices on consumer confidence and transparent development of the industry are adverse

Security products with our residents the attention, there is also booming security market situation, many of the growing emergence of security equipment, in addition to some common security monitoring equipment, has emerged this year “image police”, smart security and other advanced Security devices to provide a lot of choice, to some extent contributed to social security. However, the market hot and growing consumer population, so many illegal businesses shoddy, disorder reported price, seriously damaged the interests of consumers. In addition, the historical causes for price protection and price opaque industry, also makes security equipment Beishou “profiteering” of the question, the development of the security equipment industry is extremely negative.

“I spent more than two thousand dollars bought a infrared network cameras, to six months, but useless equipment was a problem, often for no reason does not display, look for the merchant to exchange, recognize each other Jingbu asserted that I had broken. “Wang complained that:” The original is used to protect their stuff, only to become the furnishings, very angry. “

And Wang’s experience different, Mr. Liu is profiteering on the price of security products full of doubt, the original, in October this year, Mr. Liu contacted the family to do a specialized security company, to buy a new house install security equipment, but equipment price and decoration prices Querang Liu obsessed, “I later learned through a friend, can go online check the price, the results found on-line products, price of equipment than we spend double the price.”

China-related monitoring equipment for the center said, and now the market is indeed filled with many security defects, but also because the traditional security industry, the price of non-transparent, difficult to determine the consumer price level, seriously disrupting the market order, but also allows consumers hurt. The person in charge to remind you: buy security products, be sure to look for the brand, in some of the larger shopping centers are qualified to buy.

Optional equipment to facilitate the installation of home security will become the market trend

In security products, home security products, increasing the proportion of consumption, this modern family life and property safety awareness of the close relationship. In particular, modern home, common for the elderly and children to stay home the majority, therefore, many families will buy security products, which is in recent years, the reasons for the family popular security products, while the market-level security equipment Querang missing buyers not safe to use.

“Security products itself with some mystery, combined with an electronic device, buyers need to have some expertise, so a lot of unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage of opportunities for fraud or profiteering.” Monitoring equipment center in China The researchers explained: “The proposed purchase before consumers, via the Web and other media, a better understanding of the knowledge of some security equipment, in fact, a lot of security equipment mall sites offer a number of reference prices and the knowledge to break the traditional price protection and huge profits, has brought benefits to consumers, but also the development of the industry to provide a reference. “

With modern technology, innovative applications using the Internet, more and more consumers can choose to install equipment to achieve. It is understood that the system of modern security equipment has become more concise and convenient, consumers can through a number of professional websites and professional guidance to get equipment installed, which according to their choice security equipment at the same time, the website provides price transparency platform, also fully meet the consumer demand for self-control installation costs.

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Roadside Repair Of Small Appliances And Transparent Transmission Of The Disease Call Charges

Roadside Repair Of Small Appliances And Transparent Transmission Of The Disease Call Charges


Small appliances

Maintenance of transmission of the disease

By the National Development and Reform Commission published “

Home Appliances



Clearly the price rule “as early as January 1, 2006 will go into effect, the public has recently reflected Aceh certain point there is no marked price appliance repair, maintenance, and no fees.

Lived in North Street, Guo Tie Feng District, called Dragon, said recently of his family


There is no sound picture, he came downstairs in a home appliance Silbury to TV’s “shortcomings” in the electrical Silbury who told the owner and master, the master called the “wrong” is not much smaller, to 60 per Package fix. To the Kwok family, also known as the master should carefully check the TV moved the store to pm the next day can be repaired. Allow Mr Kwok did not expect is that he pick up the next afternoon TV, the teacher seemed very anxious look, told him that television had a part broken, expensive, and may add 80 to buy the parts to fix the TV. Guo was so vague as a “repair” dizzying array of


Are not few.

Prices are in mind

6 10 am we arrived the middle of the second road on the first floor of a residential appliance Silbury. Only 10 square meters in the small shop, stacked with old Montreal



Washing machine



, Electric


And other home appliances, journalists around the chamber and did not see the marked price of any appliance, and only when customers ask the price quoted by the maintenance staff. When a reporter asked to amend the grounds of this Silbury TV boss why not publicized price of maintenance, the boss said: “I did nearly 20 years appliance repair, appliance repair also never heard of any posted price list, prices are loaded In my mind up. “He believes that there are a thousand parts of a color TV, and TV’s problems are different and certainly starting to be too much trouble. The “Regulation”, clearly the price of the home appliance maintenance services shall include: services (including inspection fees, repairs, home maintenance services need to collect the site service, etc.), charges; repair


, Zero


Name, place of origin (domestic standard province name and import standard country names), specifications, price units, retail prices. Such as providing home maintenance services, maintenance personnel should take the initiative in service to the user before the show and in its place of business is consistent with price codes manuals, price lists or price.

Do not care to be “slaughtered”

“To another water heater


On so expensive, “a talk about his family

Water Heater

, Who lives in Ann Lee Chi district, not from an uncle come home one day in July this year a problem with the water heater is Dabu Zhao fire. As it has been , Li uncle pondered forget bits and pieces just anywhere, it came to the district, a home appliance Silbury and Silbury Grandpa Lee said people who listen to the problems, we follow the old people come home, after ” careful “check, Master Li told Grandpa, start checking with repair


, She has to pay 80 yuan, Li uncle a Mongolian, and repair a switch have to spend so much money? Can not understand their approach, only Jiaoqian see a visitor. The next day while relaxing in the district, the elderly and neighbors chatted about the water heater would go wrong thing, did not expect, a neighbor’s water heater also appeared this phenomenon may be a neighbor told him that “small problems, that is, when did you change the battery One to two batteries


Risk removed, but directly by the not achieve the role of power, the last repair person is to take remove the plastic, such as minor problems can make things right for themselves! “Although Lee later Grandpa has found the Doctrine of the master repair theory, master to return 30 dollars, but the mention of the elderly or furious. In Long Street, several electrical Silbury, the reporter saw, there were often only one staff member , as long as electrical appliances, delivered and consequently the courage to take over the counter to open the TV, put arbitrary random fan stood, as there is no trace of the maintenance list.

Transparent Call charges

Interview is understood that most of the appliances currently Aceh’s fees Silbury their own internal requirements, are the price by the number of parts and their maintenance process to determine how much the price, there is no price on the repair publicity. Appliance repair in some point of the same brand is difficult to find the line “rule” requires the publicity price list. This, many appliance repair master, said some consumers are still accustomed to bargain, to retain customers, there are some items they would make something profits, so the publicity is a furnished brand, mainly to meet the inspection. There are many shopkeepers in favor of price codes, if the real implementation of the marked price, less bargaining session with the public, better able to curb those who mixed, uneven quality of the maintenance department, is conducive to fair competition among peers.

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