the great chott salt flat (alternative night version)

the great chott salt flat (alternative night version)

I was there up all day and night. Coldness surrounded me quickly. You might remember the story I’ve told you earlier, if not, here it is. This time, however, you have to replace the suns with moons. I like to think the suns have just gone in sleep-mode, hence the yellow glow in the horizon.

This scene is build-up using a handful of Lego bricks, two flashlights as twin moons and a material that mimics the sand as a ground. This is bought from a grocery store near me. All this is laid on a table next to my computer and photographed. This is a photograph which is all in-camera minus the post-processing. No photoshop here, except the dust cleaning and some minor honing here and there.

Is this my first photo featuring panoramic aspect ratio 4:1? Well, if yes, it was about time to post something on this format. Also, I like to think, this would actually look good framed on a wall – what do you think?

Posted by jooka5000 on 2017-12-04 19:11:05

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