A Industrial milling machine with cooling water

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Dirty Black Keyboard Buttons

Dirty Black Keyboard Buttons

Close-up view of old and dirty black keyboard buttons.

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Computer lab tool kit phase 3 IMG_2136 (1)

Computer lab tool kit phase 3 IMG_2136 (1)

Shopping List:
Grounding mat w/ cable and alligator clip
Ethernet to USB adapter, drivers
Bootable USB stick/(thumb)drive w/ utility sw
Additional USB drives/sticks w/ BIOS updates, etc.
Large paper-clip ready to reset, force DVD/CD disc ejects, etc.
Thermal conduction putty/grease/stuff
Grounding strap w/ cable and alligator clip
Shirt-pocket digital multi-meter
Magnifying glass
Plastic putty knife for prying open plastic cases w/o scratching
3M Magic tape + dispenser
Overly complicated screwdriver bit handle w/ #2 Philips bit
Additional driver bits, Torx, Philips, blade styles
Small sockets w/ bit-to-1/4" adapater
long-reach diagonal cutters

Phase 1 and phase 2 kits are on the lower left.
Starting at the upper left:

Grounding mat with wrist strap. Doesn’t actually have a connector TO ground, you’ll note, but does keep you and the workpiece at the same potential, so better than nothing. Now you appreciate the little chain that drags on the ground under the carts and chairs in some labs.

Some people and their environment and wardrobe choices generate more electrostatic potential than others. I know a guy who used to lead with his car keys to the latch seat on the door jamb, whenever he went through a doorway at the office. One key would arc to the bare-metal plate the door latches on. He drew arcs that made audible "pop!" sounds if he didn’t offer a low-impedance path, and the arcs hurt. Could have had something to do with polyester suits. I prefer cotton.

The mat can’t hurt, might help. If the workpiece’s grounded cord is plugged in, use an alligator clip haywire to connect chassis ground to the mat. Or touch the chassis ground with one hand while working. Or connect the mat to ground at a grounded outlet- the North American 3 wire receptacle ground connection take a standard "Banana" jack. (A forthright Canadian friend uses the word "jill" in place of "receptacle"… the counterpart to a "jack". Suit yourself)

Ethernet (RJ-45) to USB adapter. More than two connectors and a wire, there’s Ethernet transmitter / receiver hardware in the body of it, and USB receiver / transmitter hardware too. Just like you’d expect, these have their own MAC and you may have to make that known (depending on how your network runs). Sadly, I haven’t yet seen a PXE boot setup that accepts the external adapter’s MAC. But I have over-written the adapter’s default to have the adapter take the place of a failing-but-not-completely-broken built-in NIC…
Note ROM disk with drivers.

Partially-unbent paper-clip, size large. For resetting things with recessed reset buttons, forcing CD/DVD drives to eject, etc. Its on a badge-clip and attaches to the lanyard with the bootable USB stick. Save the last one you made and you don’t have to find another paper clip when time is of the essence…

Small tube of thermal putty. Better quality heat-sink-and-fan assemblies come with a dab already in place, and it will squish and flow when heated. If you’re reusing a heat-sink when upgrading the processor on something, you’ll need your own supply. It does dry out, so put the cap on after cleaning the surfaces. Don’t buy the big, economy, size, unless you really use it frequently. I don’t like to let an open tube go more than 6 months.

Non-conductive ruler. Wood or plastic. A metal edge on a wooden ruler is OK, but an all metal ruler is unnecessary trouble.

Grounding strap – wrist band to aligator clip, use with mat or separately, see discussion at top.

Pocket-size volt-ohm-(amp)-meter, aka VOM. Cheap. Something to read what you expect to be +/- 5V, 120 VAC, 240 or 208 VAC, +/- 12, 3V lithium cells for CMOS memory, etc. Built-in leads don’t fall out or break off. Some alligator and/or "ball clip" jumper wires will help if you need to secure one or both ends. Ammeter functions in these are usually too few mA to bother with, but if you use it, get some replacement fuses, its a "when", not "if", situation.

"Magic" tape dispenser. For mending or sealing paper and cardboard. The "magic" 3M tape can be written on with ballpoint pen, vastly superior to shiny tape.

Large multi-bit screwdriver, with Phillips, regular, Torx and socket ends. For unusual jobs, where it is worth having the right tool for the fastener. You can’t buy an assortment of ‘bits’ without getting all the regular blade and Phillips sizes in any event. I prefer a dedicated handle and a bit that doesn’t come off, but I don’t have 1.3 meters of wall space to hang them all on.

Phase 4 exists, it includes a small, sharp, knife, coffee cup and coaster, cup or can for pens, pencils, plastic flatware, skinny tools; duct-tape, vinyl tape for color-coding, extension cords, a Brother or similar label maker, zip-lock polyethylene bags, nickel-plated anti-static bags, boxes and bins for organizing stuff, extra monitors, keyboards and mice. Broom, dust-pan, small-but-powerful vacuum cleaner (Mighty-mite from a garage sale, or similar). Speakers for your radio / computer / phone audio when acceptable. I don’t favor headphones in the lab, may people do. A water bottle or large plastic cup.

There are also consumables: tie wraps, facial tissues for blowing your nose and cleaning up surfaces, paper towels / napkins, light cardboard tags to attach to stuff that has a story. Blank CD/DVD media. A notebook.

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Dirty Black Keyboard Buttons

Dirty Black Keyboard Buttons

Close-up view of old and dirty black keyboard buttons.

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P365/10 Day012

P365/10 Day012

## Tool – My draw table

Ok, I know… it’s full of dust lol… it’s been a long time since the last time I use it. I need it on the other office, so it will the last day it will be winning dust here 🙂

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Siemens Machine Tool Experience Center Settled In Urban Areas

Siemens Machine Tool Experience Center Settled In Urban Areas
March 20, Siemens Nanjing, Jiangsu province, to show the second machine center was established experience. The center is located in the urban Jiangzhou Road, following Zhejiang Cixi, Wenzhou and Chongqing, the Siemens set up in China’s fourth Experience Center machine.

The Experience Center area with experience, training areas, machine tool display area and spare parts area, can provide display of CNC machine tools, training, testing parallel machining, maintenance and other train services. CNC machine tools in a former staff on site will be a special-shaped aluminum alloy flashlight shell shape a turning. Many visitors stop and look, as in the appreciation of a work of art.

“Siemens demonstrated experience setting up CNC center, with the cooperation we seek high-end coincides with the idea for the machine tool industry to upgrade Hailing provides a good opportunity.” Hailing committee secretary Yang Jie said.

In recent years, Hailing the rapid development of special machine tools industry, the existing registered companies from more than 80 CNC machine tools, ancillary services, nearly 100 companies, machine tool more than 30,000 units annually, including brisk walking cut wire cutting machine tool in the domestic market share of 50 %.

Siemens company official said, many areas in China, Siemens has become a part of the local economy. The machine tool industry, the Siemens is a global leader in CNC technology, Hailing machine tools have a certain influence in the country, plenty of room for cooperation between the two sides.

“Siemens demonstrated experience setting up centers, like a beautiful erected Xiulou, she should seek the most robust young man marriage.” Hailing the main Ren Pengjun Economic and Trade Commission said that the current number of machine tool manufacturers Hailing actively and domestic research institutions, institutions of higher learning to cooperate, and constantly develop the products with independent intellectual property rights, but most are still in the low-end enterprise products. Siemens Machine Tool Experience Center’s presence, to promote the area to high-end development of CNC machine tool industry will play a catalytic role.

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remembering a love for macro shots, and making a few "stock photo" shots for my website/blog in development.

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Free Software To Convert Nsf Demo Facility Makes The Purchase Of Export Notes Tool More Transparent

Free Software To Convert Nsf Demo Facility Makes The Purchase Of Export Notes Tool More Transparent
Product Demonstrations Are Helpful in Judging Products Worthiness: Software product when available in their demo versions bring about a transparency in the whole purchase process as the users know beforehand what is in store for them if they purchase that particular product. With product in sight before its purchase, users are not in any surprise situation as they already know what they are going to buy and how that software will perform the conversion operation in case of email conversion tools.

Most Companies are Today Providing Demo Versions of Software: Looking at this universal requirement of product demos, most companies provide their products in the demo versions, which are mostly given free of cost to the users. SysTools also has its product available in the Demo Versions, which are free and downloadable. Users can download these trial versions from the product websites of SysTools, where the Download Links are provided. Though these versions are mostly restricted and do not allow complete process, still they are enough to judge the products efficiency.

SysTools Export Notes software is a third-party NSF to PST tool, that not only comes with a demo version, but also gives this facility free of cost. Yes! The Demo Version of SysTools Export Notes software is FREE. This free NSF conversion demonstration gives an idea about the working process of the product. You can get this FREE software to Convert NSF demo to test the tool prior to its purchase. See how the software will convert Lotus NSF mails using this demo version. Evaluate the efficiency of the product in performing the NSF to PST convert process and judge the performance of the tool in executing Lotus Notes to Outlook conversion process using this free trial version. You can also get familiar with the interface of this NSF to PST Converter using the demo and can even check out the features of this export NSF software.

Takeaway Point: Having said that, it can be concluded that you must always go for a third-party NSF to PST converter which is available in its FREE demo like SysTools Export Notes software.

An important component of the software toolbox of SysTools Export Notes software. It is available in FREE software to Convert NSF demo version helping users to evaluate the product before purchase.

Bean Seeds: A Basic Part Of The Urban Homesteaders Tool Kit

Bean Seeds: A Basic Part Of The Urban Homesteaders Tool Kit
In recent years, an increasing number of people have become involved in “urban homesteading” – creating little islands of agricultural self-sufficiency within cities. Vegetable gardens are becoming a more familiar sight in some major cities, and it’s not all that unusual to see chicken farms spring up among urban sophisticates.

Some of this is an outgrowth of the “locovore” movement, which emphasizes the health benefits and epicurean pleasures of eating locally grown food. Some of it is driven by necessity, as households struggle with increasingly alarming grocery bills. Whether dictated by fad or necessity, urban homesteading is a trend that is likely to grow – and for those interested in starting a homestead, bean seeds are a good place to begin.
In terms of nutritional density – protein and fiber content in particular – beans are hard to beat. Cultivated for millennia in the Western Hemisphere, and even used by some Indian cultures as currency, beans are a low-fuss, high-yield food source. They are inexpensive, easy to grow, simple to store, and hard to mess up even by the least talented cook. All varieties of bean seeds – from pintos to navy beans, from green beans to the much-underappreciate lima, and even peanuts (yes, they’re beans!) can be prepared in delicious, colorful meals. Planting bean seeds next to other garden staples such as squash and corn will get an urban homestead off on a good start.

For both quality and self-sufficiency, non-hybrid, non-GMO organic bean seeds are the best choice. They come from a time before the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides, and they aren’t the product of genetic tinkering in a laboratory. Think of heirloom bean seeds as a natural work of horticultural art akin to the cherished valuables that are transmitted from one generation to another.

Preserved in their purity without genetic modification, those natural bean seeds can be collected and used again. Most of heirloom bean seeds are at least 50 years old; indeed, some varieties have remained unchanged since the time of George Washington. Anybody interested in starting an urban homestead would be wise to acquire a large supply of heirloom bean seeds.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of growing heirloom seeds go to
for our FREE resources including our guide to heirloom garden seeds or visit:

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Survey/List Replication Tool

Survey/List Replication Tool

Developing a questionnaire is as much an art as it is a science. Developing a focused and effective questionnaire will help you to efficiently and accurately pinpoint the information that will help you make more informed decisions. Questionnaire are required to carry on a survey effectively and efficiently. A survey is a systematic way of data collection tool that is used to gather information about individuals. It focus on factual information about individuals, or it might aim to collect the opinions of the survey takers. An effective creative questionnaire allows you to gain relevant, focused, and helpful design information without taking up a lot of the client’s time. The responses are gathered in a standardized way, so questionnaires are more objective . Preparing the questionnaires manually each time for different purpose can be quite a pain. A Survey tool can solve this problem. Mindfire Solutions, a premier software development company in India has developed such a tool for one of its clients. The details of the project are given below.


One of our client used to frame survey questionnaires for their users. The problem that the client faced was creating the same set of survey questionnaire every time for different users. To avoid such a situation, our client was interested in creating a tool that would help them overcome the burden of creating survey questionnaires manually, each time. They were in the lookout of an able offshore partner who can provide them the support to develop such tool. Mindfire took the responsibility to develop the tool for our client. Mindfire’s team understood the requirement of the client and started the project. The project involved the replication of SharePoint Surveys / Lists from a list template based on the group names present within the Active Directory. More details at Survey/List replication Tool projects page.


Mindfire Solutions is a software development and IT consulting company having 12 years of experience in various areas of programming/software development and testing. We have been awarded the best software company in the SME sector. We have also been declared to be in the “Breakout Zone” in Software/ISV category in the ‘Global R&D Service Provider 2011’ released by Zinnov Management Consulting Pvt. We have deep experience and expertise in providing various services in Web development, Mobile apps, Database development, Plugin, Reports BI, QA & Automates testing, RIA, Desktop applications, App-Based Development services and others. Please browse our software development projects page for an insight of our services and expertise.




To know more about our expertise in software application development services and outsource your software development requirements, please contact us at or call 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to help you.