Milky Way

Milky Way

The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System. The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy some 100,000–120,000 light-years in diameter, which contains 100–400 billion stars. It may contain at least as many planets as well. The Solar System is located within the disk, about 27,000 light-years away from the Galactic Center, on the inner edge of one of the spiral-shaped concentrations of gas and dust called the Orion Arm. The stars in the inner ≈10,000 light-years form a bulge and one or more bars that radiate from the bulge. The very center is marked by an intense radio source named, Sagittarius A*, which is likely to be a supermassive black hole. Stars and gases at a wide range of distances from the Galactic center orbit at approximately 220 kilometers per second. The constant rotation speed contradicts the laws of Keplerian dynamics and suggests that much of the mass of the Milky Way does not emit or absorb electromagnetic radiation. This mass has been given the name “dark matter”. The rotational period is about 240 million years at the position of the Sun. The Galaxy as a whole is moving at a velocity of approximately 600 km per second with respect to extragalactic frames of reference. The oldest known star in the Galaxy is at least 13.6 billion years old and thus must have formed shortly after the Big Bang. Surrounded by several smaller satellite galaxies, the Milky Way is part of the Local Group of galaxies, which forms a subcomponent of the Virgo Supercluster.

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Hot Shot Z Trains

Hot Shot Z Trains

In the last portion of the 20th Century, this train was known on the Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe as the 991. Seen here, the ZWSPNBY speeds through Empire, CA., on a warm afternoon. This train crew is doing their best to make up time as computers in Fort Worth, TX., are causing havoc system wide. Meanwhile, the Amtrak California San Joaquin train I was aiming for, leaves a trail of dust in the distance.

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"Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there …"

(‘ WALL-E’ by Thinkway Toys)

Diorama by RK

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Financial Application On Real Time Java Platform

Financial Application On Real Time Java Platform
The financial institutions and companies world over are gripped by the ever-changing demands of the market and therefore it becomes pertinent for them to find technology solutions that can cope with various different kinds of technological uncertainties and be able to provide comprehensive solutions. Aegis, for years has been involved in creating all kinds of different Java solutions for financial companies who may function on a completely different set of parameters and their requirements may be quite distinctive. In most cases the normal computing models do not cater to the kind of requirements a financial company may have regarding their technological infrastructure. These types of companies work in an environment where nanosecond precision is required and only very specialized platforms such as Java Real Time platform can offer that.

Java platform is regarded as one of the most sturdy, reliable and dependable platforms and hence the real time Java software does offer all the benefits one associates with Java along with its own suite of characteristics. Ideally, Java RTS is an extension of Java and it does offer solutions to unpredictable temporal behavior of the system and how to manage and control that. It finds solutions to any unpredictable changes and also ensures there are no risks or high costs associate with it.

As Java remains one of our fortes, it isnt surprising that our team of experienced developers has mastered the command over RTS platform and is able to use it effectively to create reliable and efficient solutions for financial companies.

Our developers are completely aware of the various mechanisms that come with Java real time solutions and how to adeptly control and manage the applications under this environment. At Aegis, the developers are aware and can easily understand and comprehend the various processes related to Real Time Java solutions. For instance they can easily figure out the threads based on their level of priorities and can also use the unique memory models to their advantage.

Another advantage that Java Real Time Solutions offer to our developers is the seamless transition from the old to the new. In fact, this particular Java solution does offer complete compliance with the other Java applications and Java SE platform and therefore the existing platform can easily be enhanced to accommodate the changes of real time environment.

Java Real Time system is also not bounded by any specific platform therefore lending more flexibility to financial enterprises in terms of allowing them to operate their business applications on two real time operating systems, which are the Solaris and Linux operating systems. The development cycle provided by Java Real Time systems are also considerably shorter thereby further facilitating not only our developers but also our customers by a quicker turn around time of delivery. Our customers can leverage the advantage of saving on various additional operational and infrastructural costs, time and effort by ensuring optimum usage of this platform and well within the stipulated time frame.

Aegis Software is a leading Application development company in India. It offering Java Real-Time Solution with latest Java Development technologies and tools.

Healing A Broken Heart From Love – Take Time To Realize

Healing A Broken Heart From Love – Take Time To Realize
Healing a broken heart from love? Healing is a difficult process to attain because before it, you will be facing rough roads first. But, even if it seems to possible to do, things will fall into place and in time and sooner or later, you will be able to overcome all the pain and hurt from the break up. Remember, it will take time and in your part, you will be feeling better as you you will be getting to live your life once more.

I know that last sentence may sound odd. You may be saying to yourself, ‘Well that’s stupid, of course I want to get over my pain’. In a way though many people actually hold on to their pain. They do not actually mean it and may be even unaware about it, but really they do it more often than not. If you keep on doing such holding back of feelings without your awareness, you will not be able to successfully overcome it.

Make sure you are not so much hurt to the point of being afraid of committing again for something new. If you are, you really should consider finding some help. Life is always beautiful and living with hurt and fear can make you vain and bitter. You will never learn to live a happy and beautiful life if in your heart are grudges and pain.

A therapist can help you work through all your hurt and pain and help you find ways to heal them so that some day you can move on and find love again.

While learning to heal, take some time to live by your own. This time, forget about dating and all you have to do is to take time to be with your friends and do things that you enjoy when you are with them.

Do you still remember when you were still single? What are the things that you are interested in and what do you do that you enjoy a lot? Most of us put at least a little of ourselves on hold when we start dating someone else. That’s the way it really works. Our partner sometimes does not like what we are doing even if you love and like it, so when you are still together, you cannot do those things you love and enjoy. Now that you are single, take time to do all those things. Those things will make you know yourself more and they will give you great feeling of love and contentment which can be a great help on the process of healing a broken heart from love.

One thing also to work out is to be able to make things happen for you, those things that you selflessly desire to do. Actually, these are the things that you supposedly do but you have given up for the sake of the relationship. The best time to do them is now. Have you been meaning to take a class, learn a new language, or just rearrange your living room? This will be a good start for you, go for it and enjoy the time being. You might not think that you can have any fun quite yet but when you start doing the things you have always wanted to do you might just be surprised at how good you will start to feel. Keep in mind that when you always find every reason to be happy, it is one way of showing that you are on the process of healing a broken heart from love.

Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Review of Second Chance Romance and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.

dimensions of space

dimensions of space

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How To Maximize the Benefits of Real Time MLM Leads

How To Maximize the Benefits of Real Time MLM Leads

Maximize the Benefits of Real Time MLM Leads

If you are hoping to build your own multi-level marketing force, finding a source of real time MLM leads is the key to doing so. Converting MLM contacts is far different from the process of converting leads for any other type of promotional outreach. Often, the individuals who supply their names are actively seeking out home business opportunities. As such, they will generally have supplied their contact information to a number of similar companies. The one with whom they choose to partner will often be the first that reaches out to them.

Whether you are generating your own leads or working with a company who supplies them, make sure that you contact them as soon as they come in. Few leads in MLM are exclusive, so timing is everything in winning conversions. The initial outreach should be as close to immediate as possible. Not only that, but staff must be prepared to field responses as soon as they come in. Response rates tend to be high, so do not send out emails when you will be out of the office.

Have all the information that converts will need to get started immediately read to send. Most individuals who are looking to start work as an affiliate are willing to start right away, and you should be ready for them to do so as well. Create informational packets of information to send electronically to all respondents. They should contain all the information that they need to get started, including a synopsis of what your company does and an idea of what their marketing copy should look like.

Be willing to have live chats with contacts as necessary. Though initial exchanges are often done via email, business managers should be prepared to schedule phone calls and live chats for the next few days after each email blast. This will give new converts the opportunity to ask any questions they may have and talk about your expectations and best practices.

Real time MLM leads are the key to creating a network of marketers who can help you promote your business and build your client base. If you have never worked with affiliates in the past, an experienced network professional can help walk you through the process of getting started.

Don Drapers is a human researching machine and being part of the internet by writing useful articles about Real Time MLM Leads is just one of many “must read before you buy” articles he has written in the sales lead industry. Before you spend marketing dollars on Leads of any kind, make certain you visit now, and learn what you must to say to a Real Time MLM Leads provider so they’ll WANT to give you the very best leads they have. Alternatively, say these wrong things to any lead provider and you are highly likely to get burned. Visit and quickly learn how to be in control of your lead providers. Knowledge is power. How smart are you?

The Importance Of Real Time Payment Processing & Multiple Payment Options

The Importance Of Real Time Payment Processing & Multiple Payment Options
An event is a medley, where attendees and delegates from around the world and walks of life congregate. To provide registration convenience for registrants, you have already added an online registration option. This is an excellent start to doubling your attendee numbers. However, to truly maximize your attendee numbers, your real time payment processing facility needs to have multiple payment options.

Why? Here are some reasons ‘why’ it is necessary to add a real time payment processing and multiple payment options to your event website:

Offer delegates registration ease and convenience
An event website without a real time payment processing solution is like a prettily packaged present without anything inside. If your event website does not have a real time payment processing solution, you are losing out on a great opportunity to close the sale with a registrant and ensuring that your profit numbers look healthy. By adding a real time payment processing solution with multiple payment options to your website, you encourage interested parties to register immediately and can close the deal by collecting the registration fee instantly. This is a mutually beneficial feature as you are assured of attendee attendance and the attendee receives instant confirmation regarding his or her registration.

Lack of payment options raises the number of abandoned registrations
Audience at an event is typically diverse and such, not all of them will have a credit card. If you only offer credit cards as a payment option on your website, you will find a lot of mid-process abandoned registrations. By offering them multiple payment options, you widen your market reach. In fact, accepting multiple payment options on your event website is one sure fire way to reduce the number of mid-registration abandonments.

Instant payments, no fraud concerns & no more chasing delegates for payments
As an event organizer, you know that potential delegates or attendees call and block seats but fail to pay for them promptly. You either end up constantly calling them to remind them to pay or have empty seats and a loss in potential revenue. A real time payment processing solution prevents such situations from happening as the registrant confirms his registration by paying for registration or ticket instantly. It automatically processes the transaction as long as you have seats available and the delegate has the funds to pay. If you don’t have seats left, the registrant is generally transferred to a waitlist sign page. If the card is not valid or he lacks funds, the transaction is declined, leaving your seats open for other interested parties.

To summarize, all delegates are different – they come from different locations, they have accounts with different banks etc. If you want to successfully target and capture, your diverse target audience, you have to ensure that your online registration and payment processing solution has the ability to accept payments using multiple payment options.

Real Time Streaming Protocol

Real Time Streaming Protocol
Presentation control protocol, commonly known as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), is a standard protocol widely used for efficiently controlling the streaming of audio and video data over the internet. The protocol is developed by Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working Group (MMUSIC WG), also a joint venture work of RealNetworks, Netscape Communications and Columbia University during 1990s.

Unlike the traditional HTTP which uses progressive technique, real-time streaming protocol delivers continuous streams of requested data without actually storing it on the hard disk, the technique known as real-time streaming, thus acts like a remote control enabling the flow on demand. The protocol is used in applications such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, MPEG4IP, JavaFX SDK for Windows platform, Skype, for uni-cast streaming (where data transfer occurs between one client and one server) and multi-cast streaming( between one server and multiple clients).

Real-time streaming protocol uses a combination of protocols such as TCP (connection based protocol), UDP (connectionless protocol), and RTP to achieve various functions by maintaining session/state between server and client through an identifier. In other words, the RTSP server and client can send requests simultaneously by choosing the appropriate delivery mechanism, an advantage over other protocol types.

The session begins with Setup from the client or already defined transport information that indicates the server to allocate resource for data stream, Play, where the data is transmitted according to the request from client, Pause, in which the streaming is temporarily disabled without actually disconnecting the server, Record, where the streaming data is recorded by the client as per the time-stamp carrying the information of start and end time, and Close, where the resources are freed and the client-server session comes to an end.

The other advantage of RTSP is, it is extendable, in the sense new features, parameters and methods can be easily added while coding and/or can include features from other protocols like HTTP, TCP etc. The RTSP provides secure and reliable connection by letting the end user choose the appropriate authentication type.

Since the data can arrive from various servers, this type of protocol is generally prescribed for professional presentations. Also, the client can identify which features are enabled and which are not, in the requested server, making that information available for other purposes.

RTSP uses the standard ISO 10646 UTF-8 encoding (hence called a text based protocol) where each lines are terminated by CRLF, which is then interpreted by the receiver on the other end. Due to this nature of the protocol, it is extensively implemented for scripting languages like Perl and VB. The RTSP is a proposed standard in its preliminary stage and hence some RTSP servers use RTP as the transport protocol and others RDP for the audio/video stream.

All data types are not supported by this type of connection and RTSP option is not recommended for those who do not want to compromise on video quality. The real time streaming protocol is vulnerable to packet loss, transmission delay, congestion and other jitters, just like any other communication protocols, but can prove to be advantageous in many instances such as a conference which could be viewable to many people at once regardless of location.

AVS Installations Robert Leggio has been an officer with several major audio visual companies since 1985. Having extensive audio equipment knowledge, Robert brings AVSI to an elite level with high standards. Co-Sponsored By: Mitsubishi, Tandberg, and AMX Corp.



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