Dollhouse mattress tutorial 2 of 2

Dollhouse mattress tutorial 2 of 2

I finally covered the foam mattress that came with this bed after 30 years!!

I bought the kit at a dollhouse store when I was 15, put it together and stained it. I made bedding for it, but never properly covered the mattress. I remember it costing $11 which I felt was a lot of money at the time 🙂

It has served my dolls well all these years, but needs a little update.

I made those pillows this weekend. Still need to make some sheets and maybe a dust ruffle. I have a pretty blue/white woven coverlet for it already.

To cover the mattress:

I used a men’s thrift store shirt and cut 2 rectangles slightly larger than the mattress.

Covered 1 side with craft glue applied with a paint brush and placed fabric on foam. Smoothed out. Did the same thing for the other side.

1. Applied glue to the edges of the fabric and sides of foam mattress and glued the edges down.

2. Cut long strips of computer printer paper the same width as the mattress (glued 3 strips together so it was long enough) to wrap around bed.

3. Cut long rectangular piece of fabric and glued it around the paper to create a long "ribbon" of fabric to go around sides of mattress.

4. Attached with craft glue.

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