Get Him Serious Faster – The Tips That Will Get Him to Love You Faster Than Ever

Get Him Serious Faster – The Tips That Will Get Him to Love You Faster Than Ever

Feel like the relationship is progressing too slow? Wondering how you can speed things up so that you can both be emotionally invested in the relationship? Want to know what it takes to get him to love you? Men rate things on the least amount of loss and risk, so what you want to do is make it seem like leaving you is losing too much and throwing away too much.

The way to do this is by accumulating a large amount of memories together. That way it will really seem like you have had that long involved relationship even if you haven’t. One way to do this is to have multiple experience in one date. You can visit a carnival, see a movie, have a picnic, hit the beach, combine small experience in one outing so that when you look back at the memories it seems like you had more than just a few dates.

You also want to be very open with him. The more he knows about you the more he feels like he has spent a lot of time getting to know you and building that connection with you. You really want him to feel like he knows you better than he knows himself and that you know him just as well. That way he will feel comfortable around you and know that you won’t reject him later because you found out something about him that you didn’t like.

Be fun and creative. Never let the relationship get into a rut. Keep planning fun adventures and outings together to keep that beginning relationship excitement strong. The more he feels that initial attraction and excitement while still becoming closer to you, the more likely he is to feel that he is truly in love with you. Surprise him with things that you know he will like to empress upon him the idea of how much you care and how well you know him.

Men just want someone that they feel like they can have a happy life with and someone they can trust and confide him. So you want to get him to that point with you as soon as possible in order to get him to reach the point where he knows that he loves you in the same way you love him.

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Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook – contains more than 100 kinds of recipes including detailed instructions

Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook – contains more than 100 kinds of recipes including detailed instructions

As we all know, food plays an critical part in our every day lifestyle and it could affects our well being. So you must treat food significant and attempt your greatest to find out what is the suitable food you should decide on. In case you have a clever choice, you will turn out to be far more powerful and much better.

Healthy Urban Kitchen is the experiences of the respected nutrition professional and it offers you with quite a few beneficial ideas. By means of reading this e-book, you’ll have a good command from the procedures how to rely around the foods to maintain health.

First of all, it consists of far more than one hundred sorts of recipes including in depth directions. Even though you don‘t have significantly funds or time, you can learn how to get, consume and cook the healthy foods all of the exact same. To your surprise, it can also tell you the precise time when you had far better consume. All of these foods will support you lose weight and improve your general well being naturally.

What’s more, the biggest benefit of this book is that it may make the special foods answer for you personally accroding to your complicated problems. Only whenever you locate your characteristics, you’ll be able to have the most proper meals approach to boost your wellness. These will aid you receive the goal as soon as achievable. In sum, it is probably the most helpful and useful system on the market that is suitable for everyone.

For food, we tend to carefully selected, for fear of buying a home with toxic stuff. But if not pay attention to bloom and ease of cooking food, healthy food will become a drug, so you “throw good money after bad”, so you’re really not worth it!

By mung bean contains tannin, high temperature conditions in the case of iron generates iron black tannins make black bean soup, a special smell, not only affect the appetite, taste, and harmful.

Due to a variety of traditional Chinese medicine contains alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, especially in the heating conditions, stainless steel or iron with a variety of chemical reactions occur, or to drug failure, and even have some toxicity (when more complex).

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Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air

Farmers Keep The Major Household Appliances More Than Urban Residents – Home Appliances, Air
The current 1.17 million farmers in Beijing’s demand for home appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular. According to the municipal Bureau of Statistics data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Yesterday (August 9, 2009), who lives in Mapo Town, Shunyi Feng uncle in a house painted a new move

TV Installation Air conditioning , Washing machine And spent a busy day. His family of new appliances both large and small, are last month

Bringing home appliances Products chosen. Recently, this reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, with products to promote in-depth, in July the city bringing home appliances products

Sell New record high, breaking 60,000,000 yuan.

Nearly 150 million yuan sales of home appliances to the countryside

With the constant familiar appliances to the countryside, more and more farmers began to replace the city in the “large child.” Shows, this year in February, the city’s “home appliances to the countryside” products on sales of 12.5 million; in March doubled the daily sales of nearly 3-fold, reaching 356,000 yuan; April sales of 440,000 yuan daily ; May daily sales of 861,000 yuan; in June sales of 990,000 yuan the day, while in July and then double the daily sales have nearly 200 million in monthly sales is more than 60 million yuan . As of now, the city appliances to rural areas has reached 147 million yuan in sales.

Reporter found that in last month’s best-selling products,

Refrigerator , Air conditioning and other appliances used most frequently in summer to the top of the list on sales of nearly ten thousand units, while sales volume is not high once

Mobile Last month suddenly popular, what the Department sold more than 3300, as sales of the third overall standings.

Main electrical farmers keep more than urban households

Municipal Commission of Commerce of the responsible person, now the city 1.17 million farmers demand for electric appliances have been from the “add new” to the “Update” in the varieties of all sales, the more high-end refrigerators, washing machines the most popular .

According to Statistics Bureau data show that for every 100 rural residents of the city’s refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, mobile phone ownership in more than urban residents.

Network launched this month, check specification

It is understood that the city does not belong to home appliances to the countryside there are individual sales outlets of enterprises are selling home appliances to the countryside products. If rural residents to buy the products of these enterprises will be sealed and not because they can not receive subsidies. This City Commission of Commerce issued the “Beijing bringing home appliances sales network management practices”, started from this month check network specifications.

According to City Business Committee responsible person, in order for farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products, Business Committee organized a number of “free caravan appliances to the countryside” campaign to

TV , Refrigerators, mobile phones, computers and other appliances to the countryside to subsidize products to sell on site, so that farmers can not see into the physical shopping and activities in the implementation of field sales, field way of subsidies, farmers can receive subsidy payments on the spot.

Learned that in order to facilitate rural farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside product in the future, “Caravan” village-site sales and marketing will further expand the scope. The reporters also learned that there are already some districts and counties will “examine rural, district honor” of steps to streamline the direct examination by the rural financial payment, will shorten the period of 15 days 5 working days, while the introduction of the online banking payment system, farmers cleared at the scene, you can go directly to the rural commercial banks to receive cash subsidies.

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Urban Composting Is More Practical Than You Think

Urban Composting Is More Practical Than You Think
Maybe you think that composting isn’t practical or useful because you live in an apartment, but think again. There are plenty of good reasons to try composting, even if you don’t have a yard or garden at all. Here are some considerations for urban composting.

First, you want to choose from the many small compost bins for sale. While proper composting defeats odors on its own, you can be extra safe by investing in one of the many plastic compost bins with a charcoal filter. It’s not a good idea to use old Tupperware or other similar containers. You’d be amazed how many fruit flies you can attract in a small apartment with these impromptu composters.

The food scraps or leftovers that you would throw away or put through the garbage disposal can almost all be composted. This includes everything from unpopped popcorn bits to leftover pizza crusts. You can also compost crushed egg shells, seed hulls, and nut shells, and even things like peach pits. Some people have claimed success composting shredded paper, hamster cage bedding, dryer lint, stale beer, and the stuff in your vacuum cleaner.

There are some things you should not compost, whether you’re in the city or elsewhere. These include old magazines (because the clay content keeps the paper from breaking down efficiently), detergent, meat, bones, and chicken skin.

You’ll need nitrogen for the proper breakdown of compost, and the easiest way to do this is to add about a half-inch layer of dead, crumbled leaves (it shouldn’t take much for a small composter) for every two or three inches of food waste. The overall composition should be moist, but not wet or slimy. Coffee grounds are great in compost because they keep the environment acidic, and if you add worms to your compost (not as icky as you may think!), you’ll find they love used coffee grounds. But don’t use ashes, because they are too alkaline and will slow the process down.

Whether you use one of the nifty rotating compost bins, or one of the simple plastic compost bins that doesn’t have a crank, keep it in a reasonably ventilated area, out of sunlight. The composting process generates heat, and setting the composter in the sun could actually make it overheat, killing beneficial micro-organisms. With a compost tumbler, crank it every few days to turn the contents. With non-rotating composters, dig in with a gardening fork or something similar and stir up the contents every few days to keep the process moving along efficiently.

Check your compost after about six weeks as long as you’ve kept it reasonably moist and turned it regularly. If you have a crumbly, nearly black substance that resembles dark dirt and smells slightly sweet, then you have compost! If you don’t have a balcony herb garden or house plants that could use a nice, loose half-inch layer of compost, you should have no trouble giving it away or even selling it to home gardeners. Compost is awesome organic fertilizer, and is highly coveted by urban gardeners who have to do a lot with a small space.

Are you looking to save some money when it comes to your home gardening? Then I suggest you check out our Compost Bins and Compost Tumblers for a natural fertilizer at “” as soon as possible.

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China’s Less Than Transparent Military Build Up

China’s Less Than Transparent Military Build Up

US Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte, in Beijing this week for talks with Chinese Foreign Ministry officials, urged China to be more transparent about its military build up.

The Chinese have just bumped up military spending by 17.8% this year.

Asking the Chinese to be transparent about their military agenda is a bit like casually asking Darth Vader to be transparent about the Empire’s new and improved Death Star plans. It ain’t going to happen.

Chinese ship building has been in high gear since 2002. Amphibious assault vessels, capable of ferrying troops have been a major focus. Some intelligence estimates suggest that some 20 of these vessels are in the works, along with a fleet of submarines.

Why the urgency? Some of this build-up relates to ongoing tensions with Taiwan – territory China has never relinquished and threatens to take back if the Taiwanese make any move toward de facto independence.

To demonstrate that this is no mere posturing, the National People’s Congress is in the process of introducing a law that will make the formal secession of Taiwan forbidden. Definitions covering so-called “separatist activity” will also be addressed, as will the role of “traitors” – together with proposed penalties.

The Taiwanese government has described the legislation as laying “a legal base for an invasion”.

The Chinese Congress through mouthpiece Jiang Enzhu denies such allegations and plays down any provocative interpretation of the law. Meanwhile yuan keeps getting pumped into an arms build-up that continues to heft up.

Given the Chinese history of aggression toward Tibet, accompanied as it was with a litany of denials and justifications to mollify world opinion, any Taiwanese citizens who sit easily with Chinese reassurances would have to be smoking something other than tobacco.

According to US Department of Defense sources the Peoples Liberation Army now has around 700 ballistic missiles near the Taiwan Strait. Hong-Niao cruise missiles are also in production. This build up has had the effect of overturning Taiwan’s edge in the face-off across the Strait. The advantage has shifted decidedly to the side of mainland China.

Despite the large amounts of cash being funneled into the military with the aim of projecting Chinese power not only in the direction of Taiwan, but far beyond its borders – the Chinese army is untested when it comes to modern warfare. It’s been 25 years since the PLA was involved in serious combat.

They are trying to off-set this deficit by engaging in joint military exercises with Russia. In August of this year, exercises took place in the Liadong Peninsula. The PLA needs to be able to compare its capabilities with a major military player, and for the present Putin seems willing to oblige.

The Chinese military escalation also involves military espionage on a large scale (predictably denied by the Chinese). US industries have been routinely targeted by spies working for China.

A notorious 2005 case involved a Korean spy named Ko-Suen Moo. He managed to ferry a F110-GE-129 turbofan engine (used to power F-16 fighters into upper speed ranges) – out of the US. It ended up in Shenyang, in northeastern China and Ko-Suen cleared $ 1 million in profits over and above his original investment.

This is just one case of many. Given all the evidence it would appear the Chinese are making a concerted effort to scour the globe for any military secrets they can lay their hands on.

So when John Negroponte asks for transparency from Beijing, the rejoinder “good luck” sounds like an exercise in irony.

Aidan Maconachy is a freelance writer and artist based in Ontario. You can visit his blog at

Posted A New Car Less Than 70% Shade Sad Film Transparency Annual – Shading Film, Foil – Automotive

Posted A New Car Less Than 70% Shade Sad Film Transparency Annual – Shading Film, Foil – Automotive
Temperature rising, summer is approaching, 51 before the holiday just bought a new car is ready to find Ms. Rui Auto Beauty Shop paste shade film, saying her boyfriend, so she “paused”: “not on the cards before the foil, then, to the Vehicle Administration or by the traffic police tear, otherwise they can not take pictures, not to the card.” Not on a layer shading film can also get in the way? reporters yesterday Miss consulted for Rui Car Professionals and Vehicle Administration department, seemingly simple foil, in fact, many “good.”

Lesson: there really posted to the tear film

Is a painful lesson earlier, Ms. Rui Wang boyfriend was issued a “warning” of. This reporter learned that, just half a month ago, Mr. Wang Daming the new car out the road 4S shop, unbearable excitement, taking advantage of happy hammer, the nearest to a friend opened the car beauty shops posted a film, until the temporary card will soon expire, only to remember the license plate, “the result being torn up.”

He told reporters: “the morning rain, Vehicle Not many people, I am happy ah, no long row of the team, put procedures nearly all gone, Delivery, license hand, the results be photographed staff stuck. said Solar Films must be tearing off the car to take pictures. My God! spent more than 1000 pieces posted a good film, ah, crashed, the torn one of the pretexts, notes on the so failed to be implemented. “

Rights: Strange 4S shop not alerted to the claim Wang Rights

strong sense, a moment of anger, he thought he was mentioned in the car 4S shop, it did not remind him not on the cards before the foil, “it told me that the temperature is high, the examination should be done beauty ah ah, the best have done. “

Came out from the Vehicle Administration, Mr. Wang went straight drive 4S shops, some negotiations with the manager on duty, to demand compensation for the loss, manager wronged: “Before such a thing was not there Yeah, not that one layer sun film it? “

Wang consumed an afternoon in the store, “I have been loud with their theory on, we are not getting to speak on the polite and restrained manner”, and finally, 4S stores agreed to send half a year Car wash Coupons.

Reporters yesterday, the store’s connection Sell Staff, received message is, “do not know specifically what, but we’ve received the request, all clients now provide a new car, do not have to remind the card before the foil.”

Vehicle Administration: “attached to low transparency of no”

Given the lessons of her boyfriend, Ms. Rui two days to drive everywhere, the sunny dizziness, also did not shore up to the foil, “and so be free next week, hurried to complete a license paste.” But, really can not on the card foil? With Miss Stapleton questions, the reporter yesterday, specifically to the Vehicle Administration license points on the staff of consulting, they did not find the tear film who was on duty, but also by Morning News reporter De Caifang, reminding more and more new car owners, “Can a new car after the foil on the card, depending on the shading film paste can achieve the required standards, transparency film less than 70% , certainly not. “

According to past experience, “the gentleman’s car was torn membrane, the membrane should be posted does not meet standards, to avoid dangerous driving, then ask the first official on the card and then tear film.” Clear that the other : “Brand new cars in the front, can foil, but the transparency and low, can not pass.” several laboratory-old police, particularly the proposed new owners who want to better understand what the relevant laws and regulations, “promulgated in 2004 GB7258 -2,004 “motor vehicle safety technology operating conditions” have clearly stipulates: ‘Vehicle cab must ensure that the driver’s front view and side view, front windshield and windscreen glass for the driver as other parts of the visible area transmittance does not allow less than 70%. All the windows mirror reflective glass shade film does not allow posting. ‘”

Which mirror reflective shading film, refers to those posted after the car windows like a mirror to the film, “in the street point of view, who can see the silhouette of the sun illuminate the film, is certainly not to cross the border, were traffic police found that he could be ordered to tear off the spot. “

Accident: a related film, but can also lead to murder

Why the requirements of a film, but also so harsh? Traffic police accident unit police, said the evening last summer, following a car accident near relations, knocked the woman multiple fractures, the investigation found that “the accident of a new car only posted half of the membrane, however, when the sky fades, the owner in turn, did not see the woman behind the bike crossing the road, because the optical transmittance, very low impact on his observation Rearview mirror Line of sight, and so on to him, and the brakes too late. “

Car now more and more hot days, combined with the coming “foil” The tide of the accident police warned: “sunstroke, to foil car is a must, but pay attention to errors, not to say that film the deeper the color to UV, in fact, that seems transparent, the effect of UV is also very good. The key is the owner in choosing films, do not plan a little discount, but a clear and reliable quality film, visible light transmittance higher, not less than 70%. “

Otherwise, the very likely outcome is, “Even after the paste on the card, and you drive at night and on rainy days when the sight is not a bad accident, to the annual inspection when the traffic police will also consider your future security, help you put off the film, however, a clean tear. ”

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The Most Radical Aesthetic, Much More Than Tattoos and Piercing

The Most Radical Aesthetic, Much More Than Tattoos and Piercing

While tattoos and piercing are breaking into an increasingly open society, new and surprising forms of aesthetics are arising: the scarification and branding tattoos, the subcutaneous implants and the mutilation. Some of these techniques have thousands of years, such as the scarification, who have been practiced in cultures like the Maya since ancient times. Today, in capitals like Berlin, you can see more and more people with these new forms of extreme beauty.

Scarification Tattooing is one of the oldest tattoo techniques in the world. They make cuts in their skin with a scalpel in order to get scars in the shape of the desired pattern. Other American and African civilizations, as well as the Maya, see scarification as something aesthetic and beautiful. Today it does not other purpose than aesthetics, but some people think that this is a simply self-injury way.

With the branding tattoo people obtain the same results obtain as with a scarification tattoo, but with a different process: scars are obtained by applying some metal plates previously heated to the skin. This is a laborious and painful technique. In both cases they try to get a very bulky a scar in order to the tattoo look better, so people try to provoke wound infections for that purpose.

The subcutaneous implants are the most recently aesthetics pattern included in our society. The society is still very reluctant to this kind of ornaments, but in the United States they extend quickly, as once they the piercing did… This technique consists of introducing surgical supplies pieces under the skin to give it different forms: horns, stars, hearts, everything is valid! The arms, the head and the chest are the most suitable places to place them due to the elasticity of the skin.

Many people are against mutilation: some examples are the cuts in the tongue in order to look alike a serpent, or to sharp the teeth imitating a vampire … Any way of physical mutilation is good to look different!

What do you think about the extreme aesthetic? Is this fashion, madness or autoinjury? The controversy is served. But do not judge without knowing it, travel to Berlin and discover the most modern aesthetic trends. For your convenience, rent Berlin Apartments and enjoy the trip!

Diana Roig

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Is CD Duplication Different Than CD Replication?

Is CD Duplication Different Than CD Replication?
Quite often, the similarity or difference between the CD duplication and CD replication baffles you mainly because it sounds like so similar but at the same time the entire working function is different. CD duplication is a simple process where it burns the data to the disk while CD replication means creating the exact copy of the master CD.

CD Duplication

CD duplication requires only a simple method. If you have a computer with CD burner and a blank CD, you can do it at home as easy as a piece of cake. The information is written to the CD. The data in the CD is copied and then duplicated to a blank CD. The process is certainly very simple. Also, there is professional CD duplication services where laser technology is used to duplicate the CDs. CD duplication is particularly very helpful for a small scale use. The software helps you to duplicate it fast and your work is done hassle-free. Most of the time, it would be for a personal use. The quality of the CDs you duplicated certainly depends on the type of disc you have used for duplication.

CD Replication

Now what is CD replication? This process is not as simple as the CD duplication. It is used for a large scale purpose. CD replication is carried out by professionals unlike CD duplication. It is kind of CD creation where stamping disk will be created from a glass master and this should be exactly replicating the master CD. If the duplication of CD needs only a computer and other stuffs and can be done at home, for a CD replication, we need to have extensive machinery and other assisting equipments.

Therefore, most of the time CD replication is done by professionals and will be for a large scale use such as for distributing a personal work like musical albums or demo of a product. Here, the process is not ending only with replication. Along with it, the CDs are lacquered, labeled and finally packaged with an already designed cover. You can see a large number of business units and creative units often go for CD replication for their promotional activities as it help them to deal with the publicity to a great deal.

So, now you are aware, CD duplication and CD replication is not similar as you previously thought. If your needs are smaller and you can manage it at home, then it is well and good. However, if you have bigger plans like promoting your goods or even some creative work, getting professional help is a better choice.

You get awesome CD duplication and replication services out there. As they do have excellent and most modern machinery, they give you the best and moreover, getting your CD done with professional looking artwork is much more important. As you know, it is always a matter of hard work as well as the expertise! Also, it is fortunate that the services are inexpensive. If you go through the rates of an online CD replication or duplication service, you can find out the rates and you realize that they are amazingly inexpensive!

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Arsenal, Manchester City make the door preferred country than Buffon Kaopu Hart quotes

Arsenal, Manchester City make the door preferred country than Buffon Kaopu Hart quotes

Throwback MLB jerseys onlineshop webeditor report:

Arsenal guest Ai Wude a ball park in the case of leading by two goals Blackburn Lianban reversal, two clean sheets and goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski are related, although Wenger has criticized the referee after the game to maintain the Polish goalkeeper, but to Blackburn players even admitted that they Gunners goalkeeper is to use the soft underbelly of hard. In fact, whether or Manuel Almunia Lukasz Fabianski, Arsenal goalkeeper’s performance this season is very difficult to satisfactorily, following the opening of the transfer market to find a good goalkeeper is a professor of priority.


Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon two days ago, said the Premier League if the move of choice, the British media that Arsenal may be the next home, but it is in consideration of the transfer fee or salary, Arsenal and Manchester City to grab Buffon is not is a reasonable choice, “The Guardian” said Manchester City goalkeeper Joe leased to Birmingham – Hart is Wenger’s first choice, the transfer window opened to the Manchester City Arsenal ready to offer.

Manchester City this season, Hart will pick me leased to Birmingham, the results of which brave the entire season, the league 11 games zero closure opponent, was elected into the PFA team of the season the best, and almost certainly have been selected for England’s World 23 Cup list, and even marked with the main also promising.

Wenger concerned Hart a long time, when the latter last season as the main location is still struggling Manchester City, when Arsenal to have considered the introduction of him. But Hart’s outstanding performance this season has attracted the attention to former club Manchester City, their goalkeeper Shay Given dislocated shoulder six months to recuperate, the beginning of next season, will miss the game, so after the expiration of Manchester City intends to lease back Hart, a rainy day.

But despite the resistance encountered Manchester City, Arsenal is ready to offer in the summer, Hart, and Hart are still worried about his return to Manchester City if, back in Kyrgyzstan after the text is still his to lose his spot, he is also considering lease after the expiration of the possibility to find another way out.

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Bremen difficult to keep the Premiership duo looting Ozil than hear supernova quote

Bremen difficult to keep the Premiership duo looting Ozil than hear supernova quote

Nfl jerseys supply store report:

Gifted attacking midfielder Ozil Germany World Cup in South Africa with the outstanding performance of many giants look to the European, Bremen admit that they are willing to listen to the Ozil offer, there is news that Manchester United plan plus cash swap with Dimitar Berbatov Ecuador Benazir, while Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is also prepared to waiting in the wings, the Premiership duo also aimed at the future superstars.

The talented attacking midfielder Turkish campaign on behalf of the German national team World Cup in South Africa, with outstanding performance to help the German team made the final third of the results. Ozil 22-year-old started all 7 games debut World Cup, to produce a report card scoring three assists to lead the young guys in Germany, South Africa, a fad for beautiful young storm.

Making this a super star in the World Cup stage, Ozil so naturally his outstanding performance skyrocketed. European giants have many an olive branch to Ozil, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Manchester City and other big giants are eager to recruit the next superstars to their command. Faced with such Duoeqier’s admirer, Bremen, this small temple Buddha statue which seems to tolerate this. Because of its contract will expire next summer, Bremen have made continued efforts Yueeqier, general manager Allofs said: “We have been meeting with the Ozil, but still did not get the final solution. “team to retain the confidence of the talent is not, do not want to let him leave in a free transfer next summer, because the lack of any transfer fee when the Bremen.

Bremen for their own interests, the general manager said the team Allofs Ozil willing to listen to the offer. He said: “I think in the next few weeks until the summer transfer window closed, we will receive some of the quotes from other clubs.” He added: “We have the responsibility and Ozil and his agent communication, understanding what they need, but we will not change the team’s policy, we do not do that. “

Personally during the World Cup to South Africa for the match Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has added Ozil is favored, also interested him to the Emirates Stadium. There has always been the love of young players Wenger has been added to heed Professor Ozil growth Ozil played 31 Bundesliga last season, scored 9 goals, combined with outstanding performance on the World Cup, the acquisition of the player Wenger determination has improved. However, there is not worth the World Cup Houeqier small gains, Wenger won his alleged need to spend 20 million pounds at least, it is clear that the transfer has not taught digital style.

Compared with Arsenal, Manchester United’s desire to acquire Ozil more obviously strong, Ferguson even willing to Berbatov plus 16 million pounds price tag switching Ozil. Berbatov joined Manchester United in 2008, when the time’s worth has more than 30 million euros. This price tag is indeed attractive for Bremen not small.

About the Author:
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