Infusing Thai Decor into the Urban Lifestyle and London Interiors

Infusing Thai Decor into the Urban Lifestyle and London Interiors

London style

The London home interior is a diverse mixture. London has come a long way in the field of design, art and creating interiors that are desirable is a thing of the ultra-rich Londoners. The London style has its variations and it is a hodgepodge of influences based on international design, contemporary, vintage as well as cultural facets. This is keeping up with the new appeal of eclecticism and finding new ways to express the self and make the room more personal, desirable and of course impeccably chic. Luxury can sometimes be subjective and it can only happen if you know the right pieces to place in your home. One of the most desirable decor pieces is Thai decor.

The unique London appeal

London has its vibrant history, amazing set of internationally acclaimed designers in v various fields and a lot of renowned schools that offer art and design. The London style of homes is particularly unique and it adapts to their weather, their style and openness to try out new things. There are tons of inspirations that you can look into to create an amazing piece of design. It is not all about royalty. There is a great appreciation for contemporary art and it is present in many upscale homes. Young and rich members of the group do not only mix contemporary designs but they also find time to explore amazing decor pieces to further individualize the space. One of the most popular is Thai design and decor.

Mixing urban style with exotic flair

Thai design is a bit unique compared to the usual designs that you might see somewhere else. Going for interplay of modernity and traditional appeal results to an impeccable design sensibility that is both modern and exotic. The allure of exoticism and cleanliness of modern style is very popular right now. There is something unexpected and definitely appealing in mixing contrasting elements. However, Thai design has this versatile appeal that works on a variety of spaces. It could be because of the use of earthy and vibrant colors, and the diversity of the pieces that can be used.

The Thai appeal

Thai decor has an earthy and exotic appeal. The use of textures is apparent in the carved wood designs and furniture and the fully embroidered and delightful tapestries and rugs for an exotic look for the home. The use of animals and influences from nature is also prominent. The designs are matched with amazing colors, much like evoking the warmth and he beauty of Thailand. The Thai design and aesthetic is impeccable and it has a lot of story to tell. From vases, porcelain and celadon pieces, the Thai decor pieces are very dynamic and special.

Incorporating Thai designs When incorporating Thai designs, you can first take advantage of various accessories and small furniture pieces. From ornate triangular pillows, colorful vases, porcelain and celadon, as well as hand woven designs. If you are thinking of a more minimalist vibe with the essential Thai appeal, you can use wood worked designs to evoke the essential Thai design on a London interior.

So, be creative and have fun when choosing the furniture and decorative items for your brand new home, and remember. You can browse our ever-growing inventory of great Thai-crafted home furnishings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at

Sweeping Away The Memories

Sweeping Away The Memories

Carefully I sweep the dust from days before
Seeing every step, every soul as there
Eventually, slowly, the memories fade
I am sweeping thoughts I cannot endure

Photo taken shortly after the death of the Abbot, Wat Pra Kaew Don Tao, Lampang, North Thailand (วัดพระแก้วดอนเต้า ลำปาง)

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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Picking Her Shot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Picking Her Shot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

One of my new shooters is getting ready to photograph other students on the railing above us.
For nearly two years I have been documenting many students and teachers in the schools I help train in.
Every week new CD’s were handed out at each school with hundreds of photos showing all the activity’s they are engaged in.
This last month one girl [in the photo ] showed a keen interest in photography.
She would borrow a teachers p/s and go to work having fun.
After talking with her teacher about her new interest in photography it was decided that she would be my helper.
Thus she would learn more and keep her interest level high.
I told her to bring her very best friends and we would wander around the school and shoot everything.
Having an old Sony H1 that gets little use I figured this would be their starting camera.
First lesson I held the Nikon D300 with a Nikkor 17-55 2.8 lens as they took turns peeking through the viewfinder and pressing the shutter.
Then they were given the H1 which was in P mode and let em loose.
They get about an hour out of the two AA batteries then the lesson is over for the day.
That night all photos are loaded onto a CD with no PP.
Next day they upload into the schools computer and the giggling starts !
They were fast to figure out they must hold still while shooting.
Now their holding the camera fairly well, tucking in elbows, planting their feet, keep sun to their back, est…
They are also given the CD I shoot of them shooting their subjects.
For the hour we are out and about most all of the school is involved in being models.

This day I dusted off the Sigma 10-20 WA 4-5.6, mounted it on the D300 and had my own fun chasing the busy little bee’s around. This is Way To Much Fun…;-)
OK here is the new news about my job.

Just a few months back the world saw Thailand in a disturbing dark situation.

I put my wife on a plane for America for her safety. She is back now after being gone for about three months.
If we did end up in civil war I would escape out the back door and take my chances in Cambodia.

There is still situations here that is going to take a long time to work through !

Anyway I could see the writing on the wall !
International investors were pulling up stakes and leaving the country as the whole mess continued to heat up.
My pay check comes through a foundation and is filtered through the schools then into my bank account, that’s how it works here.
Donations fell flat fast as I predicted….;-(

So Friday the big boss had to deal with the "It is what it is" situation and told me in September when the term is over my job will be gone. Knowing this was going to happen it was not a shock at all and taken with a grain of salt.
I will miss all these kids and teachers greatly as our relationship is one of great friendship and up lifting happiness..
The kids don’t know yet but they will be sad to the Max. No more Khru Jon the Funny Fo-toe Man, khru means teacher in Thai.
When the Ax comes down in September I hope to have found something but it is always iffy in Thailands current economy.

When one door shuts another is opened…;-)

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