A 192 page report was part of this project

A 192 page report was part of this project

The survey that they were doing, the program I wrote to tabulate the survey, suggestions from a transit consultant in Olympia.

Our professor in a geography class linked us up with this project. I just had one part in it.

After the whole report was done, I heard, through the grapevine, that the transit manager didn’t pay much attention to it. He was used to running the system old school, like maybe saying this.

Why do we need consultants from the state and all that computer stuff, when I can just find out which bus stops are most used by just asking the drivers at an employee meeting.

The project probably did collect some dust, but I still have a copy. It’s a bit yellowed.

Many years later, Bellingham Transit was reorganized and absorbed into the current WTA Transit system.

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365 0607

365 0607

A heads-up display what I made up in photoshop and illustrator or something and then put inside a big space helmet on this day in 2009. Well, I say this day, I mean June 7th.
365 outtake 0607

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Graphics Card Circuit Board

Graphics Card Circuit Board

Close-up of part of the graphics card for my old, derelict computer (replaced about four years ago but for some reason, I keep around). Since it’s not used, I don’t mind the dust.

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