Staying at Paris Apartments Short Term

Staying at Paris Apartments Short Term

Given the high Paris rentals for hotels, it makes sense to look for Paris apartments. Today one can get reasonably quoted furnished Paris apartment rent. Plan ahead and book Paris apartments short term online for the best deal on Paris apartments rental.

There are many options that you can find in Paris apartments short term. From reasonably priced apartments to Paris luxury apartments you can find whatever you want. You can choose one that fits your budget. Paris apartments rental can prove even more reasonable when you are planning to stay for more than a few odd days. Paris rentals for a few days will come much cheaper than hotel rent.

When you are travelling with family or friends staying at Paris apartments short term is the best option. Instead of booking several rooms you can book one apartment where everyone can stay together. This makes Paris apartments rental far more economic. Choose Paris luxury apartments with enough rooms to house your entire party. You can relax in comfort and be assured of your privacy.

Opt for a furnished apartment. Furnished Paris apartment rent includes all the mod cons that come with the apartment. Yet it is still lower than Paris rentals in top hotels. You can get an apartment with a washing machine, cable TV, WiFi and a fully working kitchen. In other words, this temporary home comes with all the modern gadgets that ensure your comfort.

All this helps Paris apartments to be your home away from home. You can wash your clothes, watch your favourite channels, cook your favourite food and surf the net. If this seems too energetic and you want to simply rest and relax, ask the service staff to do your chores. In short, you can do whatever you want.

When travelling with friends and family this cosy Paris apartments rental can be even better. By sharing chores you also bring down your Paris apartments rental. Unlike the formal indifferent environs of a hotel lounge, here you can all gather in the apartment living room.

Today you can find Paris luxury apartments that are tastefully decorated and yet remain warm and welcoming. Special attention is paid to give these Paris apartments short term the look and feel of an actual home.

With their reasonable Paris rentals and their home like environment, hiring Paris apartments short term is becoming increasingly popular. Look for Paris apartments online and book one that meets all your needs.

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Why You Need Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Why You Need Long Term Care Insurance Quotes


If long term care insurance (LTCI) policies are sold at a fixed price all you have to do is buy it over a counter, but you need a long term care quote because the price of each LTCI policy varies and yours will depend on your age and personal needs. 


Insurance companies marketing LTCI policies collect high annual premiums from the policies of older policyholders and those with preexisting conditions.  Meanwhile, those who managed to buy their policies at a younger age pay their insurers less than a thousand dollars in premium.


People have been told time and time again that buying an LTCI policy at a younger age is better because this will allow them to save on their premium.  Although this is partly true, one’s annual premium would still depend on his choice of coverage. 


For example, a 50-year-old buys an LTCI policy which stipulates lifetime coverage, 5% annual compound inflation protection, and a 30-day elimination period.  With all these ideal components thrown into his policy he will naturally pay a very high premium every year.


On the other hand, another 50-year-old individual buys a policy with a three-year coverage, 90-day elimination period, and a 5% compound inflation protection so his premium is much less because he cut down his maximum benefit period and lengthened his waiting period. 


By requesting an LTCI quote you will be able to adjust the variables of a potential LTCI policy so that it conforms to your budget without compromising your coverage.


What Your Long Term Care Quote Should Contain


Most U.S.  states require insurance firms that sell LTCI policies to offer comprehensive LTCI policies instead of those under two separate categories which are either home health care policies or facility-only policies.


If that’s the case, the LTCI quotes that you’ll be gathering should include coverage for in-home care that is usually 50% or 70% of the total coverage that you’ll be getting from an LTCI facility. 


Note that a policy with a very high maximum benefit amount, longer benefit period, longer elimination period or waiting period, and a 5% annual compound inflation protection will have a higher quote.  Though ideal, not everybody will need such policy. 


Ask a licensed LTCI agent to guide you as you request your LTCI quotes.  But don’t put your trust on just anybody who claims to be an expert in the LTCI arena.  Check the person’s tenure and his affiliation.  If he works for the top LTCI carriers then rest assured that he can help get you acquire a coverage that is suitable for your needs and budget.   


Besides, a seasoned LTCI agent has an eye for long term care quote details so he can tell if the quotes that were provided to you are for a tax qualified policy or not.  Unlike non-tax qualified LTCI policies, a  tax qualified one will entitle you to big tax deductions that is why buyers are encouraged to secure this type of policy rather than those that are non-tax qualified. 


What details should be included in your long term care quote?

What details should be included in your long term care quote?

In order to get an idea on how much a person needs to sustain the monthly dues of his LTC plan, one must learn to ask or request for a long term care quote first before actually deciding on getting one.

LTC policies are known to be expensive that is why not all Americans can afford to avail one for their future LTC needs. Although for some, it may seem impractical and waste of money, those who own and are now getting its benefits can attest that this is one of the best investments that a person can give to himself.

Medical services and facilities are provided when a person buys an LTC policy. These services aim to make the lives of the insured persons better and easier, with the help of medical professionals and skilled caregivers because the health and welfare of the policy owners always come first.

There are three mandatory features that all LTC policies must have in order to be considered qualified and valid. These are the minimum daily benefit amount, the benefit coverage period, and inflation protection. All of these three act as guide of the policy owner in using his policy benefits, and must also be present in the long term care quote that a person will get from his insurance provider.

The minimum daily benefit amount determines the amount that the insured person may get for every time he uses his policy benefits. Depending on the type of LTC plan that he has, he may get a reimbursement of the exact amount that he used, or he may also be given the allowed amount per day regardless if he was not able to maximize it. But he must make sure that he will not exceed the allowed price quota because he will be liable to pay the remaining or excess amount.

On the other hand, the benefit coverage period sets the validity or duration of a certain policy. In some cases wherein the person needs to receive additional medical treatment, he may seek Medicaid’s help and apply for qualification and eligibility.

Lastly, the feature that is considered as the most important and most beneficial among the three is known as the inflation protection. It has certain levels that are based on the age of the individual at the time of his policy acquisition. It has the capacity to regulate and adjust the value of a certain LTC plan according to the current costs of LTC services, even if the policy was bought at a much cheaper price.

The levels provided usually favor those who acquired their policies when they were much younger and healthier. At age 60 and below, a person may still get a simple, compound, or an inflation protection based on the Consumer Price Index while no inflation protection is actually required if the policy was bought at age 76 and up.

To know more and to get a precise long term care quote, one can visit the websites of some private insurance companies that offer free online LTC assessment tools.

You can request for long term care quotes through our website. Find out more about all the important details that your long term care insurance quotes should include.

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Calculating Future Costs With Long Term Care Quote

Calculating Future Costs With Long Term Care Quote


Not only will a long term care quote give you an idea of which type of long term care insurance (LTCI) policy you’ll need to purchase, it shall help you calculate your expenses for long term care, too.

To avoid the impact of the high cost of care which is expected to increase some more in the years to come, many Americans are buying for themselves, and their parents, LTCI policies to ensure full coverage of their health care expenses.

Although this is the right thing to do, how will you know that you’re actually putting your money in a product that is suitable for your needs?

Requesting LTCI quotes from renowned insurance companies or licensed agents that specialize in LTCI policies is the first of many important steps that one has to pass if he is seriously contemplating buying an LTCI policy.

Securing the right policy, after all, is nothing like shopping for a new dress or a pair of shoes. It’s more like buying a family house which will witness all the important events in your family’s life. Meaning to say, when you buy a policy you are not only ensuring your full or partial LTC coverage, you are also protecting your family from becoming poor.

Today’s 40-year-olds should not base their LTCI quotes on today’s cost of care anymore, as financial planners and LTC professionals have predicted a twofold increase in the rates of LTC facilities. Simply put, if an elderly person is currently spending $ 36,562 per annum for a home health aide, multiply this number by two and the product, which is $ 73,124, will be the annual rate of a home health in 2026.

Meanwhile, in nursing homes, elderly residents are paying approximately $ 77,745 a year for the services that they receive here. Multiply this by the factor of two in conformity with the foreboded twofold increase in LTC costs then you’ll get $ 155,490 which every nursing home resident is expected to pay out by 2026.

Aside from the amount of your maximum benefit and benefit period, a long term care quote also gives one the chance to study inflation protection riders and which type he should avail for his LTCI policy. This is a very important component of LTCI policies because without it your policy can result in obsoleteness. For instance, if you’re expecting to use a policy that has a maximum benefit of $ 200,000 for a three-year benefit period in 15 years from now, you can be caught short.

You’ll need a maximum benefit of at least $ 219,372 to cover home care expenses or $ 300,000 if you’re anticipating skilled nursing care.

Another factor that can affect your policy’s annual premium would be the elimination period so consider an LTCI quote which offers a longer elimination period such as 90 to 365 days. Within this period you will pay all the expenses that you would incur from LTC services.

You really have to study every long term care quote that is presented to you with patience, as this will lead you to a personalized LTCI policy that is intended just for you. is dedicated in giving everyone free long term care quote and other relevant information regarding long term care. If you really care about your future, then you should start looking for long term care quotes and long term care plans now.

The Importance of Getting Long Term Care Quotes

The Importance of Getting Long Term Care Quotes

Most American citizens assume that it is unnecessary to plan ahead of time and get a long term care quotes, thinking that they will always be in fine feather. They tend to become overconfident, which in turn puts them in an inconvenient situation in the future. They could have easily avoided this if only they have secured their future through an LTC policy.

They have a much bigger chance of living much longer these days, courtesy of medicine advancements. Well, that’s good news but it has a downside too. It only means that, they will need special support and care as they become much older. This is unavoidable because it is part of the aging process, they become weak and incompetent. They should take into consideration that aging is a natural occurrence and the only thing they can do is prepare for their future.

Apart from old age, there are also other conditions that will need long term care such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, head injuries, rehabilitation, fractured bones and even degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease, cancer and diabetes. They may enjoy a healthy lifestyle today but they can never be sure of what tomorrow may bring. So, it is really best to make the necessary preparations in order to prevent inconveniences sometime in the future. They can guarantee that they will be taken good care of once they reach the point that they already experience difficulty in doing their daily activities by means of LTC policy.

Providing the solution for the inevitable early is the best thing they can do. It is important to get long term care quotes as early as possible because it requires a hefty price to afford long term care. The average annual cost of LTC in a nursing home is $ 81, 777. Receiving care and assistance in an assisted living facility will cost them $ 42, 345 annually. The cheapest option they have is to receive long term care at home, which costs $ 33, 233 per year. The cost continues to surge and most likely, this trend will continue because of the inflation.

They should get an LTC policy quote while they are still healthy and able in order to get their hands on the best option, and to ensure that they will have a more convenient life after retirement. Moreover, they can also protect their savings and other assets if ever they reach the point that they need to depend on others just to carry out their Activities of Daily living like eating, toileting, bathing, dressing, transferring and maintaining continence. In line with that, they can also receive extensive health, nursing and custodial care without sacrificing the finances of their family members.

LTC quotes can give them a customized and comprehensive analysis of policies that befit them. They can review the financial stability and overall performance of the LTC policy provider, comparison of policy features and even price comparisons. By getting long term care quotes, they can choose the perfect policy that can cover all their needs after retirement that will perfectly fit their budgets.

You can get instant quotes once you visit our website aside from getting important details about long term care ins and long term care long term care insurance information.

Secure Your Future with a Long Term Care Quote

Secure Your Future with a Long Term Care Quote

Have you thought about where you want to grow old? Perhaps, who’s going to take care of you when you’re too frail to even perform the ordinary activities of daily living like eating, bathing, dressing, and walking from your bedroom to the living room?

These questions plus the health industry’s prediction that more than 70 percent of the population over 65 years old will require long term care should be a kick in the pants so that elderly folks who haven’t figured what they want for their future can get their act together, lest they face the soaring cost of long term care facilities.

Married baby boomers could be thinking that they should not worry about what tomorrow can bring because they have kids to depend on. Well, that’s good if your kids are not among those youngsters whose goal in life is to travel, and have their names etched in every corner of the planet. Kids these days are very ambitious and they always want to make a difference with what they do.

Unless you’re so certain that your children have no other plans in life than clean the house, cook you dinner and do errands for you, getting a long term care quote should top your list of priorities.

Even if you’re paying big monthly premiums for your Social Security which automatically qualifies you for Medicare benefits, it does not follow that your future LTC expenses are covered. Medicare will only shoulder the expenses that you incur in a nursing facility or hospital until you’ve fully recovered from a sickness or temporary disability due to an accident.

Medicaid, on the other hand, will only come in for you once you’ve spent down your assets. Meaning to say, once you can no longer afford to buy your own meals let alone put a roof over your head then Medicaid will shoulder your long term care expenses.

There is not the slightest doubt that baby boomers cannot expect to receive the treatment or care which members of the Greatest Generation received from their children upon hitting old age. It’s a sad truth but which one can prepare for by securing himself or herself with a long term care quote.

If you’re between 40 and 50, this is the best time to plan your life ahead. You’re most likely to spend only a fraction of what individuals in their 60s and 70s are shelling out already for annual premiums. Aside from that, you have the privilege of having a compound inflation protection integrated into your policy so your total maximum benefit will double in less than 10 years. Older policyholders can only settle for the simple inflation protection or none at all.

By consulting your LTCI agent, you’ll be able to compare one company’s long term care quote with that of another. In the process of comparing you might think that insurance companies offer practically the same thing, but they do not. If you patiently and carefully read through each plan, you’ll be able to single out an LTCI that is reasonable and affordable.


Visit to find helpful tips on how to get the best possible long term care quote and long term care insurance premiums.

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Long Term Care Quotes and Special Discounts

Long Term Care Quotes and Special Discounts


It is true that you should be able to determine exactly what you expect from your long term care insurance (LTCI) policy before requesting long term care quotes.  But if you want to save money on your premium, you’ll check out the other facets of a potential policy. 


You may be able to cut back on your annual premium if you go for a small maximum benefit amount but the problem is that you might turn out underinsured.  You can opt for a very short benefit period but in the event that you acquire an illness that will progress over time and require increased levels of care, this could result in huge out-of-pocket expenses.  You can also choose a 180-day elimination period but if you have limited resources you might never get around to satisfying this aspect of your policy and thus you won’t qualify for your benefits.


While it’s good to focus on the variables of your policy, it also helps to look at other factors outside of it that offer great premium savings.  Pay attention to the various discount rates offered by LTCI carriers.


Given the fact that LTCI policies are expensive, you have to find ways to cut back on your annual premium.  Just because other policyholders reduced their maximum benefit amount, shortened their benefit period, and extended their waiting period it does not mean you have to do the same. 


Factors to Take Into Account When Comparing Long Term Care Quotes 


Most people just take into account their possible long term care (LTC) needs, the cost of care in their area, and the rate of inflation when comparing their LTCI quotes. 


Some of them are so busy reducing their maximum benefit amount, benefit period and the other components of a potential policy seemingly forgetting that the main purpose of buying an LTCI policy is to avoid large out-of-pocket expenses.   


You don’t have to sacrifice your coverage in exchange for a lower premium because you can obtain huge savings from the special discounts which most LTCI companies offer. 


For instance, the good health discount can be availed by young individuals with excellent health condition.  So if you do not have a pre-existing condition or you don’t manifest symptoms of any debilitating disease at the time you applied for an LTCI policy, you have big chances of acquiring up to 10% good health discount.


Aside from healthy individuals, couples can also have the privilege to enjoy partner or spousal discounts.  It’s not only married individuals who can qualify for this type of LTCI discount because gay and lesbian partners, and even siblings can avail up to 40% discount on their LTCI premiums.  For as long as same-sex partners have a civil union certificate and they can prove that they are or have been living together, sharing domestic chores and living expenses they can qualify for the spousal LTCI discount.


Ask the LTCI agent who’s helping you gather long term care quotes how else you can reduce your premium without compromising your coverage.    


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Start Your Plan with Long Term Care Quotes

Start Your Plan with Long Term Care Quotes

Strategic planning begins with a set of long term care quotes from the major carriers of long term care insurance (LTCI) policies.

Major LTCI carriers pertain to Genworth Financial, MedAmerica, Prudential, and others who are in the same league.  Trust only companies with an excellent track record especially in the area of paying out claims, otherwise you could end up throwing away money. 

There is no denying the power of LTCI in the long term care (LTC) arena as it is the only product that provides financial protection aside from full or partial LTC coverage.  Other types of LTC plans will let you receive care in exchange of something that is valuable to you and your family. 

So, would you go for a plan that promises only one benefit or another one which ensures you that everything you’ve worked hard to acquire shall be protected and passed on to your loved ones?

Of course, everybody prefers the one that guarantees financial protection besides long term health care coverage.  Unfortunately, LTCI policies are not cheap.  Premiums can wipe out your assets especially if you go for the ideal comprehensive policy which is comprised of a long benefit period, high maximum daily benefit, short elimination period, and a 5% compound inflation protection. 

Perhaps with an annual income that exceeds $ 75,000 you can manage to buy that kind of LTCI policy, but if you’re living on a daily budget you have to study every variable stipulated on the policy before signing it.

 Long Term Care Quotes Will Lead You to the Right Policy

Although there is such a thing as an ideal LTCI policy, there is no wrong policy.  Most prefer the comprehensive LTCI policy, but to each his own that is why there are buyers of facility-only policies. 

Once you know exactly what you’ll need in the future health care wise, there is no reason to overspend on an LTCI policy just to be certain that you will receive the care that you expect. 

No need to see a fortune teller and have her read your future, instead, look up your family’s health history and visit your doctor.  If the current state of your health is good but your family has a history in a debilitating disease you have to consider that information in your plan. 

If you disregard the possibility of acquiring that health disorder in the future, you could wind up spending more out-of-pocket and your LTCI policy will fail to serve its purpose.  Look at all the possibilities because if you settle too soon for what you like rather than what you will need, you won’t be able to avoid the financial pit completely.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, some 40% of the total population 65 years old and older will enter a nursing home.  You may or may not be one of this 40% so wouldn’t it be nice to be prepared if ever you turn out to be on the list?

Long term care quotes will serve as prelude to your actual LTCI policy but they are more advantageous as you can do all the necessary adjustments that you deem necessary for the sake of your future.  Meanwhile, once you’ve affixed your signature on your policy there is no turning back.

Saab Kemp is a web writer who has written volumes of articles for various industries.  Her expertise are on health, finance, business, home and family.  Learn more about long term care quotes