Computer Upgrade 2

Computer Upgrade 2

When I opened up the system case, man, it was so freaky dusty! When I blew it the first time, it created a heavy fog scene in my room!

I spent about 15 minutes just try to get all the dust out of the case and off the motherboard & video card. I really should clean this thing up more often from now.

Posted by BlueJeff on 2007-12-22 23:06:54

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Old Accumulator

Old Accumulator

I’ve already removed the LPRL (Low Pressure Return Line) and the Low Pressure Switch. I have not removed the line that leads into the cabin, for a very good reason. See all those wires up there? The fuse box has to be removed in order to properly access the final securing fitting, and the battery MUST BE DISCONNECTED!!!!

There are vital wires up there that go to the emissions control systems, starter, computer, etc, and if you accidently short one, you’ll feel it ,as will the vehicle.

After BOTH battery terminals have been disconnected, remove the final fitting, loosen the bolt that is keeping pressure on the black ring surrounding the lower half of the Accumulator, and Remove.

I decided to run water through the old Accumulator (it’s no good anyway) to prove something. My A/C system has been SEALED, but inoperative for the past 8+ years.

Upon running water through the accumulator, the clear water turned BROWN briefly, and little dust and sand particles went down my sink drain. If I had just "Let it be" the damage would have been catastrophic.

Posted by BigBlackLincoln on 2009-05-08 18:47:32

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The Unending Battle of the Immune System Against HIV

The Unending Battle of the Immune System Against HIV

Over the years, many researches have been done to fully understand the effects of hiv on the immune system. And recent studies have indicated that HIV rapidly replicates and destroys numerous healthy cells each day. In fact, it greatly influences the increase in the invasion of immune system infection. However, progression of HIV can vary greatly from patient to patient. Some patient can even impede its development up to 10 years or more.  

HIV Virus  

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is responsible for the advancement of a condition called AIDS. AIDS is a medical condition wherein the immune system becomes susceptible to various types of viruses, bacteria and infection since it is not functioning properly. HIV is classified under the category of retroviruses. These are types of viruses that are capable of replicating and copying our body’s RNA into DNA. As a matter of fact, scientists have been amazed by the ability of the HIV virus since no other viruses are capable of doing such. The immune system hiv virus carries two precise copies of RNA, which is considered as its primary genetic material or genome present at the very center of the organism. Its membrane-bound protein is capable of binding to a particular protein present in the surface of immune cells which is named as T-cells. The binding of the organisms to the T-cells results to the exposure of its internal core with the final stages involving the uncovering of the virus’ RNA genetic material.  

Getting to know the facts  

Most immune system facts have indicated that it is a system in the body composed of interrelated cells and organs. Generally it is composed of two main types of cells which are the T-cells and B-cells. B-cells are accountable for manufacturing immune natural antibodies. While the T-cells assist the B-cells in the production of these antibodies as well as the destruction of damaged or unwanted cells 

Every time foreign elements, such as virus, infections and bacteria, invade the body the immune system becomes active to ward off these unwanted elements. T-cells and B-cells instantly come to the rescue and starts attacking the threat, which results to the total elimination of the unwanted foreign agent. The immune system responds to the attack differently depending on the type of viruses attacking the body.  

The Effects of HIV 

HIV virus greatly affects the function of the immune system. It wreaks havoc within the body resulting to a malfunctioning immune support. Additionally, the virus can also infect other cells in the body including the macrophages and other types of cells. Since CD4 (a type of HIV receptor) interacts with the helper T-cells, it directly infects the cells that are responsible for the activation of B-cells as well as cytotoxic T-cell responses. Take note that without the presence of T-cells the body will not be capable of properly producing antibodies, and HIV cannot be effectively eradicated. Furthermore, the virus can replicate and multiply – a process that will continue until a substantial number of T-cells have been lost and damaged.  

The fight of the human immune system against the HIV virus is an endless battle. Up to date, no cure has been found to totally eliminate the hiv virus. When it continues to advance, it will lead to the development of AIDS. Although not all HIV-positive patients will progress to AIDS, the complications it carries will be a major concern. A compromised immune system makes them susceptible to all types of diseases therefore regular check-ups and establishing ways to build your immune system will greatly help to delay the advancement of complications.


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It was bound to happen.

It was bound to happen.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour at full HD resolution on a 52" television.

Posted by reindeerhelmet on 2010-09-26 20:24:01

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Video cables

Video cables

Video and sound cables on telestudio in plugs, blue toned

Posted by First Security on 2012-10-17 03:26:50

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close inspection

close inspection

my 24/7 torrent management system sits there like a vacuum cleaner and gets clogged up with dust. cleaning is carried out about every 2 months

Posted by doc18 on 2006-04-16 07:27:08

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Austin Takes Steps Toward Constructing Urban Rail System

Austin Takes Steps Toward Constructing Urban Rail System
According to Rob Spiller, who is the Austin transportation director, installing a 17-mile urban rail system running in both directions will cost about $ 1.3 billion if it gets started in 2012. Furthermore, with every year the project is postponed, its overall cost will increase by about 5%. Unfortunately, this cost is significantly higher than the original estimate of $ 600 million. But, according to Spillar, this original estimate did not account for inflation costs over the next few years.

In an effort to get the project moving forward, the city council is taking steps to finalize the 2012 bond package that will help get it started. But, there are still many unanswered questions remaining about the trolley-like system, which would go from downtown Austin to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and to the new Mueller neighborhood.

As part of the plan for constructing the rail, the council has already awarded a $ 100,000 financial planning contract to Public Financial Management, which is located in Austin. As part of the contract, the company is expected to examine system costs as well as the potential sources of revenue for building, operating and maintaining an urban rail system. Of course, the city can pursue a number of different avenues for obtaining funding for the project, including pursuing loans, federal grants and tax increment financing as well as special tax districts. Spillar also indicated that there is a significant amount of interest in infrastructure projects from foreign investors, but the city plans to keep its options open.

Regardless of where all of the funding comes from, the city has plans to build the track in phases rather than all at once. In this way, the city can construct sections of the rail as the funding becomes available.

According to transportation officials, the estimated cost of the project does include a rainy day fund, which would serve as a cushion for the city in case it runs into unexpected expenses. The city’s plans to include plenty of padding in the budget is likely due to the criticism the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority received during the construction of its Red Line, which went significantly over its budget. To that end, Austin transportation officials are still attempting to decide upon who will operate the urban rail after it is constructed. According to staff, the annual cost of operating the system will run anywhere from $ 22 million to $ 25 million.

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Urban Management Can Bring Digital Security Video Surveillance System

Urban Management Can Bring Digital Security Video Surveillance System

Refining waste oil “black spots”, and get the building in the danger area of the garage, 3.3 million high-voltage power under the pine bark shed … … Last week a week, 10 cases of illegal construction and Security Hazards such as lightning speed as by-side. “It’s in the past, that simply can not do something.” The new Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the responsible person Ronggui Authority, told reporters yesterday.

Behind a substantial increase in administrative efficiency is the most reform Shunde issued under the authority departments to promote the integration of the strong. However, from the survey found that a large number of executive power and decentralization of services and integration, but also to the management of grass-roots pressure on the city doubled, and because the focus of many previously not Detect , Testing, decision-making process, is also facing new technical challenges.

Administrative law enforcement record “of the most beef speed”

According to reports, the newly formed sub-combination of Ronggui Environmental Protection , Transport of water governance, sanitation, landscaping, urban management and many other administrative functions, a total of one integrated office and eight functional units, a total of more than 200 staff.

Enforcement authority delegated with administrative functions consolidated, multi-sectoral consult the previous cumbersome reporting, check processing, streamlining all aspects of communication and coordination. Street Party Working Committee members act as Secretary, people, financial, and material equipment of harmonization, and rapid decision-making; be multi-sectoral collaboration, the staff from the call to study the decision-making, the task assigned to the rapid implementation, no a lot of block; law enforcement large cross-sector, so that law-enforcement officers from the former only a single enforcement authority, and now have a comprehensive law-enforcement authority, problems encountered can be directly related to intervention, rapid monitoring, prompt treatment.

Is the result of integration and efficient administration and services has increased significantly. Received before the fumes, noise pollution complaints from the urban management department needs to Environmental protection Sector, further environmental monitoring stations applying for examination to determine the pollution problems are then coordinated by the environmental protection departments for processing by multiple departments during the work process is often time-consuming. “Now as long as the complaint and found the problem, we can bring testing equipment to investigate, found that excessive regulation can be dealt with promptly in accordance with law, may shorten the time for more than 10 times.” The official told reporters.

Address the problem of illegal land use and zoning and building regulations, the effect is more evident. The person in charge, from the foot in the demolitions of action can be seen, since most of the system has been on the demolitions of illegal construction of multi-sectoral complicated by the previous inspection approval to the responsible units are developed by the Program , Approval can be organized by the demolitions of action. Time also increased from one month or even longer, shortened to less than a week now.

According to statistics, from January to April this year, the Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the Authority received complaints related Ronggui 1278, compared with nearly 20% over the same period last year, but the treatment rate up to 100%. Just last week, hundreds of officers Ronggui branch organizations, small watercourse located guizhou S beetle Wei ? Nickname? II ? Companion back? 0 to force the removal of illegal buildings, demolitions in the area of more than 10,000 square meters, known locally as “the most historic cattle Ronggui speed.”

Shortage of challenges facing the task more important

According to statistics, only from this year April 10 to May 14 a month or so, the Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the conduct of the Authority Ronggui 7 large-scale land clearing and illegal demolitions of illegal construction action, the staff were mobilized more than 1,500 people, removal of illegal structures 30, an area of more than 30,000 square meters. According to reports, each on-site operations personnel to work from the end of organization, basically has to spend a whole day. According to incomplete statistics, the past month, average per day per staff member for more than 12 hours.

Learned in the interview, the Executive is one of the working process.

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