Read in Style

Read in Style

Prestigious Venues is a luxury venue brand which has launched Prestigious Venues Magazine. The magazine marks the beginning of a digitally driven era for the luxury industry. The magazine has been released virtually and distributed globally through an interactive Christmas card. CMAGICS, the creative agency and a digital powerhouse is behind this innovative project. The magazine is aimed at an intelligent and modern audience.

The design of the magazine is user centric and has a very high level of interactivity that makes it a 21st century alternative to glossy print magazines. The first issue of the interactive magazine features historic British venues such as The Langham London and The Royal Albert Hall as well as a stunning luxury villa in Bali. The issue contains detailed profiling of seven international venue and users can explore their exquisite details.

The magazine also provides the opportunity to the users to book a range of services directly, such as a stay at a luxury London Hotel, a dinner at a countryside mansion or a romantic weekend away. The magazine is expected to reach over 2 million readers worldwide.

The world’s most expensive without replicating it in gold, platinum and diamonds, you know it is something really valuable, something really rare that cannot be reproduced easily. A copy of John James Audubon’s Birds of America tonight became the most expensive book ever sold when it went under the hammer at Sotheby’s for $ 11.50 million.

The auction was a rare chance to own the masterpiece with 435 hand-colored illustrations. The book is seen as a key volume on US natural history. The book was sold to an anonymous collector bidding by telephone. Each individual picture in the book is so valuable that there were fears expressed in some quarters that the masterpiece could be broken up and sold as 435 separate works of art.

The book is invaluable because it is considered a major original contribution to the study of natural history in the New World. It’s also one of the most visually stunning books in the history of print. The Birds of America plates were printed in black and white and hand-colored afterwards.

Fairchild Books and WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) team up to launch one of the best books ever published for those into fashion and luxury. The sizeable book published by the company is not only informative but is filled with glossy images.

WWD: 100 Years, 100 Designers, is an amazing book that examines the lives and careers of 100 designers who have left a profound impact on the way we dress today. The 312 pages are filed with lavish photographs, interviews, trivia and information. Some of the designers that you could find in the book are Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace, Coco Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

The book is published by Fairchild Books and will set you back by just $ 65, and is available on Amazon.

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Fashion online gives unlimited access to style

Fashion online gives unlimited access to style

Have you ever owned a t-shirt which has a funny one-line or quote printed on it? I’m sure you have, just like a billion other people on this fashion conscious planet. T shirt designs have evolved extraordinarily over the last one decade and people have constantly experimented with this revolutionary piece of garment.

Fashion trends for any type of clothing in any part of the world keep changing ever other season, month or sometimes even days. So just like any other type of clothing, t-shirts also come under the radar of fashion designers, stylists and fashions buffs. T shirts too have undergone a huge amount of change. Initially it was available in just basic colors like black and white. However, in the present day you will see that it is available in almost every color imaginable.

Apart from the colors available in t shirts, what is more is that the latest fashion trends will enable to get you all kinds of customized t-shirts. If you want more expensive and unique shirts, you will find ones with stones and special embroidery and such jazz done on it in some parts of the world. For a while, it was a huge trend to have printed t-shirts with the faces of famous celebrities on them. So you would see women wearing t-shirts with pictures of stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, comic characters like Betty Boop and Olive oil and more such characters and real life celebrities. On the other hand, men’s t-shirt designs too have become as funky and stylish as the women’s t-shirt styles are now.

If you think you can’t get your hands on a particular style of t-shirt, well, you might just be wrong. With the start of fashion online you can get any kind of t-shirt design from any part of the country for you. Thanks to the wide reach the internet has on this date, every person sitting in any corner of this planet has the option of shopping online and buying any kind of commodity they would have liked to have.

As a matter of fact, recently a lot of people have now started selling customized t-shirts on the World Wide Web because there is a great demand in the sector of fashion and most people follow the latest fashion trends that are in vogue all over. A major incentive to shopping on the internet is that it is tremendously cheap. Suppose you buy a t-shirt from a proper store in a mall or something like that, you will see that the exact same piece of clothing of the exact same brand is available at a much cheaper price on the internet. Thus, we can easily conclude that fashion online is actually very cheap, effective and worth all your shopping time.

Thus, we can say that fashion particularly that of t-shirts, will probably just fluctuate a bit, but will always be in style one season or another. Thus, a t-shirt a day keeps the style doctor away.

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American Racing AR23 Wheels and Rims – Equipping Your Vehicle to the New Era of Urban Style

American Racing AR23 Wheels and Rims – Equipping Your Vehicle to the New Era of Urban Style

American Racing AR23 Wheels and Rims are the keystone of stylizing your vehicle and giving yourself a one-up in the world of urban trends and tact. Making yourself an icon of unsurpassed authority and unique style is no small task but adding rims to your vehicle can go a long way in gaining the fame to your vehicle and you.

Thought of not only intimidating and snazzy but to be an unending representation of precision and quality, Custom Rims mark their owner. The sleek, exquisite precision and easily seen bold look of quality Custom Rims brands an sure level of both precision and credit among drivers.

When it comes to first impressions and making a immortal mark, affixing Custom Rims to your ride lets the world know that you’re serious about nobility and quality. Augmenting an immediate sense of precision and quality to your ride shows that you care about describing yourself and put satisfaction and care in the quality and dignity of your ride. Custom Rims are a sure way to gain some quick social and street rep.

Made to perform and sport, American Racing AR23 Custom Rims understand that there is more to your ride than just looking hot after a detail. Each and every bundle of Custom Rims are built to endure all the destructive powers of modern driving and operations. Made from the ground up to perform as aggressively as they look, these Custom Rims are made ready for anything the road has to send at them.

Not only do these rims outperform the impostors but also, they outlast. Investing in a set of high quality rims is a long-term decision that surely you will not regret. The rims are designed from the ground up to last mile for mile in the harshest conditions and to be pushed to their max each and every day without fail. The unsurpassed stamina of these rims is notorious to drivers and enthusiasts alike.

Delivering an abundance of compatible Rims and styles to meet the wishes and specifications of any vehicle type is just one of the multiple flexible abilities that Rims can offer a prospective buyer. With a unique and stylish look that blends easily into any vehicle model or type these Rims are the absolute accent for any stylish vehicle.

Putting yourself above the rest of the population is what being an urban icon is all about. Nothing helps you achieve that plateau like a set of Rims that show your unique style and aesthetics. By fixing your Rims and utilizing the multiple variations and options that they are equipped with you can get a customized appearance to suit your ride and personality.

American Racing AR23 wheels, the reigning king of Rims has been distributing beautiful and personalized American Racing Rims for all types of makes and models for decades. Distributing top-tier quality in a classy and intimidating style that defines not only the vehicle but the owner too.

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Men?s Spring/Summer 2011 Street Style Urban Wear Trends

Men?s Spring/Summer 2011 Street Style Urban Wear Trends

 Let us have a look at what will rock the fashion urban scene this spring.

Denim would be a great hit, not only in jeans, but in jackets and casual pants too. Black leather jackets will keep their popularity in street style urban wear throughout the spring season this year.

Striped dress shirts will translate into the work wear, as well as athletic sneakers. Men’s tank tops would be very popular, as well as tracksuits for a casual street style look.

For spring 2011, urban wear t-shirts with funny messages and logos will be in great demand. Embroiders have already paved their way into urban wear and you will find them on shorts, jeans and jackets this spring. It is quite obvious that street style urban wear for men has changed a lot through the years.

A few years ago, you would see men wearing huge baggy jeans and pants with their boxers exposed which became part of the hip hop culture. It was considered fashionable then, but nowadays you can rarely see that.

The modern urban man has started preferring skinny jeans and tight pants. The latest fashion instreet style urban wear has nothing to do with what used to be considered fashionable a few years ago. The pieces which were worn with baggy jeans changed as well, seeking proportion and a slimmer silhouette.

Jackets, shirts and tees have to match the jeans and pants. So if you are wearing tight jeans, then the top needs to complement this look. Oversized clothes are definitely not the fashion thing this spring.

Prints and patterns of this spring/summer are plaid, native patterns—like those of the Aztec, Inca and Mayan influenced prints—and camouflage. When it comes to this spring’s trendy colors, go for checkered shirt patterns with red and white, or black and white, combined with beige pants.

Other colors to consider are light green, blue and yellow for t-shirts, and dark brown for cardigans and leather jackets. Ragged and faded jeans are a total hit this spring, so don’t be afraid to give some edge to your urban look.

A big hit for the colder spring days is the bomber jacket. You can see it on urban styled men and celebrities. Akademiks, Rocawear and Sean Jean’s collections offer great bomber jackets this season.

This year, strut your hoody, adorn your look with accessories, scarves and hats. You’d be surprised at how multifunctional this spring/summer street style urban fashion is going to be.

 Get more style and fashion tips, news and updates at is your one stop site for fashion. Shop at your favorite fashion shops and brands online and get tips,news and coupon discount all in one place.

grey rays

grey rays

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USB Cable Overview

USB Cable Overview

L-com Global Connectivity ( provides an overview of their USB cable products.

L-com offers an extensive line of unique and hard to find USB cables that are in stock and ready to ship same day. Here’s a quick overview of some of those cables. . .

Our best selling standard style cables include the premium USB series with 20 gauge power leads, as well as our industry standard deluxe USB series which feature 26 gauge power leads.

We offer latching USB cables which work well with any manufacturers female USB jacks.

Our panel mount USB cables are available in both molded and ECF flange styles and are perfect for passing USB cables through panels and enclosures.

Our IP67 waterproof USB cables are panel mountable, rugged and designed to stand up to dust and moisture often found in manufacturing and industrial environments.

Our right angle USB cables are available in many exit and connector combinations and their molded backshells provide durability and increased strength at cable entry point. These cables solve difficult connection problems in tight places.

And our low smoke zero halogen USB cables can be used in confined space applications such as aircraft, mass transit rail systems, and seagoing vessels where the protection of people is essential.

These are just some of L-com’s many off the shelf USB cables that are in stock, and we can custom build USB cables to your exact specifications, so please contact us today.

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Shawnta Jonstone–Fairy Dust

Shawnta Jonstone--Fairy Dust

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Urban outfits & Street Wear: Carve your own niche with unique fashion and style

Urban outfits & Street Wear: Carve your own niche with unique fashion and style

With changing times there are various new genres of fashion companies and clothing which are coming into play and which have developed into something new and exciting for the youngsters. This kind of clothing is called the urban sense which has resulted into a new trend for the fashionistas. Clothes are the most sought after essentials by both urban men and women. They reflect the personality and persona of the person and make sure that they sport clothes according to the occasion, venue and the kind of audience they are going to be a part of.

The clothes today are becoming trendier and fashionable according to the changing lifestyle where the modern working individual lives a busy hectic lifestyle with his work commitments etc which need to be well coordinated in the time spend in adorning those clothes etc. Since there are many kinds of clothes which are easy to wear and comfortable too therefore the individuals prefer them as their regular wears. The clothes can be bought from anywhere in the world through the active use of internet which provides the option of online shopping which is an easier way and gives you a complete insight into the market rates and consumer feedback.

The urban style and outfits are an expression of the contemporary lifestyle where everything is an expression of how comfortable and good one can feel in the clothes or outfit they are sporting. This may also mean short and trendy dresses with lots of accessorizing too which can get you into the feel of the modern lifestyle making you feel super confident and sassy at the same time. Urban outfits are a growing rage among the college going youngsters who like a hip hop, classy kind of dressing spree which makes them stand apart from the league and showcase their confidence and guts.

The designers design urban outfits keeping in mind the latest cuts, designs and patterns which are prevalent in the market and have produced enormous popularity from the regular consumers at all times. Urban clothes are also inspired from various musical bands and their performances sporting popular phrases, statements and fancy images etc. it would not be wrong to say that they exhibit the urban chic lifestyle. There are numerous consumers who are looking for something really unique and eye-catching as their urban outfit and therefore they can enjoy some great time browsing and online ordering at various websites which deal in urban and street wear. These websites offer comprehensive prices and stupendous quality which can be enjoyed anywhere in the world by ordering them.

For more information about Urban Outfits, and StreetWear, please visit:

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Urban Garden Design London – Some city style tips

Urban Garden Design London – Some city style tips

Think in terms of adapting Japanese styles, based on relationships between plants, stones and water. Japanese gardens are not geometric in form; they have flowing lines and are intended to be meditative. Sand and gravel are used as the surface. Choose a couple of stunning small trees to plant in the gravel. Japanese maples are ideal for city gardens because they do not grow large. They have stunning leaf colour which changes throughout three seasons and in winter they have even more interest because of their spreading shape and delicate branch structure. Japanese gardens aim to recreate the landscape, but do this in terms of large stones representing mountains and gravel swept into waves representing water. Gravel, two little trees, a couple of large rocks well bedded into the gravel, a rake and a bit of contemplation. What better for city life!

A rose garden, on a small scale, is quite possible in a small city space. A square bed in the middle of the garden can be planted with repeat-flowering roses. It is best to plant three bushes of the same rose close together to get a rich effect. For an example of a scented bed, flowering for six months, plant 3 of Graham Thomas (yellow), 3 of Claire Austin (white-pale yellow), and 3 of Shropshire Lass (pale pink-cream). Underplant the roses with geraniums (cranesbill), not the kind grown in window boxes but the hardy outdoor kind, Johnsons Blue, Album, Lili Lovell – there are dozens of varieties which will flower from May till September and quickly establish themselves as ground cover. Around the bed have a path of sand and crushed shells on all 4 sides, bordered by a lavender hedge – this will grow into a bushy hedge 3 feet high.

A city garden needs to have good drainage, which is one reason for preferring a gravel garden to a patio-style garden. A gravel garden is ideal for a free growing herb garden – unusual, different, and bee-friendly. Order your plants from a herb nursery. Plant creeping thyme and chamomile as paths to be walked on.  In between the paths plant as many other varieties of thyme as you can find, bee thyme, culinary thyme, white thyme.  Plant marjoram, hyssop, lavender, fennel, bergamot, and leave them alone to self-seed, which they will, wildly. 

For more exquisite designs and to view the work of one of the UK’s best garden designers click here – Garden Design London

A designer who can transform your garden and outdoor space into something you couldn’t even imagine!

Urban Street Style Trends for the 2011 AutumnWinter Season

Urban Street Style Trends for the 2011 AutumnWinter Season
Neo Nature

Neon and artificial were yesterday’s news. More and more people are rediscovering their love of nature and with it their longing for natural and down-to-earth simplicity. Many people are getting into the “green” vibe. They do not want to just be content on exploring the world in front of their computers. They want to experience the reality and beauty of nature. This is the feeling that has inspired rustic woodsman looks, playful cowgirl styles or aristocratic landlord designs. Coarse knits, fluffy wool and rustic flannel shirts symbolize nature. Looks in this street style theme specially feed on footwear. They are thoroughly worked on and they tell a story. Wellingtons look as if they had already gone through a number of muddy open air heavy metal concerts. Robust mountaineering and workwear styles feature chunky eyelets, thick lace-up details and distinct seams. The inspirations draw on outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and hiking.

Eclectic Ethno


Folklore and ethnic influences throughout the world, especially authentic styles, determine this street style theme. The look feeds on both African, Asian and South American inspirations. Influences from Morocco, Japan and the Andes are evident in the magnificent prints and ornaments. Plus, lambskin boots, fur-lined mukluk moccasin boots, ankle boots with knitted cuffs and braided Oxford shoes are shoes designed to echo craftsmanship and preferably a mix of all of these elements and styles. This is what modern nomads look like.


Retro Romantic

The “good old days” where telephones with a rotary dial used to ring in the living room are on everyone’s thoughts these days. Even though fashion and zeitgeist have become ever more realistic over the past years, there is a longing for a better world. In street style fashion, this feeling is echoed by oversized coats, soft and comfy boots and huge, homely pullovers to which wearers can literally “retreat.” Nostalgia is a style-defining element here. After tough themes such like glam rock and military, a new romantic wave is now emerging. Country lasses plod through the snow with swingy dresses and clogs. These serve as the blueprint for next winter’s reinterpretations like furlined ankle boots. The new midi skirt hemline—beautifully retro—is combined with playful T-strap shoes or tassel loafers.

Sophisticated Seventies

Bellbottoms, long skirts, velvet and cord, rust and brass—the 70s are making a comeback, but still sophisticated with a Studio 54 glam slant rather than with a boho chic or hippie style. This trend needs not to be taken too seriously because it is sometimes very opulent not to say kitsch. It is an attempt to create a counter pole to all the rustic and rugged styles. Not everything is dead serious. Women are no longer afraid of head-turning overknees and proper one, two or three-layer platform shoes that are visible from outside and even in contrasting colors. Color is a key component for this theme in any case. Strong, rich tones are mixed with gold and silver. Snake and crocodile are in evidence again preferably in patterns that are colored, metallized and patched with each other. Patent is also back. The motto for heels: keep going strong. Otherwise, shoes do not look modern. For men, classics are made to look 70s style, which is why wing tips come in python, and why not?

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