D850 JPG (edited)

D850 JPG (edited)

Got the brand new D850!
Test using the Nikon D850 and 60mm micro N lens.
I was suppose to shoot straight JPG but after transferring to my computer I realized that screen of the D850 was soo much brighter than the D810 so I was underexposed.
This shot is a JPG shot and quickly edited in photoshop just to fix levels and clean the small dust. NO sharpness or clarity added.

Strobist info:
Studiostrobe thru stripbox subjecr left thru scrim @ 1/4
Studiostrobe with reflector behind subject with CTB gel pointing at BG @ 1/4

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car cleaning 101

car cleaning 101

I never realize how easy it is for a hatchback to pick up dirt/dust. Just prior to this shot, I took it to the car wash, then drove around for may be 1/2 hr and the back was already dirty! To make things worse, I didn’t notice the reflection from the umbrella until I look at it on my computer later. Bad lighting angle is bad.

Strobist: Speedlite 580 EX II full power bounced off 42" umbrella right behind camera

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I am camera

I am camera

Haven’t uploaded anything in a while, this picture is a little different to the stuff I normally do but I found this polaroid camera lying around at home and since we don’t have any film for me to use it I though I’d use it in a photo instead. (Wish I’d cleaned the dust off first I didn’t realise until I loaded the pic on my computer =P )

Strobist info:

50mm 1.4 ISO 200 | 1/160 sec | f/13

Sb 28 full power shot into a closed down silver reflective umbrella camera left.

Triggered by Pocket Wizards.

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Making of Saxonpc honeycomb grids

Making of Saxonpc honeycomb grids

How I shot the Saxon Computers grids of the other photo.

Come ho fotografato le griglie a nido d’ape di Saxon Computers dell’altra foto.

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aeron ~ 073/365

aeron ~ 073/365

File under favourite chair. I spend way to much time in front of the computer, so while this Aeron was expensive, even 2nd hand it was around £220! It was worth every penny for the back support it provides.

Strobist info
SB900 camera left and high above on 1/2.5 in 60cm softbox aimed directly down just in front of the chair so it feathers the chair and doesn’t light the rather creased bit of fabric being used as a backdrop. SB600 on floor camera right on 1/16 aimed at legs to give some fill to the underside.

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The remains

The remains

When my daughter’s 2006 MacBook Pro finally bit the dust, I took it apart to see what I might be able to salvage. Turns out the only part that is in any way compatible with any newer computers was the hard drive, so I put that in a USB enclosure and sold the rest for parts.

Mamiya 645 AFD with ZD digital back. 1/125" @ f/16, 80mm f/4 macro lens. ISO 50, WB flash.

Post in Capture One and Photoshop.

Strobist info: Photogenic PL1500SL @ 1/16 + 3/4 in 2′ x 3′ softbox behind and above the arrangement and aimed down at about 45º. This gives a direct reflection of the light in all the metal components, and because everything is on white paper, it fills in its own shadows with diffuse bounced light.

Now if only I had a tilt-shift lens…

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Kitty+disk setup

Kitty+disk setup

One SB600 in the silver umbrella, another on the right. Air canister (to clean the platters every few minutes – even a single dust particle shows up in this light), tripod for the camera.
All photos were taken with manual exposure and manual focus (autofocus didn’t quite cut it in the low ambient.)

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