CellexC Under Eye Toning Gel 10ml

CellexC Under Eye Toning Gel 10ml

UnderEye Toning Gel is an azure blue liquid gel containing proprietary plant complexes specifically chosen for their exceptional ability to stimulate and tone the skin around the eye area.Combats dark circles and undereye puffiness caused by late nights, stress, waterretention, allergies, colds or sinus problems.BenefitsHelps reduce dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Use after a stressful day or before a special event. Soothing and relaxing on tired eyes. Computer video screens can cause puffiness and redeyes because the static they give out attracts dust and pollutants. Helps neutralize and soothe away irritation caused by dust, pollen and cigarette smoke. All of these agents may contribute to dark circles by triggering a release of chemicals which swell the tissue around the eyes in an attempt to reduce irritation. Helps decongest, firm and tighten swollen, slack skin around eyelids. Suitable for both men and women.

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mouse destroyed

mouse destroyed

YOKEL TOWN- Lodge E. Tech, 12, died unexpectedly Jan. 31, 2013 after a repetitious night of binge cut, copy, pasting and clicking. He was purchased in 2001 from Ice Computing and moved twice during his short lifetime. Lodge E. Tech burned the midnight oil and loved to delete enormous chunks of vital information in his younger days. Later in life; he collected dust bunnies and very slowly clicked and high-lighted his way around countless documents on his favorite worn out mouse pad. He is deeply missed by his fellow business partners: Microsoft keyboard, Windows Movie Maker, ME and Ahead Nero. Eye Low, the first was overcome with a fit of apoplexy while delivering his eulogy to his dear friend of six years. Survivors include: Lodge E. Tech mouse’s distant cousin; Lodge E. Tech Micro-Phone, longtime live-in roommate Acer mouse, and business companions HP Photosmart Plus, Vivitar digital camera, Jazz Camcorder, Samsung Android and (No-Name) Brand mouse. He was preceded in death by his long time business partner Acer computer and is survived by his life partner E-Machine. Lodge E. Tech mouse is remembered for the numerous recordings he helped create for the Edison Laboratory of West Orange, N.J. and fellow competitors Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, N.J. In wake of the tragic news both defunct companies wish to express their condolences and send their deepest sympathies to Lodge E. Tech’s technological counterparts here in the twenty-first century.

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For Self Improvement Success, Don’t Stress and Strain to Develop Yourself!

For Self Improvement Success, Don’t Stress and Strain to Develop Yourself!

“No thought, no reflection, no analysis, no cultivation, no intention; let it settle itself”….Zen Quote by Tilopa.

How does this quote apply to our lives? It gets to the secret for self-development.

How many self-help books have you read? I’ve read a lot of them and most of them never seemed to help me – at least at first. At the time I read them, the concepts seemed overwhelming, I didn’t have time to do the exercises, etc.

Many of the books conflicted with one another, and my ego “infected” the information. My mind would over-analyze the information, think about reasons why it wouldn’t work, and find ways to reject the book, and procrastinate in applying its principles.

At the time, I thought I had wasted a lot of time and money on the books. Then, one day, boom! I started to get it. Nothing from any particular book. I just started to think differently – less ego-driven, more process-oriented. I was more optimistic, more centered, more focused in the present moment.

I attributed my breakthrough not to books, but to an technique. A walking meditation technique I called present moment awareness, where I walk around, concentrating on the present moment.

But, did I have my breakthrough because the books made me ready? Did they work like a primer – getting me set-up to experience a change in consciousness?

Even now, if I go back to the books, I’ll start getting confused and sliding back. So, I try to avoid most self-help books now.

So what does this all mean? I think that books point to the truth, but they carry a lot of excess intellectual baggage.

Read the books, but don’t treat them like text books from which you will be tested. Just read them as a pleasant exercise. Read self-help information wherever you find it, but approach it in a light-hearted manner. Don’t try too hard to apply their principles. Don’t expect the books to change you directly. They are setting you up for a breakthrough.

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