Fitness Tracker Foero Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Pressure Steps Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristband Pedometer IP67 Waterproof HD Touch Screen for Android and IOS

Fitness Tracker Foero Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Pressure Steps Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristband Pedometer IP67 Waterproof HD Touch Screen for Android and IOS

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Key Features:
Tracks steps,heart rate,walking distance,calories burnt,sleep quality,Blood pressure.
-Call and message Reminder
-Turn the wrist light screen
-Recording the daily goals
-Camera Control
-Heart rate monitor

Detection of heart rate:
-Real-time testing and every 30 mins automatically save data to APP;
-Under the heart rate detecting interface,wait 6-7 seconds,will display real-time heart rate , it will keep this continuously track about 60 seconds,and the data will not save to APP.

Blood pressure:Normal and Personal
-Generally please select Normal model.
-If you are hypertension or hypotension,please select Personal mode,and select on My Device of Personal mode and set your data as well on settings at the same time.

Sleep Monitor:
-Automatic monitoring sleep duration and sleep quality, sleep can view the trend to improve sleep, and through the vibration alarm clock wake you quietly.
-The sleep monitor will start form 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.

Sedentary reminder:
-Remind you to leave the seat for just the right amount of exercise.


CPU: Nordic N51822
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Sensor: 3D Gravity Sensor
Trap Material: Silicone
Stand By: 5-7 days
Battery Capacity: 90mAh
Dust-proof &Waterproof: IP67
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
System Requirement: Android 4.3 And Above, IOS8.0 And Above

What You Get:
1 x Smart Bracelet
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Kindly NOTE:This device not for medical use,test data just for reference.

If you have any questions for the product, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you ASAP.


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Empowering Your Positive Intentions – The First Steps

Empowering Your Positive Intentions – The First Steps

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.” Lao Tsu

Have you ever had the experience of feeling consciously aware of a needed change in your life? Getting in touch with our personal intentions is just the first step towards building a bridge to experiencing the manifestation of positive intentions in our lives.

It is likely that when you become aware of the need for change that a number of messages express themselves. Intentions move us to our growing edge, and in the face of new territory we might also need to consider doubt, fear, confusion, disorientation, and in process places of feeling stuck.

While the potential for thinking that some of the messages are saboteurs, they are important in that they may signal unmet needs, beliefs, attitudes, or generational imprints from the unconscious including those places where we have not fully integrated or healed in our lives.

Because everything is energy and energy is everything, the information being relayed by these underlying messages can be accessed at the unconscious level through the body-mind field. The Nervous System which is connected to every organ, muscle, tissue and gland in the body relays this information through frequency or response, and can give biofeedback from any place in the time-space continuum.

The importance of shifting resonance (how our life energy entrains or interrelates) is offered in the following analogy.

Imagine that there is a ship with a destination for “Your Positive Intentions.” You start out at a port and sail. You say affirmations, make plans to get to our destination, and place a great deal of conscious effort in the journey. However, any underlying non-coherent beliefs, negative projections, misgivings regarding our positive projections, or not being fully able to take responsibility for the consequences of our positive intentions would disrupt or stop the energy flow. It would be like having a captain at the other end of the boat calling, “Return to port!” The resulting movement of our ship would be affected by the correlation between the quality of conscious and coherent life energy available for the journey towards our destination and the amount of life energy still invested in the non-coherent or negative beliefs.

Making space and time to listen to the messages that emerge with awareness of our desire to move towards our positive intentions is a vital step towards creating more coherent and positive change. They are gifts which when unwrapped give you a deeper understanding and connection to your inner wisdom and healing, and through the process, open you to greater love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and peace.

A Resonance Repatterning (R) session accesses any Positive Projections should your intentions manifest of what your life would be like, as well as any Negative Projections. Through identifying and shifting resonance with core needs, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions, the process works with natural modalities of color, light, sound, movement, breath, fragrance, and energetic balancing to enhance resonating with coherent life energy to empower change. The work then further supports you in considering your decisions, right action, realistic responsibility, resources and right timing.

In doing so, you access inner wisdom and untapped energy in creating new possibilities for moving towards the next port of call….”Your Positive Intentions.”

Kimberly Rex, MS is an experienced Certified Resonance Repatterning and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist who offers sessions by phone and in-person to empower positive and tangible change in your life. International clients welcomed! Contact:

Copyright 2009, Kimberly Rex. All Rights Reserved.

Kimberly Rex, MS
Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner
Experience positive and tangible change in your life!

7 Leadership Strategy Steps To Building An Inspiring Workplace

7 Leadership Strategy Steps To Building An Inspiring Workplace
Change in an organization are usually created by higher-level leadership and are initiated for a very good reason. Leadership and Change supports the organization’s mission, vision, and values, but by the time change reaches your department and affects your clients and staff it’s usually presented as tactics.

In other words, we are very good at explaining how change will occur and how it will affect our jobs, but we forget to explain why. Interpersonal skills flourish when people feel included. The “why” embodies the purpose and the meaning of any new activity. Once employees understand “why”, the “how” often falls into more readily into place. Open the lines of communication. Employees should feel comfortable talking openly and informally in a setting where everyone’s opinion is given equal consideration. When change occurs, employees should be included and involved.As a keynote speaker i find the 7 steps below crucial.

7 Leadership Strategy STEPS TO BUILDING An Inspiring WORKPLACE:

Step 1-Dialogue: The most critical interpersonal skill is communication. Most importantly to your leadership strategy, focus on opening the lines of communication. Get people talking and make it a safe atmosphere for employees to share their honest opinions. Discuss the importance of open communication with all leaders. Leadership Keynote speaker Lance Secretan focuses on open dialogue to enhance productivity.

Step 2-Acknowledge the Unspeakable: Do people hate the overtime policy? Do you have conflict, stress and low morale at the office? Are several leaders abusing privileges? Touchy issues need to be resolved and openly discussed. Many employees will be quietly harboring ill feelings about such “unspeakables.” It is essential to open the lines of communication. Be careful not to point fingers or place blame inappropriately. Stick to the facts: what’s been happening, why, and what you intend to do about it.

Step 3-Secrecy Breeds Suspicion: When information or activity is kept secret, it is open to misinterpretation, so communication is essential. Develop tools that help communicate what’s going on. Regular email, meetings, newsletters, leadership presentations,conference calls, or voicemail keep people in the know. Any new discussion or planning should be shared with all employees sooner than later. Activate your communication system to make information accessible.

Step 4-Keep Promises: Make fewer and better agreements. Don’t commit to something that you can’t follow through with. If you can’t honor an undertaking or proposal, then say so right away and renegotiate. Keep people in the know (e.g.: we are not going to be able to…and here’s why…). Express your regrets and talk about what you plan to do about the problem. Communicate that everyone should be accountable; every level of staff should keep promises. Involve the whole group and advocate everyone’s accountability. Invest in commitments.Inspiration will follow.

Step 5-Eliminate Ambiguous Behavior: Anything that isn’t necessary, or that you can’t justify, eliminate. There should be a sound purpose for all activities.

Step 6-Managers Need to Model Trust: Is management consistent, predictable, and trustworthy? All managers should be evaluated along with staff. Any leadership stress management technique should start with modeling trust.

Step 7-Rules Should Be Treated as Guidelines, Not Solutions: Employee judgment should be valued to create trusting relationships.

Involve, Involve, Involve. If employees come to you with a concern, why not involve them in the solution? Let them gather a task force and come up with several possible solutions to present to management and other staff. The more involved the naysayers are, the more the problem becomes their own and they take responsibility for it (and the way they feel). Trust Enhancing Interpersonal skills require employee engagement.

Implement each of the above seven steps in phases. The creation of an open trusting work environment that involves and includes employee input means that all feelings need to be heard, including criticism. Leadership must be prepared to welcome and handle employee criticism.

Motivational, Inspirational Keynote Speaker Jody Urquhart, has been a professional speaker for over 13 years. She speaks on humor, wellness, and is a top generational speaker.
Jody wrote the book All Work & No SAY

Ways To A Much Better Love Life In 3 Simple Steps

Ways To A Much Better Love Life In 3 Simple Steps

People have aspirations, goals we might like to do. Usually you’ll find things you need to accomplish as well as to have or be. Many need to go on another kind of date.. Perhaps you have had similar ambitions. Just like anything else, that isn’t very difficult when you’re conscious the way to. Should you get past the original hurdles, divide it into easy stages, it is with relative ease to Let the creativity flow. I’m sure imaginable other fun techniques switch your dates up.. Should that be one of your objectives, continue reading to obtain a simple 3-step way that you can spice up your love life…

To start with, you need to go ride a hot air balloon together?. You are going to really should do that because it is simply something unexpected.. Along the way be sure you avoid asking embarassing concerns .

Achieving this completely and correctly can be quite important. If at all you fail here then make sure you know your companion best, so don’t be worried to use new things together..

The next thing you’ll desire to take is have plenty of fun.. A few things you must be certain to avoid in this are bed time talk doesn’t always must be regarding the children or about the future; along with taking control with the conversation.

The 3rd and last step is make a move spontaneously.. That is very important because spontaneously doesn’t suggest going insane. It is simply something unexpected.. The situation that it is important to ensure you avoid this is embarrassment.

Just follow these procedures meticulously, as is also specified above. By doing this, you will likely manage to share laughter together easily and quickly. Using this method has worked in most of others; it’s gonna most likely do the very same for you and present you with great brings about addition! Simply do those items recommended that you just do, and get away from the possible issues which were described. Then enjoy the rewards and great things about a better love life that the particular success could have obtained.

Reveal the simplest way to spice your love life at our love life site at

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The 3 Most Important Steps To Take After A Nasty Breakup – Vital To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The 3 Most Important Steps To Take After A Nasty Breakup – Vital To Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

If your breakup was nasty and filled with accusations and heated words, you might be glad your ex is gone. But soon you will realize he is the only man you can ever love. But if you want him back, it might not be too easy. You will need to know the proper steps to take, These can be vital to getting your ex boyfriend back.

You might be wondering if there was anything you could have done at the time to prevent the breakup from happening. The answer to that question is, that there was nothing you could have done. You were both too angry to make any sense. But that was then and this is now. There are 3 important steps you can take after a nasty breakup to get your ex back.

First of all you will have realize that this will not be quick. You both need time to heal. Although you want him back, your ex might still be pretty angry. The best thing you can do is have no contact with him and let him cool down. Any contact at this time would just start the argument all over again. You have to be patient and let the healing process take it’s course.

Next, while you are waiting for things to settle down, work on what caused the breakup. You will have to be honest and face the part you played in the split. That does not mean you should take all of the blame. Your ex boyfriend played his part too. But you if can figure out what the main cause was, you can find a way to fix it.

It should take you some time to find the problem and the solution. But you should wait at least a month after the breakup before having any contact with your ex boyfriend. When a month or more has elapsed after the argument, you should take your next step. Call your ex and tell him you have something important to tell him.  Then ask him to meet you some place where you can talk.

When you meet your ex boyfriend it is important to have a firm grip on your emotions. You cannot cry or show weakness. Tell him what you have been doing and that you think, you should give your relationship another chance. You might be surprised to find that he has missed you so much that he will jump at the chance.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog.

Ways To Find True Love In 3 Basic Steps

Ways To Find True Love In 3 Basic Steps
All of us have dreams, goals we wish to realize. There are certainly always things we wish to have in order to do or become. Many people wish to find true love. You may have similar ambitions. Knowing how, that’s really fairly easy. If you possibly could get upon the correct track, break it down into easy steps, it’s not so difficult to find true love. If that will happen to turn into goal you would wish to achieve, please read on to get a simple 3-step way that you could find true love…

The fundamental start will be to you have to familiarize yourself with you. This initial step will likely be critical in your success since carry out some soul-searching, search precisely what is within your heart. you will be able to define who you’re really.. As well you will want to avoid pretending to be someone your identiity not.

Achieving this correctly and completely will be really important. Failing that, you’ll then assume to become knocked back because your pretence will likely be detected.

The next phase you ought to take is stick to your needs gut instinct. A set of things that you can take time in order to avoid about this are playing the opinion of others in addition to settling for the initial person that comes along.

Lastly, your third (as well as final) step is figure out how to be happy. This could be crucial because your confidence will stand out and you will probably attract individuals to you. Through this final step the situation that may be critical to positively avoid is appearing needy, unhappy and eager .

Just adopt these types of measures with pride, like they are outlined above. Should you, you will be able to find true love smoothly and without issues . This very same plan worked for countless others before you; it’s likely to most probably work effectively and provides excellent latest results for you additionally! Simply do be sure that do, while avoiding the potential problems noted. Then everything that remains to complete should be to experience some great benefits of find true love which usually may accumulate to you for your own personal success !

Discover methods to find true love inside my find true love site at

How One Can Find True Love In 3 Basic Steps

How One Can Find True Love In 3 Basic Steps

All people have aspirations, ambitions we desire to realize. You can find certainly always things we would like to have or do or turn out to be. A lot of people would like to find true love. It’s likely you have similar ambitions. Once you know how, that may be really not too difficult. If you’re able to get upon the right track, break it into easy ways, it’s simple enough to find true love. If that happens to become a goal you’d would like to achieve, please keep reading to obtain a simple 3-step way you could find true love…

The main initial step will be to you must become familiar with you. This first step will be critical for a success since do a little soul-searching, search everything that is at your heart. you are able to define who your are.. Simultaneously you’ll want to avoid pretending to get someone who you are not.

Repeating this correctly and completely can be very important. Failing that, you will then expect to get knocked back since your pretence is going to be detected.

The next step you must take is stick to your gut instinct. A pair of things that you simply take pains to prevent on this are listening to the opinion of others and also staying in the very first person who occurs.

Lastly, the 3rd (and in addition final) step is learn to be happy. This is crucial because your confidence will shine through and you will attract people to you. In this particular final step the difficulty that is critically important to really avoid is sounding needy, unhappy and eager .

Merely adopt these steps properly, as if they are outlined above. If you do, you are able to find true love smoothly and without having problems . This exact same plan worked for countless others when you; it’s gonna almost certainly are very effective and provide excellent recent results for you also! Simply do what you ought to do, while avoiding the possible problems noted. Then that is left to accomplish would be to experience the main advantages of find true love which will accrue to you for your personal achievement !

Discover easy methods to find true love within my find true love site at

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When He Needs a Break ? Steps to Take to Make Sure It’s Not a Break Up

When He Needs a Break ? Steps to Take to Make Sure It’s Not a Break Up

You love your boyfriend. You have all these plans for the two of you that stretch years into the future. When he needs a break all of that comes to a crashing halt. You’re suddenly faced with the knowledge that what you feel for him may not be exactly what he feels for you. Panic takes over and you start to envision that fateful moment when he marches in and tells you that he’s breaking up with you. Don’t allow this to happen if you love him. You have to take very specific steps right now if you want to ensure that the break he wants doesn’t suddenly become the break up you fear.

When he needs a break take a deep and very controlled breath.  The cold reality of your life at the moment is that your relationship is unravelling. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it hasn’t completely fallen apart yet. It’s hard to recognize this as a positive, but it’s crucial that you try. You need to be able to maintain your composure throughout this ordeal. If you fall apart, or allow yourself to give in to the overwhelming emotions you feel, he’ll bolt for the exit as soon as possible.

If your boyfriend tells you he needs a break, agree that it’s a good thing for both of you.  Yes, you read that correctly. A break can actually be the saving grace of a relationship that is barrelling towards disaster. That’s because often we reach a point where we stop seeing the positive that our partner brings to our life and we only concentrate on the negative. That’s very likely what is happening with your boyfriend. He’s only focusing on the difficult or unappealing aspects of your personality and the relationship. He can’t see past that anymore to all those qualities in you that he used to find so endearing.

Some time apart can actually reignite a man’s interest. How the woman handles herself during this time will make or break the future of the relationship. Above and beyond anything else you have to remain positive and self confident. Don’t allow his rejection of you to undermine your own self worth. Just because he needs a break doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy of his love. Stay committed to being the woman you are and don’t falter on that.

It’s also important that you don’t allow his need for distance to derail you completely. If he sees that the break is causing you to drop into a deep depression and that’s resulting in you spending the bulk of your time home alone eating yourself into oblivion, that’s disastrous. He’ll see that as a sign of emotional weakness and the break will soon become a permanent break up. Don’t miss a beat when he takes his leave to have his break. Keep living, laughing and loving. Your positive energy will help draw him back in.

Learn exactly what you need to be doing and saying to keep your boyfriend when he needs a break. Doing the wrong thing can mean the end of the relationship forever.

Don’t give up on him if you believe he’s the man you are meant to be with. There are specific methods you can use that will make you irresistible to him again.

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How To Make Him Miss You And Want Your Love – Positive Steps To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

How To Make Him Miss You And Want Your Love – Positive Steps To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

After the first shock of the breakup begins to wear off you start to wonder how to make him miss you and want your love. You might have already been trying to get him back, but he rejected every attempt you made. If that has been happening, you have come to sort of a crossroad. You can either give him up and move on or use these positive steps to get your ex boyfriend back.

The first step is to stop chasing him, telling him you love him and cannot live without him. I know you think that if you could just get him to talk, you could solve your problems. But it should be clear to you by now that he does not want to talk. So you should respect his wishes and leave him alone. It will make him take a more positive view of you and that will be a step in the right direction.

Staying close to him, will not make him miss you and want your love. You cannot possibly miss someone that is always around. That should show you that putting as much distance between the two of you as possible is what you should be doing. You never miss something until it is gone, so you need to make yourself scarce. If you can summon up the strength to cut off all contact with him, your ex will start to miss you.

You can make good use of the time away from him to do things to improve your self image. Taking up a challenging hobby or doing volunteer work can give you a feeling of accomplishment and self worth. You should spend time with your family and go out with your friends to relax and have some fun. Your ex boyfriend will become aware of your activities and he will be impressed. It will also make him remember the good times you shared together and he will begin to have second thoughts about the breakup.

Seeing you living your life so well will make him take a look at his own life. This will cause your ex boyfriend to notice that there is a huge void in his life. Soon it will become apparent that the void used to be filled by you. That is when he will realize that he wants your love and needs you in his life. From that moment the problem of getting an ex back will be his and instead of you chasing him, he will be chasing you.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog at to get some free information.

Love – 7 Steps to Magically Attracting Love Today

Love – 7 Steps to Magically Attracting Love Today

A client asked me today how she could shift her energy and vibration to attract what she wanted in a relationship and in her career.

I really believe that everything in our lives is about love and relationship; whether that is our relationship with others or our relationship with ourselves… it’s all about the love.

Here are seven steps to help you start consciously attracting love into your life:

1. Love Yourself – You know the old saying, “If you don’t love yourself, then how is anyone else going to love you?” It’s true. Our relationships with others are mere reflections of our relationship with ourselves. If you’re finding fault with yourself, wishing you were different than you are, either you will attract someone who will mirror those same beliefs about you, or you will create that same energy in your relationship with someone else by being critical of them and wishing they were different.

Show yourself the love, acceptance and appreciation you’d like to receive and you’ll be on your way to attracting the same thing from a man. You’ll also be a woman who knows how to be loving, accepting, and appreciative of her partner.

2. Let Go of ‘Need’ and ‘Attachment’ – It’s very difficult to attract and create what we want when we’re feeling needy or desperate. In fact, that very energy tends to repel exactly what it is we want, especially when it comes to men. As soon as you move into a feeling of playful expectation, bringing your energy back to what you want and knowing it’s on the way, the Universe has a space to start creating miracles for you.

Get clear about your desires for love, a soul mate, and a relationship. State your intentions, write them down, and then let them go. You then give the Universe a chance to work on bringing them to you and manifesting your desires. But your energy has to be one of desire, not need, or desperation. 

3. Listen To Your Intuition – If you feel drawn to do something, even if it doesn’t necessarily make sense, do it. Your part in the co-creation process, besides being very clear about what you want, is to take action when you feel guided to do so. You magnetize yourself to what you want to attract by taking action. That action may be cleaning out a cluttered closet, or taking a class you wouldn’t normally have taken, but whatever it is you feel drawn to do, the Universe loves action. Your step forward shows the Universe you’re serious about your intentions to create what you want.

4. Trust the Process – Once we put ourselves on the path to love, we have to let go of the timing of how and when what we want will show up. The Universe has its own Divine timing. Sometimes it tests our patience. Our job is to hold tight to what we want. Once we set aside our doubts and fears, believe we can have what we desire, and know that we really do deserve it, the Universe will come through to deliver our fondest dreams.

5. Have Fun – Do the things you love. Stop waiting around for a man. Enjoy your life right now. Too much attention on a desire can start to push it away if we get frustrated and move into the fear that it may not happen. When you’re out in the world having fun, your vibration is light and airy, free and easy, and that is very attractive… both to men and to the Universe. Have the playful expectation that the best is on its way to you and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it shows up.

6. Clear Any Blocks or Limiting Beliefs – If you’ve gotten specific about your intentions, and what you want still isn’t showing up, you probably have some blocks around it. You may need to release old energies relating to a past love or relationship. This includes anger, resentment, or fear of getting hurt. Any, or all, of these will prevent new love from showing up in your life because your energy is still being held captive by the past. You have to free your heart and energy completely before you can manifest what you desire.

There are many ways to clear your blocks. I recommend working with a coach, journaling, The Work of Byron Katie, Emotional Freedom Technique, or the Ho’oponopono process as ways to clear what’s inside of you that’s blocking the process of manifestation.  The results we’re creating always start from within. They’re never about what’s going on outside of us.

7. Remember, Thoughts Become Things – Our thoughts and words carry powerful vibrations, as do our emotions. Do you really believe you can have the relationship of your dreams? What are you saying to yourself on a daily basis? What are your conversations with others like? Are you reinforcing what you want or what you don’t want with your thoughts and words?

Choose your words carefully in your self-talk and in your conversations. When your thoughts start to run amuck, shift your attention to what you want. Focus on how you want to feel and do whatever you need to do to get into a better feeling place. Once you shift your thoughts and feelings, you shift your vibration.

Love is the most powerful vibration on the planet. Shift to feeling love… for yourself, for the earth, for an animal, for your child. You’ll become a magnet to the love of your life so quickly, you will think it appeared as if by magic.

And it will be magic. But it will be the magic you created for yourself.

© 2009 Dawn Allen

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