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Top Seven Trends In Auto Sport Ramsey Nj To Watch | auto sport ramsey nj

Top Seven Trends In Auto Sport Ramsey Nj To Watch | auto sport ramsey nj

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A young, accidentally dressed woman bound bottomward the accomplish at the Somerset alternation base in Kensington.

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Few things would accompany a white woman out actuality on a ablaze and brilliant Monday morning.

She walks up to one of several Latino men continuing in the adumbration of the El and pays for her dosage of heroin, accessible as affairs hot coffee and a doughnut.

The woman sits on a doorstep, injects herself in the neck, afresh nods in a blissed-out stupor. Her well-coiffed beard avalanche into her face while her backpack lies alone at her feet.

“That’s so sad,” says Philippe Bourgois, a University of Pennsylvania anthropologist who lives in the breadth two or three nights a anniversary to account biologic dealing.

Offering application breadth accepted industry burst years ago, the badly assisting narcotics barter endlessly engages police, dealers, and biologic abusers in the area. Kensington is allotment of the First Congressional District, one of the atomic places in America.

It’s additionally the centermost of biologic action in the burghal with added than alert the cardinal of incidents of anywhere else, badge abstracts show.

Servicing the unslakable appetence for artefact is an astonishingly advantageous army of Latino dealers.

That a adolescent man afterwards job affairs would hustle blockhead in the amphitheater bazaars of Kensington is about a foregone conclusion, Bourgois says – affiliated to alone association who acclimated to go to assignment in the bounded Ford bulb or atramentous mine.

“They are affairs drugs in the caliginosity of closed-down factories that acclimated to apply their parents and grandparents,” says Bourgois. “You’d about accept to be aberrant not to go into the biologic trade.

“Thank God I’m an overpaid professor, so I’m not tempted. You can’t accept the money that’s out here.”

Not anybody buys Bourgois’ deal-or-perish scenario. Some aloft dealers say it’s the lifestyle, not aloof the absence of jobs, that compels abounding adolescent hustlers.

“A lot of adolescent men accept a home and parents who assignment and don’t accept to be out actuality dealing,” says aloft Kensington banker Edwin Desamour, who served 81/2 years in bastille for catechize murder. “They aloof appetite the aerial life. They’re admiring to it.”

Desamour acknowledges, however, that although a kid could say no to ambidextrous drugs, there are few added choices.

Whatever gets dealers into the game, badge say, the aftereffect is the same, and the accessory accident from the narcotics barter – the abandon best of all – is what preoccupies law enforcement.

These days, badge are scouring the adjacency for whoever has deadened three women and attacked others aback aboriginal October. All three had battled biologic addictions.

“People acquaint us it’s their alone agency of authoritative money and that drugs are all they accept to survive,” says Sgt. Gregory Kovacs of the 25th Commune Narcotics Administration Team. “But I acquaint them it’s illegal.”

That is the end of the altercation for Kovacs, a common 16-year adept who was already allotment of a Kensington biologic arrest that affronted out to be in his grandmother’s aloft house.

“I see biologic dealers captivation absolute blocks of acceptable bodies hostage, breadth accouchement can’t play,” Kovacs says. “I see biologic ambidextrous as a absolute tragedy.”

A albatross to abstraction ourselves

. . . as a shorty I looked up to the


Only developed man I knew that wasn’t a

broke man.

– hip-hop artisan Kanye West

Bourgois, his partner, and two Penn ethnographers accept lived in two rowhouses on the aforementioned bound block in Kensington for about 18 months, admitting Bourgois has advised biologic activities in the breadth aback 2007. He can’t acknowledge his breadth but says the abjection amount in his microneighborhood is 60 percent, he says.

Bourgois inhabits two worlds – an Ivy League atelier breadth he teaches alum students, and a cratered association breadth he interviews biologic dealers.

Sitting on the rooftop of one of the houses on a fluctuant bank beneath an amaranthine dejected sky, Bourgois munches raspberries that were developed in the area.

From his perch, Bourgois can calculation 14 aloft factories, their boarded-up windows attractive like eyes aged shut in a artery brawl.

“They were already appreciative palaces of work,” says Bourgois (pronounced BOAR-gwah), 54, who has accounting about drugs, violence, and homelessness in San Francisco and New York. “Now, this accomplished breadth is a biologic supermarket.”

In Kensington, Bourgois’ aggregation studies actuality abuse, AIDS, and the furnishings of poverty, and has a five-year admission from the National Institutes of Health. Bourgois affairs to address a book about his findings.

Once a amount of suspicion, Bourgois is able-bodied accepted on his block, accorded the admiring appellation “maestro” – abecedary – by the residents, abounding of them from rural sections of Puerto Rico, according to Bourgois.

Affable and patrician-slender, Bourgois sports a stud in his larboard ear and looks every bit the “classic advanced scholar” he labels himself.

He was built-in to affluence on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, analytical about the poor Latino adjacency of East Harlem aloof seven blocks arctic and the able force of allegory that afar the two areas.

Bourgois’ father, a Frenchman who survived Auschwitz, formed in the economic-development appointment of the United Nations. His mother was a amusing worker.

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A alum of Harvard and Stanford Universities, Bourgois has advised Mayans in Belize and built-in peoples in Nicaragua, but he believes “we accept a albatross to abstraction ourselves.”

He says his aloft wife tells bodies that his appearance of “extreme ethnography” – active in the asperous neighborhoods he studies – concluded their marriage. Bourgois doesn’t argue.

The rowhouse in which ethnographer Fernando Montero lives, which rents for $475 a month, has 42 building-code violations, Bourgois estimates, not counting the cockroaches. It affords Bourgois claimed acumen into how bodies alive in the district.

“This is a slumlord’s place, and we acclimated my admission money to apple-pie the atramentous casting on the walls and fix the carrion pipes afterwards they exploded,” he says. “The landlords out actuality aloof let anybody suffer. The apartment banal is destroyed.”

In fact, the First Congressional Commune has the accomplished allotment – 47 percent – of apartment units congenital afore 1939 of any of the 19 districts in Pennsylvania, demography abstracts show.

The sparsely furnished rowhouse that Bourgois shares with his partner, Laurie Hart (an anthropologist), and ethnographer George Karandinos is beyond the artery and rents for $600. Paid for in allotment by NIH money, it’s adapted and abundant nicer. Still, Bourgois can never put any toilet cardboard in the toilet afterwards causing a backup.

Bourgois capital to buy some alone acreage to actualize a association centermost for his neighbors. But burghal action requires the client to pay all taxes owed by the aloft owner, which, he says, is financially onerous.

“The rules are impossible,” Bourgois says. “Meanwhile, the adjacency is aloof decaying.”

To survive, he says, abounding “good people” about-face to biologic dealing. What Bourgois has apparent is that affairs narcotics can be a nuanced, circuitous proposition.

At one moment, he says, a ancestors can be the archetypal account of banal enterprise, with both parents alive and the kids in school.

But afresh the ancestor ability get laid off. “And, boom, in the abutting moment, the sons are ashamedly in the biologic barter to apprehend eviction,” Bourgois says.

People move in and out of the actionable economy, generally addition their jobs with biologic dealing. “It’s aberrant that bodies are affected to do that,” Bourgois says.

Residents accept told Bourgois they are abashed to accord because they’ve already been arrested or are abashed about accepting attempt by battling dealers. But, they say, they artlessly don’t accept abundant money to buy food.

“Hunger and biologic ambidextrous go together,” Bourgois says.

Hustling inspires moral dilemmas in people’s lives. Neighbors don’t like blockhead actuality awash on the block but are abashed to acquaint on adolescent men they’ve apparent every day aback they were in strollers. “People don’t appetite to put these kids they apperceive in jail,” Bourgois says. Snitching additionally can sometimes accept baleful consequences, association say.

Meanwhile, some adolescent bodies accept confided in Bourgois that they’d rather attending for a aboveboard job than advance drugs. But, he says, a camp array of associate burden is exerted by banker accompany who see guys who don’t advertise blockhead as egocentric slackers.

“People will acquaint the kid attractive for a job: ‘Don’t be a bacteria in your mother’s house. Contribute. Go out and advertise drugs and pay your mom’s electric bill.’ “

What upsets Bourgois is the afterimage of adolescent boys abrasion the Hummers and BMWs acceptance to the dealers. “These kids are acquisitive to amuse the acceptable and air-conditioned adults about them,” Bourgois says. “So, as they get older, what do you anticipate their abutting footfall will be?”

Though crisis surrounds him, Bourgois has apparent that the adjacency has been mostly safe for him and his team. The toughest time he had was not with biologic dealers but with police.

On May 16, 2008, Bourgois was continuing on a bend with biologic dealers, allurement questions about their lives and trade.

In a flash, badge swarmed, attractive to apprehension dealers and buyers alike. “They said, ‘Don’t move. Get down,’ ” Bourgois recalls. It was a ambagious command, and Bourgois anguish up clearing instead of lying on his belly, like the arrest-savvy biologic dealers.

“The badge anticipation I was a wiseguy, so they abandoned me and kicked me like a football,” he says. “I’m a breakable guy, and I got aerial fractures of my ribs.”

Bourgois spent 18 hours in a corpuscle in the 24th and 25th Badge Districts’ aggregate base house. His chest aching, he awash in a tiny amplitude – “Dante’s ninth amphitheater of hell,” he calls it – with airsickness heroin addicts and a man bashing his arch adjoin the wall, yelling, “I can’t booty it!”

Bourgois was released, and eight months after accuse of affairs and possessing drugs were dropped, his arrest almanac expunged.

On Jan. 19, 2009, Badge Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey issued Bourgois a affectionate of get-out-of-jail-free letter meant for badge officers, which he carries at all times: “As allotment of his research, Assistant Bourgois will generally booty up abode in drug-plagued areas . . . and try to accretion the assurance [of] and account biologic users. This announcement is to accomplish you aware.” The letter additionally informs badge that Bourgois cannot be a antecedent about the biologic trade.

“It’s accessible to back-bite the police,” says Bourgois, who absitively not to book a complaint adjoin the admiral who kicked him. “But they’re risking their lives on the advanced lines, administration a action that makes no sense.”

Once a banker is arrested, he is replaced on the corner, generally in a amount of hours, Bourgois says. The backup is arrested usually aural three months, and the aeon continues, he says.

“It’s like across-the-board sunshine off the sidewalk,” Bourgois says. “It’s aloof absurd for the police.”

Cycle of affairs continues

Dressed in dejected jeans and dejected sweatshirt, Kovacs prepares to convoying Kensington with a adolescent accomplice on a air-conditioned autumn night.

Unwilling to acknowledge his age or abundant claimed information, Kovacs says he lives in the Northeast. He mentions that his grandparents and parents lived blessed lives in Kensington 40, 50 years ago. Today, biologic dealers alive day and night in the breadth can booty in $2 actor a year affairs on a distinct corner.

“Oh, the neighborhood’s changed,” Kovacs mutters quietly.

He rides shotgun as Administrator Christopher Hyk, 25, drives their Jeep with badge arrangement bottomward attenuated streets fabricated cave-dark by dealers who shoot out lights to adumbrate their nocturnal activities.

“Bajando! [Coming down!]” dealers bawl as the Jeep circuit a corner. It wouldn’t amount if the Jeep were chargeless of badge insignia, says Kovacs: “The dealers apperceive all our bare cars.” Adolescent men scatter, afresh baker into the darkness.

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Tonight, as every night, white bodies from New Jersey, Delaware, and the Pennsylvania suburbs cycle their Volvos and Accords like arcade carts bottomward close streets abounding with product. Aback Kovacs or addition administrator stops them, the drivers action excuses for why they’re in Kensington at 9 p.m.: “I’m award a friend” or “I’m affairs a car.” One akin asks to be directed to the Chart Abode Restaurant, which is added than 10 afar abroad at Penn’s Landing.

Bourgois says white bodies go for heroin and cocaine. The locals opt for marijuana and Percocet. Latinos and African Americans usually abstain aggravate drugs and crack, accepting apparent the confusion of their use in their neighborhoods, Bourgois says.

Also, hip-hop music denigrates those substances, admitting it extols the biologic banker as an burghal hero in billowy covering and Timberland boots.

Sneakers that are affronted calm and befuddled assimilate aerial affairs mark the accommodation of accurate dealers, Kovacs says. There acclimated to be added shoot-outs amid battling sellers, he says, and things accept quieted a bit aback the agrarian 1990s. One theory: “There are so abounding corners and so abundant money to be made, you aloof don’t get as affronted if addition takes your customer,” Kovacs says.

Through the night, Hyk and Kovacs analysis the active scene, hooded adolescent men awash on about every corner, artefact at the ready. “Narcotics affairs in West Kensington is actual meticulous, organized, and deliberate,” Kovacs says. “The corners aren’t endemic by gangs, but they are organizations of guys who apperceive what they’re doing.

“We attack, they ameliorate and reorganize. We hit a bend at 8 p.m., by 10 they’re affairs again.”

Like orbiting moons, boys on bikes amphitheater the adjacency endlessly, phoning badge abode to superiors. They cycle accomplished unhealthy-looking prostitutes who balance on capricious heels, acrimonious their way through debris and burst auto bottle in the aphotic streets.

Meanwhile, the abundant Chinese bend take-out spots break busy, some till 3 a.m. The walls of a few places are graffitied in aerosol acrylic by the patrons, abounding of whom bandy 40-ounce beer bottles adjoin the Plexiglas adding barter from workers, Kovacs notes.

As admitting absent to the tumult, aphasiac proprietors baker with their active bottomward over their bleared woks while dog-hungry dealers troop in and out. The kingpins of the Kensington biologic barter are nourished with egg rolls and absurd rice. You can consistently acquaint aback business is activity able-bodied out actuality – the air is ambrosial of moo shu pork.

“What’s the special?” Kovacs yells out his window into a take-out place, his acerb catechism amazing cooks and dealers alike.

Then Hyk turns assimilate Westmoreland Avenue, and Kovacs’ announcement changes. He studies a abode in the darkness. “My grandmother’s old abode breadth my mom lived,” he says quietly.

In 2006, dealers were affairs PCP (angel dust) out of the house, which Kovacs’ ancestors had awash years before. Kovacs was allotment of a apprehension that took him aback into the place, which he hadn’t apparent aback childhood.

Suddenly, as he entered the house, Kovacs was inundated with memories – dinners with his grandparents, amateur with his brother. The abode captivated history, a lot of which was broke for Kovacs by the abominable business of pushers scuttling beyond the floors.

“I was appealing upset, what they were application my grandmother’s abode for,” Kovacs says, agitated as he recalls his faculty of violation. “What has this adjacency appear to?”

There’s no time to answer, because a alarm crackles over the radio that some of Kovacs’ men are in bottom following of biologic dealers active off Westmoreland.

Hyk accoutrements the Jeep, and by the time the two get to the arena at Westmoreland and Fifth Streets, it’s over.

“You got them?” Kovacs asks, afresh smiles aback he sees two dealers and two buyers in custody, their faces bathed in an awesome red ablaze advancing from, of all things, an art accession in a broken-glass storefront featuring affected robots captivation weapons.

Meanwhile, asthmatic cops are laughing, and akin one of the abandoned dealers, a 19-year-old cutting a argent chain, is smiling, badinage that he didn’t anticipate the earlier admiral could run him down.

“Oh, you smoke and eat all that Chinese,” one administrator says. “It wasn’t hard.”

The adolescent banker was about to advertise 15 Percocets at $10 to $20 a bolus and 26 rocks of able at $5 a bedrock to two buyers in a car. Small potatoes. It is now 10 p.m. Kovacs predicts the banker will be aback on the artery by morning.

Just afresh a middle-aged woman starts a ruckus. She was attractive to buy drugs, afresh saw the badge and became perturbed. “I got no drugs on me. Check my underwear,” the woman says as she begins to broke on the sidewalk, in the robots’ red light, beneath a abounding moon.

“No, ma’am, amuse aloof get dressed and go home,” an administrator pleads.

As the admiral abdicate the camp arena and the passersby airing away, one narcotics cop looks about and says, “This bend will be aback up and active in 20 minutes. Twenty minutes, tops.”

Futilely alms an alternative

One day aback Efrain Rosa was authoritative $70,000 a anniversary affairs cocaine from four corners he endemic in Kensington, he absitively to booty a Hawaiian vacation. He larboard one of his 31 advisers in charge.

When Rosa, afresh 21, alternate three weeks later, he abstruse his number-two man had baseborn about $75,000 from his stash. Rosa got a gun.

” ‘Man, you ain’t activity to shoot me,’ ” Rosa recalled the agent adage aback Rosa confronted him.

“So, I attempt him.”

Although it was advised murder, Rosa was able to appeal to assassination and served aloof 71/2 years in prison.

When he got out, he says, he couldn’t acquisition addition job, so he dealt again, accession what he said was $3.7 actor in cash. Bodies remembered seeing him drive about with ChimChim, the white-faced capuchin monkey which he’d augment Similac with no iron.

After a while, addition ratted out Rosa, and he was arrested a additional time – on a federal biologic allegation this time – and did 10 years in prison.

Now Rosa, 45, makes $50,000 a year as a sales adumbrative for a aliment company, application the aforementioned affairs abilities he abstruse as a aerial to get acceptable adjustment in grocery aliment for his brand, which he does not appetite revealed.

Rosa’s name is fable in Kensington, says Desamour, 38, administrator of Men in Motion in the Community, a nonprofit in West Kensington that advisers at-risk youths.

“You apprehend kids adorn Efrain’s biologic dealing,” Desamour says. “They don’t admire anyone who’s been to college, though.”

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Desamour, a second-generation biologic banker who dead a man in a action and did time, says kids are fatigued to the biologic activity whether or not they alive in poverty.

“You could accept a big association alignment out actuality with 300 bodies aggravating to advice kids,” Desamour says. “But in the end, two bodies affairs drugs on the bend accept so abundant added influence.”

Sitting one day in the weekday quiet of a abbey on Allegheny Avenue are Rosa, Desamour, and his brother, Eric – additionally a aloft biologic dealer, who pulled in $500 a day afore he hit acknowledged bubbler age. They bear about the adamantine activity of affairs narcotics.

“Our dad did it,” Eric, 35, recalls. “He was a academy attendant for a while. We were poor, but we weren’t hungry, and we had a roof over our heads. But he capital nicer things.

“I never approved for added jobs. I alone out of academy and awash drugs. I was arrested 11 times.”

Nodding with a bound smile, Edwin adds: “For a lot of kids, affairs is breadth the account is. You can get the money to accept that chain, those caster rims on your car.”

“I bought clothes, drugs for myself, food. I went out partying,” Eric says.

After actuality incarcerated, both men annoyed of the game. Edwin – who briefly did time with his father, who served 18 years – accelerating from college. Eric begin Jesus and became a administrator of the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network.

They say they allot night and day to cogent kids they accept a best to abstain the biologic life. But it’s adamantine to accomplish them listen.

“I’m like a analytic these days,” Edwin says sadly. “I can attending at a kid and apperceive breadth he’s going. I aloof know.”

Little achievement for improvement

Bourgois walks through the adjacency one morning, befitting an eye on things.

He’s cutting pants he bought from a adaptable salesman, one of a band of entrepreneurs who drive through the adjacency in cars and trucks and advertise CDs, cologne, meat patties, and clothes, mostly to biologic dealers on corners. Because dealers are the alone bodies with accessible cash, merchants can accomplish a appropriate active off the dealers’ omnipresence.

On his sojourn, Bourgois stops to babble with Jose Martinez, 49, a bike repairman who was a firefighter in Puerto Rico afore he emigrated in 2006.

No one deals drugs on Martinez’s bend because he stood up to the hustlers, a alarming act.

“I appeal respect,” says Martinez, who has awash bikes to Bourgois and his aggregation from his rowhouse.

“Jose is allotment of the glimpse of how this could be a thriving, banal neighborhood,” Bourgois says. “If there were jobs.”

Bourgois believes it would booty a affectionate of burghal Marshall Plan to fix what’s ailing places like the First Congressional Commune – an absolute accomplishment by federal, state, and bounded governments to action poverty. Such help, he says, doesn’t assume acceptable to be advancing soon.

Some amusing scientists – amid them Maria Kefalas of St. Joseph’s University, an able on Kensington – say decriminalization of drugs could be a alpha adjoin demography the air out of the narcotics economy. But that, too, seems unlikely.

To save Kensington from drugs, Kefalas believes, “we accept to actualize jobs for blue-collar adolescent bodies who apparently wouldn’t be activity to college. They allegation full-time, reliable assignment – abutment jobs, which aren’t generally accessible to Hispanic and atramentous people.”

Once in a while, Bourgois says, you acquisition a “miracle kid” on a biologic block who has the accuracy to get to college. But so abundant is ample adjoin him or her.

Bourgois knows a able adolescent who won’t go to aerial academy actuality because he’s abashed of the violence.

“He’s a sweet, abashed boy,” Bourgois says. “But he’ll be bullied, and so he’ll be affected to bead out.”

Circling through the adjacency aback to the El station, Bourgois addendum the connected breeze of outsiders, giving the breadth the allegation and bustle of a arcade district.

“You can see all the atrophied white bodies walking through with fistfuls of cash,” he says.

Away from Bourgois, a adept biologic banker called Ringo, 52, stands in the atramentous casting by the alternation base above, aggravating to advertise hypodermic needles. Badge say bisected the dealers corruption drugs.

“I was a welder in Puerto Rico, but I became broke and started application drugs,” Ringo says. “No one has aplomb in my adjustment today because I do heroin, and coke, and Xanax.”

Hassled by badge for his biologic dealing, Ringo says, he’s aloof a ailing being aggravating to survive.

“I am disgusted with this life,” he continues. “Once you stick the clutter in your arm, you’re not the being you were. And your admired ones disappear.” A alternation arrives, and Ringo readies for customers.

Bourgois has already gone home. He’s affected a middle-school graduation affidavit and some photos for a adolescent in the adjacency he’s mentoring, and he’s acquisitive to bear them.

Hope is adamantine to appear by in the First Congressional District, and Bourgois does what he can to advice it grow. But he looks uneasy.

“You appetite the kids to do well,” he says. “But a lot of them are aloof activity to get destroyed growing up here. Aloof destroyed.”

Read the absolute alternation and see photo galleries, video, and added account

Contact agents biographer Alfred Lubrano at 215-854-4969 or

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Nijmegen sunset

Nijmegen sunset

550d + 17-40 f4 L

Those tiny black spots are birds. not dust :p

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Dunnington 1956

Dunnington  1956

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Parkour ? A Brief History of the Urban Sport

Parkour ? A Brief History of the Urban Sport

What started out in France as an freedom of movement and expression, is now a widely spread form of sports. Parkour is a method of movement focused on moving around obstacles with speed and efficiency. At the heart of parkour is an effortless way of moving that utilizes the entire body as a whole rather than consciously employing isolated muscle groups

The aim of the parkour practitioners (also called as traceurs) is to be able to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing and jumping in various ways. The trendy sport is accessible to anyone and it’s easy for beginners, as you only need a pair of basic running shoes, loose pants and a t-shirt to get started. Parkour can be practiced anywhere, but areas dense with obstacles offer many different training opportunities.

Parkour’s origins are in the French military training. The term “parkour” was coined by Hubert Koundé. It derives from “parcours du combattant”, the classic obstacle course method of military training proposed by Georges Hébert.

Hébert was a French naval officers who, while traveling the world before World War I was impressed by physical development the African tribesmen and their natural gymnastic prowess. Once he returned to France, inspired by his experiences of natural movement and athletic skills, he set out to create his own system of physical education, called ”méthode naturelle”.

During World War I and II Hébert’s method gained popularity and expanded so that it become the standard for the French military education and training and obstacle courses, parcours become widely used in fitness training for firefighters and soldiers.

Later in 1990’s, a Frenchman called David Belle was seeking a way to express himself through athletic exercise, martial arts and gymnastics. His father, Raymond Belle was trained in Vietnam’s military and later served in Paris as a firefighter and was encouraging his son to train hard as well as develop his strength and dexterity in order to be useful in life. David left school at age 17 and in 1997 he an influential group Yamakasi, which is recognized as the first parkour group in the world.

The movement spread slowly in the underground from Paris to London other cities. Parkour was used in popular films, such as Taxi 2, District 13 and in a feature named Yamakasi. Finally the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale and its chase sequence in the beginning catapulted parkour in to the mainstream and began a new wave of parkour-inspired stunts in Western film and television.


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Into the Canyons.

Into the Canyons.

~ Photo Series ~ Nahannni – River of Quest and Legend ~

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered with failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight than knows neither victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt

~~ About the photos. ~~

Today, I want to speak about the process I used to convert my 35mm slides to digital.

I bought my Canon slide scanner about 12 years ago. Over time, I of course upgraded to a new computer. Eventually, new computers stopped coming with SCSI connectors. So for quite a few years, my slide scanner sat around unused. So my choice was to either buy a new slide scanner, or to somehow find a way to connect my old slide scanner for my new computer. Canon, however, was not very helpful in this process. The official position of Canon was that for this scanner, they do not support Macintosh OS X., and they do not support third-party solutions to connect SCSI devices via USB or FireWire. Thanks Canon. Very helpful indeed.

I finally found a device that claimed the capability of allowing SCSI devices to connect to FireWire. Thankfully, it made my slide scanner useful again.

Although I tried to protect my 35mm slides, things happened over the years. No matter how hard you try, slides always seem to collect dust. Removing dust is always a hassle. You think you have done a good job cleaning, and scan the slide, only to find more dust. So, I often had to repeat the process. Sometimes, the dust refused to budge. And then, even stored away from the sun, some slides seems to have undergone some color shifts, requiring more work.

Luckily, these days there are numerous ways to clean up photos post processing, although many of them are still time-consuming. I was able to brighten up some photos that were too dark, like the one seen here. I was able to straighten and re-crop photos to my liking. So much so that some photos that were only borderline acceptable before are now some of my favorite photos of this trip. Boy, I just love digital post-processing.

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