Flowers on speed

Flowers on speed

Trying to do something new fot me in photography, we’ll gonna see what I’ll do!
I’ve closed the lense at f22, so I realize, seeing my pics on my computer, I had dust!!! ;(
No Photoshop, just one shot

Posted by FRandaLUZ on 2010-07-09 18:49:40

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Oracle Golden gate: Speed Up The Safe And Synched Data Replication Across The Globe

Oracle Golden gate: Speed Up The Safe And Synched Data Replication Across The Globe

It is amazing to notice that how easily the jumbled of programs of software make the lives of people simpler. It takes a lot of efforts of the tech minds to put things together in order to make the software run smoothly and ensure complete benefit of accessibility to the end users. There is an endless variety of such software programs available in the modern high-tech world and these programs are meant for diverse applications. One such program is Oracle GoldenGate which is an inclusive software package unfolding amazing features and benefits.

Oracle GoldenGate is comprehensively programmed software which enables the data imitation data in heterogeneous data background. This is a complete set of programming solutions put together to ensure instantaneous data assimilation, transactional change data capture, data duplication, synchronized transformations, high availability solutions and authentication amid prepared and logical project systems. This is the software which enables the users to share the highly vital information across the globe with the assurance of safety of data, quick transfer and above all, at remarkably low cost. The software has following attributes attached to it:

It offers log-oriented capturing, sharing, transformation and delivery of the change data.

It shores up with OS and databases.

Serves duplication of data in both the directions without any restriction of distance

Offers reliable transaction

Trustworthy and unfailing delivery of data

Errors occurred during the process of replication are well documented

Swift recovery option after any sort of stoppage

Thus, Oracle GoldenGate is the replication product, which is adequately designed to perform the data duplication and transformation tasks without any hassles. This is the balanced and appropriate method to deal with the jumbled up tasks of data replication, but considering the point that there is always a room for darker side of anything, below are few drawbacks of this integrated data replication software by Oracle.

The software doesn’t support oracle or SQL language rather it has its own commands and languages built.

It is a challenge to track and errors in this software, though they are documented properly but it is hard to understand them.

GoldenGate doesn’t support SNMP

The users may require installing a lot of programs to make the Goldengate run smoothly.

But looking at the vaster and fruitful capacities of Oracle GoldenGate it becomes easy for the users to overcome with the aforesaid issues against this software and after these issues are fixed then Goldengate could probably be rated amongst the qualitative comprehensive software dedicated to deliver the deliver instantaneous data replication and incessant synchronization to the end users.

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Braking Hard

Braking Hard

Oh my god…hard right!!!

Posted by alexandriabrangwin on 2014-12-25 07:06:19

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mouse 3

mouse 3

When you buy something, that does’nt work, before trowing it away, make some photos!

This is my first try with my new extension tubes, that allow me to approach with the 70-200 to almost 10cm, instead 150cm (4inch/60inch)!

You will notice much "dust" on the wheel. Well, it was very hard to getting rid of it, i think there was a static charge. And then i found the dust just interesting

Strobist info:
Room was completely dark and i "painted" the subject with a hand held torch.

Posted by mh__photo on 2013-04-24 22:25:12

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