1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ 80 R Series

1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ 80 R Series

1997 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ 80 R (40th anniversary edition)

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The Reason He Fell He Fell Out Of Love With You – Special Tips For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The Reason He Fell He Fell Out Of Love With You – Special Tips For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Your ex boyfriend told you he wanted to end the relationship, but hoped you could still remain friends. Now you are wonder why he fell out of love with you and what to do. You don’t want a friendship, you want him to love you. that can be possible if you do the right things. Here are special tips for getting your ex boyfriend back.

You might not be aware of it, but by him wanting to be friends gives him an opportunity to stay in touch with you. Most relationships end with the boyfriend not wanting to communicate. But he wants you to have hope of getting your ex back. The way he chose to breakup with you is significant. Since there appears to be no anger or hurt feelings he must have another reason he fell out of love with you.

You might have become too available and he became bored. This would explain his wish to remain friends, but it could be bad news for you. Your ex boyfriend could be wanting to use you as a safety net. This allows him to go out and have a good time, date other women and if things don’t work out, you will be there to catch him. He will always have you to rely on, but you will just be sitting around waiting for him to call.

If you allow that to happen, you could be waiting until you are old and gray.To get him back, you have to show him you will not sit around and wait. Go out and get a makeover. New hair style and a manicure. You might even want to get a tan. Then go shopping for new clothes to accent your new look. Now that you are looking incredibly desirable, you want to show your ex boyfriend. Get some friends together and go out for a good time.

You know where your ex hangs out, so stop by and let him get a good look at you. Do not let him engage you in conversation. Just let him look and watch his jaw drop and leave. He will see that you are not sitting at home waiting for his call. Your ex boyfriend will also realize that he has lost his safety net. He will not be able to get you off his mind and soon he will see that he is still in love with you and wants you back.

When your ex boyfriend falls out of love with you, show him you will not sit around and wait. When a man thinks he has lost you, he will want you again. Once you get him back, never let him think he owns you. Always keep him guessing and he will never take you for granted or become bored.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog at http://www.loveromancedating.com/blog/ to get some free information.

Make Your Love More Beautiful With These Special Love Poems

Make Your Love More Beautiful With These Special Love Poems

Writing is a miracle, although you try on with books or poems. But when writing poems, it is a personal satisfaction, which not only brings your emotion to others but share and win hearts.

However, traditional love poems may become monotonous. You need to have something that is unique and still serves the purpose. Creativity is always appreciated.

Following poem is a “Special love poem.”

In sweet company of romantic dew; together forever forever they flew

Singing and diving in love’s hue; together forever forever they flew

They were lovers, two birds on a tree in a green forest

He loved her and so did she and the life was full of jest

They flew in skies of love happily and enjoyed true peace

Every day was Valentine and made love every night in nest

They sang songs of love and smiled all the time, their souls were virtuous and sublime

Then, it was changed by an intruder, and their peace was at stake

Goldie was his name, gold wrapped scaled reptile, a fearsome snake

Goldie lived on heath just beneath couple’s tree; a treasure for natives

Natives used to hunt Goldies because of gold skin and gift to tribe’s rake

Snakes were killers when they strangled prey, no poison though and aggressive all the way

One horrible day, the couple in their nest heard cries for help louder and nearer

Frightened they were when they helplessly witnessed a cold blooded cruel murder

He wanted to go, but she didn’t let the lover go and they were sole spectators of crime

Goldie had in this big scary mouth, a prey and sadly it was their lovely and sweet neighbor

A bird of many qualities the dead one was and good, a true supporter and symbol of bird’s brotherhood

The couple was sad and very careful now with their nights not lovely and days peaceful anymore

Though the intruder, Goldie knew that he could kill only by surprise attack and never from front door

The couple’s head was a powerful bird and somewhat equal match for Goldie in strength and aggression

Goldie knew that the couple is invincible united; the head will die first than watching her dying before

Cruelty was his power and wickedness tactics, Goldie patiently waited for a real chance of killing


It was indeed bad luck for the couple one day; she was alone in nest as her lover was on hunting far away

She felt thirsty and flew towards a nearby pool, on her way she saw a wonderful wild flower tray

“How romantic and lovely these are?” she thought of picking one for her sweet lover and dear protector

After cautious inspection for danger, she came on ground near the wild flowers with such sweet array

At a hiding place nearby Goldie was slowly moving, to him it was a great chance of bloodshed rhyming

The flowers’ invitation was fatal and appeared a trap; she was a victim and scary death her possible fate

Sweetness and tenderness were in air and then in a quick instant she smelled ugly smell of not a mate

Fear was written all over her trembling body, she thought of how to live without her love and partner

With lightning speed she flattered her wings to escape, but Goldie had attacked first and she was late

Goldie wanted to grasp her and eat on sight, but the flowers smell made his precisions wrong and injured bird flew away with bad plight

She tried as she could to fly, but the attack was fatal enough and managed to reach just by the pool

Goldie cursed the flowers smell as smell was his weapon and not eyes, but he was clever and not a fool

A trail of blood made him understand that she can’t fly long distance, Goldie chased her in anticipation

With hunted fish in beak and flying he felt something and lost control of prey, though he was an old school

Missing her badly he headed homewards, and Goldie was almost at the pool to finish the job onwards

“Ah! My love where are you?” her heart cried on seeing the deadly enemy so close and dangerously near

Goldie spotted the wounded helpless bird and made posture for a decisive delivering of death of fear

“O eyes stop seeing” he shouted on seeing his lover in danger, the tragic situation from kilometers away

Goldie attacked vigorously and violently, but was caught in mid air by a native man with lifetime’s sneer

The native man danced with joy for the treasure, she was in shock and soon reached her reason to live there

What a cheerful welcoming was it! Beak to beak, wings to wings a long and very romantic kiss

Tears of happiness rolled down from couple’s eye, they felt peace and love and felt eternal bliss

A year later, she gave birth to a baby as sweet and handsome as the father, a sign of everlasting love

Warmth of companionship made their days; nights were woven with deep passion of cupid’s synthesis

Good parents they were and always remained, sheer love and peace were in the air and terror chained

And never and never trouble grew; together forever forever they flew

The baby, mother and father’s crew; together forever forever they flew

Click more special love poems

Ultimately, It all comes to one thing. A smile on your special someone’s face, and a romantic image of you carved at his/her heart. Believe me, you can achieve this by special love poems.

Kashif Ali Abbas

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Is it All Over For Stocks? A Special Report

Is it All Over For Stocks? A Special Report

Anyone who simply channel surfs past any major news network on occasion knows that the stock market is in trouble. While not too many people understand all the intricacies of why it is continually crashing, they know that it is affecting their savings, investments, and retirement and everyone pays attention to their money.

So, for the average American, the question in your mind is probably not is the stock market all over, but how much money is this fiasco going to cost me and are we really headed into a great depression again?

Well, while CNBC may make it look like the stock market is soon to be a thing of the past, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. The stock market is not beyond repair, and there are ways to make your investments grow and at the very least keep them safe. The problem is not actually with the stock market itself, but in the way that the stock is played. Hence, if you learn how to properly invest, instead of following the mistakes that are now catching up with many major corporations, you can safeguard your investments.

So of course, the question now becomes, well how can I invest better than the large corporations? Well, quite simply put, by playing it a little easier than they have. The problem with having a large amount of capital is the increasing desire to double that large amount to an even larger amount. Most of these companies took entirely too many risks with the stock market and are now paying the consequences with the sudden downturn of the economy and subsequent recession. Had they invested more wisely with more caution the stock market would be in a much better condition.

Hence, if you want to make your investment and retirement funds to stay safe, you need to shy away from taking large risks or choosing an investment company that will do so on your behalf, and invest with a company or on your own using moderate guidelines. A wise investment principle with today’s stock market is to always invest a little at the same time that you save a little. Even the current stock market has guaranteed stocks that you can place funds into that will be there for years to come. There is no shame in investing a percent of your money in these safety stocks.

While you will not see an enormous return, you will have the safety and security of knowing that you have a net to catch you at all times and that your money will not disappear. Once you have a safety net, you can take a few more liberties and invest in a few stocks that require a small margin of risk. This is where you will see the most return, but now you do not have to worry about the downside because you are only playing with your profit, which is a much safer way to build for the future.

Marty M. Thompson

Fury Road

Fury Road


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Love messages for that special person,Love quotes,Love sayings

Love messages for that special person,Love quotes,Love sayings

Love messages for that special person,Love quotes,Love sayings

Romantic Love Messages,Love quotes,Love sayings and more:

Looking for the latest internet sms love …? Human beings have always had difficulties to express what they feel for another person, present times allowed the appearance of the Internet and the cell phone and, with them, the chance of sending an e – mail or SMS that might help us expressing what we felt without blushing, without stuttering and without forgetting what we practiced.

Sometimes words are not sufficiently forceful to manage expressing our deepest feelings; let’s face it, some of us are extremely nervous to be clear and have our ideas in order, but a message, an e – mail or an SMS to that special person, helps us to gaining affection and to demonstrate care.

In the following lines, some love messages, for which the wished result is guaranteed, as long as you are honest and pertinent in the occasion :

:: There is nothing to which I could compare your love with, you have become my whole  life. I know I am constantly wrong, but if I am sure about something is that with you, this  world is paradise. Today I tell you that there is no one more important than you to me.
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:: I try to think about love words to tell you and every night I send a love wish to be with  you, because I do not know what yo have done with my life, but what I do know is that I  want more every day. You should know that whenever I think of you, I cannot get anymore  sleep, not sleeping scares me, but I comfort myself knowing that your love is as much as  mine; because i do not need from anyone else, I know I am in love with you.
Category : Love messages for that special person

:: I needed a moment to notice you, an hour to like you, I took me a day to care about you  like I have never cared for anyone else, and I have been mi whole life loving you without  wanting to forget you. I think it is true that when love knocks your door, it changes  inexplicable things, which are why I need no reasons to believe that our relationship is like  the best wine: it just keeps getting better.
Category : Love messages for that special person

:: Love is completely inexplicable, extremely easy to feel and consummately impossible to  forget. This is why I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when you are with me.  You have changed my dictionary; I thought that happiness was a 9 letter word, now I see  that it has only three: YOU.
Category : Love messages for that special person

:: Love had no significance to me until I met you. Love had no face until I saw you. Love is  a synonym for your name. Love, synthesizing it, IS YOU.
Summing it up, the message implies that there is the chance of taking a phrase, a poem or a some part of a song and turn it ours to tell the loved person how much we love him or her and how much he or she means in our life, without been scared of been wrong.

Hair Removal tips for Girls

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Top Ten Cars

i am web master i live in pakistan i have two site

Hair Removal tips for Girls

Beauty Tips in Urdu

Top Ten Cars

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Long Term Care Quotes and Special Discounts

Long Term Care Quotes and Special Discounts


It is true that you should be able to determine exactly what you expect from your long term care insurance (LTCI) policy before requesting long term care quotes.  But if you want to save money on your premium, you’ll check out the other facets of a potential policy. 


You may be able to cut back on your annual premium if you go for a small maximum benefit amount but the problem is that you might turn out underinsured.  You can opt for a very short benefit period but in the event that you acquire an illness that will progress over time and require increased levels of care, this could result in huge out-of-pocket expenses.  You can also choose a 180-day elimination period but if you have limited resources you might never get around to satisfying this aspect of your policy and thus you won’t qualify for your benefits.


While it’s good to focus on the variables of your policy, it also helps to look at other factors outside of it that offer great premium savings.  Pay attention to the various discount rates offered by LTCI carriers.


Given the fact that LTCI policies are expensive, you have to find ways to cut back on your annual premium.  Just because other policyholders reduced their maximum benefit amount, shortened their benefit period, and extended their waiting period it does not mean you have to do the same. 


Factors to Take Into Account When Comparing Long Term Care Quotes 


Most people just take into account their possible long term care (LTC) needs, the cost of care in their area, and the rate of inflation when comparing their LTCI quotes. 


Some of them are so busy reducing their maximum benefit amount, benefit period and the other components of a potential policy seemingly forgetting that the main purpose of buying an LTCI policy is to avoid large out-of-pocket expenses.   


You don’t have to sacrifice your coverage in exchange for a lower premium because you can obtain huge savings from the special discounts which most LTCI companies offer. 


For instance, the good health discount can be availed by young individuals with excellent health condition.  So if you do not have a pre-existing condition or you don’t manifest symptoms of any debilitating disease at the time you applied for an LTCI policy, you have big chances of acquiring up to 10% good health discount.


Aside from healthy individuals, couples can also have the privilege to enjoy partner or spousal discounts.  It’s not only married individuals who can qualify for this type of LTCI discount because gay and lesbian partners, and even siblings can avail up to 40% discount on their LTCI premiums.  For as long as same-sex partners have a civil union certificate and they can prove that they are or have been living together, sharing domestic chores and living expenses they can qualify for the spousal LTCI discount.


Ask the LTCI agent who’s helping you gather long term care quotes how else you can reduce your premium without compromising your coverage.    


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Bratz doll collector’s edition. i’ve never opened the box and let it sat behind my cpu screen and it collected a bunch of dust.

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