Does SONY a6300 Overheat Like a6000 ?

Does SONY a6300 Overheat Like a6000 ?

SONY a6300 APS-C : SONY 24-70 F4 Zeiss Lens: Ultimate 4K movie recording5 and more The α6300 offers internal 4K recording5 in Super 35mm format with full pixel readout, no pixel binning and 2.4x oversampling for the ultimate movie quality. By collecting 20 megapixels (6K equivalent) of information, which is approximately 2.4x as many pixels as 4K, the α6300 then oversamples the information to produce high quality 4K footage with exceptional detail and depth. Additional professional video features include; S-Gamut3/S-Log3 and Gamma Display Assist, the ability to record Full HD at 120 fps for 4x or 5x slow motion HD video, both a mic jack and XLR compatibility via the MI shoe, enhanced Zebra functionality, picture profile settings, as well as Time Code / User Bit, clean HDMI output and much more. 2.4-million dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder w/ fast tracking 120Hz. The α6300 is equipped with a high contrast, high-resolution XGA OLED Tru-Finder with approximately 2.4 million dots that offers exceptional corner-to-corner visibility. There is also a new mode available for the viewfinder that allows display of images at 120Hz, ensuring that action is displayed smoothly with very few afterimages for the sense of immediacy you get when shooting with an optical viewfinder, making subject tracking through the Tru-finder easier than ever. Enhanced Operability and Ergonomics The α6300 is equipped with an extremely solid magnesium alloy body that’s dust and moisture resistant for extreme conditions. The robust lens mount and refined grip makes it easier to shoot with larger heavier lenses, while the new 2.4-million dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder with selectable 60fps/120fps refresh rates allow for faster subject tracking. The α6300 can be customized to fit nearly any shooting style or preferences with one of 65 different functions that can be assigned to one of the 10 customizable buttons. A new shutter release button and mode dial with improved operability add to the refined shooting experience. Features Wi-Fi/NFC/QR code for easy file transfer and remote control Easily connect with NFC or QR code (for non-NFC devices) to smartphones or tablets with the built-in Wi-Fi and Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile application available for Android and iOS platforms. Control your camera or transfer files to your device for fast and easy sharing without the need of a computer. It also supports Sony’s growing range of PlayMemories Camera Apps, which add a variety of creative capabilities to the camera. Then when you’re done, you can use the free software to sort and manage your stills and video with PlayMemories Home or edit your RAW file with either Sony’s Image Data Converter or Capture One Express (for Sony). Focal plane phase-detection AF with A-mount lenses10 The α6300 offers focal plane phase-detection autofocus with A-mount lenses10 that have SSM (Super Sonic wave Motor) or SAM (Smooth Autofocus Motor) and by using a LA-E3 or LA-EA1 (APS C format with LA-EA1) lens mount adaptor. You can take advantage of the wide AF coverage of 425 focal plane phase-detection AF points, high-speed response, high tracking capability and high optical performance of A-mount lenses. 4x/5x slow motion recording at 120fps Full HD Capture high-quality Full HD* footage at 120fps high-speed shooting with a high bit rate up to 100Mbps. The camera can record 4x/5x slow motion movies internally when the frame rate is set at 30p or 24p or use the 120fps footage to edit into slow motion later on. Features High-bit-rate XAVC S format for 4K recording The consumer friendly XAVC S format6 supports 4K recording at maximum 100Mbps bit rate as well as Full HD recording at 50Mbps, so the α6300 can capture movies6 filled with finely detailed movement. For efficient handling, XAVC S files are minimized in size using Long GOP data compression, and contained in the widely compatible MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format. 3-inch LCD screen tilts up and down for easy high and low-angle framing. The tiltable 3-inch (921k dots) LCD Display makes it easy to photograph over crowds, or objects close to the ground or maybe you just want to get a different perspective. The screen can swivel up approx. 90° and down approx. 45°. The large display delivers brilliant-quality still images and movies thanks to WhiteMagic technology that nearly doubles the brightness of the display through a unique RGBW pixel structure for easier checking of the focus and image details.

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On the Waterfront!

On the Waterfront!

No sign of Marlon Brando though ;o)
For the Macro Mondays challenge "Inside Electronics" (July 9th 2018)

This year we replaced our old computers, and that meant destroying hard drives. I saved a few components, including a circuit board – "just in case". So I dusted it off for this week’s challenge. At last one of my hoarded items has found a use! Shot on the black glass of my Kindle.

HMM and have a great week! ;o)

My 2018 set: 2018 Macro Mondays

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Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Specifications And Review

Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Specifications And Review

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Device Name: Xperia XZ1 Compact
Model: G8441
Code name: Lilac
Series: Smartphones SONY 2017
Date of announcement: Aug 31, 2017
Physical parameters
Form Factor: Monoblock
Weight (g): 143
Length (mm): 129
Width (mm): 65
Thickness (mm): 9.3
Moisture and dust protection: IP65 / 68
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform Kryo 280 CPU (MSM8998)
Number of cores: 8
Frequency: 2.45 GHz
Graphics Processor: Adreno 540
Built-in Memory: 32 GB
Motion sensor (accelerometer): yes
Magnetometer: yes
Fingerprint sensor: yes
Connectors and slots
Expansion slot: microSDXC up to 256 GB
microUSB: yes
Jack 3.5mm: yes
SIM card type: nano-SIM
Wireless technologies
LTE: LTE (4G) Cat15 up to 800 Mbps on download
HSPA: yes
GPRS: yes
EDGE: yes
Bluetooth: Yes
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Wi-Fi: yes
DLNA: yes
GPS: yes
NFC: yes
Display Technology: IPS
Display resolution (pixels): 720×1280
Display Size (Inches): 4.6
Number of colors of the display: 16 million.
Touch Screen: yes
Light sensor: yes
Proximity sensor: yes
Number of colors of the external display: 16 million.
Max. perm. camera (MPix): 19
Shooting video (perm.): 4k (3840×2160)
Zoom: 8
Autofocus: yes
Backlight or flash: LED
Second camera: yes
Extras. Information: Shooting video 960 frames per second (Super slow motion). ISO 12800 (photo), ISO 4000 (video).
Battery capacity (mAh): 2700
OS (at release): Android 8.0
Stereo speakers: yes
Stereo microphone: yes
FM radio: yes
Video review
Definitions of device
a thing made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment.
a measuring device
synonyms: implement, gadget, utensil, tool, appliance, apparatus, instrument, machine, mechanism, contrivance, contraption, gizmo, widget, doohickey
a plan, scheme, or trick with a particular aim.
writing a public letter is a traditional device for signaling dissent
synonyms: ploy, tactic, move, stratagem, scheme, plot, plan, trick, ruse, maneuver, machination, contrivance, expedient, dodge, wile
a drawing or design.

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Zodiacal Light

Zodiacal  Light

This panorama of 2016’s very first sighting of the Milky Way in the area was shot with a timeless beauty, a vintage Minolta lens, the MC Rokkor PG 58mm/f1.2 to be exact. I was skeptical about a vintage lens lacking all the modern lens coatings to perform the way it did. It is akin to using a 1968 slide ruler (Google it you, millennials!!) to perform a complex calculation that would require a computer now.

That is not what is special about this picture. What is special is the fact that I captured the more timeless beauty, the Zodiacal Light that is so coveted by astrophotographers.

Thanks to Wisanu Boonrawd for identifying it. Zodiacal light is a faint, roughly triangular, diffuse white glow seen in the night sky that appears to extend up from the vicinity of the Sun along the ecliptic or zodiac. In this picture you see the Zodiacal light right at the bottom center of the horizon. Zodiacal light is produced by sunlight reflecting off dust particles in the Solar System known as cosmic dust. (With help from Wikipedia)

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Dusty Keys

Dusty Keys

Playing with the Sony NEX-3 at the camera store.

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Analog Output

Analog Output

Patch cable goes from the analog headphone jack in my cheap Sony boombox that has a tape deck to my MacBook Pro computer that has an input jack to accept the other side of the cable. After taking the photo I noticed the dust on this thing. I guess I need to do some dusting.

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Sony ICD-PX333 digital voice recorder

Sony ICD-PX333 digital voice recorder

This recorder creates MP3 files and you can copy the files to your computer for playback or editing. There is 4GB of built-in memory that can hold a ridiculous amount of audio. If you need more space, you can add a Memory Stick Micro or microSD card.

The store had another recorder with two mics for stereo sound. Nice, but it cost more than I was willing to pay. There is a mic input jack on this recorder than can be used to record in stereo.

Apologies for all the dust. Dusty product shots annoy me, and I will do better in the future.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – Experience the Feel

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro – Experience the Feel

They say that all good things come in small packages. Well, now this famous quote has been brought to life. Look out for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro and you would get to know what we are talking about. This small packet has indeed come into the arena to let everyone hear the boom. Hiding a full QWERTY keyboard behind its face, this gadget has come all set to surprise everyone with the degree of compactness and level of technicalities.

Let us first count the positives contained inside this small but geeky gadget. Within its ultra compact body resides a customized Android OS v1.6 which makes the phoning experience a smoother one. Not to forget multitasking which is any day a peaceful and a smooth experience. The 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and VGA recording is surely the USP and is responsible for the majority of the foot falls.

The latest Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro has built-in GPS receiver and digital compass, made to make sure that you never have to depend on anyone so as to trace the right ways. Another important point is the microSD card slot which could well support memory up to 8 GB. This certainly makes way for loads of data and less of worries. One more hard-to-miss show stealer is obviously the Android market, which is a store house of fun and excitement. In all, this mini device is a fun gizmo to own and live with.

These days, going for the handsets like Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro is surely a cakewalk as one does not have to think and rethink about the price or any other factor. There are various online mobile comparison, sale and purchase portals which not only help the user in making the right choice but also guide them in grabbing the best way to reach the same. For instance, Mobiles Comparison Shop which has a series of deals and offers to present to its customers spread all across the globe.

To start with there are various Xperia X10 Mini Pro deals to help the users grab their favorite handset. These deals indeed make the purchase by the user a pleasurable experience. He could also avail exciting free gifts along with his purchase like gaming gizmos, laptops and much more. Further, there are Xperia X10 Mini Pro contract which allows the user to choose for him the best deals keeping in view his usage and budget. These contracts come associated with plans for fixed periods like 12, 18 or 24 months. Thus, it helps in easing off the worries of paying lump sum in one go. Now, get set to enjoy the technology.

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