Green Plastic Rubber Technology Beautifies & Betters Urban Environment, 3 R refers to slow up the use of resource-Reduce

Green Plastic Rubber Technology Beautifies & Betters Urban Environment, 3 R refers to slow up the use of resource-Reduce

Along with the progress of the society and the enhancing knowing of environmental protection of engineering plastics, the energy saving and environmental protection have become the development trend of plastic rubber industry. In order to efficiently improve productivity and competitiveness of items in plastic rubber enterprise, plastic rubber enterprises require more about the innovation, energy saving technologies and renewable and recyclable materials. And it is no doubt that the demand is rising with the rational growth of the society.

According to a new report of Freedonia, it has shown that global demand on biological base plastic was growing at an average of 35.1%. At the same time, it’s forecasted in 2013 it will reach highly 900000 tons. This rapid growth speed originates from the earnest demand of consumers to the development’s environmental protection products and biomass feedstock. Plastic rubber industry and its applications pay a lot more attention to green plastic industry. So, “CHINAPLAS International Plastic Rubber Display” will host a series of activities with “Green Manufacturing Creates Plastic future” as the theme during the annual exhibition in 2010. “CHINAPLAS 2010 International Plastic Rubber Exhibition” is held in order to promote the technologies of green plastic rubber sheet, because currently the energy saving and environmental protection have become the development trend of Ptfe rod industry.

“CHINAPLAS International Plastic Rubber Display” is world’s leading exchange platform on information and technologies of plastic rubber industry. It will discusses on how to realize the concept of environmental protection in 3 (3 R) in plastic rubber industry by now and in future. 3 R refers to reduce the use of resource-Reduce, reuse the resources-Reuse, and recycle it to reuse it-Recycle. “CHINAPLAS2010 International Plastic Rubber Display” will be held on 22nd in April only two weeks earlier than the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. At that time, the exhibition will echo the theme of “Better City, Better Life” of 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Meanwhile, it can be the key factor to further realize that green plastic rubber technologies beautifies urban environment and creates wonderful life in future. These measures will affect the silicone sheet production.

In order to advocate green concept that plastics rubber industry performs, “CHINAPLAS International Plastic Rubber Display” will spread green information in the show. The show will independently establish “green gas station”. It is mainly used to advocate practical knowledge about environmental protection, exceptional behaviors of environmental protection. What’s more, it will display the most advanced products and technologies of environmental plastic rubber.

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Blocking Urban Heat will Slow Global Warming says Online Think Tank

Blocking Urban Heat will Slow Global Warming says Online Think Tank

Everyone is now saying the Global Warming is Official? It is not really, but if that is the way human politics in the World want to play it then who is an Online Think Tank to deny the human civilizations from their typical fear tactics? Now then, although it is hard to convince a scientist that mankind is 100% at fault, most all agree that human pollution is at least a contributing factor to ambient atmospheric temperature increases.

So, the Online Think Tank has been asked to come up with a solution. And we have listed about 10 smart things that should be done; from planting 6-8 Billion Trees to having a talk with China to advancing Clean Coal Technologies to market on an upgraded timeline. Of course all this obvious ideas are not revolutionary and are pretty much obvious. Therefore we put on our thinking caps to come up with more.

About five years ago a member of our group who is not the Online Think Tank coordinator stated that we needed to worry about Urban Heat and the affect that all these paved roads and concrete was having on the temperatures. Sometimes 5-8 degrees hotter over large metro areas like Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Orlando and New York. The answer is to coat all the roads, parking lots, school black top and tops of buildings with a non-reflective absorbing coating.

We looked into for this. It is really neat stuff, I mean this stuff is cool. We used it for boat hulls, but if you could use it for the tops of buildings you might be able to carefully absorb or collect sunlight, maybe reflect it to capture it without heating up the surrounding ambient air temp.

Today we are the Online Think Tank, but tomorrow we will be the Urban Heat Buster!

I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.

“Lance Winslow” – Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is an online writer in retirement.

High Replication Costs of Blu-Ray Slow down The Growth

High Replication Costs of Blu-Ray Slow down The Growth

It is undeniable for the increasingly impressive growth percentage of Blu-ray. However, it is a totally different picture when focusing on the numbers.


Double and even treble digit growth is comparatively easy to achieve when starting from a small number, however the total sales for Blu-ray titles is still a mere fraction of DVD sales. Putting aside the quality issues for a minute (and ignoring the fact the most people need some guidance to appreciate the differences in the two formats), lets look at the cost differences between the two formats for an independent film distributor or corporate marketing agency. Although the bulk of sales of DVD have been generated by major titles, the number of DVDs created by independent distributors cannot be overlooked. This important sector of the market is responsible for a significant portion of the DVD replication business in terms of revenue. Partly due to the increased margin on lower volume runs but also due to the sheer number of boutique labels selling specialist films and documentaries via the internet. In addition to this let’s not forget the countless marketing and promotional DVDs that provide valuable revenue to DVD replication plants. These two markets have grown to significant sizes due in part to the low costs of DVD replication (though the pervasiveness of the format is a significant factor too). A run of 1000 DVDs can now cost less than £500 to produce which for a label selling a DVD retail at around the £10 mark means significant profit. For a corporate marketing budget this figure is also very favourable, making a DVD replication run almost a disposable commodity.


Compare this to figures for Blu-ray replication. To begin with no Blu-ray replication run can be undertaken without the expensive addition of AACS copy protection. Yes and that includes any run that is intended as a give away marketing product. Arguably in these cases the content creators would like the disc to be copied and given away so the justification for this additional cost is tenuous at best. This copy protection is insisted on by IP owners of the Blu-ray format, and although is designed to protect the feature film content the format was intended for, it has had the unintended side effect of delaying the acceptance of the format. It is also an important factor that the AACS licensing is not straightforward and acts as an extra obstacle to be overcome.


Then we come to the cost of actually making the discs. The DVD replication plants that invested in the better value option of HD DVD soon had to replace these with the much more expensive equipment required for Blu-ray replication. None of this new Blu-ray replication equipment was compatible with existing DVD replication lines so plants effectively had to start from scratch with this investment. This has meant that in order to have any hope of recouping the sizeable investment, plants have had to make the unit costs very high and typical minimum run sizes are well above the equivalent DVD replication minimums – usually 3000 units or more.


Blu-ray needs to reach critical mass and become a commoditised format in the way that DVD has become for it to have any hope of edging out the format in time. It’s looking like the delays in getting everyone to agree on the HD format of the future has meant Blu-ray has had less time to get established before the next contenders come along. Holographic, solid state device, streamed – whatever the content and data storage industries can agree on as the next generation will be here too soon for Blu-ray.


Jonathan Moore is a consultant to the Blu-ray, CD and DVD industry.

Dynamic Calm

Dynamic Calm

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The "For Sale" Miniseries
"Dynamic Calm" is the ninth photo in a miniseries that I recently started. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering all of my photographs available as prints on my website. I’ll be uploading one every weekday (except Friday), as usual, but you’ll find a lot more information on the photographs themselves – I might sneak in a few tutorials, quick tips, etc. It’ll be great for new and old photographers alike – If you have any friends who might be interested, be sure to let them know! I’ll be updating everything on my blog as well as my other social networks, so if you would prefer to follow it there, just click on one of the links above. 🙂

About "Dynamic Calm"
"Dynamic Calm" was taken from the Warners Bay foreshore. Warners Bay is a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia, and is located 15 kilometres from Newcastle’s central business district on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie. It was named after Jonathan Warner, who settled the area. The population of Warners Bay was 7,009 as at the 2006 census, with in excess of 615 businesses operating in the area.

Taking "Dynamic Calm"
Nikon D90 | Sigma 10-20mm
1 min 43 sec | f/13 | ISO100 | 11.5mm

Like Thursday’s upload, I took this shot after attempting a sunset at Dudley Beach (unfortunately the location didn’t quite work out). I saw that the clouds were starting to turn, so I quickly drove back to the Warners Bay Foreshore. Unfortunately most of the colour in the clouds had dissipated by the time I arrived, but nevertheless I hurriedly set up the tripod and composed this shot. Originally I went for a fairly standard shot (in terms of shutter speed), but I felt the slight ripples in the water were too distracting. So I grabbed the trusty ND filter, popped it on the end of my Sigma 10-20mm lens, and exposed for just over a minute and a half to get this shot.

Processing "Dynamic Calm"
Not much was wrong with this image. The left hand side was a little dark, so I used Adobe Camera Raw’s graduated effect filter sideways (horizontally?), to lighten up that portion of the photo. I cooled the image down slightly, but then decided to apply a warming filter in Photoshop (Photoshop’s warming filter produces a different effect compared to simply increasing the white balance temperature in Adobe Camera Raw). I had to clone out a few dust bunnies in the corners, and also one stray stick in the foreground which I was finding distracting. What are your thoughts on small cloning fixes like that? Leave a comment! 🙂


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