More than the sum of its parts: 2-mistakes-in-one shot + one normal 6×9 makes for a fantastic pano

More than the sum of its parts: 2-mistakes-in-one shot + one normal 6x9 makes for a fantastic pano

yup this was done on a 1936 6×9 manual wind rangefinder – it still has a lens that will kick dust in the eyes of any Canon or Nikon.

scanned to the films full resolution, this fine grain will render a 165megapixel image – an just less than the monstrous 6×17 cameras… wallpaper in a box. the stunning thing about the Ikonta is its folding bellows, so it is still the best quality : size / weight ratio of any consumer camera (i have to say "consumer" because i bet the military have something better, but only be a smidgen i’d say.perhaps a 8×10 version of this camera design with finegrain 3200 film if that is even possible?
scanned on an Imacon, this image, unedited renders a 1GB tif file. it take a while to open even on super computers, never mind a white iMac, so i hop you appreciate this one being in the stream 😉 i know i sure do.

the overlapping was due to the film not being advanced far enough to seperate the two frames. the lefthand side was also accidentally exposed twice. (no means on the camera to tell weather or not you’ve already hit the shutter.
the fact the hills line up in the middle is pure luck.

this must be one of my favorite shots – like top 10. and ive KNOW ive got more that 1000, possibly even close to 2000 photos on my hard drive.

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Philip Green Educational – Slide Set S44 – Computers

Philip Green Educational - Slide Set S44 - Computers

4 – This man is baking wafers of silicon in an oven to a temperature of about 1,000 degrees celsius. The silicon must be about 99.9999% pure before it can be made into chips. Elements are introduced to alter the way electricity will flow through the chips. The cleanest of manufacturing conditions are essential because the tiniest speck of dust can cause the chip to be useless.

*Taken from the Teachers’ Notes for this set.

Even after a ‘boil wash’ Neville handled his undies with the utmost caution…

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Kodachrome 25
November, 2010

update: I really need to clean my laptop screen, I apparently missed a whole bunch of dust because I thought it was my computer 🙁

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Day 086/365 – time for some dusting

Day 086/365 - time for some dusting

Okay, I need to dust my computer more often. . . .

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E39 BMW M5

E39 BMW M5

I took this picture off the internet so it isn’t mine but the original was kind of bland so I enhanced it a little bit 🙂

btw I edited this on my own computer not the online "auto-magical repair" thing that is a part of this site.

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