HTPC build in a SilverStone ITX case.

HTPC build in a SilverStone ITX case.

What a pain in the butt to build with this.

If you have fat fingers ask your wife or girlfriend to help.
First of all if you are installing a 140mm fan in this case say goodbye to placing a mechanical hard drive in this build. It doesn’t say it in the manual. I’m not even sure if you can have two SSDS with a 140mm fan.

No dust filter for your PSU. I need to add a filter to the PSU fan.

Use a SFX PSU! I have an ATX PSU and the wires are taking so much space I’m having a hard time placing a reference 780 card in it.

Overall it is small and makes a great HTPC, but be warned of the limitations.

Posted by E_milTakesPics on 2015-11-27 09:32:17

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