Cormorant silhouette…Am back finally,after a 5 month gap

Cormorant silhouette...Am back finally,after a 5 month gap

Hello everyone….Am back on flickr after quite a hibernation.Been an uneventful or rather,should i say eventful 5 months.Had been bogged down with exams and that followed up with some civil renovations back at home.With walls being razed down and dust flying around,i really havent had much time,to spend in front of the computer…Finally ,the net is up and it looks like things are falling back into place…Have a lot of catching up to do….Shall look into your photostreams soon.

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Another from today’s walk. Believe it or not, most of the Presidio, and a good chunk of all of western San Francisco, used to be made up of grasslands covering fields of sand dunes. The City put streets, houses, and Golden Gate Park on them, while the Army installed massive forests of Eucalyptus and other trees as a show of its power and ability, creating the landscape that still remains in the Presidio today. The Presidio Trust is currently in the process of restoring these native dunes to a small part of the park, seen here, which was formerly home to a Nike missile site.

I typically do very little processing on my photos, limiting myself to lens corrections and some adjustments to contrast, saturation, and white balance, as well as some removal of my pesky sensor dust. I don’t want to get into heavy processing in general, mostly because I enjoy the part where I’m out taking photos so much more than the time sitting in front of a computer. That said, I am trying to experiment a bit more, since it can be important to know from time to time. This shot was my overprocessing experiment for the day. I liked the shadow across the dunes, but there was just no way to get the exposure right without blowing out the sky. I opted for a bracketed exposure setting the main exposure for the dunes, and going down 2 and 4 stops for the other shots to get good detail in the sky. I used an HDR merge to combine the exposures as both a black and white set and a color set, adjusted the saturation to where I wanted it, and then overlaid the color version on top of the b&w. Finally, I made the color layer slightly transparent to get a bit of the gray to come through and give it a slightly washed out look, and merged the layers for the final image.

I certainly wouldn’t want to go through all that effort on a regular basis, especially with my terribly slow computer right now, but I had some fun with it for this shot.

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I have not manipulated this image-I didn’t notice the PURPLE coloured dust in the clouds until I uploaded onto the computer
all the grey cloud rolls seem to have the same colour in their bottom edge in all of the shots taken around this time.There has been very heavy chemtrail spraying recently

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Dynamic Calm

Dynamic Calm

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"Dynamic Calm" is the ninth photo in a miniseries that I recently started. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be covering all of my photographs available as prints on my website. I’ll be uploading one every weekday (except Friday), as usual, but you’ll find a lot more information on the photographs themselves – I might sneak in a few tutorials, quick tips, etc. It’ll be great for new and old photographers alike – If you have any friends who might be interested, be sure to let them know! I’ll be updating everything on my blog as well as my other social networks, so if you would prefer to follow it there, just click on one of the links above. 🙂

About "Dynamic Calm"
"Dynamic Calm" was taken from the Warners Bay foreshore. Warners Bay is a suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia, and is located 15 kilometres from Newcastle’s central business district on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie. It was named after Jonathan Warner, who settled the area. The population of Warners Bay was 7,009 as at the 2006 census, with in excess of 615 businesses operating in the area.

Taking "Dynamic Calm"
Nikon D90 | Sigma 10-20mm
1 min 43 sec | f/13 | ISO100 | 11.5mm

Like Thursday’s upload, I took this shot after attempting a sunset at Dudley Beach (unfortunately the location didn’t quite work out). I saw that the clouds were starting to turn, so I quickly drove back to the Warners Bay Foreshore. Unfortunately most of the colour in the clouds had dissipated by the time I arrived, but nevertheless I hurriedly set up the tripod and composed this shot. Originally I went for a fairly standard shot (in terms of shutter speed), but I felt the slight ripples in the water were too distracting. So I grabbed the trusty ND filter, popped it on the end of my Sigma 10-20mm lens, and exposed for just over a minute and a half to get this shot.

Processing "Dynamic Calm"
Not much was wrong with this image. The left hand side was a little dark, so I used Adobe Camera Raw’s graduated effect filter sideways (horizontally?), to lighten up that portion of the photo. I cooled the image down slightly, but then decided to apply a warming filter in Photoshop (Photoshop’s warming filter produces a different effect compared to simply increasing the white balance temperature in Adobe Camera Raw). I had to clone out a few dust bunnies in the corners, and also one stray stick in the foreground which I was finding distracting. What are your thoughts on small cloning fixes like that? Leave a comment! 🙂


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Big Ball of Fire

Big Ball of Fire

266 photos merged into one image. I broke out the telephoto lens for this one. (I’ve been using my wide angle a lot lately) I need to clean both of these lenses. There’s dust on the inside of the glass. Not cool. Has anyone taken apart a lens before? Should I just send it to the pros? I’ve sent my camera to Canon to be fixed, hoping the $200 minimum will cover the damages. My computer is working now, there’s still some kinks but I’m hoping I’ll be able to work them out. It’s a lot faster now, with twice the ram and processing cores.

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"The shock of other people’s lives. The truth of another life, the blow, the impact…The shock, the power of an ordinary life. It is a thing you could not invent with banks of computers in a dust-free room."

Don DeLillo, Underworld

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The Wind In My Heart

The Wind In My Heart

The wind in my heart
The dust in my head
The dust in my head
The wind in my heart
The wind in my heart
(come to) drive them away
Drive them away.
– by Talking Heads from the song Listening Wind

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(Copyright © R. Childers All rights reserved.)

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In an episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon devises a list of chores or favours her boyfriend can carry out for her, and a corresponding list of points he gains for doing so. One of these is "Listening to me describe my dream." It’s true: for some people, there are few things more boring than listening to someone else talk about their dream. I don’t think this is because dreams are uninteresting, but they are nebulous and vague and these characteristics probably infect the stories we tell about them. But if you are one of those people: no need to continue reading.

I was six years old the first time I had this nightmare. It recurred about a dozen times over the sixteen years that followed, but it hasn’t happened for almost five years now. In it, I was faced with two physical incarnations of my mother, both of whom claimed to be the real thing and decried the other as an impostor. Each would tell me how much they loved and cared for me. Unable to tell which one was true, I fled, my little dream-face covered in snot and tears. I found myself running through a network of caves and caverns which were not brown in colour but a purplish-blue, like in the computer games I played and at that age. There I found my maternal grandmother and ran into her arms. She asked me what was wrong but, before I could explain, my grandmother’s clone emerged from the shadows making the same consoling noises. I screamed and tried to run, and then I awoke.

The most memorable recurrence of this dream happened when I was fourteen or fifteen. In it, I was walking to the kitchen of the family home, laid out in my dream exactly as it is in reality. On my approach, I could see my Mum talking across the table to someone who wasn’t yet in my view. I remember thinking that it must be her friend Kate. When I entered to see The Double, I turned and ran for the front door of the house. I remember thinking, within the dream, "I’m having this nightmare again." I took the only route from the kitchen to the front door and was not overtaken, but there I was met with a(nother?) double who grabbed me. I awoke.

I haven’t had this nightmare of Doubles since I was 21, but it was replaced by another recurring nightmare. I first experienced it two years ago, and maybe ten times since then. There is no narrative or plot: only an image which isn’t always there. The image is of me, suspended and floating in a huge expanse of white space. The only change to occur is that the ‘camera’ may pan out until I am invisible, to reveal the boundless vastness of this space. The feeling that accompanies this vision is one of the most frightening and unpleasant I’ve ever felt. There is some sense of a task that needs to be completed, but which is so immense that to dedicate a lifetime to it would be to its completion as a mote of dust is to the Earth. The terror is sustained but has the illusion of change, like a shepard tone (which would make a fine soundtrack to the dream). Because there is no culmination, I don’t wake up suddenly. When I do finally awake, the sheets are drenched with sweat and I’m drenched with the relief that it’s over. I’ve never had this dream when when I fall asleep sober, or when I fall asleep with someone else. Sadly the same can’t be said for all nightmares.

Why does the mind do such things? Turn on us, rend us, dig the claws in. If you get hungry enough, they say, you start eating your own heart. Maybe it’s much the same.” – Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Image: London, 2007.
Words: Glasgow, 2012.

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The Fisherman (Explored)

The Fisherman (Explored)

Explore #494

Taken with a Canon 24-105L

I saw this photo on the way back from a failed attempt at a sunrise but the sun was far too high by this point, so I decided to go back the next morning and see what I could come up with. However when I reviewed the images on the back of the camera (I wouldn’t usually do this to judge what an image looks like but I didn’t have my computer with me) I wasn’t happy; the composition of the sunshade, the sun and the fisherman (not that I could do much about that) were all wrong and the exposure was too long creating more lens flare than I wanted.
So I thought that I’d pay the location another visit on our last morning and I’m glad that I did; I got there with plenty of time to set the camera up and compose my image and I really couldn’t have placed the fisherman in a better position!!!

Apart from dust busting two spots of dirt this is SOOC!

This is my last photo from Turkey (there may be one or two more at a later date), hopefully I’ll have some new stuff next week!

Best viewed large, press l

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