53/365 – When Siblings go Bored.

53/365 - When Siblings go Bored.

February 22nd, 2008

Today was just, whoa.
I woke up at 6:35 AM where I got greeted with a sore throat, a stuffy nose and a friggen headache. I made myself food and sat down and watched countless horror movies until I got bored and went and turned my computer on.

GUESS WHAT GUYS?! I FINALLY cleaned my room. Well…I still have to sweep and "dust". But my form of dusting is getting a wet wash cloth and scooping up all the dust on my fan blades and other objects around my room, like my bookcase or vanity. It’s currently 9:01 PM and you’re probably surprised why I’m doing this pretty early compared to when I normally upload.

The past couple days I’ve been waking up at 3 AM and going to bed at 5 PM. But today I stayed up because my attention was on my room. I got mostly everything off my floor. My closet is semi organized and I think I cleaned up pretty well. Now all I have to tackle is my night stand, my bookcase and that huge table in my room. My mom put this long table in my room because we got a new dining room table. She put it in here a while ago and it’s been taken over by clothes, boxes, various posters and purses and such. Underneath it is even worse. Boxes and Boxes of packed stuff along with 2 large trash bags that have the rest of my stuffed animals in them. Underneath the table is also where the cold vent is located. Since my room is RIGHT ABOVE the garage, the vent over by my 2 windows lets alot of cold air in my room. Where as, if I have a ton of shit piled there, it wont be as cold in my room like it normally would.

Besides all that, Heather stopped over today. It was only for about 5 minutes but we got to see her. I kinda got mad because she didn’t give me a hug before she left. She just….left. Since I am a really lovey dovey kinda person, I always like hugs. I hate when people pull away. I’ll give them a hug and they’ll just think it’s gonna be a quick one. I, however love long big bear hugs. I don’t know…I’ve been really stressed out with the whole water being off and John going through girls.

truth: I get mad over the stupidest little things. I get mad if John doesn’t have any shirts to wear to school and he goes in my room and takes one of mine. I also get mad when my mom keeps bugging me to do shit over and over and over again. I get pissed when I’m in my room having a good time blasting my favourite music and my mom comes in and closes my door. I get mad when people don’t appreciate me. I get mad when people don’t like to hug me or get close to me. I get extremely mad when I see something kickass online that I want and I don’t have the money to get. eh; I’m a party pooper, but I can be pretty amazing at times.

Plus, on a side note, John and I haven’t really been talking to Mom. She’s been too interested in her damn computer then us. The only time she gets up is when she wants to smoke, go to the bathroom or eat. But frankly, I haven’t been seeing her eat so who knows if she even is. Meanwhile, we pretty much ran out of TV dinners, there’s only one left, plus those tiny waffles, which I kinda think were pointless to buy.

I still haven’t bathed since getting back from the Radisson and I’m getting sick of having no water. It literally sucks. All the dishes and cups are all piled in the kitchen and we ran out of plastic silverware and those cheap party cups. So, I am currently using the same cup over and over again. It might sound gross but, eh; what are you gonna do, ya know?

We make the best with what we got.

Tomorrow I hope I will bathe, dust/sweep my room, paint my nails [again] and uhhh Hang some posters and get creative.

I find it funny how every person on Flickr has their rooms looking "lived in" We’ve been here for 3 years or so and some stuff are still packed in boxes. We recently packed more stuff in boxes because we were supposedly moving but things got mixed up and now we’re waiting on that damn pending appeal. You wouldn’t believe how many empty clothes hangers I found in my closet. By empty I mean, not being used.

So yeah, I’m gonna probably go to bed. I’ll finish everything tomorrow and hopefully be a little better on the emotion side. <3

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No Direction Home

No Direction Home

"No Direction Home" . . .

I’ve always loved jumping straight onto the computer to begin editing after my photoshoot and last nights shoot was no exception. I’ve had this loose concept of orphaned siblings in my mind for so long now, it’s extremely wonderful that I actually managed to get it all together and off the ground. I have joyfully and unceasingly been editing this photograph through last night and all of today. Normally I would wait a day or two to publish incase I spot any mistakes I didn’t catch but this time I just can’t keep my fingers from hitting that little blue ‘publish’ button.

A HUGE thank you to my models – Aria, Zenya, Oscar and Xavier. They put up with crazy winds, dust and ash on their faces, itchy grass and a whole lot more.
I also have to say a massive thank you to everyone behind the scenes who helped me, which include but not limited to – Whitney Foster Photography who is not only my dear and wonderful friend but also my true photography companion. Em who is usually the one modelling for me but this time was holding down the fort with her brother and sister in law, Dan and Amanda who are also the parents of Xavier and Oscar.
Last but certainly not least, a thank you to my friend Ellen who made the Costume Aria, the eldest, is wearing. She is a FANTASTIC costume designer and helped me out of a tight spot as I had nothing for Aria to wear with only two days to spare. Check out her instagram @sharpscissors for more of her amazing work.

It may not be what I usually create but I’m happy with the outcome and I hope you guys are too.

Till next time folks … x

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Brother Sister Quotes For Your Lovely Siblings

Brother Sister Quotes For Your Lovely Siblings

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In addition to this it’s not merely their enormous grasp and ease that we will miss the most, it is the laughter and the pleasant times that we had squander jointly and a number of stunning moments, that are probably we missed the largely. There are numerous of the adorable, comical or lovely brother sister quotes, which will certainly put your mind to moment in time when you had, squander several of the most huge time in the company of our brother and sister, no matter how long it has been while you two met up.

So, read these breath-taking brother sister quotes to share your sentiment with your our brother and sister. In this mean globe there is no buddy like your siblings, which will facilitate you in tranquil or cruel climate, to cheer you on the unexciting or tiresome mode, to go and get you reverse on right track if you are going on incorrect track, help you to stand up you if you are stumble down, to make stronger whilst you stands.
There are millions of websites on net which will make available for you thousands of brother and system quotation marks. With the help of these quotation marks one can easily express their emotion to their brother or sister who is extreme far away by means of text message. These brother sister quotes gathering are enjoyed by countless number of siblings to demonstrate their love to one another.

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