psycho bitch / moon shadow

psycho bitch / moon shadow

My Past

So I began thinking about my childhood, because I very seldom think about it now, and it’s very rare that I even talk about it. And I have to give it a lot of thought, to remember it though the perception of young eyes, because I guess I was so jaded for so long, I had narrowed my perspective to some type of tunnel vision.

And that’s the whole problem with memory, it has to divide itself up into compartments, just like on the computer. And you have little file icons in there, which you label, and maybe even color code for easy reference. But it doesn’t take long to collect way too much useless information.

But for some reason you think that this stuff is real valuable, because there are some applications in there, so like you back it up often. And every once in a while, you even go in there and reorganize, so you can revisit your data. You make new folders, and put folders in folder in folders, and sort by date.

But you know that sort is optional, because there are many ways to view it, like sort by emotion. And you also know, that is a two or three level, ascending or descending sort, before you can get it even close to what you desire. Cause mostly you just look at the bottom line, and hope it’s not in the red, with those minus figures with the parenthesis around it.

But the more comfortable you get with your machine, the better you get with the shortcuts. And after a while, you realize that you’ve backed that sucker up, just one too many times, and you can trash about three-quarters of what’s in there. And that is a brave thing to do. I mean both put it in the trash, but leave it there just in case. And then finally, because you really need the memory for something else, you empty the trash, and watch the little icon spin around.

And that’s it. It’s gone. And now you have to rely totally on backup, and just hope and pray that nothing ever happens to that. But after it gets a goodly amount of dust on it, like you haven’t touched it in years, you can go ahead and toss that too. Because I’ll clue you in, no use holding on to it, it’s disintegrated, and is totally useless by now.

Which is what it was to begin with. ~ me

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Meet my 1940s Ansco Rediflex viewfinder camera. This little guy has been a good mate to me over the last two years, coming on many a shoot, capturing the world and transporting it back in time using the TTV Technique.
This viewfinder will be the main subject and theme of my Project 1/52, a year long assignment created by Johanna Brunet capture one photo per week for 52 weeks. Around 50 photographers have taken on this venture, all choosing a theme and subject and challenging ourselves to create unique images each week with it.
I attempted a similar project just over a year ago, to take 3 photos a day for a year, but that fell apart quickly.. 3 photos a day is way to ambitious for someone who spends a lot of time behind a computer, editing!! One a week.. now that’s a lot more realistic and motivating 🙂

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To some, a computer screen is nothing more than this: a giant blurry incomprehensible blob. It is astonishing how technology can simply pass us right by, and we can stand there, left in its dust.

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Another from today’s walk. Believe it or not, most of the Presidio, and a good chunk of all of western San Francisco, used to be made up of grasslands covering fields of sand dunes. The City put streets, houses, and Golden Gate Park on them, while the Army installed massive forests of Eucalyptus and other trees as a show of its power and ability, creating the landscape that still remains in the Presidio today. The Presidio Trust is currently in the process of restoring these native dunes to a small part of the park, seen here, which was formerly home to a Nike missile site.

I typically do very little processing on my photos, limiting myself to lens corrections and some adjustments to contrast, saturation, and white balance, as well as some removal of my pesky sensor dust. I don’t want to get into heavy processing in general, mostly because I enjoy the part where I’m out taking photos so much more than the time sitting in front of a computer. That said, I am trying to experiment a bit more, since it can be important to know from time to time. This shot was my overprocessing experiment for the day. I liked the shadow across the dunes, but there was just no way to get the exposure right without blowing out the sky. I opted for a bracketed exposure setting the main exposure for the dunes, and going down 2 and 4 stops for the other shots to get good detail in the sky. I used an HDR merge to combine the exposures as both a black and white set and a color set, adjusted the saturation to where I wanted it, and then overlaid the color version on top of the b&w. Finally, I made the color layer slightly transparent to get a bit of the gray to come through and give it a slightly washed out look, and merged the layers for the final image.

I certainly wouldn’t want to go through all that effort on a regular basis, especially with my terribly slow computer right now, but I had some fun with it for this shot.

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53-365 Alberts Adventures on Webcam

53-365 Alberts Adventures on Webcam

Day 53 and Albert battles technology again.

With another forecast of snow on the way, Albert didn’t want o leave the house, so he could enjoy it in all its glory. However as Albert has been away the last few days, he has not seen Sally, and thought he better make an effort to see her.

So he dusted off an old webcam, and set to work installing it on the computer. As we all know from previous adventures, Albert plus computers equals disaster waiting to happen. While installing the software, Albert managed to corrupt his computer and had to take it to PC world to get it fixed.

They were very friendly there, and even set his webcam up for him for a small price. But this was of no concern to Albert, as he could of spent the next week trying to set it up. Once he got it home, he went straight online to Sally to have a video conversation which lasted the rest of the evening. Through all the stress and distractions, Albert had missed the snow, which had melted within a few hours of landing.

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Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon

I actually shot this at sunset, when I brought it into my computer, I thought the color was rather dull… so I brought it down to a tungsten WB.. I also removed a couple of birds from the photo as they just looked like sensor dust..

Ohh.. and I dare you to push L 😉

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