How To Sell Structured Settlement

How To Sell Structured Settlement

If you’re asking yourself how to sell structured settlment monthly payments, so you can turn your payments into one lump sum instead of dripping the monthly payments in for the rest of your life, then do your research.

You’ll want to find the best company offering the best quote.  That’s the bottom line right?  Don’t you want to get the most for your money?

Of course you do.

We know it’s hard to trust a lawyer. Oh wow, that’s another whole article in and of itself.

I chose to write this article on how to sell structure settlement payments because I knew it would be a big issue with most sellers.  No one trusts a lawyer right? With that being said, then it’s just common sense smart to do your own research.

There’s one more major fact to consider.  We know, that you know, that we know, lol… because you know, and I know, there are some trust brokers.  There has to be.  It just makes sense.  So how do you find the best structured settlement broker. 

In order to sell structured settlement payments, asking how is smart.  You start by:


1. Start here.  Research all the biggest and smalled names in the industry. If this means you pour over 20 pages of google search then do it. 


2.  Get quotes from literally 20 or more structured settlements companies.  Not to confuse the issue, but so that you can begin to see the big picture.  This will help you understand how the industry works in case you have more questions.


3. Once you gather your quote, to see how much your settlement is worth in one lump sum, the next step is to… please be careful when you call each of them. Don’t be hard-sold quickly. Make sure you’re determined not to be sold, until a second call back once you’ve chosen using the information collected from your research.


Keep in mind that the biggest brokers are not always the best considering they have more overhead, not always the most skill.


Good luck with your search of the best structured settlement companies.  You deserve to get the most for your money!  Why settle for less?


If you’re wondering how to sell structured settlement payments then contact Sovereign Funding. They actually encourage you to shop the competition which is an honest approach and very cool.  Selling structured settlements has never been easier or more profitable. 

Sell Your Structured Settlement For Cash And Live Financially Secure

Sell Your Structured Settlement For Cash And Live Financially Secure

In these tough economic times, more people are investigating the opportunities available to them to sell structured settlements. If you are interested in selling your structured settlement, there are a few things that you will want to look out for first. Just because a company advertises on television and claims that they are the best company to Sell Your Structured Settlement to, this does not make it true. You are going to want to do your research, develop a plan and stick to it. When you do this, you will be sure that you are making the best choice for you and your family when it comes time to sell your structured settlement. Any time you opt to sell your structured settlement, annuity or lottery winnings, it is often a life-changing decision, as you will be coming into a very large sum of money very quickly.

Therefore, you want to find an insurance company, settlement broker or finance company that can help you sell your structured settlement. You will want to find one that has superior customer service as well as an excellent reputation. Customer service is vital, because it is often an excellent indicator of the overall treatment you will receive in that specific company. In addition, you will want to find a structured settlement buyer that understands your goals, why you want to sell your structured settlement, and are willing to work with you to help you achieve your goals. It is also imperative that you find a positive professional that will help you develop a working financial plan that will meet all of your needs and your lifestyle. This way, you are more assured of having a long-term financial plan that coincides with the goals that you set forth for yourself, and you will live comfortably and happily for the rest your life.

In addition, you will want to find a structured settlement buyer that has an excellent reputation, and will offer you the best option available for your specific situation. It is vital that you pay very close attention to each offer and what it entails, as you do not want to put yourself in a financially burdensome situation following the selling of your structured settlement. In addition, it is imperative that you find out what your specific state’s laws are when it comes to the selling of structured settlements or annuities. Every state is different, so you are going to want to sell your structured settlement to a company that will adhere to the laws of your state, ensuring that you do not incur any legal repercussions. When it is time for you to sell your structured settlement, it is important for you to understand that it is a life-changing decision. Although it is very exciting to receive such a large sum of money all at once, and that it will help you with your current financial situation, it is important that you are prepared and aware of the pros and cons associated with selling your structured settlement. This way, you will be able to sell your structured settlement for cash, and provide you and your family with the financial freedom and security that you want, need and deserve.

J.L. Thompson works with both individual investors looking to buy structured settlements and companies from around the U.S. to ensure you get the most for you settlement or annuity.Sell Your Structured Settlement

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Structured Settlement Annuity – Quote Structured Settlement

Structured Settlement Annuity – Quote Structured Settlement

Many times it happens that an unfortunate incident shock when you are not prepared for it, like a nightmare you wake from sleep blessed. And like everything that is bad, not the demon come knocking at your door. It ‘just then barges impact on some things that need to be addressed for a long time. An accident or other unfortunate incident involves not only the person in question and leave. He leaves a lasting impressionto eliminate the light, which in the rest of life.

– Structured Settlement Annuity

Imagine a picnic on Sunday, ending in a terrible accident. The family is happy after a day of return, a man under the influence of rams in the car. Fortunately, all are good, but the machine is broken and the head of the family in the driver loses his limbs. Then follow the legal difficulties and the provision of cash settlement. In a situation like this, instead of compensation in a lump sum paymentis the time that happens in a period, ie the structured settlement system. This will ensure that life does not go completely off the rails, but it is a support for one to lean on during the time while on the road to recovery. The quote settlement structured settlement is a great idea when it comes to problems, etc., where there are cases of lost jobs, a divorce if a person working in a situation not

– Structured Settlement Annuity

Everything that is said and done, it can also a case whereyou need money at once. Where exceptional circumstances require more than provide for the payment. Imagine a situation where, after a settlement, there is a medical emergency at home or in huge business losses which it is hoped, however remains in good. If a situation occurs, such as location of people to sell at the peak of the lump sum to generate the billing. This portrays the need for mediators and other aid. You must be very careful in selectingaid and is always advisable to check a site before any moves are made to work. It ‘s always better to speak to a solution financial analyst who will help you calculate the price and then offer help for the structure.


How to Obtain a Free Quote For Purchasing Your Structured Settlement

How to Obtain a Free Quote For Purchasing Your Structured Settlement

A structured settlement is a series of payments made to an injured party as part of a court award. Structured settlements are payable over time and the terms of those payments, which may be two or three, or spread out over twenty years, are dictated by the court system.

But what about when you need the money faster than you are getting it? Is there a way to get the money in a lump sum so that medical bills and other expenses can be paid in full? The answer is, it depends.

There are literally thousands of companies known as settlement funding companies or settlement investors who make it their business to purchase your structured settlement payments for a reduced cash price, or lump sum payment. These companies will work with you to determine the actual value of your settlement, what fees you would be responsible for and help you gain approval from the court to sell your structured settlement payments.

There’s a fee? Absolutely. An investor is in the business of loaning money for a profit, much like your bank does, except the investor is looking for greater returns on his or her investment. There are many complicated financial fundamentals at play when purchasing structured settlements, but the bottom line is, fees can range anywhere from 30% to 50% or more of the overall settlement, which is pretty steep, but is potentially worth it if creditors are calling daily.

Many of these companies are online and will offer you a free quote as far as the money you would be able to expect to receive and the fees associated with the transaction by simply completing a short online form. That form is generally followed up with a brief conversation with a staff member who can discuss options with you so that you can choose the best plan for you.

Be wary of any company that wants to charge you an upfront fee for obtaining a quote. Most reputable companies will earn their money on the back end of the transaction, through receiving your payments. The quote you receive from them should be free. If not, look elsewhere.

For more information or a free quote for a lump sum cash payment on your structured settlement, contact Professional Settlement Buyers

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Getting A Quote On A Structured Settlement

Getting A Quote On A Structured Settlement

If you are interested in getting a quote on a structured settlement, then do some research. There are a lot of companies out there to choose from.  Who will give you the biggest quote?  Who will be the most “trusted”?

It’s never easy deciding on which company to use, especially if it concerns a great deal of money. Your structured settlement is your investment. It’s something owed to you, that will secure your future.

However, when you’re dealing with monthly payments vs. a lump sum it can be hard to live with.  You can’t always afford to live on a small monthly payment. 

Getting a quote on a structured settlement is a smart idea, but don’t just get one quote, get more than 10 quotes. If you don’t shop around, you might end up with less money than you could have gotten from another reputable broker.

It’s typical that the bigger companies don’t give the best quotes.  Often they have more overhead than the mid-size or smaller corporations.  Be careful when shopping the competition. Don’t be hard pressed to sign on the dotted line that very second.

If I were getting a quote on a structured settlement, I would consider it top priority to go in and do as much research as possible as to who is the better company. 

Getting a quote is a serious matter.  Go ahead and tell the companies you’re calling, that you are shopping the competition.  You’re in for a big surprise. 

Consider buying a house without looking at other houses. That would be silly right?  Or consider buying a car without looking at other vehicles.  That would also be silly.  It’s no different than anything else.  Getting a quote on a structured settlement, getting the best quote, can mean thousands of dollars depending on the size of your total settlement. It can make a huge difference to your bottom line to get the best possible quote!

I certainly wouldn’t buy anything without shopping around. What happens is this…we’re desperate and some brokers will “play” off that desperation.  Usually people who sell their structured settlements need money fast. They’re willing to take substantially less just to get their money in one lump sum. That’s not really fair is it?

So if you’re going to have to share your money, you may as well find someone who will give you the very best quote, and not cheat you!  Getting a large amount of money at one time is a blessing, be careful it doesn’t turn into a curse.



Sovereign Funding is a trusted source for getting a quote on a structured settlement.  Getting a quote on a structured settlement becomes easier once you speak to David Springer, CEO and President of Sovereign Funding.  David is a professional, a family-first type of personality, and a truly compassionate person.  I know it’s hard to believe but you can really trust some people. David will get you the best quote on your structured settlement, guaranteed.