Positive Ways to Increase Feelings of Self Worth

Positive Ways to Increase Feelings of Self Worth

What is self-worth? Well self-worth is a belief in yourself, a positive belief that you are as worthy as anybody else. You must remember that people from all walks of life might have the negative belief that they are not worth much. For example you could be as rich as Croesus, but if you don’t like yourself you will probably end up taking hard drugs, drinking too much hard liquor and other harmful activities that will eventually kill you.

On the other hand you might come from a working class family, but have great respect for yourself and rise from obscurity into great fame and fortune. A good example of someone with self-worth is Rosa Lewis (1867-1952, a British chef and owner of the Cavendish Hotel, Jermyn Street, London. Rosa left school at 12 and went into domestic service. She worked herself up from scullery maid into a first class chef. She cooked for Edward VIII and one of her employers was Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill’s mother. She was also called the “Queen of Cooks” by the renowned chef August Escoffier who, she claimed, taught her to cook. So it is important to remember that self-worth is an essential feeling within yourself and not something you can acquire from outside influences.

Below are positive ways to increase feelings of self-worth:

Having a goal/s is a great way to get self-worth. If you have a goal do something each day, however minor, to achieve it.
Do not feel guilty for the past. What I mean is don’t feel guilty for some minor upset you may have caused someone in the past. Learn self-forgiveness because we all make mistakes.
Before retiring to bed, write something down that you feel delighted about that you have done in the past or present.
It is always a good idea to communicate to someone how much you appreciate them. The person will appreciate your honesty and you will feel noble because of it.
It is important to learn the ability to say “no” without upsetting the person requesting.
Don’t let people take advantage of you. This may be hard at first but if you want people to respect you and to gain self-worth you can’t let people walk all over you.
Don’t procrastinate. If you want to do something, do it. For example if you want to learn a new skill do it now or otherwise you never will. Procrastination makes you feel ashamed of yourself which is not good for feelings of self-worth.

The above 7 positive suggestions to increase your self-worth are just some ways of helping you become that positive person you want to be. Don’t delay, go out and be that person of ACTION you want to be!

Belinda Daly a master practitioner in NLP, hypnosis, and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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How to Motivate Yourself – Effective Self Motivation Techniques

How to Motivate Yourself – Effective Self Motivation Techniques
Do you always find yourself putting thing off and lack of motivation to do the works you are supposed to do? If you answer yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share with you 10 simple steps on how to motivate yourself.

If you want to be successful in life, you need self motivation. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a job or doing your own business, self motivation is needed to propel yourself to move forward and doing the thing you are supposed to do.

Remember that we are all in the selling business whether we like it or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lawyer or an accountant, a manager or a politician, an engineer or a doctor. We all spend a great deal of our time trying to persuade people to buy our product or service, accept our proposals or merely accept what we say.

Without self motivation, you are not going to be able to move forward in anything that you do.

Here are 10 simple steps to help you cultivate and nurture self-motivation:

1. Read self help books or listen to tapes that can give you great inspirations. For me personally, I love to buy those self help tapes that I can play and listen in my car. The inspirational materials covered in these self help books or CDs can be very inspirational.

2. Just do it – Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. We all make mistakes in our life, this is a normal thing. Don’t make this stops you. If you make mistake, don’t dwell on it, learn from it and move on.

3. Embrace changes. Today, we are living in a very fast-paced and fast-changing world, those who refuse to embrace changes will be left behind. So, embrace changes and move with them.

4. Step out of your comfort zone. Most people feel comfortable to stay inside their comfort zone even they know that they need to step out if they want to move into the next level. If you want to develop your self motivation, try to step out from your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to test your own ability, give yourself a chance to succeed.

5. Complete the project that you have started. If you have started a project, finish it. Do not do something half way and leave it hanging. Finish whatever that you have started.

6. Stay away from negative people. Have you heard of the term: “Birds of the same feathers flock together”? You see, if you stay with negative people, you will become negative too. So, stay away from these people. Gather with people who have positive mindset and are self motivated.

That’s it. We have just shared with you some great tips on how to develop and cultivate self-motivation, make sure you use the tips. Don’t waste them. If you put these tips in practice, I guarantee that you would become a more motivational individual. You will become an individual that is not afraid to take chances to achieve what you want in life. Try them out today, they can work wonder for you.

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Best Breast Enhancement Enhances Self Confidence

Best Breast Enhancement Enhances Self Confidence

Are you looking for the best breast enhancement procedure? If your answer is affirmative, then you need to choose which product or program is suitable for you and your requirement. Some of the common reasons such as weight reduction, natural aging and the aftermath of nursing or breast feeding can result in sagging, drooping and dehydration of breast tissue. Firmer and fuller breasts work to make a woman look and feel beautiful and sexy. Since breasts work to attract males, women look for well sized and shaped breasts. Best breast enhancement procedure not only provides firmer and fuller breasts, but also reduces the chances of appearing side-effects.

Breast enlargement procedures

Breasts enlargement procedures are designed for those women who perceived to have underdeveloped breasts. They increase breast size and/or volume. Some of the common reasons responsible for underdeveloped breasts include child birth, weight fluctuation and hormonal changes. For breast enlargement procedures, a number of breast augmentation doctors are available. But they refuse to operate if the patients have normal size breasts. In fact, the desire of having fuller and firmer breasts has impelled women to explore the best breast enhancement procedures.

Fishing out best breast augmentation doctors

To find out highly educated and well qualified breast augmentation doctors, women need to make extensive search through the internet. They carry out breast augmentation procedure to enlarge the size of underdeveloped breasts with ease and at economical rates. For quick recovery, patients need to follow instructions given by healthcare providers. Doctors ask their patients to avoid activities which put pressure on the breasts. Apart from vital advantages, some disadvantages are also associated with breast enhancement procedures.

Cost of the best breast enhancement procedure

The cost of breast enlargement treatment is not covered by any insurance plans; therefore the entire cost is bear by the patients themselves. The procedure is a little bit expensive; therefore people are asked to search a reputed and established doctors. Apart from least fee, they carry out the surgery to attain best results. So, do not get late. Just make search and see results.

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Consider Spirituality in Developing Self Confidence

Consider Spirituality in Developing Self Confidence

Our development is continuous from the moment we were conceived until the last seconds of our stay.

Nothing comes from nothing. And everything will eventually go to nothing. But unless we have turned into void everything would still be subject to improvement. If we have missed in childhood all the developments we were bound to undergo then adulthood is never too late to give them a shot. All it would take is to gather everything in one heap and toss them all in one try with fingers crossed hoping that all would end well. 

The end is never the end of it all though. Depending on your treatment of things, the end might as well be considered as the beginning. The start of a new trial.

All we need is to take the positive attitude and make ourselves believe that some things are meant to fail on our first trials and then luck would follow us.

Our route for development is always towards a specific goal. And since nothing comes from nothing, it is unarguable that we were innately confident. We were all entitled to confidence  unless we turn away from this gift, which by the way is the normal reaction of most people who have failed on their initial shot.

Self confidence roots from our inner drive to excel, to show the world how well a man should treat life and how to manipulate the attributes that one is endowed with.

From our birth comes the weak foundation of our inner self confidence. We are then responsible of intensifying this fortress as we age. Being unable to do so is a form of disregard towards the precious gifts that accompany self confidence. 

If you failed to develop your self confidence as a child then think of it as a loss that you must learn from. Now, all you have to do is to muster all strength so you can start anew. You have a lifetime to change the course of your life, you have been given all the stock you need to get your world moving. Only if you would realize how beautiful your blueprints are then you could appreciate the worth you have.

If being you, as the created manifestation of God’s love is not enough for to convince you of how worthy you are, then think only of this- God took time to conceptualize everything that you are now.

Imagine, the Divine Being gave you the favor of His eternity. Then you, the creature would put all these to waste because you had failures that you cant get over with? Because you had failures that let you see the imperfections you created for yourself? Because your failures caused you to be less confident of your own beauty? Think again. Heap all your memories and let the best times shine and you will see how wonderfully you were created.

If you do not believe in all these then you might come to realize that for your own sake and happiness, you have to encourage yourself and continue the development that has for long been stunted.

Developing self confidence is never that hard to do if you truly believe that you can develop. The problem though is that you are creating too many walls against yourself and the development even before you have started your attempts. These walls would not only hamper you to see the other side of yourself but would also cause you not to jump over your present negative domain.

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Timeless Wisdom On Self Confidence, Video 1

Timeless Wisdom On Self Confidence, Video 1
Self-Esteem: Developing A Strong Belief In Yourself

Inevitably in life, we will face disapproval or rejection from others. It might be a family member, friend, employer, or even a stranger. They might disagree with the way we live our lives, the decisions we make for ourselves, or even who we are. They might belittle our dreams, criticize our goals, or make hurtful comments that reveal a low opinion of us. These experiences can be quite painful, because we all want to be liked and accepted. We all want to be supported and nurtured and loved by those around us.

Being rejected or ridiculed by others (especially if it’s a frequent occurrence) can cause us to question our own self-worth and value as a person. We begin to wonder if maybe they’re right. Maybe we’re not lovable enough, or talented enough, or “good” enough to be accepted. Following this line of thought for any length of time can be incredibly damaging to our self-confidence.

While it’s normal to have a few moments of uncertainty when we are rejected, the worst thing we can do is internalize the negativity we receive from others. Just because someone has a low opinion of us does not mean we have to accept it as our truth. They can only come to their conclusions by looking at us from the outside. They don’t feel our feelings, think our thoughts, or experience the things we have in our lives. They are seeing us from a completely different perspective than our own.

To complicate matters even further, their own life experiences, thoughts, and feelings can easily be projected onto us, so they may see something that doesn’t truly exist, except in their own mind.

So, how do we overcome this? How do we avoid letting other people’s negativity erode our belief in ourselves? There are three major points to keep in mind:

1) Reinforcement = Strength. Think of positive thoughts as the antidote to any negativity that comes your way. Feed your mind empowering, positive thoughts daily, preferably several times a day – and most especially after you encounter negativity from another. The stronger you can build up your belief in yourself, the less you will care about others who insult you, ridicule you, or reject you. You won’t be looking to others for your sense of validation or approval, because you will already have your OWN approval.

2) Conserve Your Energy. While it might be tempting to try to explain, defend, or prove yourself to someone who rejects you, this is usually a waste of your time and energy. Once someone forms an opinion of you, they are unlikely to change it. The more you try to change their minds, the more stubbornly they will dig their heels in and resist. So, simply release your need to prove yourself and accept that they are entitled to their opinions. Their comments and opinions cannot detract from your belief in yourself, unless you allow them to.

3) Limit Your Exposure. Once a person reveals their negative opinion or directs hurtful comments your way, you might want to avoid spending excessive time with them in the future. This becomes more difficult if it is a family member that you can’t just shut out of your life completely. But you can still set boundaries and limit the amount of time you are faced with negativity.

Finally, remember that no one else can define you, or live your life for you, or take away the beauty and uniqueness that is you. They may try, but they won’t be successful unless you allow it.

If you instead choose to turn away from the negativity and focus on building a solid foundation of belief in yourself, the negative comments will cease to matter to you. You will go on to create a fulfilling, successful life that reflects exactly who you are, regardless of what others say or do.

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Your Self Motivation May Be Lost on Your Beliefs

Your Self Motivation May Be Lost on Your Beliefs

If you are new to my self-motivation articles, allow me a quick recap. The articles are based on my purchasing thousands and thousands of dollars worth of self help and self motivation material over the past 30 years. Yet with all the information I have acquired over the years I still have not received the endless abundance promised to me time and time again.

The sad part is I am not alone. The experts say 97% of the people who purchase self improvement materials never attain the goals they set for themselves. Thus the articles are a quest to find out why the terrible success rate. Is it the self help industries fault, our own lack of self motivation or maybe a combination of both?

Today’s article is about belief. I know you have heard it before “what the mind conceives and believes it will achieve”. Or Henry Ford’s “whether you think you are right or think you are wrong you are correct”. Yet I have done the positive thinking thing many, many times before and it has never yielded the awesome results promised. The question becomes why, is the law of attraction not real or am I doing it wrong. Well that’s a whole different story we will leave to a future article.

What I want to discuss is what you believe actually true. I think an example will help get my point across. Over the past 10 years I have owned three restaurants and presently a catering business. One made me a small fortune, one lost me a big fortune, and two did OK. 

Yet at the same time I have been trying to create a full time internet business. Because of this I never focused fully on my restaurants. My belief was sometime over the next two months my internet business of the month will start generating $ 10,000 a month so I don’t have to worry about building my restaurant business.

Well the reality was and is, I am not going to earn $ 10,000 a month from my internet adventures starting next month. I have 10 years hard data to prove this. Yet in my mind year after year I still acted as if these were a reality.

My point is to take a good look at your own beliefs and see which ones are true and which ones you just want to be true. If you have been telling yourself for five years next month I am going to get that promotion, yet it never happens maybe you need to take a look at why instead of just blindly believing next month is going to be different.

If you are like me and have spent 00’s of dollars on self help products, yet have not achieved the success promised in these products any new product recommendation is probably looked on with great skepticism. So I am not going to offer you any new products.

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Self Motivation – Can Fear Be a Positive Motivation?

Self Motivation – Can Fear Be a Positive Motivation?

When you think of self motivation, you think of the old “boot-strap” strategy. You fill yourself with as many positive thoughts as you can and tug … pulling yourself out of failures! If you make a habit of this, it can work.

Unfortunately, fear often rears it’s “ugly” head and stops you in your tracks. Yet, the truth is, fear can play a positive role and I’ll show you how.

The Original Role of Fear and Why it’s Outdated

Most of the respected success and achievement leaders, past and present, warn us of the terrible effects of harboring fear in our lives. They tell us to overcome the fear of failure, success, embarrassment, and the new or the unknown.

They will point to the “original” need for the emotion of fear as a self-preservation mechanism designed to save ourselves from that big bad wooly mammoth or saber toothed tiger. From these beginnings we’ve patterned ourselves to be fearful by nature. This fear then spills into many other non-threatening situations … like public speaking, asking for the sale, or introducing ourselves to important strangers.

Motivation Comes From Many Sources

The fact remains that fear, in some form or other, is something that most of us just have to deal with. Why not make it a positive? Who says that fear has to be bad in all situations? Frankly, fear still keeps us safe from dangers.

We are “fearful” of driving on the wrong side of the road. We fear walking too close to the edge of a cliff. We’re afraid of poisonous chemicals. These fears actually motivate us to make good decisions concerning our safety! Why can’t other, perhaps less practical fears, motivate us to make better decisions concerning life’s successes and achievements?

I like to take whatever emotion I’m feeling and honor it. This puts me in a position of being able to use it for a positive result. Fear can fall into this category.

For True Achievement, Fear Doesn’t Work Forever

What I believe the philosophers and teachers are trying to tell us with their warnings about fear is that it’s not a sustaining motivator. I agree with this. Fear can become a habit and as such can become a negative pattern that keeps us from many of life’s adventures and surprises.

When life is devoid of surprises, it becomes stale. When there’s no adventure, there is little real learning. We’re not participating in life. Uncontrolled fear shackles us.

A Great Initial Jolt & Steering Mechanism

Instead, I like to use fear as a steering mechanism. Fear can get us to recognize what we *don’t* want and cause is to look at what we *do* want. And it can also grab our attention fast!

Change doesn’t happen without focus. Fear can help us realize we don’t want to be incarcerated, poor, left out of the group, or lose a job. This fear can motivate us instantly to seek a better alternative! If the fear is intense, and if we let it propel us to a laser focus on a desired goal, it can be of great value.

Creating a Better Mindset as Fears Fade Away

Fear can actually motivate and steer us to a better mindset. If we can make a habit of using fears as motivators, they can help us lock onto our goals. And we’ll not only automatically focus on the right things, our fears will lose their powers. We’ll then build a positive mindset, free of fears.

So, don’t fight your fears! Use them so creatively that they finally decide to simply move on to more fertile ground elsewhere.

You can do it!

Mel Inglima, http://MelInglima.com, owner of Dream Home Creation, has spent his life helping people build and remodel their homes, invest and manage their money, and make decisions that have a profound effect on their lives and futures. His work gives him unique insights into what it takes to succeed in life.

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Proven Success Factors That Guarantee Self Improvement

Proven Success Factors That Guarantee Self Improvement

As much as there are many success factors to consider in order for you to make it in life, there are those that simply stand the test of time. One ingredient of personal growth is having self esteem. Sir Nathaniel B. once said: To trust one’s mind and to know that one is worthy of happiness is the essence of self-esteem.

Which are the most important success factors that define true joy in life? The secret is simple; you only need to prove to yourself that you can. You do not have to prove it to anyone else. You would rather be a fool to the common eye and achieve your goals, than impress others and lose yourself in the process of pleasing others. You do not need to have someone else to tell you that you are strong or beautiful so as to be. Oscar Wilde reiterates that: To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.

In as much as listening carefully to advice is good for you; realize that others may be out to discourage you. Some habits that are detrimental to your personal growth only start from having a low self-conception and self esteem. The victims easily fall prey, owing to the excitement of having someone commend them for doing risky acts, only to regret later. A good success factor to consider, it is better to be alone than in bad company.

It is prudent to know that you do not have to listen to others in order to know who you are or what to do. The big question is, how much then can you believe and trust yourself? This is a call to integrity which is also among the vital aspect of success factors in life. Integrity is the act of doing the right thing even when no one is watching. One Albert Einstein never ceases to inspire for he said; “Few is the number that think with their own minds and feel with their own hearts.”

You must never lose yourself even when you encounter problems. The best approach would be to face obstacles head on since they are meant to build you. “Without self-knowledge, without understanding, the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.” These words belong to G. I. Gurdjeff.

Find more detailed Success Factors by following the links below.

Stephen contributes content on his wisdom and experience on best Success Factors that will definitely add value to your life. Visit his Inspirational and Motivational Website at Self Improvement Tips and start living a purposeful life.



Another day, another day. I kept hearing reports of large amounts of snow, but we got merely a dusting. Weird. I was kind of hoping to watch the snow pile up as I toiled away with my computer code. Instead, I just toiled.

Glad to see Tumblr is back! I missed playing ask a photography question. So come on! Ask a question! What do you want to know? About my photography, or photography in general.

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I Have Returned

I Have Returned

As sassy and energetic as ever. Bring on 2010.

Aiy, that’s right. I have truly missed my flickr peoples. Talk about a hard withdrawl. And it was not by choice. Let me explain. My ac charger for my laptop bit the dust on new years eve and I had to wait a whole week for the replacement to get here. All I kept saying was "damn it, Damn it, DAMN IT", with each successive damn it getting louder. I never realized how attached I was to my laptop. Granted I still used my computer at work to conduct day-to-day business, but all my photos were on my laptop (which, by-the-way, I am rectifying this week).

Anywho, so, life is good. New semester started and man, I have three major projects due this semester. I suppose I am a little excited, because it is stuff I have never done, but at the same time, terrified. What if I fuck up? No one to blame but myself. I will be rearing ladybird beetles, green lacewings, and aphids. I will also be growing pepper and probably squash plants. Hopefully I won’t fuck up the experiments too bad.

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