Urban Suites Offering The City’s Finest Selection Of Furnished Calgary Corporate Apartments

Urban Suites Offering The City’s Finest Selection Of Furnished Calgary Corporate Apartments

For the discerning business traveler, it’s imperative to find accommodations that are unique from the hotels and bed and breakfast providers. Many people believe that these overpriced accommodations are their only options when they look for a place to stay in a new city for a long-term business engagement. But there is better value within this market for those who do their research. One company, Urban Suites, is now offering business travelers to Calgary access to luxury corporate furnished apartments that are uniquely designed for their business and leisure needs while away from home.


Urban Suites have become a noted specialist within the Calgary business accommodations field thanks to their understanding of the traveling needs of the modern executive. Their in-house team work diligently to ensure that all requirements are met before their clients arrive at their accommodations and this effort results in the best quality experience for each individual traveler. Each one of their hundreds of available suites dotted across the city is designed to ensure that the client is surrounded by luxury while they focus on their work. The organization understands that busy businesspeople simply want to relax when they leave the office and forget about the spread sheets and the word documents. That’s why each of their buildings is located centrally within the city, close to all the entertainment and dining options that the beautiful city of Calgary has to offer to the modern visitor. In fact, many of the company’s corporate furnished apartments are located within the Eau Claire district of Calgary, mere steps away from the delightful surroundings of the Bow River and Calgary’s extensive cycling and walking trails. This means that when the day is over, and the stresses of the 9-5 are in the memory, professionals can simply put on some comfortable shoes and take a relaxing stroll through some of the city’s most inviting natural landscapes.


In terms of style, the suites offered within the company’s collection are all designed by expert interior decorators. They feature an eclectic style which reflects urban professionalism with a welcoming and relaxing ambience. Clients reviewing the company’s core catalogue of accommodations may wish to consider the Bow Valley executive suite. This outstanding residence is considered to be executive luxury living at its finest. In fact, the Bow Valley is one of the most modern buildings within Calgary’s downtown core. The suite is ideally located to offer great views over the beautiful Calgary landscape, and guests will experience breathtaking vistas over the Bow River Valley and great views over the highly acclaimed Centre Street Bridge. In terms of the features within the apartment, guest will have access to a spacious bathroom and an extra-large and extremely comfortable den/office area which is ideal for those nights where business requirements go long into the night.


The Bow Valley suite also includes custom blackout draperies and a cutting edge entertainment system that includes a widescreen television and DVD/VCR capabilities for relaxing after all the work has been completed for the day. Fitted with hardwood floors throughout, and exceptionally high ceilings, thus residence is one of the leading Calgary furnished apartments for the corporate guest.


Your ideal Calgary residence ready for your arrival. Contact Urban Suites today to book your stay in one of their luxury apartments.


About Urban Suites:


Urban Suites offers Calgary’s finest business accommodations. Each of the suites within their catalogue ensures guests have the highest level of comfort and tranquility. For more information, please visit UrbanSuites.

Urban Suites offers Calgary’s finest business accommodations. Each of the suites within their catalogue ensures guests have the highest level of comfort and tranquility. For more information, please visit www.UrbanSuites.com.

Golden Axe – DOS Game

Golden Axe - DOS Game

Golden Axe – Player selection

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Quot;Zhen Xing Cup” Ten selection check the top 20 list began baked – screen printing, Ten – P

Quot;Zhen Xing Cup” Ten selection check the top 20 list began baked – screen printing, Ten – P

Shenzhen Zhen Xing exclusive title in 2009 in China Silk screen printing special Top Ten selection

HC screen Special Indian network As of Dec. 31, 2009, from HC Network Organized HC Special printing network printing contractor, China Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association, China Wire Mesh Print Industry associations to support, Shenzhen Zhen Xing Screen Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. title, Tian Ling Fine Chemical industry Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Star Screen Printing Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Dragon Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, co-sponsored by Galaxy Chemical Co., Ltd. “2010 special screen printing industry in China Forum and Zhen Xing Cup 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printed special “activities after a month of intense soul-stirring contest, the primary phase ended, the top 20 tight encirclement finally come to the fore.

The event brings together industry-leading companies and industry leading rookie, a total of nearly 420 companies signed up,’s crowded scene called hot. It is also special because of HC silk Indian authority and professional networks, and can use the activities of the industry chain and further development and mining, and to further strengthen and promote special screen printing industry, it has attracted so many companies competing to participate.

The winner is 20-strong election committee under the company’s basic information, a preliminary assessment of control Shen Ping standards combined with Internet voting, SMS voting and online banking to vote the total number of votes obtained, the selection process in HC silk screen printing network special report tracking. Although the primary surging, struggling to close fight scenes exciting, but the participating enterprises in the primary process, active participation, strictly abide by the Ten selection rules, and any special printing network printing with the HC stay in touch, always concerned about the primary trend, follow-up selection process, the spirit of the more respectable. As of the end of primary, Zhen Xing, Tian Ling DENBISHI, Milan duo were ten sub-national brands in screen printing equipment, screen printing materials, printing industries top national brands; ten cutting-edge companies from East Long wholesale Printed Materials Co., Ltd. won the title; Ten’s top distribution of the stars were flocking from the Chang. For the top 20 prizes

details, click on the following links: Ten national brand

(1) Ten national brand screen printing equipment

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(3) Ten printing industry, national brands Ten cutting-edge enterprise

Ten Star Distribution 2010 1 4 to January 29 is the selection of the check stage, also 20, a crucial period of strong competition for top ten. The top 20 finalists of the votes at this stage ten of the winners will play vital role, followed by the total number of votes, paper ballot, groups and experts, buyers come to the final comprehensive assessment of ten. Who will be the final winner? HC Ten selection screen printing special, wonderful not to be missed, stay tuned!

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