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A Smart Card Is Able To Solve Urban Traffic Bottlenecks? – Smart Card, Rfid Applications – Security

A Smart Card Is Able To Solve Urban Traffic Bottlenecks? – Smart Card, Rfid Applications – Security
Ching Ming Festival in 2010, Peking Man’s trip once again plagued by traffic jams. High speed on the Beijing-Shijiazhuang of vehicles lined up around the island from Du Jiakan yuegezhuang bridge close to the location of the West Fourth Ring Road; North Third Ring Road Madian Bridge to the North Fifth Ring supernatant bridge between the Badaling high-speed traffic jam to discourage drivers; even in the airport highway, the traffic is flowing … …

1700 million people, more than 400 million Motor Vehicle Holdings, despite the opening of the Beijing-Shijiazhuang, Jing Zhang, Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan 15 highway, road congestion has intensified. At the same time, high-speed road congestion charges in the mouth, this can be achieved without the ETC channel, left out of parking corner office, few users.

On before the Ching Ming Festival in March, Beijing quickly through high-speed road Electronic The implementation of the project has just finished charging a “harsh nominated test.” In 5 days time, a total of 50 vehicles in all 231 Beijing, ETC Drive on the carpet test, a total of 34,800 times to complete the transaction record, the success rate of almost 100%. Parameters measured “QuipassOBU” shape of a card case size, to be placed in Car The windshield. Through the ETC lane, the owner will be an ETC card into the card slot can OBU.

“Quipass ETC is the first integrated chip Technology Project, characterized by the stability of performance and low failure rate. It uses the only narrow-band receiver technology, with adaptive channel function, effective solution to adjacent channel interference. That is, when the car entering the ETC lane, the vehicle OBU can automatically identify which Drive the receiver RS U of information, will not receive any other ETC lane error signal, which guarantees the OBU will not be using the adjacent channel interference, greatly improved communications accuracy. “Watchdata System Company Paragraph Yonggang product director, said: “Whether hot cold, sand or snow no matter the weather, the owner’s use of OBU through ETC lanes, basically ETC charge card will not be failures.”

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) or e- Toll Collection System It is the world’s most advanced bridge toll way, consuming less than two seconds per vehicle fee, the charge channel capacity manual toll lanes is 5 to 10 times.

March 18 this year, the first exhibition organized by the Asian smart card information technology seminar city, country Intelligent Transportation Centre (ITSC), Yang Yun, said: “Currently the State Council and the Ministry of Transport are very clear, starting in 2010 to promote electronic toll collection system implementation and application of energy saving measures at the same time as, successively adopted policies to give encouragement and support. “from 1996 to now, China has 10 provinces and cities have opened more than 1,000 ETC Drive. Beijing from May 1, 2009 start of the ETC system, the official run. April 2010, Beijing will continue to increase the traffic department, said ETC Drive, from the current 231 to 358 and continue 9.5 of vehicles ETC discount.

At the seminar, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Institute of Computing Technology of Shenzhen Drip described the “anguish.”

2006, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Tianjin and many cities have begun to use public transportation card, and later development to the city card. Among them, Shenzhen in the Pearl River Delta region because of its special nature, faced with their “distress.”

First impermeable across Hong Kong, as early as in September 1997 began the use of its transit smart card “Octopus” card, the card is almost essential travel tools for staff in Hong Kong. However, the “Octopus” card can not use credit cards in Shenzhen. Similarly, the Shenzhen people who hold “Shenzhen Tong” card can not be used in Hong Kong. Shenzhen and Hong Kong use different technical standards.

2007 Guangzhou-Shenzhen-four lines completed, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen railway as a main artery of the PRD, the annual passenger volume reached 30 million people.

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Keys,Email icon, at symbol Concept

Keys,Email icon, at symbol Concept

Keys,Email icon, at symbol Concept

License at

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Bunch of old keys, Email icon, at symbol Concept

Bunch of old keys, Email icon, at symbol Concept

Bunch of old keys, Email icon, at symbol Concept

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Urban Detroit Neighborhoods Opt For Home Security Systems

Urban Detroit Neighborhoods Opt For Home Security Systems
Living in big cities around the world poses certain pros and cons that can be associated with both the benefits of abundant resources as well as the danger of living in the company of so many people. Job opportunities tend to abound in large urban environments, accounting for the mass migration to places like Detroit and New York in search of better employment opportunities. Yet all that is good doesnt come without a little bit that is bad, and more risk is the downside of residing in these large metropolitan areas. In order to combat the vulnerability that many new and older residents feel in places like Detroit, a growing number have invested in home security systems that help keep their property and their valuables in safe hands.

Though we havent seen the kind of surge in crime rates experienced during the 1980s, it has been noted that break-ins and burglaries are on the rise as more people spend time away from home for work and other activities. While the residence is left unattended, a prime opportunity presents itself to potential thieves looking for an easy target. In Detroit, where the economic crisis has left many in despair, the need to resort to better home security systems is on the mind of many.

When the risks of living in the big city are put aside, many people are simply entranced by the number of opportunities available in places where such a variety of individuals make their home. The inspiration provided by these great environments will only continue to beckon people from all over. Yet great opportunities can easily be counteracted by unfortunate circumstances. Having ones personal residence broken into can mean a major shift in your associations with living the city life. Hence the growing use of home alarm systems in metropolitan environments has taken off in recent years to help combat the negative aspects of this sort of lifestyle.

In Michigans largest urban environments, one might question the different way in which home alarm systems can benefit those residing in apartment complexes and others who live in houses. In reality, a number of unique units have been developed in order to meet the needs of people with distinct living conditions in mind. While some systems include surveillance cameras and motion detectors, others dont, and may not require this kind of technology. Whatever the needs of the particular property in question, there are numerous options currently available on the market.

People living in big cities are among the hardest working individuals in any society. For them, the stark competition posed by living amongst so many other people forces them to work extremely hard in order to remain competitive. In turn, working away from home and spending long hours at the office is the natural result of such circumstances. While this time is spent away from the private residence, home alarm systems are widely regarded as the easiest solution to maintaining a protected household at all times.

At, youll find opinions that make sense to you and your biggest safety concerns. ADT Security offers are easy on your pocket and resolute in their mission to provide quality service.

Urban Management Can Bring Digital Security Video Surveillance System

Urban Management Can Bring Digital Security Video Surveillance System

Refining waste oil “black spots”, and get the building in the danger area of the garage, 3.3 million high-voltage power under the pine bark shed … … Last week a week, 10 cases of illegal construction and Security Hazards such as lightning speed as by-side. “It’s in the past, that simply can not do something.” The new Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the responsible person Ronggui Authority, told reporters yesterday.

Behind a substantial increase in administrative efficiency is the most reform Shunde issued under the authority departments to promote the integration of the strong. However, from the survey found that a large number of executive power and decentralization of services and integration, but also to the management of grass-roots pressure on the city doubled, and because the focus of many previously not Detect , Testing, decision-making process, is also facing new technical challenges.

Administrative law enforcement record “of the most beef speed”

According to reports, the newly formed sub-combination of Ronggui Environmental Protection , Transport of water governance, sanitation, landscaping, urban management and many other administrative functions, a total of one integrated office and eight functional units, a total of more than 200 staff.

Enforcement authority delegated with administrative functions consolidated, multi-sectoral consult the previous cumbersome reporting, check processing, streamlining all aspects of communication and coordination. Street Party Working Committee members act as Secretary, people, financial, and material equipment of harmonization, and rapid decision-making; be multi-sectoral collaboration, the staff from the call to study the decision-making, the task assigned to the rapid implementation, no a lot of block; law enforcement large cross-sector, so that law-enforcement officers from the former only a single enforcement authority, and now have a comprehensive law-enforcement authority, problems encountered can be directly related to intervention, rapid monitoring, prompt treatment.

Is the result of integration and efficient administration and services has increased significantly. Received before the fumes, noise pollution complaints from the urban management department needs to Environmental protection Sector, further environmental monitoring stations applying for examination to determine the pollution problems are then coordinated by the environmental protection departments for processing by multiple departments during the work process is often time-consuming. “Now as long as the complaint and found the problem, we can bring testing equipment to investigate, found that excessive regulation can be dealt with promptly in accordance with law, may shorten the time for more than 10 times.” The official told reporters.

Address the problem of illegal land use and zoning and building regulations, the effect is more evident. The person in charge, from the foot in the demolitions of action can be seen, since most of the system has been on the demolitions of illegal construction of multi-sectoral complicated by the previous inspection approval to the responsible units are developed by the Program , Approval can be organized by the demolitions of action. Time also increased from one month or even longer, shortened to less than a week now.

According to statistics, from January to April this year, the Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the Authority received complaints related Ronggui 1278, compared with nearly 20% over the same period last year, but the treatment rate up to 100%. Just last week, hundreds of officers Ronggui branch organizations, small watercourse located guizhou S beetle Wei ? Nickname? II ? Companion back? 0 to force the removal of illegal buildings, demolitions in the area of more than 10,000 square meters, known locally as “the most historic cattle Ronggui speed.”

Shortage of challenges facing the task more important

According to statistics, only from this year April 10 to May 14 a month or so, the Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the conduct of the Authority Ronggui 7 large-scale land clearing and illegal demolitions of illegal construction action, the staff were mobilized more than 1,500 people, removal of illegal structures 30, an area of more than 30,000 square meters. According to reports, each on-site operations personnel to work from the end of organization, basically has to spend a whole day. According to incomplete statistics, the past month, average per day per staff member for more than 12 hours.

Learned in the interview, the Executive is one of the working process.

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Optional Equipment Home Security Transparent To The Development Of Adverse Price

Optional Equipment Home Security Transparent To The Development Of Adverse Price

After 20 years of development, security industry in China has gradually climate, security products are increasingly favored by the consumers. But the market brought hot product quality and price can not be ignored such issues as lack of transparency, there is a lot of shoddy security products and prices are not standardized, harm the interests of consumers, but also caused confusion in the market throughout the security industry. With the new security site consumption patterns appear to facilitate the installation of optional equipment is expected to become the development trend of the form.

Prices on consumer confidence and transparent development of the industry are adverse

Security products with our residents the attention, there is also booming security market situation, many of the growing emergence of security equipment, in addition to some common security monitoring equipment, has emerged this year “image police”, smart security and other advanced Security devices to provide a lot of choice, to some extent contributed to social security. However, the market hot and growing consumer population, so many illegal businesses shoddy, disorder reported price, seriously damaged the interests of consumers. In addition, the historical causes for price protection and price opaque industry, also makes security equipment Beishou “profiteering” of the question, the development of the security equipment industry is extremely negative.

“I spent more than two thousand dollars bought a infrared network cameras, to six months, but useless equipment was a problem, often for no reason does not display, look for the merchant to exchange, recognize each other Jingbu asserted that I had broken. “Wang complained that:” The original is used to protect their stuff, only to become the furnishings, very angry. “

And Wang’s experience different, Mr. Liu is profiteering on the price of security products full of doubt, the original, in October this year, Mr. Liu contacted the family to do a specialized security company, to buy a new house install security equipment, but equipment price and decoration prices Querang Liu obsessed, “I later learned through a friend, can go online check the price, the results found on-line products, price of equipment than we spend double the price.”

China-related monitoring equipment for the center said, and now the market is indeed filled with many security defects, but also because the traditional security industry, the price of non-transparent, difficult to determine the consumer price level, seriously disrupting the market order, but also allows consumers hurt. The person in charge to remind you: buy security products, be sure to look for the brand, in some of the larger shopping centers are qualified to buy.

Optional equipment to facilitate the installation of home security will become the market trend

In security products, home security products, increasing the proportion of consumption, this modern family life and property safety awareness of the close relationship. In particular, modern home, common for the elderly and children to stay home the majority, therefore, many families will buy security products, which is in recent years, the reasons for the family popular security products, while the market-level security equipment Querang missing buyers not safe to use.

“Security products itself with some mystery, combined with an electronic device, buyers need to have some expertise, so a lot of unscrupulous businessmen to take advantage of opportunities for fraud or profiteering.” Monitoring equipment center in China The researchers explained: “The proposed purchase before consumers, via the Web and other media, a better understanding of the knowledge of some security equipment, in fact, a lot of security equipment mall sites offer a number of reference prices and the knowledge to break the traditional price protection and huge profits, has brought benefits to consumers, but also the development of the industry to provide a reference. “

With modern technology, innovative applications using the Internet, more and more consumers can choose to install equipment to achieve. It is understood that the system of modern security equipment has become more concise and convenient, consumers can through a number of professional websites and professional guidance to get equipment installed, which according to their choice security equipment at the same time, the website provides price transparency platform, also fully meet the consumer demand for self-control installation costs.

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Transparency: Implementation of New Web Monitoring Software or New Web Security Policies

Transparency: Implementation of New Web Monitoring Software or New Web Security Policies

Web security is fast becoming a major issue. The use of web monitoring software is exponentially becoming standard in nearly every field. Regardless of your company’s particular forte, if you utilize the World Wide Web for any reason – sales, tracking, shipping, or even simple publication – web security plays an integral part in your day to day operations. As long as sensitive information continues to be transmitted electronically, there will be people out there looking to pilfer, compromise, or corrupt that information. In most cases, it’s nothing personal. Some people would just rather let someone else do all the hard work, and swoop in like a jackal to reap the rewards. Protecting yourself from less scrupulous people is just a sad part of business these days, and no one can afford to be naïve enough to think it won’t happen to them.

Making sure your employees are aware that web monitoring software is in use is just as important as engaging it in the first place. Primarily, the focus of web security should be on threats, and your staff needs to know this. Simply implementing new web monitoring software, then telling your employees afterward raises red flags, ruffles feathers, and may make them feel ill at ease. No one wants to be cut out of the loop, and doing so may cause feelings of distrust. If you have treated your employees like family up until now, there’s no reason to discontinue doing so. Make sure they know that web security is a matter of protecting your business, and their livelihood, from external threats. If such a threat has been detected recently, it’s also important to make them aware of that. This may seem like coddling, but in actuality, it is simply a validation. The more transparent your business practices are, the less likely it will be to meet with resistance.

When it comes to employing web monitoring software, full disclosure is the name of the game. When a company treats its employees like family, as most successful companies do, its employees tend to act accordingly. Thus, your business runs harmoniously – like a well-oiled machine. Sudden implementation of web monitoring software can be off-putting to a stable of seasoned veterans. While new employees accept an existing web security policy, or an Internet Acceptable Use Policy as a part of the employment package, not informing your core group of experienced veterans, or letting them know after implementation has occurred (as an afterthought) may cause them to take it as an affront. It is important to include your staff in any decision that affects the whole of the company, and this includes any decision to implement a new web security strategy.

Kris Leeds is a freelance writer for Pearl Software. To learn more about web monitoring software and web security software, please visit us on the web.



My PowerMac G4 at an undisclosed location. Yes, the Kensington security slot is in use as well.

Look for this beautiful computer on eBay sometime next year. Some specs, in case you want to make a great offer now:
– Dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 Processors
– 1.5 GB factory-installed RAM
– Dual 250 GB ATA hard drives, for half a terabyte of internal storage!
– 6 stable FW 400 ports and a 7th finicky one
– Two FW 800 ports
– Two USB ports (not USB 2.0)
– ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card (Core Image and Motion 2.0 compatible)
– Airport Card (802.11b)
– Gigabit Ethernet
– 56kbps V.90 Modem
– Boots into OS 9
– SuperDrive (2X DVD-R)
– Apple Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse
– Original OS install (9 and X) and Restore CDs included
– Original box/styrofoam included
– Dust-free and polished regularly.

I’ll also include the original NVIDIA GeForceMX video card, which has both VGA and ADC connectors.

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Why Transparent Bags Are Popular With Security Personnel

Why Transparent Bags Are Popular With Security Personnel
Security employees and the average student have a lot in common. For one, they both are attracted to transparent bags for their fashion. Better yet for security personnel, they also offer functionality that can simplify the security job they serve.

Prisons require that employees have transparent bags when taking items in and out of the prison. Those that don’t will either not be allowed to take the bag inside or will have to subject to a security search. Employees can avoid the situation entirely by having a transparent bag that can be verified as approved with the glance of an eye.

The clear bag fashion has also been put to use when security members need to store objects for different people all at once. An example of this would be with confiscation of evidence. The security officer on duty can label each bag according to the original owner. Having each bag transparent helps in identifying items and speeding up the process of tagging or returning the items.

Travelers that intend on going through airports or attend special shows of celebrities will find that clear bags are a time saver. The security checkpoint can go by quickly when the bag can easily be investigated from the outside. Not every security checkpoint will just glance at the bag and give the go ahead, but it does help with lower security areas that aren’t as strict as to what they are able to let in and what they aren’t.

Organization for a police officer can help make an arrest or help out at the scene of an accident. Police officers will categorize their special tools or equipment in clear bags so they know what they are looking for, and where to find it. An emergency is just that: a catastrophe where every little second counts. Keeping equipment tagged and bagged in the police cruiser will allow the officer to make informed decisions faster.

Police stations and prisons are constantly looking for ways to save money, but they also need a way to brand their gear, which can be expensive. Retailers of clear bags will be able to brand the bags with relatively little cost, or no cost at all. Finding a retailer to do this for you is as easy as looking for the top retailers in major search engines. Also consider asking for bulk discounts if you plan on buying for coworkers.

In Conclusion

Start looking at retailers that specialize in clear bags. Not every store makes it their specialty, and those stores might not have the best deals or customization options available. Security employees, travelers, students, and everyone in between will all enjoy clear bags for their fashion value and functionality.

Alan Edsboro writes on handbag topics with a passion. Learn more about subjects Alan writes on concerning baby diaper bags and event bags topics through related articles and websites.