Strawberry Baby

Strawberry Baby

♥ Wearing ♥
Head:Genus~Classic Face
Eyebrows:Colivati Beauty~Spade Eyebrow Collection
Shadow: L’Etre~Basic Genus Eyeshadow
Lipstick:L’Etre~Genus Moist Lipstick
Drink:MOMOCHUU~Strawberry Love Shake – RARE [ @Epiphany ] Necklace:**RE**~Esprit Star Necklace – VIP [ @Epiphany ] Choker:**RE**~Esprit Choker [ @Epiphany ] Jacket:Sakura~Sweetheart Jacket – Freya – RARE [ @Epiphany ] Skirt:Sakura~Sweetheart Skirt – Freya [ @Epiphany ] Socks:Sakura~Sweetheart Socks – Freya [ @Epiphany ] ♥ Decor ♥
[Cosmic Dust] – Bulletin Board RARE
The Hive – Geek Chic Desk
+Half-Deer+ Dreamfluff Chair – Snow

Di’Cor Velvet Rug
dust bunny . tabletop plants . pink peony . gold

dust bunny . tabletop plants . monstera leaves

Everything below is Gacha @The Epiphany
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Tea Party – Tea Box
+Half-Deer+ Sakura Tea Party – Teapot x
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Chocolate – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ 90’s Life ~ Computer – RARE

.QuirkydarkendStare. – Trash Baby [Flowers] – Grey

.QuirkydarkendStare. – Trash Baby [Trashed] – Grey

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Playing a shamisen

Playing a shamisen

My RL mom is from Okinawa so I went to the Okinawa summer festival. They had a shamisen in a gacha and it actually strums a tune. Just so awesome!

I tried to get the tide coming in but kept crashing. My computer does not like shadows! So this was just before my 5th crash (hey, I’m stubborn!) so I called it a day. I liked hte way the water shimmered under my dock. I probably should photoshop it a little but I’m going to go take a nap instead.


Camera: Firestorm, unedited

CLIFF COVER Beach A 1024 by Fanatik Architecture (Kendra Zaurak)
Romantic Garden Palms by T&K Designs
Palm 2 by Lika Meili
daisy pier . RARE by dust bunny
red solarpowered navigation buoy by Khargo (Kheanu Karg)
Pearl of Oni by Red Sails Shipyard, (Angelic Helling-Maşala (elic.epsilon))

Cat in pot: Chaya-Gacha (MARONEKO set / Cat) Secret by [[RH]] Design house (亮 (ryo.ixxel))

Shamisen (wearable with one pose, plays a shamisen music)
Sanshin Famale 4 by ③ ++Twilight++ (MORE Laville)

Shamisen player (me):
[Matsuri.M] Costume-S #5-OR by Sakka’s Studio (sakka Flow)
yukata2016 geta (SLINK Flat) by 1mm (エターナルみりん (mirin.shippe))

Hair: * Tamayura -Hair * Akasi for Junihitoe by Junihitoe (Kaguya Lane)
Skin: Amar milk mk 02 CL by Wow Skins & shapes
Shape: Amar Shape by Wow Skins & shapes
Eyes: Luminous Eyes Dark Koa by Over the Rainbow
Coral candy lips by Wow Skins & shapes
Lashes 1 by Wow Skins & shapes
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – L – Elegant
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – R – Casual

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For the second quote Gujierka Wenger vowed to dig Everton Tiewei 15,000,000

For the second quote Gujierka Wenger vowed to dig Everton Tiewei 15,000,000

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Many girls love boys pursue, they adopted the strategy is the “stalker”, nicely be called “perseverance wears away the stone.” The Arsenal, Everton in the  for the favorite, such a strategy is adopted, although the Toffees have already rejected Arsenal’s offer, but Arsenal do not want this back.

In a few days ago, Arsenal had quoted 10 million pounds, hoping the 27-year-old Merseyside excellent defender, but suffered Everton refused. And Everton’s manager David Moyes said Jiajierka the team not for sale in the hope that he continues to stay in the array.

But according to the British “Daily Mail” message, Arsenal determined to offer a second, but the price increase to 15 million pounds, Wenger does not seem to reach up no doubt, is really worthy of the degree of its persistence Bi Basa pursuit of small law.

Arsenal defender William Gallas both this summer, leaving the team Sylvester, Senderos has also been sold to go, it can be said in the guard position is a serious lack of people. While Wenger hired Cass Czerny from France, but with Virgin Mahlon and Zhu Lu, only three central defenders, and only experienced Mahlon Vail reassuring.

, 27-year-old Jiajierka, moved to Everton from 2007 will soon occupy the main position of the defender, he has been steady and excellent performance, has entered the national team, signed just last year and toffee a five-year contract. If Gujierka to be joining Arsenal, I believe he can bring enough to the Gunners defense experience to make up for the vacancy left Gallas.

The “Daily Mail” that 15 million pounds, close to the Everton team’s psychological bottom line, although David Moyes took a tough stance, but in front of Jin and Yuan offensive, may be served soft toffee. But now Arsenal is the Austrian training camp, they will return to London on Tuesday, Arsenal will be in time to launch a new round of transfer Jiajierka offensive.

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My Photo studio??

My Photo studio??

No! It’s my house!!🏡
I take a photo anytime…📷
So my house is very messy😣

Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Secret 2
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Eclair
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Sakuramochi
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Kasutera
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Monaka
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Green Tea Ice Cream
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Secret 3
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Chiffon Cake
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Cherry Pudding
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Mochi Cake
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Sponge Cake
Kalopsia – Sakura Delice – Painting RARE

[Con.] Scientific Ceiling Lights
[Con.] Computer Desk – Blue

8f8- serene sanctuary – Hanging Scroll
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Artist’s Chair
8f8 – serene sancturay – Artist’s Desk
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Sakura Vase
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Moon Lamp
8f8- serene sanctuary – Wall Fan
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Bamboo Rug

[Cosmic Dust] – Vintage SLR Camera RARE

AF Reflector Light

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