Exposing Cartridge Contacts

Exposing Cartridge Contacts

Supplies: Cloth and Miniature Eyeglass Screwdriver

A lot of Atari 2600 games have a dust cover (see photo), which protects the contacts inside the game. To push the dust cover inward, take a small screwdriver (my case a miniature eyeglass screwdriver) and in the left (or right) corner push down on the open hole. The dust cover will pop down and expose the contacts.

Another method (which I don’t recommend unless your game doesn’t work after cleaning it) is taking the front cartridge sticker off via a hair dryer (melts the glue under the sticker), and gently peeling back the sticker (only half-way) and exposing the screw(s). You can unscrew the screw(s) and take apart the cartridge and clean the contacts this way.

To reapply the sticker, you’ll have to use multi-purpose adhesive spray.

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Board Cleaning Supplies

Board Cleaning Supplies

Console: Atari 2600
Model: CX-2600
Switches: Six Switch
Light Sixer
Made In Taiwan

Supplies: 71% alcohol pads, screwdriver, 91% rubbing alcohol (not pictured), Q-Tips (not pictured), and Duster (Endust)

This is what the switch board looks like with the foam ring dust covers off the switches.

I use compressed air (Endust) to remove any dust that’s on the switch board and motherboard.

I use 91% rubbing alcohol with q-tips to clean the inside of the switches. These were a little dirty, but they were the only things that were dirty on the switch board or motherboard.

I use 71% alcohol pads to clean the switch board itself (I let them dry a bit so they’re not so wet), which is safe, because there’s not anything on the board.

I again use the compressed air to get any dust or dirt that was left behind on the switch board or motherboard.

Note: Game cartridges are just for looks. They’ve already been cleaned (photos 16-18)

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Cleaning Cartridge Connector

Cleaning Cartridge Connector

Console: Atari 2600
Model: CX-2600
Switches: Six Switch
Light Sixer
Made In Taiwan

Supplies: Cloth, miniature eyeglass screwdriver (or small screwdriver), Craft Foam Sheet, Duster (Endust), and patience

Before cleaning the cartridge connector (where the game cartridge inserts into the Atari 2600) I use compressed air (Endust) to make sure there’s no dust on the motherboard, or the cartridge connector.

I use the miniature eyeglass screwdriver to gently press down on the left (or right) hole of the cartridge connector. You don’t have to do this. This (sometimes) opens up the dust cover much wider.

NOTE: Make sure to be very careful (have patience) when taking off the 36+ year old ribbon cable from the switch board.

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Work Station

Work Station

Supplies: Cloth, Miniature Eyeglass Screwdriver, 91% Rubbing Alcohol, Q-tips, and Brasso

This is my setup, and as I mentioned before, I only use Brasso one time to make sure I get all the dust/dirt off the contacts inside the game cartridge. Over using Brasso can (sometimes) rub off the plated gold on the contacts. You don’t have to use Brasso.

Charley’s games (Combat, Missile Command, and Defender) had a tiny bit of dirt on them, but played wonderful prior to cleaning the contacts.

I clean the contacts with Brasso using Q-tips, because you can’t fit your finger inside to clean the contacts with a microfiber cloth. You can scrub hard and you won’t hurt the gold plated contacts. I do this for the top and bottom contacts.

To get the excess Brasso off (sometimes it can leave a residue) I use 91% rubbing alcohol with q-tips to finish the cleaning.

I clean the cartridge itself (outside) with soap & water, though, with a very damp cloth so it doesn’t ruin the sticker or artwork on the cartridge.

I let everything dry for 5 minutes and test the game.

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Doctor who Series: Episode 1 – Fallen angel P6

Doctor who Series: Episode 1 - Fallen angel P6

"Blue one there, red one there…" the Doctor mumbled to himself. This was gonna be tricky. If it didn’t work, the angel would kill everyone in the room before they even realised it was there.

"…and finally, green one there!" he exclaimed, sonic-ing the last remaining wire into place.

Jackie was pacing. It was one of those things she did when she was nervous. Well, that and bite her thumbnail. "Are you absolutely sure this’ll work Doctor?"

"Yes, yes. 100%" he exhaled "well, maybe more like 98, 97 at minimum"

"Great" Frank said. His lack of confidence showing.

"Look, on the bright side" The Doctor replied "If it doesn’t work, the angel will kill us before we can say ‘oh god, we’re all going to die’. Well, I say that…". He trailed off. He was lying. A clever lie. A reassuring lie. He knew the angel wouldn’t kill them kindly. He could tell from his earlier encounter in the hallway. It was angry, and for good reason. Why was it chained up? What had happened to it’s wings? Questions bounced around the Doctors head like ping pong balls.

His thoughts were interrupted by the angel, still banging on the door. Bang Bang Bang. Yes, definitely angry.

"Right then" he said, lifting the Cryo-pod. "Frank, I’m going to need you to go to that computer and open the door. Jackie, I’m going to need you to fetch me that axe" He pointed towards the axe contained in a glass case affixed to the wall.

"And as for me…" he said to himself, placing the pod on the floor, a few metres from the door. He checked the pod. ‘Yep, that’ll have to do’

"Ok everyone" the Doctor bellowed, doing his best to exhume confidence. "Ready?"

"Ready!" replied Jackie and Frank in uniform.

"Ok. 3…2…1…Now!

Frank pushed the button. The door swung open. The angel was in the room. The Doctor pointed his screwdriver at the pod. Nothing happened. "C’mon you stupid thing" the Doctor exclaimed, shaking the screwdriver. He pointed again. Sparks flew from the end. The pod went off, freezing everything in its immediate vicinity. Including the angel.

"Jackie!" the Doctor shouted. Jackie threw the axe to the Doctor, who caught it, grinning. Swinging the axe above his head, he sent it crashing down, taking the angels outstretched arm. He swung again, this time shattering the thing entirely. It fell, reduced to a lumpy pile of dust and rubble.

Everything went quiet, the Doctors heavy breathing the only noise. Had he…enjoyed it? Taking a life in such gory fashion. Had the Time war really changed him? ‘No’ he reassured himself ‘if I hadn’t done this, everyone in this room would be dead, and a weeping angel would have been unleashed upon London’.

"Doctor?" Jackie said, reaching out and placing her hand on his shoulder. She was shocked. She could have sworn the Doctor was smiling whilst he hacked at the angel. ‘No. Must have been a trick of the light’

"You ok Frank?" she queried, looking to Frank.

"Y…yeah" he answered. It was clear he also wasn’t expecting that. It had to be done though, right?

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Open Macbook Pro Step 1 of 12

Open Macbook Pro Step 1 of 12

MacBook Pro 15" 1st gen

Find a nice clear area to work and grab your MacBook Pro

You are going to need:
-piece of paper,
-small philips screwdriver (sets are super cheap if you dont have any),
-Torx T6 screwdriver.
-Also is nice to have compressed air to blow out all the dust and clean out the insides. (Just the $10 cans from any computer place)

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