,, Bony Boy ,,

,, Bony Boy ,,

Abandoned Abused Street Dogs.

Photo #1 of #4.

Back Story …………………………………..

Lets start off with my thanks to all of you who have kept
this project alive. I just read your kind comments in the last
photo that was uploaded 8 or 9 days ago.Much appreciated..;-)
The comments keep me energized and on track ………………………

So where was I you ask? .

Right here doing what I do and doing it double time.
It’s the computer that first went AWOL, then was KIA.
Without going into a bunch of tech stuff I’ll keep it simple
with out being 2 stupid while doing so….. KISS …..
Computer is old, as one part beaks it’s replaced.Sometimes
one part implodes right after another explodes. Takes awhile
to get parts out here.
Now, y’all remember my friend Mr SideCar ? Well he’s my saving-grace. He’s a computer guru and without him this
would’ve taken much much longer….Thank You Mr SideCar..;-)

There’s 4 photos in this short series and I’ll add a little bit under
each one but this is the main story here.

In this photo Little Bony Boy is just returning from the vet clinic.
He’s been running a very high fever for sometime and he needed help. He’s being treated for a blood parasite and will be taken to the clinic again tomorrow.This last 8 days he has put 1/8th kilo of weight back on…..

FYI: That’s our driveway…….
When it’s dry, it’s a dust bowl. When it rains, it’s a mud hole !
As this is taking place an old abandoned dog that lives in our compound dies from pneumonia.His name was Hippie Dog..

Before Bony Boy went in Tri-Pod was taken to the clinic keeping up on his series of injections.He’s getting the full monty .
In the last few days Tri-Pod has been in twice and will return on the 15th. Boney Boy has been in twice and will return tomorrow. Mama goes in on the 6th and Mr WeeNee on the 8th. Little Stubby is being scheduled to be spayed on the 10th.
If I can Mr Tuff Guy will start his inoculations around X’mass.
Others will follow suit if at all possible …. 😉

In between all the activity above they continue to receive monthly medications. Some of them daily medications.
And of course feeding on as regular ah schedule as I can do.

I’m starting to burn out and still want to add some dialog to the other photos.
So, on that note I bid you all a good night and see you in the morning, or there after ………….. ………………………. 😉

Thank You.

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1,440-(4)-127 … Our kitty "Scooter" sometimes climbs up onto my desk while I’m working on my computer. … She seldom sits still long enough for a photo, … and the light is dim … just a 60W desklamp on the shelf above my desk.

She’s covered in dust, cobwebs and sawdust because she "explores" the whole basement.

I snapped my fingers up by the lamp to get her to look up.

Camera: Sony MVC-CD1000, 2.1 megapixel (antique)

Straight out of the camera except sharpened with "IrfanView".


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