Isolation Project

Isolation Project

I’ve posted several photos of scanned slides lately, so I thought it would be fun to show where the project is being done. The trash bag is the fourth one I’ve filled with discarded slides, along with several smaller bags. The shoebox is one of 42 similar boxes full of slides dating back as far as 1965. The scanner is an Epson Perfection V800 that scans 12 slides at a time and does a remarkable job removing dust spots. I use Vuescan software and an electronic dust blower, and have a slide database that dates back to the pre-windows DOS operating system days. The database needs to be updated whenever I delete or add slides to the scanned collection. So far, I’ve scanned over 4100 slides and discarded, probably, 40,000 slides and am working on my 18th shoebox. It has been a ton of work, but brought back a lot of great memories. Please excuse the messy workspace.

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Party never ends

Party never ends

Scanned image. Really nice detail when you zoom in though i ain’t cleaned my scanner window that well. So you see dust and smudges but i like that effect. Just me i guess never liked doing completely polished(perfect) work.
This may go sepia. I think it would suit it.

———————–Useless don’t read =P
Funny story about these pictures i spent half a day scanning( about 20 mins to do one) images one after another until i thought need some tea… Badly! I came back to start the very monotonous task of saving & naming them… Well o.k. i know all of you just went you dumb gout! 😛
Yea it had crashed with all those highly detailed images on my computer it just walked out… Rargh!!! Though while having tea i discovered that oreo’s are just custard creams’ black brother. So all was not lost… Almost.
Sorry bout the rant* 😛

K So this is my last photo this month as i have reached my limit grr -_- And i would upgrade but I cant afford it yet. So i might another time.

I’m thinking of using sepia on this image i think it will suit it.

More tea!!!



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AAD021A – Pakon F235 First Scan Sample

AAD021A - Pakon F235 First Scan Sample

Yea !!!! After a long weekend of troubleshooting my computer, and much frustration, I finally got my new Pakon F-235 Plus scanner working !!!! The key fix was installing a USB 2.0 PCI board on my computer, even though I already had USB 2.0 ports on the motherboard. Apparently, they have changed the USB chipsets ever so slightly since 2006 or so, and older devices may have trouble using the new chipsets. Solution: get a backwards compatible USB 2.0 PCI board.
This thing Rocks compared to my other scanners. MUCH faster, with good colors, and little fuss. Just feed in the negatives and away it goes. Took about a minute to scan 4 frames at 6MP resolution with ICE infrared dust removal enabled. Here is a sample from my first run. No preview scans needed, no option setting, no cropping, nothing but fast and effortless scanning! After the scan is completed, you can preview and edit any images as you desire. This image is what I got direct from the scanner, with no tweaks or adjustments. Finally, film scanning as quick and easy as digital ! And in particular, Negative Film scanning that is quick and simple, without needing to play around trying to get the colors right.

AAD021A = 4th strip inserted (D, 4th letter of alphabet), negative frame 21A. All auto saved in the Roll 001 Folder on my hard drive.

Camera = Olympus XA
Film=Fujicolor 100 negative

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Brother MFC 7820N (Close UP)

Brother MFC 7820N (Close UP)

Brother MFC 7820N Monochrome Laser Multi-Function Printer, Fax, Copier, Color Scanner.

To the left, the left channel speaker (part of my Altec Lansing FX6021 2.1 Speakers).

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Thinking about further changes…

Thinking about further changes...

I’m at home for some days so I’m busy thinking about the scanner camera. This is an idea about embedding a mini pc into the camera itself. It’s based around a pico-itx computer and a Lilliput 5" monitor. It can’t be totally integrated because of dust, heat and light coming into the camera, but it would be a modular system with integrated design.

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