The replacement monitor.

The replacement monitor.

The replacement monitor is a used Dell E151FPb I found at the local flea market. It’s still in good shape despite some dust and a missing AC cable.

The only drawbacks are the fact the monitor isn’t widescreen, and the native resolution is 1024×768 (my old monitor was 1680×1050). Given how old my desktop PC is (named Jasper), I may save a new widescreen monitor for a new computer I have been wanting to build myself since last summer.

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Control Room and Memory Bank

Control Room and Memory Bank

"It’s time to go global! Once our construction worker minion, Dominic, dusts off the old control panel and installs a timeclock, our evil organization will be able to do missions anywhere in the world!"

When fully manned, the control room will serve as the mission headquarters for all of our operations off the island, and will even be able to slow the Forces of Justice from approaching our secret hideout lair! The control panel gathers information from geo regions, and the memory bank stores the information for a useful duration.

*The floor is just not quite up to par: the spacing is off and aesthetically doesn’t fit within the 6×6 stud modular grid. It might look better without the red "grout" lines, and would then certainly fit the grid! We’ll see.

Furniture to build: control panel, time clock, control station, communications array, stock market watchdog, schematics station, and a "big screen." That’s a lot, but we’ll need it to insure complete world domination!

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☩☩ At Work ☩☩

☩☩ At Work ☩☩

[Ba] Toronto-Arts table3
Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone (decoration)

[Hasendow] sphinxfan_s

BooK CafE / BooK (C)

[AF] L’Olivier
Breakfast Books

[TA] PhotoStudio Magazines

[Con.] Painted Signage – Diesel

vespertine] bookcart for wizard

[NO CONCEPT] coffee to go

[floorplan.] crate stack / whitewash
card catalog

[*Second Spaces*] 4across set
craft room – ribbons
craft room – punches
Bathroom Clutter – to pass the time RARE

[-tres blah-] Salad Days – Cat Face Jade
Hodgepodge – Snail Mail
Salad Days – Lavender Planner
Salad Days – Easy Listening

[dust bunny] bunny computer . black
bunny computer . white
papasan stool . white wood

[Soy.] Triangle Terrarium [crystal] silver
Messy Beer Cans

[:::LP:::] Camera Bag Display – White [Secret] FOS Lense Display
PodPod – Black

[PILOT] Larkin Set – Cactus Planter

[junk.] repurposed wagon light. bronze.

[:FANATIK HOME:] Industrial Shelve 1

[KOPI] succulent_Box

[tarte.] potted plant

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the new organizer

the new organizer

When I moved into this house, I put the twelve cardboard boxes (the reams of copy paper type) of mushroom kitchen items down at either side of the computer desk and have been using them — six on one side, four on the other — as printer and scanner and catch-all surfaces. You have no clue how much dust collected as a result… I claim that my dust bunny evolved past dust rhino phase and went directly to dust mastadon.

So I went in search this morning for some kind of table, cabinet, shelving, anything that was the right color and size (at least 20" deep because of the scanner, at least 25" wide because of the printer next to the scanner). Not as easy a task as it seems because most furniture that is the right width is 13" deep, and most furniture that is the right depth is 39" wide — and the space between the computer and the closet door isn’t.

So after Cost Plus and Pier 1 failed me (valiant efforts upon their sales staff to come up with a solution, bless them) and the As-Is department of the La-Z-Boy store could only offer a 24"x24" piece for $25 that didn’t come with the lower shelf, I wound up at Target assessing every last item, and this one (30" wide by 19" deep) fit the bill.

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It was bound to happen.

It was bound to happen.

SimCity 4 Rush Hour at full HD resolution on a 52" television.

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Exra Baggage

Exra Baggage

Everything in the basement was covered this way due to the new wall being put up; sanding drywall that’s been mudded usually tends to create a ridiculous amount of pesky dust.

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w o r k p a d

w o r k p a d

THE place where all the magic never always happen, my ibook G4 and acer travelmate is not in the picture, the later is in coma right now, can’t wait for it to be revived, till then it’s back to the drawing board…

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Abandoned Hospital

Abandoned Hospital

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Clean Desk

Clean Desk

Day 199. This is about as uninteresting of a picture you can get but I ran out of umph today after dusting and tidying up the house. Plus how often is my desk this clean where I can take a shot of it, right?

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