"Put on your Sunday clothes, there’s lots of world out there …"

(‘ WALL-E’ by Thinkway Toys)

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Romantic Short Love Poems

Romantic Short Love Poems
I didn’t know at the time that this was going to be the most romantic thing my wife said I ever did for her. I consider myself a romantic, and this was certainly romantic, but I thought other things I did would have been more romantic. Especially since I love writing short love poems and love words. I love doing romantic things for my wife.

But moving my wife’s stuff (my girlfriend then) to her new house I didn’t know would top everything else. What makes my wife feel appreciated above all else is service. Taking care of the practical things. Making sure everything is handled. Only then can she relax.

And all these love poems, surprises, romantic pictures and writings don’t hold a hand to performing service for her and making sure the practical things are handled. Only after those things are handled can she appreciate short love poems and romantic messages.

The more I remember to take out the garbage, be present to her, do the dishes and take care of practical matters, the more she feels loved and appreciated. It was a bummer at first for such a romantic at heart like me, for one who loves writing poems and creating surprises. I didn’t find anything glorious in just remembering to do all the little things every day.

My wife recently told me that she does enjoy all the romantic things that I do. She appreciates the love poems. She appreciates the surprises. She does love the romantic things. But if I didn’t serve her and take care of everything else, then anything romantic would only make the situation worse. But if I handle everything first, then the romantic poems become the cherry on top in our relationship. So if you want to have a wonderful relationship with your spouse and write poems that will mean a lot to her, make sure you take care of everything else first. Without further adieu, here is a romantic love poem for my wife:

Paying Attention to You

I can get lost in the romance
Of planning the perfect surprise
And writing the perfect short love poem
Only to miss the mark of loving you

When I forget to take care of everything else
When I drop the ball in logistical matters
I must always remember how to love you
By serving your heart in a practical way

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Love And Romance Outlook For You For 2011? A Psychic Reading Via E-mail To Reveal Your Romantic Possibilities!

Love And Romance Outlook For You For 2011? A Psychic Reading Via E-mail To Reveal Your Romantic Possibilities!

Curious about the Love and Romance Outlook for You in 2011? A Psychic Reading via e-mail to Reveal Your Romantic Possibilities!

If you are wondering about YOUR Love and Romance forecast for 2011, then maybe you NEED a psychic reading via e-mail to find out, and this way you can get some insight to the near future, in your life…especially…romantically speaking! A great psychic can deal with you face to face, over the telephone, or even through the postal service via written letters, or via e-mail messages!

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Of course, if you would like to pose specific questions, you may want to go with the traditional Psychic Reading via e-mail Seen Here! People always love these and you will too! Besides, what have you got to lose? You never have to leave your home, and you can even be in Australia or England! (Almost anywhere except the continent of Africa)

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How To Beautify Your Romantic Relationship Through Romance Novels?

How To Beautify Your Romantic Relationship Through Romance Novels?
How would a world be without love? You cannot simply imagine your life without love! All the relations and love around you is due to the relationship between man and woman. And romance is the fragrance which keeps this love relationship going on and on. Romance novels are born out of the various complex yet interesting relations and inspire generations together to believe in love and its beauty. Although how much you derive pleasure from romance varies from person to person but every one at some time in life is drawn to the enchanting delights of romance and love.

Romantic novels are mostly read by young people especially those in their teens who are more fantasized by the concept of romance and are yet to get the full glimpse of practical life. But even adults buy a romantic paperback sometimes to revive the dullness in their love life or look out for romantic solutions to the problems in their love relationship. Some of the following tips can indeed help you to beautify your romantic relationship with the help of these romantic novels.

If your partner is angry at you over some issue, then the best way is to gift him a very passionate romantic paperback. The fun and romance in the book will inspire him to forget his anger and be more loving towards you.

Every relationship goes through ups and downs. Misunderstandings, ego clashes and over expectations can cause a rift. But if two people are in love, efforts should be made to come together again and revive the dying relationship. Whenever, you feel that no romance is left in your relationship, you should try to read a romantic novel filled with lots of love and romance together. This way you will make a journey of a romantic affair in union and will understand the flaws and issues in your relationships as well which can help resolve all the disputes.

Make your romantic dinner more romantic by reading out beautiful quotes from famous romantic novels. Address them to each other in a passionate manner so that you touch the right chord with your partner.

Pick up some of the best scenes from the different available romantic novels and try to imitate them. For example, you can arrange a picnic or vacation just like the couple in the romantic book or even a date. One of the best ways to induce romance in your relationship!

Search for different surprises from such books and try it with your lover. This will be very much different from the regular surprises of yours and can really bring more romantic moments.

Whenever you are going out of town, just underline passionate romantic lines from your favorite romantic book and ask your lover to read them whenever he/she misses you.

SMS slogans and quotes from romantic books to your partner when you are away so that your true feelings are conveyed more appropriately.

Try all these tips and beautify your relationships by reading various romance novels .

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Creating A Romantic Evening For Your Lady Love

Creating A Romantic Evening For Your Lady Love
There is never a wrong time to enjoy a romantic evening with your lady love or hope-to-be love. It’s certainly called for on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays but to be even more romantic and memorable a romantic evening planned for no reason at all will have your lady swooning. Many men think that this requires taking a lady to a fancy, expensive restaurant or show to impress her. The truth is that the most romantic evening ever for most women is one shared in the intimacy of home. It’s an evening that is planned and produced by her lover’s own hands that shows effort and caring.

A romantic dinner for two with soft, flickering candlelight and beautiful, romantic love songs playing in the background is a certain winner every time. The evening can be simple or elaborate as long as it has these basic essentials. Even a chili dog and chips dinner can be the perfect choice for romance if it evokes special memories and is served with flair on the best china by candlelight. Creativity is much more important than cost! Never be afraid to be a little bit silly as good-natured laughter is ideal for relaxation and intimacy.

An aura of sensuality is easily created with soft, ambient lighting. Turn off the bright lights and choose instead smaller lamps and indirect lighting. Fragrance is an important addition with earthy candles scented with vanilla, spicy, or woody scents. Choose sensual foods that can be touched and eaten with the hands as appetizers. A small cheese and fruit tray, shrimp with cocktail or remoulade sauce for dipping, stuffed mushrooms, or similar make a great start especially when served with a lovely glass of wine.

If you enjoy cooking, treat your love to a proven recipe you’ve prepared before. A special evening isn’t the best time to experiment with something new that may not turn out to be as good as it sounded. It’s best to choose something that can be prepared in advance with a minimal amount of last-minute attention required that can be better spent on her. If you aren’t the best cook, it is absolutely fine to bring in a meal from a favorite restaurant as long as you serve it on your best dishes.

Plan your music background in advance and burn a CD or two with a well-mixed selection of soft rocks songs and romantic love songs. Combine instrumentals with vocals to keep it interesting and keep the volume at a level so that conversation is always at the forefront. Focus your conversation on her interests, finding as much common ground as possible to intersect with your own for a fabulously romantic evening together.

McGaha Music creates various compositions in various music genres, from soft rock songs, contemporary love songs, to romantic love songs. (http://www.mcgahamusic.com)

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Your Love Guide – Can Happy Words Increase Happiness in a Romantic Relationship?

Your Love Guide – Can Happy Words Increase Happiness in a Romantic Relationship?

Can you change the mood and health of your romantic relationship by the words you use to describe it? You can–if you expand on the logic and findings in a recent linguistic study by Doctors Peter S. Dodds and Christopher M. Danforth at the University of Vermont.

The New York Times reported that this pair of Vermont statisticians analyzed song lyrics, speeches and blog content to evaluate our mass psychology and national well being. They studied 232,574 songs written by 20,025 artists between 1960 and 2007. They evaluated the emotional content in 2.3 million blog posts from 2005 to 2009. They analyzed State of the Union speeches going back to George Washington and rated the emotional charge of the words used.

What are the researchers’ findings?

What we sing and say reveal clues to our well being as individuals and as a society. While analyzing the emotional content of blogs by the age of the blogger, they found a curious pattern. Teenagers blog posts used and abundance of words like “sick”, “hate” and “stupid.”

With advancing age, the tone of bloggers’ word choices softened gradually, rising to a plateau of well being in ages 50s and 60s until the word “sick” reappears in the 70s.

Dr. Dodds says the bloggers’ patterns may not represent all of society, but their patterns are pronounced. As for popular music, the Vermont researchers found that the emotional pattern of lyrics within each musical genre remained stable throughout the 50-year period they studied. But the overall trend turned downward as recent artists explored darker themes more explicitly than their predecessors in the 1960s.

The lowpoint, lyric wise, was 2003. Coincidentally, that was the year Darkthrone released its album, “Hate Them.”

How can you use these findings to increase the level of happiness in your romantic relationship?

I often tell my online community “What you see will be, when you take correct action.” Doesn’t that also apply to what you say about your romantic partner?

When you see strengths, you strengthen them and flaws lose power and importance. Same thing happens when you speak (or sing) about the strengths, wonderful emotions and qualities in your romantic partner.

What words would you use to describe your romantic relationship?

Lonely, wasted, disappointing? Or inspiring, loving, tender, triumphant?

Do you see how you might change your behavior to enhance the emotional content in what you say and how you relate to your romantic partner to create a happier relationship?

And you’ll find more leading edge advice on how to create happy relationships in Hadley Finch’s articles, podcast show and novel with songs, TRIBE OF BLONDES.

Where I work #4

Where I work #4

It’s a computer made of dust.

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99 Red Balloons

99 Red Balloons

As 99 red balloons go by

99 dreams I have had
In every one a red balloon
It’s all over and I’m standin’ pretty
In this dust that was a city
If I could find a souvenier
Just to prove the world was here
And here it is a red balloon
I think of you and let it go

Sometimes life feels so beautiful, it almost seems surreal!
There is a certain sadness to reminiscing of beauty, and yet your heart goes back to those memories ever so often; because you don’t want to forget the feeling that made you so impossibly happy, you wanna hold on to it!
Its hard to let go….

But then you must break free of what ties you down, make your peace and say your goodbyes as you watch the last balloon disappear.

99 Red Balloons Lyrics (Nena)

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Birds: Birds of A Feather by *midnightstouch

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Monday prettiness

Monday prettiness

I’m back from a week out of town (and away from the computer) and it’s going to take me a while to get back up to speed again. Lots more roses have come into flower while I’ve been away, I need to dust off my camera 🙂
This is one I processed before I went away -soft Flypaper processing.

Sold Feb 2011
March 2011

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Quot;Piano Prince” is still Clayderman Romantic – steam vegetables steamer Manufacturer

Quot;Piano Prince” is still Clayderman Romantic – steam vegetables steamer Manufacturer

Tianjin Renmin power window on January 4: last night, hosted by the Rolling Stones Culture at the 2008 New Year’s, “Piano Prince” Clayderman once again set off an “elegant wave.” Although Clayderman has been fifty years old, but he has excellent performance to prove – that he is still representative of the romantic.

The return to Tianjin, Clayderman has brought a new modern genre, but the nostalgic track, especially the four pieces of Chinese music to the audience almost boiling, and won the enthusiastic audience response of “destiny”, “Autumn Japanese Whispers “and other classic songs were unexpectedly joined the heavy metal texture, these subtle changes make the audience think more highly of” piano prince “of bold innovation and superb skills. 4 pieces of Chinese music “Butterfly Lovers”, “best red sun” “I Love Beijing Tiananmen” and “My Motherland” playing to the audience again and again whom boiling inside. The end of the show, Clayderman speech was added the “my country”, encourages the melody sounded, the audience began singing accompaniment. In particular, some middle-aged fans, beat banner hand side, while burst out singing. For the first has infected hundreds of millions of Chinese music, “Piano Prince” was particularly into play, the whole atmosphere in the songs and sound of the piano’s should be and in the climax.

Excited to return to Tianjin so Clayderman, “I and this beautiful city is destined, 16 years I have performed 4 times to Tianjin, Tianjin witnessed great changes, and I’m pleased with the development of Tianjin.”

Clayderman is adapted and performed the world’s largest overseas Chinese music artists, his adaptation of Chinese music, “the sun the most red” and “Butterfly Lovers” and has been well received by the audience. “Is the beautiful melody of music that I forget to return, many journalists have asked me why so many of the Chinese adaptation of the music, what attracted me? My first exposure to Chinese music is in South America, listening to the track is the” beam Good, “the beautiful melody moved me greatly, prompted me to adapt to this piece of music.” Clayderman said firmly: “in the future as long as possible, I will continue to adapt China’s work, because I really like Chinese music. “

Clayderman that define his own style of work: romantic, melodic, accepted by the public. “I like some classical musicians such as Beethoven, Debussy and Chopin, I can not compare with them, and my music are more modern.” He said, “because I like the feeling of calm and good, so my also try to pursue this style of music. “Clayderman evaluate their own musical innovation is incremental,” I always try to do something innovative, including adding many modern musical elements. I recently recorded with the Chinese National Orchestra a new record, piano and try to combine classical Chinese instruments. “

For fifty years old in Clayderman, the “piano prince” of the title made him very happy. “As the prince and I like a little old,” he said, “but the title shows that people can accept me I am happy.” Clayderman life in many stubborn habits, such as no and press firmly with English communication, but to rely on French translations; such as mineral water must be made for the law’s Evian brand, dressing rooms must be dry towels and soap must be ready; example, in an interview, also wearing a pair of leather gloves … … Clyde Mann explains: “This is my professional habits, I own a 10 million francs fingers insured, in order to protect the finger before the show, I had to wear gloves, so can do some minor manual labor.”

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