Meditation Retreats – A Viable Alternative Of Love, Peace And Happiness

Meditation Retreats – A Viable Alternative Of Love, Peace And Happiness
For the unprepared, life will always deal you a bad card. That is just life. Even so, what we see as “bad cards” are nothing but makings of our own mindsets. What some see as hopeless situations, others will see as an opportunity for growth. If you are of the former, you can begin to change your perspective by involving yourself with the programs at meditation retreats. Meditation retreats are set up by experienced and established meditation teachers. The purpose of meditation retreats is to impart knowledge and skills in the art and practice of meditation to willing and sincere students. Z Meditation is a meditation center who offers meditation retreats several times a year in India, and elsewhere.

The most desirable state of man is to live in love, peace and happiness. This state of being encourages the clear thinking necessary for tackling the issues of life. In addition, a calm mind will also be a catalyst for good physical health and as a resisting factor to common and serious ailments. When you examine yourself, and most others around you, however, you will find people living in a state of extreme restlessness and agitations. These are as a cause of predetermined conditionings, which determine how we react to situations and events. Society, family and friends have given us a script to act out. When the acting does not yield the desired effects, restlessness and agitation occur. Meditation retreats go to the core of these wrong beliefs, seeking to help us free our minds from self-made bondage.

Z Meditation offers meditation retreats where the craft of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry is taught. This inquiry helps us to dig up and root out these societal and other conditionings, leaving a clear mind that is non-expectant and non-demanding. This new state of awareness does not mean you will be living as one in a cave. Rather, the clarity with which you can think, and not dream, will enable you to find solutions quickly and efficiently to the challenges you face.

Meditation retreats are nothing of the obscure. Meditation has been practiced for centuries in most parts of the world, rooted in religious practice. In India, the practice of meditation is mostly related to the ancient Buddhist practices. The meditation retreats organized by Z Meditation, however, have no religious connotation whatsoever, being open to people from any base of faith.

Meditation retreats may also be seen as a form of holiday destination, albeit one with practical advantages. Moreover, meditation retreats as a vacation alternative will cost you a fraction of what you may have to part with at other regular holiday retreats.

For those who wish to return to their center, love, peace, and happiness – meditation retreats provide a viable alternative. The process of learning is simple and merely requires a sincerity and commitment. Remarkable progress has been observed in students within just a few days of the practice.

The peace and joy of the heart open the door for everything else.

Lily Candice is regular article writer for Meditation Retreats at Z Meditation in India

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Choosing Your New Home – Urban Sanctuaries Vs Rural Retreats

Choosing Your New Home – Urban Sanctuaries Vs Rural Retreats
When choosing your new home, it can be difficult to decide whether to opt for an urban hideaway or a rural retreat. There are in fact many advantages and disadvantages for each location, so to help enlighten you, here are a few of the pros and cons.

Urban Living
Living in a town or a city usually means that you will never find yourself at a loss for things to do. With many places to go, including cinemas, restaurants, shopping centres, museums and bars, urban living provides you with a number of locations to visit. Employment is also easier to come by, with more companies residing in urban areas. Towns also offer more schools for children; often not just restricted to primary schools, towns will offer secondary schools and sometimes universities as well. Urban living also usually results in fewer travel costs. Most locations are close enough to walk to, or catch a bus to, therefore saving money on petrol and vehicle maintenance.

However, towns can be very over crowded, with large volumes of people around at all times. This usually results in higher levels of criminal activity, and often means safety measures have to be increased. The higher numbers of inhabitants in urban areas also causes transport issues, with traffic jams being a common occurrence. Cities also have increased levels of noise and pollution, which can be detrimental to health in the long term.

Countryside Homes
Living in the countryside offers a peace and quiet which cannot be found in the city; with less traffic allowing you to enjoy the sounds of nature. The country also offers large open spaces, resulting in the ability to have a larger house and garden without being on top of your neighbours. Countryside living also offers a sense of community, along with less crime and an increased feeling of safety. Living in rural areas also tends to have lower levels of pollution, less smog and cleaner air, providing many health benefits.

However, living in the countryside often results in problems finding employment, as local offices can be few and far between. This in turn can result in larger travel expenses, as driving to work or taking the children to school may result in longer journeys. Hospitals and other important amenities are also often a greater distance away. Living rurally can also result in problems with changes in the weather. Thin and winding country lanes can be difficult, and sometimes impossible to manoeuvre in heavy snow and rain.

Whether you enjoy the hustle bustle and ease of city living, or the slower paced, quiet life of the rural areas, both can be perfect places for you to find a house and make it your home.

Jon is a family man living in a 3 bedroom property in a small seaside town in Kent, with his wife and two young sons.