“was a good life”!

"Was a good life, now it is all but over", a senior resident of Georgia Belle Independant Living facilities, Tallahassee, Florida, setting outside to look at the
setting sun.
She told me, when I walked up to her, that she stepped out to see what was going on outside of the building. She actually *was* out there to look at the sunset!
I did not ask her what she was thinking about.

Here at georgia belle Independant living facilities, there are about 160 residents. Often the ambulance comes at night, and everyone sort of just knows that one day soon it will come for them!
Some just sit an Wait for the undertakerbus to pick them up, eventually, but others have the philosophy of
…."Life is Good till the very last Drop"!

An Apt metaphor for someone who is nearly 80, to watch the sun set to the West, "was a good life, still *is* a good life, and even the setting sun is setting in a nice way, after all some sundowns go down hard with 38 degrees and drizzle and 20 mph winds! Today the temperature might be over 80 degrees, in this sub-tropical locale, around the 12th of November, a perfect sunset.

I know a lady here who is a 80+ year old grandmother, and a couple of years ago, one of her grandkids gave to her a Super Nintendo System [SNES] console. I had heard about her, I finally last month met her. Yes she plays only RPGs, rpgs like legend of Mana, the final fantasy series, etc.etc; some of the best role playing games ever made.
[she was a computer programmer in her youth!]


–Another morning, months later, I made a small Discovery in the trash bin, a discovery that goes with this photo.

Well, I had a small discovery yesterday
at my senior residence!
I left in the 8 AM morning by the back door near the trash container, as I had trash to throw out and when i looked in the trash bin door, I saw a box someone had pitched out just earlier. The box was full of empty meds bottles and mostly bottles pertaining to laxatives. Behind this box was a emema-giving device, tossed by the same person. I gave a "detective" glance at all of this to try to feel what the sufferings were of this person: i suspected having a bowel movement took this person hours each and every day, had to, or else "fecal empactation" might occur, a terrible problem in some elderly people!
Later that afternoon, at the Store on the second floor, i saw a small "yard sale" sign on a door across from the store. I knocked on the door and several relatives came to the door and they let me in. The apartment was nearly empty, i was told that the lady who lived here, in terrible health, was now being moved to the Nursing Home, where she could get better care.
I then noted a box of kitchen cooking tools, all rusted and dirty, she probably lived here for years, and cooked a lot, but as her health went down, she cooked less and less, and could not even clean up. Next to this box was yet another box of laxative stuff: now I knew she was the lady who had her relatives pitch out the trash, earlier! As I left, i heard one of the relatives talk about being sure to get all of her geneology books together.

Thus then "it hit me"! here was a lady who moved into Georgia Belle, a lady who had many many interests and talants. She probably did geneology searches on her whole family. A person
of Intelligence and Feelings!
But now years later she is a medical case, her body
might be almost useless, one of these people who if you asked how she was, "this morning", it would take her an hour to reply as she has *SO* many body-ill conditions to report!

My father was like that, the year I lived with my aunt, his sister, he had about 10 strokes and five heart attacks, and in the Home, he was dementia-tated to about a 8 year old child! If one were to meet him there in the Home, for the first time, one might never know he was a blacksmith and a man who once talked four hours non stop and the 10 people who listened did not say one word and when he had to go, one man turned to speak out, and spoke for all of them, "its too bad Dudley had to go, I wanted more"! A STORYTELLER. indian legends, mines, coal, geology, politics, etc.
But you would not know, there, at the Home, then, about Dudley’s amazing life!

MORAL of this post?: One can never judge a summer by the weakly warm last day of October! One cannot judge a river by its low water level in the drought year!
Take this lady who is watching her sunset go down. She might have also had, in her own way, an amazingly creative life, but now her sun sets. The late october sun cannot anymore warm the tomato plants in the New England garden, tis all you can do to keep the nightly frosts from killing the plants outright as you cover then each and every night, the tomatoes are now in "maintanence mode-only", and that "maintanence" takes up the whole day, fills it. You might not know that this tomato plant bore a tomato that won the state fair first prize, in August, several months before!! Next week, probably, the artic blast will cover this plant in 6 inches of snow at 15 degrees, to grave and worms and bone-dust we each all Go some day!

the River of one’s life is measured by
the High flood levels, *not* the drought levels in the dry years!

that tomato plant will be Measured by that prize-winning Tomato!

*not* by how many hours it takes to have a bowel movement, with emema-bag and ten laxative pills at the ready, when she is 87 years old!

—it takes Work, though, to live Good till the very last drop! Mostly it is "attitude", having an ideal that life is Interesting. Thus you then can "rewrite your past" by forgiving the hurts and the negativities that are behind you, then get to know that the Tombstone is but a door, then live like you are *already* on the other side of it, here on earth!

Yes life, whether at age 20: "there is Life beyond your cell phone peer group" to, at age 82, "there is more to life than an enema bag"; takes a bit of action on your part.

One has to become a part of the "life support team", the people around you that make it possible for you to live.
–whether the teachers, bus drivers, car repair people, tech support, if you are 20,
–or the doctors, janitors, clergy, if you are 80!


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Sachin Tendulkar Denies Retirement Plans

Sachin Tendulkar Denies Retirement Plans
The Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar stated on Monday that he clearly has no plans in quitting the ODIs. Sachin quoted that he is now really enjoying the cricket and still has the desire and passion to play for India. He added that the thought of retirement has not crossed his mind and he would let everyone know when he decides to call it a day.

After India won the ICC World Cup 2011, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team were honored by BCCI. Each player was gifted with one crore by BCCI and obviously many of the players were turned as the brand ambassadors of the top companies. On Monday, Sachin praised Indian captain and stated that Dhoni was the best captain he has played for. He said that Dhoni stayed calm, very alert, does not show any frustration and added that as a captain, he need to know the likes and dislikes of every individual and he has been at it through out the tournament.

Stating his views of the retirement issue, he said that he has not thought about retiring and if he ever think about it, what will be there if he hides it. He said that he will tell everyone openly when he decides to do it and added that he want to enjoy the game right now. Sachin said that winning the ICC World Cup 2011 is his biggest cricketing moment till now and wish that he could have shared this happiness with his father. He misses him and if he was there then he would definitely be proud of him. However, the special moment was shared with his children and this made more special for the victory lap being with him.

Although everyone in the country has waited for the magnificent century by Sachin Tendulkar, but there has been a lot of disappointment when Sehwag and Sachin were out for low score. But Gautam Gambhir and Dhoni have moved India to taste the success that has been waiting since 28 years. Gambhir scored the most precious 97 runs off 122 balls. Getting paired up with Dhoni who stood till the end, Virat Kohli scored 35 runs and Yuvraj stayed unbeaten for 21 runs. Dhoni proved his batting again by scoring singles when in need and boundaries when opportunity comes. He scored an unbeaten 91 runs from 79 balls including eight fours and two huge sixes. He finished off in style with a huge six when India needs only four runs.

The interesting fact is that Sachin has not watched the last winning shot of MS Dhoni but he burst out of joy by hearing the crowd and the teammates screaming and jumping in the dressing room. Sachin was asked about this team and the past, he replied that the current team has more match winners where one can win the match of their own.

Currently, 37-year-old Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has played 177 test matches and appeared in 290 innings and scored 14692 runs with an average of 56.94 with his highest unbeaten 248 runs. Getting the stats of the One Day Internationals, he played 453 matches and appeared for 442 innings and scored 18111 runs with an average of 45.16 and his world record highest unbeaten 200 runs. The maestro has done some brilliant job with the ball too by taking 154 wickets in the ODIs and 45 dismissals in the tests. In the One Days he has also recorded two five-wicket haul and 4 four-wicket haul and being his best as 5/32.

The Radical Retirement Gift Guide

The Radical Retirement Gift Guide


Retirement is something we all look forward to in life. We can finally set to rest the stresses and strains of working life and enjoy quality time with our loved one and most of all, time to ourselves! However retiree’s can often find that they are busier than ever before with grandkids being dropped off at the door, social engagements cropping up and trying to fit in all those things you have never had time to do before. When someone you know is retiring get them a gift that will really benefit them in their retirement.

Retirement gifts for him or her are surprisingly easy to find. A simple browse on line will uncover dozens of gifts you never would have imagined or found on the high street. When wondering what would be the perfect gift for your retiree, think of conversations you have had in the past. They may have mentioned something they have always wanted to do and now s your opportunity to make that happen.

Experience day gift packages are a fantastic way to make someone’s dreams a reality. Perhaps they are a motor enthusiast, in which case you could book them a day driving a Ferrari around a race track or for the more relaxed option you could hire them a vintage car for the day. Any car lover will appreciate these gifts as they are not likely to be an experience they can ever repeat or have evr done before.

Perhaps they deserve some time alone with their partner so why not purchase them an experience day gift for two. They could spend an afternoon wine tasting or being pampered at a spa. Perhaps they have a favourite hobby such as gardening? You could send the green fingered pair on a vegetable growing course or even purchase tickets for the Chelsea Flower Show. Gifts like these demonstrate that not only have you thought of them, but their loved one too.

Perhaps you are tightening the purse strings this year, like so many of us, and can’t quite afford these gifts. Not to worry, a bottle of champagne always goes down well! Don’t just present them with a regular bottle though, why not personalise it, to make your gift a unique one? The label on the bottle can be personalised to feature the recipient’s name and a message of your choosing; accompany this with two engraved champagne flutes and you’re on to a memorable gift that won’t break the bank.

Novelty items such as personalised key rings or mugs featuring a photo of the retiree and a humorous greeting chosen by you are also popular gifts for him or her. These gifts are indeed cheap and cheerful but show the thought and effort you went to, to make them special.

For a humour injection why not throw in an inflatable simmer frame or walking stick, after all if they are retiring they must be getting on a bit!

So as you can see the range of gifts suitable for retirees are massive and you will have fun choosing. We can bet you will be tempted to buy some of our suggestions for yourself too! Happy Hunting!



Why not visit unforgettablegifts.ie today and browse our huge range of gifts. With a massive range of gifts for her and christmas gifts  you will never have to look at another website. 

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People May Compare Retirement Incomes With Whole Of Market Annuity Quotes

People May Compare Retirement Incomes With Whole Of Market Annuity Quotes
Many people save towards their retirement with personal and occupational pension schemes. Most of the schemes can be categorized as money purchase schemes. This means that when the person retires the money invested in the pension fund is converted to cash and used to purchase an annuity. There are many different options when purchasing one of these products, such as level and escalating annuities, and single life or joint life annuities. This article explains some of those options, and shows how an annuity quotes can be used to let a person estimate the amount of retirement income they will get.

Most pension schemes other than final salary schemes, and other defined benefit schemes, can be categorized as money purchase schemes. A person, and possibly also their employer, make contributions into a pension fund, which is invested in the financial markets with the intention of building up a suitably large pension pot by the date of the person’s retirement.

On retirement the pension pot is then used to purchase an annuity. These are a type of insurance, which are sold by life insurance (or life assurance) companies. They provide a guaranteed lifetime income, regardless of how long the pensioner lives for. This is desirable as it protects pensioners from the danger of exhausting their pension pot.

Those who buy an annuity to provide a retirement income will normally have one of the following types of pension: a personal pension, a stakeholder pension, an Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) or Freestanding Additional Voluntary Contribution (FSAVC) scheme, or a retirement annuity contract. Those who are members of an occupational defined contribution scheme may find that the scheme managers purchase the annuity for them, but they are entitled to choose the type of product which they want.

There are many different types of product, allowing the retired person to choose something suitable for their needs. The most basic choice is between a single life or a joint life policy . Joint life annuities will provide a pension for a person’s spouse or partner. These are therefore most normally chosen by couples, unless the spouse or partner already has an independent source of retirement income.

Another choice which can be made is between a level, and an escalating annuity. Level annuities will pay out the same income throughout the rest of a person’s life, while escalating annuities will constantly increase. The increase may be a fixed rate (e. G. 3%), or it may be linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI).

A third option involves a guarantee period. With a standard policy, if the pensioner was to die very soon after buying the annuity, the payments would simply stop. This would mean that the pensioner’s estate did not really benefit from that person’s lifetime of saving. With a guaranteed annuity, the life assurance company will pay the annuity for some predetermined period (usually five or 10 years) even if the pensioner dies.

All these options affect the amount of retirement income. For example a joint life policy will pay out less than a single life policy, because the life company have the additional commitment of funding the spouse’s pension. An annuity quotes is a simple online tool, which allows a person who is approaching retirement to estimate the effect of different options on their retirement income.

When approaching retirement it is vital to shop around using the open market option and to make sure that you use a broker that advises from the whole of market for annuity quotes.

Bolster Your Retirement Benefits By Getting The Best Annuity Quote

Bolster Your Retirement Benefits By Getting The Best Annuity Quote
If this is you then you will be interested in the following guide relating to annuities. In spite of the fact that annuity fact finding is really not something most people enjoy, in the end you will be thankful you did it.

Taking a step back and teaching yourself how the pension annuities system operates could be worth thousands of pounds in the future, despite the inconvenience in the short term. The average person clearly does not enjoy learning about pension, finance, income, inflation and other associated information.

You should first know that it is imperative that you contrast insurers to see who has the best offer at that time. Annuity offers alter between providers so make sure you get several different quotes before you commit to anything. Without doing this will mean that you cannot be sure of the best rates. This might mean you miss out on a higher pension income, which could range from fifty pounds to five hundred pounds.

To ensure you do not end up being in this difficult situation always seek the views of an annuity adviser. They should be the first port of call to allow you to get the best deal on the market, despite rates being very low. In the main this advice should be given without a fee, however you will have to pay for independent financial advice.

Despite this making the annuity process more tedious,it does often mean higher rates. Getting an annuity will only occur just once so picking the right provider is imperative. Many people who fail to shop around for annuity find that they regret not having done so as their income may now be lower as a result. There are plenty of reasons why someone would not shop around for an annuity, but a lot of people blame the standard of the wake up packs sent to annuitant.

You should also be aware that by comparing annuity offers you may boost your pension up to 40%. Think just what a real benefit this would be to your your living standard and income level. But it should be said, this only occurs when you secure an enhancement annuity. Also be aware that a 40% increase is only applicable for life threatening conditions such as a a history of heart problems.

These are given to people who have medical issues which may mean they die younger. The explanation behind this is that the annuity company will have to make payments for a shorter time period. So from the provider of the annuity, the quicker you pass away, the more financially efficient it is for them as the payout is lower. On occasions annuity enhancement can be given due to lifestyle choices such as excessive drinking and/or smoking.

So, to be sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to boost you annuity income, shop around for annuity quotes today.

As you might have guessed from our name, were in the business of finding people the best pension annuity rates in the UK.