sun going down

sun going down

The sun was going down and started lighting up the clouds… my camera does not pick up the colors for some things…. (maybe it’s the computer displaying the picture)… I have noticed that I can’t take pictures of the dust storms, some rain, and this cloud… the light shining above the cloud almost had a flowing rainbow effect… it still looks neat here, but was incredible in person…

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“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro

I bought an Eye-Fi card a while back assuming that it could geotag photos for me on the G12 if I use the iPhone app but no matter what I do I couldn’t get that to work so I finally gave up and it was sitting dust.

But now that I have the EOS M semi-permanently mounted on a tripod next to the window so I never miss anything for the Serenity series, it has a new found use—automatically transferring raw and video captures to my computer while I photograph—thus removing the need to open SD card, import photos and put it back onto the camera. A great improvement to the workflow. Super sweet.

Through the reflection you can also see me photographing this with the iPad 3 mounted on the hover bar, thus leaving both hands free for controls. By using 645pro set to Nighttime mode, this capture works well as the slow-shutter is no longer an issue.

Photographed as RAW TIFF on 645pro, cropped down and processed in Lightroom 4. As usual, pardon the chaos. Also you will note that I have downsized to a twin from my New York queen bed. A bit sad but then space is expensive in Hong Kong and I get used to it.

“Eye-Fi + Canon EOS M + tripod for Serenity” #photography #tools
/ SML.20130123.223056.IP3.645Pro
/ #SMLSetup #SMLOpinions #SMLMe #CCBY #SMLPhotography #SMLUniverse
/ #Eyefi #Canon #CanonEOSM #EOSM #Manfrotto #tripod photography tools setup #LGBT #同志 #gay #男 #men #人 #people #biobots #photography #645pro
/ #HongKong #China #MaOnShan

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Virtual Reality [Day 177/365]

Virtual Reality [Day 177/365]

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Our good computer is in for repair, so I had to bust out the old tiny Gateway laptop today. The screen is dusty and it runs sloooow, but I got all my bills paid online…that’s all that matters, I guess!

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boo ..

boo ..

Just playing around with my camera yesterday in downtown Louisville. Good to blow the dust off and use it for a change .. ;o)

I am clearly SLACKING on getting photos off my camera and onto my computer, let alone processed and onto flickr. I’m trying to making myself do better .. it’s my new goal .. 😀

In the meanwhile, if you’re interested in the over-sized monkeys that you see in the reflection (which are pretty cool BTW), I’d recommended visiting SnakeTongue’s set of photos.

I just ran this through Picasa .. nothing fancy .. yea, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it ..

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Lost Lagoon

Lost Lagoon

I actually shot this at sunset, when I brought it into my computer, I thought the color was rather dull… so I brought it down to a tungsten WB.. I also removed a couple of birds from the photo as they just looked like sensor dust..

Ohh.. and I dare you to push L 😉

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Scarydust [Day 4/7]

Scarydust [Day 4/7]

The dust is "scary" because I say so. And it rhymes with "fairy."

This is better viewed large.
The dust is fuzzy because of the depth of field not allowing for it to be in focus at the same time I am.

And so.
Today went like this:

– I woke up just before noon. Really late for me.
– Empty house.
– Called Mom.
– Found out Mom was at the mall.
– Mom came home.
– We were planning to go shopping somewhere. Don’t remember for what though.
– Hannah came home from school early.
– Mom and I went out and took Hannah, after a painstaking process of deciding where to eat [which turned out to be Boston Market].
– We ate.
– We planned to go to the grocery store after we shopped for other stuff first.
– I wanted to go to Newbury Comics. There’s a CD that Hannah wants [and she already knows that I want to get it for her, so I feel relatively "safe" posting this here; even if she finds out, she already knows].
– We went shopping.
– When we finished at the first store, we ended up going home.
– Got home.
– Took a bazillion pictures.
– Got frustrated that my cat wouldn’t leap onto my feet for a photo.
– Loaded files onto my computer.
– Right-click > Open With… > Flickr Uploadr
– Started typing this thing.
– Wanted to stop typing.
– Kept going.

…Uh, and now I’m getting off the computer…

There was a bunch of other stuff that I left out, but that was basically my day…

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Rip rap music..

Rip rap music..

This is the companion to "Imponded sun" as the portrait. I shot this later and just kept the flair of the sun outside the frame so that the the vegetation and underwater mosses could retain their saturations but without humping them in Photoshop which seems to be a pastime on Flickr. Warning, if you want to shoot shots like this with the lens pointed directly at the sun, it is crucial that you polish all bits of dust from the front surface of the lens. I stopped to do just that here, knowing it could be trouble if I didn’t, even with this spectacular 24-70mm zoom lens. Note that this specially coated lens is not even a three times zoom, not a 12-16 times zoom. It might be a plan to crank on a much superior single focal length lens instead of that super zoom that packs loads of lens flare. Lately, I am struck by how many posts are put up on Flickr that do not even observe decent exposures. I thought that was rule one? Are these folks overcompensating for flaring skies they can’t control because it is outside the range of lens capability I am thoroughly happy with the tones I retained.

On this day of nice skies and water, I came back to this spot I’ve used before with the intention of expanding my catalog. My previous take was one of my favorites. I am still fighting to slow this autumn’s slipping away and I made another loop of the path but there was little breeze and there were only a few ripples on the water that ushered in the fine sky and foliage colors. I got a couple of shots of the foliage in the distance but it is deteriorating. I guess this reflection scene just grabbed me emotionally for some reason. Watch out for this if you are fishing in a belly boat and decide to come in to shore here! Later, I decided to recapture earlier shots. Replacing my productive rippled water scenes were skies with some mixed clouds, water and fading foliage. December is almost here.

I am out here at Golden Ponds, the Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado greenbelt and rec area and fortunately, the turn-off is only a half-dozen blocks down Hover St. I wanted to look for possible locations even though the sky has been the pits lately. I wandered the green space and took some detail shots that were available, Drying cattails surrounded the ponds. The bold sky is gone, the rippling water gone, the bold clouds gone, my favorite cottonwood, brown and most cattails seeding the next year’s supply. I shot few pictures and kept the sky out of the frame but it’s presence shows in the water. The colorful autumn foliage is falling around the ponds and under the water. I love shooting stark scenes with this camera and lens. I have not used any of my old Nikkors even though I programmed them into the computer.

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