Dollhouse mattress tutorial 2 of 2

Dollhouse mattress tutorial 2 of 2

I finally covered the foam mattress that came with this bed after 30 years!!

I bought the kit at a dollhouse store when I was 15, put it together and stained it. I made bedding for it, but never properly covered the mattress. I remember it costing $11 which I felt was a lot of money at the time 🙂

It has served my dolls well all these years, but needs a little update.

I made those pillows this weekend. Still need to make some sheets and maybe a dust ruffle. I have a pretty blue/white woven coverlet for it already.

To cover the mattress:

I used a men’s thrift store shirt and cut 2 rectangles slightly larger than the mattress.

Covered 1 side with craft glue applied with a paint brush and placed fabric on foam. Smoothed out. Did the same thing for the other side.

1. Applied glue to the edges of the fabric and sides of foam mattress and glued the edges down.

2. Cut long strips of computer printer paper the same width as the mattress (glued 3 strips together so it was long enough) to wrap around bed.

3. Cut long rectangular piece of fabric and glued it around the paper to create a long "ribbon" of fabric to go around sides of mattress.

4. Attached with craft glue.

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Tips And Tricks To Recover From A Break Up

Tips And Tricks To Recover From A Break Up
When you break up with someone you care about, it can take an exhausting toll on the entire spirit of a person. You have spent a long time with that person, shared your hopes and dreams, built your future sometimes with that person, and then when things do not work out, you have nothing but a giant pile of disappointment. Sometimes the break ups are hurtful and people go their separate ways carrying sadness, resentment, and bad feelings around. It is hard to let go and it seems as though the pain will never disappear. But there are some things you can do to help with the pain and to make things a little easier for you.

First, depending on the nature of the break up, you need to decide whether or not it is a good idea to be friends afterwards. Usually, it is always a bad idea, as people who break up still harbor deep feelings for one another and deciding to be friends after that is not always the best or most feasible idea as people might get lost and confused and bewildered.

Also, after such intense feelings, it is not easy to just be friends and to act in an entirely different way. In fact, many times, the aftermath of a break up is worsened if people decide to just be friends, because one person might want to get back together and the other might not and then one person might feel hurt that things are not the same and the changes might make it even more unbearable. With that in mind, decide whether it is possible for you to just be friends with your ex- boyfriend or girlfriend and know that even if in the present it might not be the best idea, you can always reconvene later and maybe be friends after the feelings have passed.

Letting go of someone is never easy and can cause a lot of grief in your life. One way to let go of a person is to remove all reminders of them. You might want to take down photos of the two of you, bury letters and mementos, and put all reminders and keepsakes away somewhere. If the break up was very hurtful and you think that the presence of that person in your life is toxic, you can even try burning the keepsakes and photos and feel a therapeutic release as a result.

Sometimes it helps to get a sense of closure, too, because unspoken words and unfinished business can cause more tension than healing. So, if there are any parting words that you need to say, any last expressions of feelings, whether bad or good, let yourself let them all out at once and then turn around and never look back till you have healed.

Sometimes as break ups can take a huge toll, make sure you surround yourself with friends and loved ones during this hard time. Remind yourself that you are not alone even though an important part of your life is now gone, that there is still hope in your future and that things are not going to be bad forever. Let your friends tell you that you will find someone one day and that it was for the best.

Another reason some break ups are so difficult is the doubt that sometimes occurs afterwards. You begin to miss the person and you wonder if you did the right thing or not. This might even make you reconsider, in a fit of sadness, and you might be tempted to run back to that person and fix things immediately. But, that is why it is important to make a list of all the reasons why you broke up in the first place, because those are usually rational reasons, and make sure you consult that list all the times you feel weak or doubtful.

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Tips to Recover After Break-Up

Tips to Recover After Break-Up

Are you depressed, boring and disable after break-up? It’s very natural! Things that you should do are to build up supposed-to-be-life-long relationship that seems to be wasted.



That’s just natural, after all those years and emotional investments you’ve banked on to build that supposed-to-be life-long relationship seems to be wasted.


If ever you should see some light of hope to make up together, the first thing you NEED to wrap your head around on how to recover from being depressed after break-up.


And that’s where I can help you!


Let me spill down 3 practical steps that you can use as a depressed-after-break-up recovery plan which you can use right away.


Frustrated and depression – you can soon kiss them goodbye PROVIDED that you’ll put this depressed-after-break-up recovery plan into action.




Let’s go ahead!


Depressed After Break-Up A Recovery Plan Step 1

So you feel like crying? Ready to blow up with the pent up and overflowing emotions that’s within you?

Go ahead and unleash them!


Cry your tears until they run dry. It’s one of the best ways to rid yourself with all the negative feelings that burdening you right now, even if you’re closest of friends insist that you don’t.


Go grab that hanky!


Depressed After Break-Up A Recovery Plan Step 2

Talking about it with your friends is also another vital step that you must take.


With this, you’d get help from a very supportive environment and your friends along with you could help attack the problem – the root of your depression and can suggest ways for a faster recovery.


After all, the more the merrier!


Depressed After Break-Up A Recovery Plan Step 3

Go out and leave behind the dark quarters of your room!


Imprisoning yourself – waiting for your ex’s call or text message will only make you feel more depressed.


By going out, you get to do things that will serve as distractions that take you away from the loneliness. Do this A LOT of times and you’ll soon find yourself that the loneliness is all gone even without the distractions.


Get a Comprehensive Step-By-Step Recovery Plan To Take You From Being Depressed After Break-Up To Being ARMED With The Information You NEED To Get your Ex Back!

Visit and be sure to check out the great videos. Also make sure you get a copy of the First Steps to Healing Your Relationship.

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E22-275 Recover Point Data Replication and Recovery Test Guide

E22-275 Recover Point Data Replication and Recovery Test Guide


When you have plans of enhancing or changing your career, then EMC certification offers you excellent choice. The EMC program has global recognitions and reliable. Thus, there’s a good demand for the certification just like E22-275 Recover Point Data Replication and Recovery internationally. This certification and trainings would support your dream. Lots of company provides services which are marketed in the global market and clients or customers lists are great.

Company recruits potential candidate who are talented and effective to serve companies and customers. In order to pass EMC certifications you have to enroll in review class or download study guide materials for your benefits. You can get online lessons too. These guides will let you receive high scores in the exam. Newly obtained skills would enhance the market demand in addition to providing excellent working profession.

EMC E22-275 certification profits are reliable since it aims to acquire long lasting and best careers. With the certification you could expect higher pat, higher job prospects and bright future. The money and time you spent in EMC certifications would be fruitful and same means and tactics you learned will be very helpful in several aspects.

How to Pass EMC E22-275 Exam?

Previously you’re prepared with the certification and willing to show up in the examination, you have to look for study materials. Don’t use expired or old study guides. There are free guides online or purchase fresh study materials within the market. Just ensure that you see or purchase relevant guides for Recover Point Data Replication and Recovery certification.

If you use free exam guide for the EMC, practice test questions are provided that comes in the guide. Study centers you opted should have good reputation and reliability. Certain providers and study centers offer hundred percent good outcomes in the exam. PDF formats are simple to learn and navigate. Model questions available in different sites are good as well.

You may download and practice them so you’ll be confident in facing any kind of question. Study kits available online offer 100 percent guarantee so you can have positive results in a nominal fee. You can buy and become proficient too within short span of time. Just beware of fraud and duplicate EMC E22-275 study materials.

You must aim to pass the exam in your first try. Reattempts are costly as you will pay additional fees for the exam. Primarily, you must be precise in choosing and shouldn’t be confused with other fields. When you have read and followed these tips, sure success will come to you.

Author is certified IT expert and highly recommends testsexpert E22-275 pdf material for E22-275 preparation to pass your exam today. Claim your copy today!