Relationships and Your Love Life–3 Dreadful, yet Very Common Reasons for Staying Together

Relationships and Your Love Life–3 Dreadful, yet Very Common Reasons for Staying Together
Almost everyone hopes and strives for a long-term relationship, but few are ever able to find and cement a mutually satisfying, compatible bond that lasts the rest of their lives. Those who place great importance on the fantasy of permanent, romantic bliss may see this as a tragedy, but we believe that’s an erroneous, dysfunctional perspective.

Short-term relationships end for various reasons, including people changing and evolving or regressing at different rates over time, the shattering of illusions resulting in broken alliances, and “good” and “bad” love karma and personal timing: most connections, we have discovered in our work, have destined beginning and ending times.

There are many reasons couples stay together for longer periods of time, but we’ve found, generally, that there are four main categories of people who seek or remain in a longer-term relationship, which include three terrible reasons for doing so:

1) Singles seeking financial security or couples who can’t afford to break up yet. It’s common for couples to remain together because creating a second household would be too expensive. The divorce rate during the recent economic downturn has decreased, and reduced incomes is the number one reason.

All facades aside, financial security as the primary motivation for entering a relationship makes the connection a business relationship, not a love relationship. Adherents to the traditional American marriage model and those with a sense of entitlement deny it and express outrage when we point it out, but this sort of arrangement is essentially matrimonial prostitution. Please note, we believe how anyone chooses to live their love life is their business (not the government’s, and not society’s), unless they are being dishonest and, or using or abusing someone. We’re just calling it like we see it.

2) Those who are afraid of change, being single or alone, or are seeking happiness outside of themselves. These types will wait it out until they are forced to change, or they will end up feeling alone and isolated, even while in a relationship, because of their fear.

3) Those who feel a marriage or long-term relationship is a requirement to be a good parent. Unfortunately, a bad relationship will take the focus off a child and all will suffer in the process. Because of this, we recommend a child contract (which protects the child along with the primary caretaker) instead of a marriage contract.

4) And finally, most couples get married assuming they have what it takes to remain together, but then realize months or years later they lack the most important element, which happens to be metaphysically oriented: The good love karma of their predestined life circumstances that allows them to experience, for the most part, a harmonious, happy, long-term relationship. We estimate this is only about 15% of the population.

Is there something wrong with you if you don’t experience a rewarding longer-term or life-long relationship? It’s easy to think so if you get caught up in what you are “supposed to do” as a “normal” member of society.

Great importance is placed on life-long relationships. This is unfortunate since everyone has many soul mates and what is learned from a relationship is more important than its duration. Just because it ended doesn’t mean it “failed.”

If you aren’t involved in an ideal, longer-term relationship, don’t fret. Perceptions and expectations about the way love lives “should” be cause more misery than almost any other issue.

Instead of comparing yourself with those who seem to have what you’d like (remember, appearances can be very deceiving) and generating regret and despair, accept where you are, be grateful for all you have such as relationships with friends and family, learn to love yourself and occasional solitude, and refuse to buy into romantic fairytales.

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Reasons That Made La Martina So Successful

Reasons That Made La Martina So Successful

Its truly justified if we quote La Martina as the most versatile and excellent fashion brands. Its awesome designs and style makes it really popular amongst the customers. The brand originated just a decade back, but in so less time has been able to win the hearts of all its customers all across the world. The La Martina polo’s, accessories and clothes are one of the hot choices of the customers all across.

Men always find it difficult to shop for garments. They just consider it as an exhaustive exercise. The brand has facilitated men all across the world by provision of online purchase facility. So no need to leave your house or office just to shop, the favorite brand items could be yours just by the click of a mouse.

A wide variety of t-shirts, jackets, zippers, hats, pants, kneepads, saddles, straps, bags and helmets are available for the customers. These are quality products and updated with the latest trends. These days the customer always demand an one stop shop, La Martina would be the perfect stop for them to find the exiting range and reliable quality.

Due to its great success, the brand has been able to ramp up to a variety of different products in such a small span. The stunning example is its new range of perfumes, which is liked by the customers all across the globe. You can also find an exquisite range of wrist watches at La Martina.

La Martina has become a famous brand and the product demand is increasing day by day. It is also the official brand for Argentina’s polo team. The amazingly designed products have become really popular and also accepted by some of the famous national teams. These teams have also adopted the brand in many of the official appearances.

Guys if you are looking for an ultimate shopping experience, then La Martina would be the right place. You can shop the products online by visiting the official website of the brand. There are a number of exclusive outlets available at famous places. The brand hosts both men’s as well as women’s apparels.

At La Martina one can find an exquisite range of ultimate designs bundled with awesome patterns and colors. The quality and durability factor is considered really important by the brand manufacture and the brand leaves no stone unturned to provide excellent services to satisfy its customers.

Online shopping is additional superb feature that La Martina exclusively provides to its glamorous customers. Online shopping is comparatively cost effective as it has lesser overheads. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in shopping, just search, see, order and buy. The brand is not restricted to polo apparels, you can enjoy the style in casual gatherings also. Best customer service is provided with easy, safe and timely delivery of all products.

Take a look at the best la martina and see the fantastic la martina polos

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Reasons For Deciding On The Transparent Variation Of Roller Shutters

Reasons For Deciding On The Transparent Variation Of Roller Shutters

What exactly are roller shutters for? This really is conceptualized as being a proper protection. It can be used in doors and windows and are generally safety measures contra wind and rain, burglary and vandalism. These are generally produced of horizontally installed bars or slats which are hinged with each other. Operating it might be accomplished motorized or manual – just raising or lowering for the opening and closing.

There are actually different styles of roller shutters and one recommended sort in which lots find inexpensive will be the transparent edition. This is used by lots of shop owners and retailers. One superior use of this is certainly allowing the customers to undertake window-shopping no matter if the store no longer is opened. Therefore it could permit the store to close much earlier without depriving the window-shoppers of a view about the various viewable things. This really is one cost-effective solution for the shop owner.

Versatility is an outstanding characteristic of transparent roller shutters. They’re cost effective without threatening decreased cost for the device’s allure. The outstanding safety provided by any other version or sort is equal to those bestowed through the see-through kind. The slats or panels can be created of high grade polycarbonate as well as the tubes tend to be made of steel or aluminum. What’s quite possibly much more useful is actually its design. They will glide vertically or laterally dependant upon the option of property owner.

These are not primarily extremely versatile, but beautiful and hard-wearing also. Despite the fact that they are clear, they stay best with the diverse criteria and accents of any other sort of roller shutter. They are also backed up with wicket doors and typhoon posts. Your customer can easily select the version to become either motor-operated or manual, with inexpensive further fees for the motor driven.

You’ll find buyers who give liking for visibility but request additional strength. Roller shutter companies have succumbed to the requirements of the clientele. Therefore, the perforated roller shutters had been launched. These types created of stainless steel, however, there are actually small holes bored along the steel panels. By way of this, the product will have a superior standard of transparency by having an equal toughness of steel slant security. The orientation might be vertically, horizontally or laterally sliding . A distinguished feature will be the installation of a curtain holdfast device and also this gives impact resistance against heavy wind load. Again, this can be motor or manual driven.

Various models and styles of roller shutters could be designed with out influencing the aim of supplying essential safety. With unceasing enhancements in several different devices , the transparent variants can still be further enhanced. And surely, the unstoppable brains of men will continue obtaining far better selections.

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Five Reasons Why An USB Port Replicator Is Beneficial

Five Reasons Why An USB Port Replicator Is Beneficial

Are you asking how you could work flexibly with a simple laptop? If yours lack a few USB slots, then it is not very reliable. The problem comes when you need to multi-task and your notebook cannot support that. With an usb port replicator, your problems will come to an end.  This special device is actually a piece of hardware that enables you to connect many other computer gadgets.

What it does is replicating a single USB slot that your computer notebook might have.  It has a couple of ports itself, where you should connect other peripherals that you cannot carry easily. For instance, it helps you connect a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse or a joystick. In addition, you can connect other devices such as an usb flash disk, a modem, a CDB-ROM drive, a DVD drives, digital cameras, scanners and so on.

Since there are many items in the market, you should know exactly what you require. Perhaps you need to connect basic items, such as printers and scanners to your laptop.  There are cheaper usb port replicator models that have good quality too. On the other hand, if you desire to create more applications for your laptop, then get a passthrough with many features.

If you still have doubts, the following are five reasons why you should get this appliance today.

This item is user-friendly. You do not have to restart, standby or turn off your computer system. Simply plug in all the peripherals that your device can support. For instance, if it has seven USB docks, it will support seven hardware devices. Then, slot the appliance connector into the laptop port.
If you need to go somewhere with your laptop, simply disconnect the port replicator from it.  When you come back to the house, plug in the device again.
It saves your money and time. To get a high quality laptop with many slots for connecting several different devices, you require about $ 2000 and above. Fortunately, a passthrough, which cost approximately $ 100, can help you save lots of cash. Note that some styles cost below or above a hundred dollars.  One more thing, this gadget avoids wear and tear. This is because you only have to connect to the laptop once.
It saves your time – Without a good laptop computer or this appliance, your job will be slow, and definitely, very boring. When you buy one of these,  it will permit creation of many replica slots where you can attach any USB hardware simultaneously. This saves most of your time and as a busy man, you will love it.
If you have plans to access the Internet as you do other tasks, look for an usb port replicator that has a dial-up ability.


A usb port replicator is a hardware that allow you to connect non-portable peripherals to your computer notebook or laptop. Visit us to discover various models that exist today.