Is Optimism Really That Powerful?

Is Optimism Really That Powerful?
“Two men look out through the same bars: One sees the mud, and one sees the stars.” -Frederick Langbridge. A Cluster of Quiet Thoughts

If you place second in a writing contest, will you jump for joy and push for better results the next time or will you be discouraged and find an excuse not to join again?

In life you are always filled with choices. You may opt to have a pessimists view and live a self defeated life or you may decide to take the optimists route and take a challenging and fulfilling life.

So why nurture an optimists point of view? And why now?

Well, optimism has been linked to positive mood and good morale; to academic, athletic, military, occupational and political success; to popularity; to good health and even to long life and freedom from trauma.

On the other hand, the rates of depression and pessimism have never been higher. It affects middle aged adults the same way it hits younger people. The mean age of onset has gone from 30 to 15. It is no longer a middle aged housewife disorder but also a teenagers disorder as well.

Here is some research that backs up why it really pays to be an optimist:

Optimists expect the best

The defining characteristic of pessimists is that they tend to believe bad events, which will last a long time and undermine everything they do, are their own fault.

The truth is optimists are confronted with the same hard knocks of this world. What differs is the way they explain their misfortune, its the opposite way. They tend to believe defeat is just a temporary setback, that its causes are confined to this one case.

Optimists tend to focus on and plan for the problem at hand. They use positive reinterpretation. In other words, they most likely reinterpret a negative experience in a way that helps them learn and grow. Such people are unfazed by bad situation, they perceive it is a challenge and try harder.

They wont say things will never get better. If I failed once, it will happen again. If I experience misfortune in one part of my life, then it will happen in my whole life.

Positive expectancies of optimists also predict better reactions during transitions to new environments, sudden tragedies and unlikely turn of events. If they fall, they will stand up. They see opportunities instead of obstacles.

People respond positively to optimists

Optimists are proactive and less dependent on others for their happiness. They find no need to control or manipulate people. They usually draw people towards them. Their optimistic view of the world can be contagious and influence those they are with.

Optimism seems a socially desirable trait in all communities. Those who share optimism are generally accepted while those who spread gloom, panic and hysteria are treated unfavorably.

In life, these people often win elections, get voted most congenial and sought for advice.

When the going gets tough, optimists get tougher

Optimists typically maintain higher levels of subjective well being during times of stress than do people who are less optimistic. In contrast, pessimists are likely to react to stressful events by denying that they exist or by avoiding dealing with problems. Pessimists are more likely to quit trying when difficulties arise.

They persevere. They just dont give up easily, they are also known for their patience. Inching their way a step closer to that goal or elusive dream.

Optimists are healthier and live longer

Medical research has justified that simple pleasures and a positive outlook can cause a measurable increase in the ability to fight disease.

Optimists health is unusually good. They age well, much freer than most people from the usual physical ills of middle age. And they get to outlive those prone to negative thoughts.

So why not be an optimist today? And think positively towards a more fulfilled life.

Why not look forward to success in all your endeavors? Why not be resilient? Like everybody else you are bound to hit lows sometimes but dont just stay there. Carry yourself out of the mud and improve your chances of getting back on the right track. And why not inspire others to remove their dark colored glasses and see life in the bright side?

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Atheism Symbol – Is it really atheist?

Atheism Symbol – Is it really atheist?
As a rule I claim to be a pantheist so discussions in regard to atheism and theism I chiefly consider of some fascination. The current debate amongst atheists about a symbol for their lack of belief I recognize rather fascinating

The definition of religion is not so simple and will vary from person to person. Religion is not just holding a position concerning God but can also include purpose and reverence of artefacts, places or even symbols. Proudly displaying a symbol is a basic sign of religious conduct and it seems the atheist community are searching around in an endeavour to agree as to what that symbol might be.

An atheism symbol naturally takes atheists another notch nearer to becoming a religion. Whatever next? Shortly we could presict that faithful groups of atheists taking a pilgrimage to the Galapagos Islands in praise to their founder. Will Galapagos become the Future Jerusalem? An atheist venue as a setting of ultimate adoration, hmm, one more standard ticked for what it is that defines a religious group.

The matter i wish to raise is the one in reference to the possibilities for the future atheism symbol. One significant contender, and a symbol which I think has become in fashion as a car sticker in North America, is the Darwinian fish. For those who haven’t seen the Darwinian fish it is the same as the Christian fish, also popular on cars but the Darwinian fish has limbs attached. It could be said that the Darwinian fish is clever on one level, even so on reflection it is not very well considered.

A second symbol I have noticed as a candidate for the symbol of atheism is a line diagram of an atom; three long ellipses, representing the paths of electrons, orbiting a central dot which is the nucleus. This is yet another poorly considered symbol.

It is correct that some theists reject evolution and in its setting they sanction creationism or something else which is equally inaccurate. Even so it’s not necessary to sanction creationism in order to be a theist. It is possible to be a theist and accept evolution. Evolution has no connection on the question of whether or not there is a God of theism. Only scientific ideas which are embraced by philosophical materialism can oppose theism. Some scientists have all too repeatedly been happy to peddle the notion that evolution is unavoidably materialistic, nevertheless that inference is false. Evolution can survive liberated from any need of a principle of materialism being attached. Materialism, we can testify is a philosophical position which has no foundation in science and which should not and cannot be supposed to be correct. If you pronounce materialism as a truth then you are in truth stating a judgement. I am sure that peddling beliefs as undeniable fact was another contender for what is needed for a group to be considered a religious crowd!

The atomic symbol, as should be clear already, is declaring a symbol of matter or of materialism. It is not representative of any factual representation of the world. Rather it is more representative of a materialist opinion for which there is no solid basis to be accepted over any other philosophical point of view. Both the Darwinian fish and the atomic symbol are not a communication of disbelief but proclamations of belief in materialism.

The deduction I am working to then is; if an atheist asserts that evolution establishes non-theism then he is misrepresenting the evidence. Evolution does not necessarily reject theism. Evolution only denies those whacko theists who support creationism. Creationism is not a prerequisite, nor does it follow from theistic belief. If the Darwinian fish is representing evolution as an idea that is wrapped in materialism, then the atheist is no longer someone who is merely negating a judgement. The atheist has now become someone who is peddling a judgement in a specific and non-provable philosophy. The atheism symbol therefore takes on the role of being an assertion of a belief, instead than the negation of an opinion.

The adoption of a symbol may not in itself make any statement about the religious nature or otherwise of atheist groups. Adopting the Darwinian fish or the atomic diagram in the role of atheism symbol however probably does take the belief of atheism a step closer to being a religious stance.

Now go to The Rational God Blog For more discussion and then to The Rational God Website for even more!

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How Will I Know If I Am Really In Love With My Best Friend?

How Will I Know If I Am Really In Love With My Best Friend?
When you start seeing your friend in a different way, this can lead to confusion. This is because you will start wondering if what you feel is love or infatuation. You will also experience an inner battle to decide if you have to let your friend know or just keep it to yourself to save the friendship.

In this situation, there are only two results and these are (a) your friend feels the same way and you end up being together or (b) he/she doesn’t feel anything special towards you. If the second one happens, chances are, you might lose the long term friendship. What you can do to avoid such a situation, is to examine your feelings first and then decide to act after sorting out your emotions.

The first thing to do to know your real feelings towards your friend is to look at what is inside you. Notice the sudden change of the intensity of your concern towards your friend. If you became more concerned, more empathetic and more protective than the usual, chances are, you are in love.

Next thing to watch out for is how often you think and wonder about your closest friend. If you happen to think about him/her than before and you keep on thinking and recalling the moments you spent together with a big bright smile on your face, then you are really falling hard.

How do you dress up when you are with your best bud now? Did the way you dress up changed when you started to feel conscious about what that person thinks of you? If yes, then you are probably head over heels with your friend. Most people want to look good when they are with their special someone. Now, if you are spending more time taking a bath or in front of the mirror especially if you and your best buddy is going to hang out, then you are trying impress that person without knowing it.

I sincerely hope that this article cleared all your doubts about your feelings towards the person you never expected to be more than just a best friend. If you admit this to yourself now, then you have to let your friend know. You won’t get to find out if your friend feels the same if you don’t make the first move.

Amy Chan is not only a love expert but has a growing fascination for cars as well. Read her other recent posts on momo steering wheels and cars accessories by visiting her websites.

Did you really need KWIK Fit Car Insurance?

Did you really need KWIK Fit Car Insurance?

KWIK Fit Car Insurance people seem to have been as long as the car itself helps the driver to all their automotive needs of a broken mirror for that expertise. It only makes sense as they expand their services to motor sport the insurance market, surely if they can get back on the road, they can protect you when you are too. With that in mind KWIK Fit Car Insurancepeople started to cover, which offers customers more advantages than the driver can be expected to know what to do with. First, they offer some of the usual characteristics; guaranteed courtesy car, cover-glass and a rental car if you are the unfortunate victim of theft. If these features are already using your auto insurance palace so that their range of additional discounts does not make your mouth water, to keep you on track, they offer their customers a massive £ 100 discount on system satellite navigation.


KWIK Fit Car Insurance


Rather than having to pay the retail price of £ 149.99, you pay only £ 49.99 Michelin X960. It comes with a 3.5-inch touch screen with full postcode search and UK street level. It also helps to keep pedestrians safe as it is capable of detecting low-speed vehicles and warn when the current limit is exceeded. Now they do have whetted your appetite, they continue to plow your senses on a budget with discounts delicious. Every customer who signs to enjoy the feature packed portfolio isKWIK Fit Car Insurance, they are endowed with KWIK Fit to automatically map. This reduction allows the holder to receive a 10% on everything they buy KWIK Fit Centers throughout the UK, so if you need to get a new set of tires or need a car service you can enjoy a reduction of ten percent when you arrive at checkout.

As their name suggests, offer a KWIK Assist Roadside Assistance on the road while others just want to go to a specific address. Each will appeal to different demographics for different reasons, a company may, with a fleet of cars would use KWIK recovery and help bring the vehicle to a “basic” or certified mechanic. On the other hand, a person who is self-employed must have their cars running as soon as possible, and if it’s on the road, then it would be infinitely better than having to take home or to a mechanic. Since time is precious for independent drivers can spend less time without a vehicle is the goal.

Sichuan Changhong: Legend Of The Left Really Only

Sichuan Changhong: Legend Of The Left Really Only

The old Chinese stock market investors, Sichuan

Changhong And Shenzhen Development Bank is no stranger to these two stocks. Thinking back 12 years ago, in 1997, that is, the last round of the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ox, the Chinese stock market entered a bull market high point, in that “Cuikulaxiu” the market, the Shanghai market leader in Sichuan Changhong, Shenzhen City The leader is a deep development. 2 is a dominant player can be said to call the world should, as a whole for both Shanghai and Shenzhen listed companies is looking. Eventually, the Shenzhen Development in early 1997 opening of 16.50 yuan rose to 8 May in the highest price 49 yuan; Sichuan Changhong in early 1997 opening of 22.77 yuan rose to a May 21 (Lunar New Year, “Budding”), the highest price of 66.18 element.

Despite the bull market in any round

people will not make money, but in this round of the 1997 bull market, whether or not make money to earn, and are deep down “deep development” and ” Sichuan Changhong, “the two names. In particular, Sichuan Changhong, in that stock boom, the days, “Spirit in” the term used to describe not only the Sichuan Changhong, Sichuan Changhong more frequently used to describe the stock market under the leader.

And Sichuan Changhong in the stock market, “Spirit in” corresponds to, it is in China

TV Industry do anything they want dominance. This is located in Mianyang, Sichuan Province before the military small factory, in the head of Ni Runfeng led, after 10 years of development, has become the most well-known companies, the value of a business has accounted for the entire GDP of Sichuan Province, 1 / 9, while Ni Runfeng head of the CPC Central Committee also elected as alternate member. These are Chinese entrepreneurs who can hold a candle to.

Here, it may also recall that those familiar with Sichuan Changhong Electric current slogan: “serve the country with industry and national prosperity responsibility”, “to use our brand and build our new Great Wall,” “Heaven Rainbow, human Changhong”, “Changhong responsibility to national prosperity, dedicated to you?? Changhong Red Sun “… …

Drafting this point, should start “but” the.

From May 21, 1997, after the price hit 66.18 yuan and Sichuan Changhong began the long journey free of loneliness, and that loneliness is 13 years. More precisely said, from “Lonely” reached the “lonely.” 13 years, China’s stock market has gone through several rounds of large and small bull market, the Shanghai index from May 12, 1997 high of 1510.17 points, phased risen to the October 16, 2007 to 6124.04 points. Echoing the original, and Sichuan Changhong Shenzhen Shenzhen Development Bank has already leading to new highs, while Sichuan Changhong year’s “little brother” who?? Qingdao Haier,

Hisense Electrical appliances, Midea, Gree, etc., share prices are record highs. Only this year’s “big brother”, has been in decline. In other words, anyone who bought at 66.18 yuan and Sichuan Changhong has been held, so even in 2007, the Shanghai index broke the 6,000 points, held by Sichuan Changhong also a 50% loss.

What Changhong how it? People repeatedly asking. Changhong also hope those of investors who always want to Changhong, one day, “Return of the King,” but the fact that ultimately destroyed the hope that those who intended to grab a rebound while investors often have no choice under the quilt’s only voted with their feet repeatedly Now when the “Spirit in” into the “disposable used to Changhong.”

Investors are voting with their feet, one person was in hand to report all his name is Van Der. He was a man in combat, beginning in 1997, van der were reported to the authorities on suspicion of financial fraud, Sichuan Changhong. During this period, although the industry continued to be suspicious of the Changhong, which also includes scholars and financial experts Lang summer grass, but none have such a dedicated portrait van der Sichuan Changhong “love war” for 13 years. Finally, 13 years later, van der equal to the relevant departments in Sichuan Changhong informal survey of suspected fraud.

In fact, the days of the years Changhong also bitter. APEX has been seriously weakened after the company , MBO die a natural death, trust management has to go hard back, the introduction of strategic investors have thunder without rain, diversification often run into a wall, been engaged

Air conditioning , Been engaged Mobile , Been engaged in the battery … …, may eventually sold or loose powder. Even to hold the last base??

TV But as long as the wander

States United States Suning stores and other home appliances is not hard to find, Changhong booth in front of popularity, is not as Philips,


And other international brands, not as Haier, Hisense and other domestic brands.

I am an expert from China Chemicals Products, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as mr bubble bath , bulk flower seeds.

Is There Really ‘Best’ Financial Advice?

Is There Really ‘Best’ Financial Advice?

In actuality, there really is no such animal as ‘the best’ financial advice.  The only ‘best’ financial advice is if it fits your profile.
Your situation is different from everyone else’s. Your goals, income, debt, etc. Is yours alone. So, like buying a suit or dress, it needs to fit you.

Anyone offering financial advice should have the credentials to do so & must take into consideration all aspects of your portfolio including life insurance, wills, IRA’s, etc.  And tax consequences.

Individuals usually begin to search when they are into a situation or age bracket.  So, before seeking professional advice, come up with a plan.  Like a blueprint contractors use to build a house. Have your blueprint of what you want your future to look like.

You want to keep in mind, although you are going to seek professional  financial advice, you should have some sort of idea of your needs and goals.

Most successful people have followed other successful people as to what they’ve done to be successful. Same here. Seek out inidividuals whom you feel are successful in your type of work or  business and ask them questions. Many times a simple piece of advice can go a long way. When panning for gold, little gold nuggets add up for prospectors for them to be wealthy. These little nuggets can help you achieve your golden goals.

We’ve heard the expression, save for a rainy day. Every financial specialist should tell you to pay yourself first. Just as you would pay monthly bill, you need to put your name on that list.  Savings is one way to pay yourself. Savings in a IRA, 401K (free money).

Now that you have some sort of blueprint and idea of how to go about your goals, it’s time to search out a professional financial advisor.

This advisor should have the qualifications and credentials to help you. Ask what they are. What’s hanging on their walls? You want to be able to interview a few specialists. Not only do they have to have your goals in mind, you have to get along with them as personalities are concerned.  Many advisors work in the bank you might have accounts with, thus only selling what the bank has to offer.  Don’t kid yourself, just because they are in a bank does not mean they don’t get a salary and commissions. Any professional you seek you must ask if they are able to provide you with different products from different companies. Ask who those companies are. Check them out yourself after meeting before you make a decesion. Your money, your future.

Is There Really ‘Best’ Financial Advice?

Http://www.Retirementusa.Com provides complete solutions for your lifestyle

Ric Dalberri is a graduate of Columbia State University & has been involved in his own business (sold) employing over 100 people. As well as being a top producer as a Financial Specialist for over a decade with one of the largest financial institutions in the U.S., Ric has many years experience in sales and  management. Ric was also a mentor in the financial arena as well as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement.






3 Ways to Know If You Are Their One True Love – Is it Really True Love?

3 Ways to Know If You Are Their One True Love – Is it Really True Love?

Things have been going great with a new partner. The last few months have been a whirlwind of fun for you both. You’re starting to think this could be it – you may have finally found true love. But what are they thinking? Are you their one true love? Read on to find out how to tell.

1) When you truly love someone, their happiness comes before your own. If your partner is always willing to take the back seat if it means you will be happier, that’s a good sign. They might even care enough to feel similar emotions to yourself, getting very upset whenever you are. By showing the fact that your happiness is most important in public and to their friends, you may have someone that has found their true love.

2) Plans for the future. Has your partner already started talking about kids, marriage or where you might live together? If they’re looking that far ahead, there’s a pretty good chance that you are in their picture of an ideal life. Perhaps your partner will make it obvious to you that they want you around for a long time, perhaps not. As with most aspects of relationships, simply listening for the clues and talking about things honestly makes finding your one true love even easier.

3) When you’re in a busy place, like a train station or football match, your partner might start to seem more clingy. This is a good thing! You’re safe, reassuring and not as scary as all these other people around them. Hopefully they won’t let any distractions get in the way of their true love.

Remember that there is never a rush. True love is such a wonderful thing and it is always worth waiting for. The right person is out there for each of us, and whether you have found them yet or not, it takes patience, listening and mutual effort. Your true love is waiting for you – maybe you have already met them!

For those of you in the UK, I found my own true love while using a new dating site. You know it’s safe because each user is manually approved. The site has a very friendly atmosphere, hundreds of thousands of people, and loads of features – the best being the chat rooms with web cams! To visit perhaps the best UK dating site there is, go to UK True Love.

Psychic Elizabeth Asks – Do You Really Know The Meaning Of The Word Faith?

Psychic Elizabeth Asks – Do You Really Know The Meaning Of The Word Faith?


Do you know the meaning of the word faith? What does the word faith mean to you and in your experiences? Today’s Daily Quote is from John Dewey, the American philosopher. His birthday is today, October 20th. One interesting fact about Mr. Dewey is that he was a major influence in education reform in the United States. He believed that nature, art, logic, questioning, ethics and democracy were important things for children to learn. He taught high school for two years and then decided to go back to school himself. He got his PhD and became a college professor. He founded The New School in New York City which was the first progressive school of it’s kind. As I’m sure you can imagine, he was considered a dangerous radical by many. Mr. Dewey said the following:

To me faith means not worrying.

I could not agree more! To me, the meaning of the word faith is exactly as John Dewey states it in our daily quote. Faith means not worrying. Period. If we are worried, we obviously do not have faith. If we keep going back and making sure, asking questions, etc., we obviously do not have faith. For example, if we tell our children that we have faith in them and trust them when they go out and then call them every 30 minutes to “check up on them”, that teaches them that we actually do not believe in their ability to choose wisely. It shows them our lack of faith in them. If we tell our lover that we trust them, and then riffle through their pockets, wallets or purses, we obviously do not have faith in them. 

For today, let’s think of what the meaning of the word faith is in our own minds, hearts and lives. Let’s actually put our faith in someone today. You can choose yourself if you want. Putting our faith in ourselves first is necessary before we can trust anyone else actually. You can choose your partner, your child, your co-worker, your friend or anyone else. For us to learn the meaning of the word faith on a practical level, we have to actually allow someone the freedom to prove themselves to us. We all will, more than likely, have an experience today where we can choose to worry or to ask for a higher power to step on something. I don’t know of one day passing where faith is not required. The meaning of the word faith, according to John Dewey, is not worrying. Turn one worry over to the Universe today by saying out loud, “Please take this worry from me. Please give me faith.”. You don’t have to believe in any religion, God or being. You just have to say the words out loud. Watch what happens. We are all going to see the meaning of the word faith in our own lives today! Say “YES” to faith.

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365 0607

365 0607

A heads-up display what I made up in photoshop and illustrator or something and then put inside a big space helmet on this day in 2009. Well, I say this day, I mean June 7th.
365 outtake 0607

Posted by tim caynes on 2010-09-22 09:15:38

Tagged: , heads-up , HUD , display , nonsense , illustration , text , trout mask , dust sponge , laurenlemon , sun drop , fat man , flip flops , graphics , altitude , attitude , status , parallax , continuum , crash , computers , eh , who needs them , future , futuristic , science fiction , really , I’m struggling for keywords , caynes , timcaynes , 365 , 36days , June 7 2009

How Much do Supposed Different Religious Beliefs Really Affect Typical Lifestyles?

How Much do Supposed Different Religious Beliefs Really Affect Typical Lifestyles?

A religion is a set of organized beliefs about creation, a possible God (or more), and a possible afterlife. Why do certain people have religions? A person may have been raised having been taught certain beliefs by his or her parents, and the person might choose to carry on those beliefs. Some may view religion as something more of a tradition than a lifestyle. For instance, this type of person attends a “service” or gathering, and then just goes back home violating the very beliefs he or she “proclaimed” to have had. It’s a VERY common thing.

Loyalty to one’s so-called belief system is not something very common, at least in the United States. It consists more of people who are religious by word of mouth ONLY. One of the biggest jokes is seeing someone who violates their own so-called belief system on a continuous basis trying to “convert” someone else to that so-called belief system.

If somebody worshiped the sun, for instance, but then proclaimed hatred towards the sun the upcoming minute, it’s a perfect example of the typical current-day “church-goer”. If a person told you he was an elephant, you would undoubtedly deem that person crazy. What sense does it make to claim you’re part of a certain belief system if your lifestyle does not back it up?

If you are not religious, don’t claim to be; otherwise you’re just misrepresenting a certain belief system as well as making yourself look like a hypocrite. It really takes no effort at all for somebody to not claim he or she is of a certain belief system of which the person is not.

Certain people may think that religion itself consists only of rituals, but what they don’t seem to understand is that it’s supposed to be a lifestyle. Perhaps the reason many “service-goers” can be seen is because they are trying to put up a moral front, and “disguise” for their true character. What actually doesn’t make any sense at all, is if a person is not religious, why the person would waste his or her own time on at least a weekly basis. It’d obviously be a lot easier for the person to instead do something far more congruent with his or her lifestyle. Lots of typical “church-goers” would probably deem it crazy and outrageous to do anything close to what the martyrs in their history did. If their personal possessions were taken from them, they would most likely curse their so-called “God”.

I’m Paul Vrabel, and write about topics that may be of some interest to me. Check this out!