15 Ways to Clean Your House in Just a Few Minutes

15 Ways to Clean Your House in Just a Few Minutes

15 Ways to Clean Your House in Just a Few Minutes

Household chores can last all day long. You clean something and suddenly notice dirt somewhere else. To waste less energy, you can use these tips to save your nerves, time, and still make your house clean.

Info-Ideal likes when there’s no dust in the air but we don’t like to waste our weekends. That’s why we gathered some tricks on how to clean your house in just a few minutes.

15. Oil copes well with grease.

© onegoodthingbyjillee

This blog contains good information on how to get rid of grease in the kitchen. It may sound strange, but vegetable oil deals with grease really easy. Just put some drops of oil onto a paper towel and wipe the oven. The surface will become clean very fast.

14. Polish everything to make surfaces shine.

To make all chrome plated surfaces shine, wipe them with a towel that has a couple of drops of baby oil.

13. Clean an iron.

© howtoclean

Salt can help you in this situation. Pour salt on a paper towel, let the iron heat up, and run the iron over the salt. This blog claims that all dirt will disappear.

12. Use a broom so you don’t have to bend over.

© onegoodthingbyjillee

This blog gives us ideas on effective was to clean the bathtub. You can use a broom instead of an ordinary brush. Apply some cleaning agent onto the surface and wait a couple of minutes. This method is very useful for elderly people who can’t work in a bent position.

11. Cleaning products for the toilet

To save some time, apply a cleaning agent onto the surface before you scrub and use a toilet brush to remove all dirt after the cleaning agent has had time to work.

10. Add some softener.

Before you wash the floor, add some fabric softener into the water so your floor stays clean for a longer period of time.

9. Coffee filters fight dust

© onegoodthingbyjillee

Coffee filters fight well against dust on laptop and computer screens. They wipe all dirt and won’t scratch your screens or furniture. The method is depicted in this blog.

8. Use a brush.

© onegoodthingbyjillee

To remove dirt from small items, you can use a paint brush so you don’t have to waste time cleaning each detail. You can read about this method here.

7. A newspaper inside a bin

© imgur

Put a newspaper in your garbage bag, it’ll absorb all liquid, and your garbage can will remain dry.

6. Socks instead of floor rags

© onegoodthingbyjillee

Terry cloth socks will pick up dirt very well: just slide one sock over the base of your mop, wipe the floor, and wash the sock in the washing machine. You can read about this tip here.

5. Don’t make your bed.

Good news! It’s better to not make your bed: it’s known that a wet bed covered with a blanket is a great environment for mites. Don’t make your bed if you don’t want to cause allergies.

4. Don’t forget about furniture polish.

Many people consider this item useless, but they’re mistaken. The polish prevents dust from settling on surfaces and allows us to do the house cleaning less often.

3. Wrap refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap.

© amandathevirtuouswife

If you cover the shelves with plastic wrap, you can avoid cleaning the fridge. You’ll just need to change the wrap from time to time.

2. Don’t leave wet bathroom walls.

After taking a shower, remove all water from the walls with a squeegee. Thanks to this tip, you won’t need to waste your time cleaning away dried soap scum.

1. Attach a brush to a drill.

© eqrunner / imgur

This trick will help you clean even the dirtiest surfaces. You’ll save your energy and time and your house will shine and sparkle.

Have you already tried any of these tips? Did they work well?

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15 Ways to Clean Your House in Just a Few Minutes

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20 of the Top-Rated Movies According to Ordinary Viewers

20 of the Top-Rated Movies According to Ordinary Viewers

20 of the Top-Rated Movies According to Ordinary Viewers

Today we made a list of the top-rated movies by real cinemaddicts, and here’s what it looks like. We’re sure you have your very own list of Top 20, so go ahead and share your favorite ones in the comments!


© Legendary Pictures

Dom Cobb is no ordinary thief. He possess the rare ability to enter people’s dreams and steal secrets from their subconscious. His ’talent’ made him a very valuable asset to the team, but the cruel world of corporate espionage took everything he loved away from him. ’Inception’ creates a whole new world of impossible where there is no reality without dreams and no dreams without reality.

The Thing

© Universal Pictures

A group of American scientists was conducting research in a remote area of Antarctica when they met a creature that could take the shape of its victims after having attacked them. It’s worth mentioning that the movie was shot without using any visual effects, which actually makes it even more thrilling.


© Blumhouse Productions

Andrew Neiman has a dream to become the greatest musician of his time. The ambitious young man was discovered by a famous jazz teacher who was also known for his terrifying teaching methods. Andrew’s passion and love for music quickly turns into obsession, as his tyrannical teacher pushes him to the edge of his ability. Definitely a must-see!

The Silence of the Lambs

© Orion Pictures Corporation

’The Silence of the Lambs’ is a masterpiece of the psychological horror genre. The plot, cast, and production are all aimed at one single goal: to grab the audience right from the start and not let go until the very end.

The Matrix

© Warner Bros. Pictures Co.

’The Matrix’ trilogy, being a revolutionary neo-noir science fiction movie, addresses some serious problems that are still very urgent today. The movie sends one clear message: even though we live in the age of computers, people are no machines. No matter what the chances are for success, and no matter how much we should pay for the truth, humanity will stand up for the future and keep on fighting for love.

The Good, the Bad, and the UglyIl buono, il brutto, il cattivo

© Arturo González Producciones Cinematográficas

A mysterious stranger wanders into the Southwest during the Civil War. He is burdened by nothing: no home, no friends, and no partners until he meets two bounty hunters and forms an uneasy alliance with them. If you are a true fan of the Western genre, you most likely have watched this one. If not, include it in your must-see list.

City of GodCidade de Deus

© Globo Filmes

The movie follows a 30-year-long story of the City of God, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. The place is real and so are the stories adapted for the big screen. The actors are also real people from the streets, with their authentic behavior and genuine emotions that one can’t fake.

12 Angry Men

© Orion-Nova Productions

This movie was nominated for an Academy Award in several different categories and named in the list of the best and most inspiring movies in the past hundred years. The story begins in a New York City courthouse, where an 18-year-old boy is accused of stabbing his father to death. The jury of twelve is being instructed by the judge to decide whether the boy is guilty or not. This is one truly great movie! Definitely a 10 out of 10!

The Help

© 1492 Pictures

A stunningly sincere story about black women in the 60s in Mississippi spending their lives with white families as maids. ‘The Help’ received hundreds of positive reviews, calling the movie appealing, entertaining, and very touching.

The Shawshank Redemption

© Castle Rock Entertainment

A successful banker is convicted of murdering his wife and her lover and is sentenced to prison for life. In the Shawshank State Penitentiary, he faces the brutality and violence of prison life. He somehow adapts to it and starts working on his prison break plan. It’s really a great movie that you can watch again and again.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

© Buena Vista International Film Production

Two young men suffering from terminal cancer meet in a hospital room. Having only a couple of hours at their disposal, they decide to take one last trip to the sea. When you watch this movie, you can almost literally taste the sea water with them, or are they tears? Who can tell?


© Warner Bros. Pictures Co.

Henry Hill, a young man who always wanted to be a gangster, is taken under the wing of a local mafia leader. Accompanied by his new friends Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito, he spends most of his time killing and robbing people. A great realistic movie about gangsters, perfectly portrayed by incredible actors.

The Prestige

© Newmarket Productions

Robert Angier and Alfred Borden are two rival illusionists who know everything about magic tricks and great shows. As time passes, their professional rivalry has transformed into a full-scale war. Now they want to find out literally everything about each other’s famous tricks and spoil upcoming shows by any means.

Pulp Fiction

© Miramax Films

Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield are two hitmen who love to dive into philosophical discussions on religion and morality while getting the job done for their crime boss. This Quentin Tarantino movie has already become iconic for its ironic mix of humor and violence.

Saving Private Ryan

© Amblin Entertainment

Captain John H. Miller leads a group of eight soldiers through enemy lines to find Private James Ryan who has just lost his three brothers in battle. The movie received universal critical acclaim, winning several awards for being utterly sincere and providing a very realistic view of war.


© Columbia Pictures Corporation

Guy Ritchie is definitely a master of his art. You will recognize his peculiar style right from the first scenes. ‘Snatch’ is one of his masterpieces, and the cast is just incredible! If you haven’t watched it yet, put everything aside and start. Yes, right now.

The Usual Suspects

© Bad Hat Harry Productions

Five criminals happen to find themselves in the same place at the same time to finish their business. Some mysterious mob boss now wants them to join his team and make a decision that will change everything. This top-rated thriller gives you a simple plot and then piles on layers of deceit, unpredictable twists, and great music.

Fight Club

© Atman Entertainment

An ordinary office clerk who suffers insomnia desperately looks for some changes in his life. He meets Tyler Durden, a soap maker with a twisted personality whose head is full of crazy ideas. This very good adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club’ has already become a modern classic.

The Departed

© Initial Entertainment Group (IEG)

Who could tell that two best graduates of the police academy would part ways in such different directions? One of them is an undercover cop and the other one agrees to become a mole in a police department that focuses on organized crime. This movie will grab you right from the beginning and only let go when the closing credits move across the black screen.


© Legendary Pictures

The worst drought and dust storm in human history leads us to the worst food crisis on the planet. A group of NASA researchers and physicists embark upon a space journey to broaden human horizons and transport Earth’s population to another planet. ‘Interstellar’ is truly one of the most thrilling, thought-provoking, and visually resplendent movies ever made.

Preview photo credit Legendary Pictures

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Read Right Dustfree Multipurpose Duster Six 10oz Cans/Pack 5inch Wand For Hard-To-Reach Areas on sale

Read Right Dustfree Multipurpose Duster Six 10oz Cans/Pack 5inch Wand For Hard-To-Reach Areas on sale

Read Right Dustfree Multipurpose Duster Six 10oz Cans/Pack 5inch Wand For Hard-To-Reach Areas

DustFree Multipurpose Duster, 6 10oz Cans/Pack.
Safely remove lint and dust from keyboards, computers and more.
Includes a 5″ wand for those hard-to-reach areas.
Guilt-free use because…


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Read in Style

Read in Style

Prestigious Venues is a luxury venue brand which has launched Prestigious Venues Magazine. The magazine marks the beginning of a digitally driven era for the luxury industry. The magazine has been released virtually and distributed globally through an interactive Christmas card. CMAGICS, the creative agency and a digital powerhouse is behind this innovative project. The magazine is aimed at an intelligent and modern audience.

The design of the magazine is user centric and has a very high level of interactivity that makes it a 21st century alternative to glossy print magazines. The first issue of the interactive magazine features historic British venues such as The Langham London and The Royal Albert Hall as well as a stunning luxury villa in Bali. The issue contains detailed profiling of seven international venue and users can explore their exquisite details.

The magazine also provides the opportunity to the users to book a range of services directly, such as a stay at a luxury London Hotel, a dinner at a countryside mansion or a romantic weekend away. The magazine is expected to reach over 2 million readers worldwide.

The world’s most expensive without replicating it in gold, platinum and diamonds, you know it is something really valuable, something really rare that cannot be reproduced easily. A copy of John James Audubon’s Birds of America tonight became the most expensive book ever sold when it went under the hammer at Sotheby’s for $ 11.50 million.

The auction was a rare chance to own the masterpiece with 435 hand-colored illustrations. The book is seen as a key volume on US natural history. The book was sold to an anonymous collector bidding by telephone. Each individual picture in the book is so valuable that there were fears expressed in some quarters that the masterpiece could be broken up and sold as 435 separate works of art.

The book is invaluable because it is considered a major original contribution to the study of natural history in the New World. It’s also one of the most visually stunning books in the history of print. The Birds of America plates were printed in black and white and hand-colored afterwards.

Fairchild Books and WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) team up to launch one of the best books ever published for those into fashion and luxury. The sizeable book published by the company is not only informative but is filled with glossy images.

WWD: 100 Years, 100 Designers, is an amazing book that examines the lives and careers of 100 designers who have left a profound impact on the way we dress today. The 312 pages are filed with lavish photographs, interviews, trivia and information. Some of the designers that you could find in the book are Karl Lagerfeld, Calvin Klein, Gianni Versace, Coco Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

The book is published by Fairchild Books and will set you back by just $ 65, and is available on Amazon.

I am Marry Williams. I am covering  literature for past 20years. Here I am presenting my views Read in Style.

Should You Dump A Commitment Phobe? Not Before You Read This

Should You Dump A Commitment Phobe? Not Before You Read This
Having personally suffered from severe commitment phobia for several years, I grasp that being in love with someone who is petrified of commitment isn’t fun in the least, however will someone’s fear of commitment always should be the tip of a relationship?

In real life, some folks aren’t very meant to be along, and typically when you’ve got tried everything humanly doable — and I mean very tried everything including asking for divine intervention — and failed, it’s good to know when to run away.

Walking away does not necessarily mean you’ll be ready to stop loving that person as a result of if you really love someone from your heart and soul you may never stop loving that person. Love is so a lot of bigger than all of us as a result of it’s the very fabric by which we have a tendency to are made of. And when you’re keen on someone what you are essentially doing is getting in touch with what you’re made of. Attempting to prevent love is like making an attempt to urge out of your own skin — sensible luck with that!

Walking away or “obtaining over” that person means that that you simply stop expecting her or him to provide you what he or she in unable to, is unwilling to, or just doesn’t need to. And sometimes that something is commitment.

But I assume a lot of folks walk away too soon. This is often the sad reality of the “fashionable” world we have a tendency to live in. We have a tendency to suppose that relationships come in little neat packages with directions “Add A Very little Sex And Live Happily Ever’. Several folks do not notice that relationships would like time and work. And with all the advice regarding “too many fish in the ocean”, walking away seems the best thing to do. It shows that you just “do not care” and from where this kind of advice comes from, that is speculated to be a smart thing. However several years later — simply like the people who gave you the recommendation — you’re still attempting to “catch fish” in that sea. What will it say about you if you cannot catch even one fish in an exceedingly sea with too several fish?

Several a lot of aren’t willing to work as exhausting to make a relationship work as they work hard in their professions or careers. These same folks start pushing premature commitment as a result of of their own internal pressures and are quick to conclude it’s not working and walk away.

And then there are some individuals who strive to work things out but go regarding it the wrong means — nagging, begging, blaming, guilt tripping, giving ultimatums, taking part in break-up on and off once more games etc. This terribly same things you are doing to strive to get a “commitment” are the terribly things that make a commitment phobe even more weary of committing or run like an escaped death-row convict.

So true, being in love with someone who is terrified of commitment is tough, however commitment phobia isn’t a “terminal illness”.

Men and women do pass though their worry of commitment. I did. And you most likely have heard or recognize of the many men and women who were written off as commitment phobes by the folks they were in a relationship with and two months later they have committed to somebody else. And the one who dumped the commitment phobe is left confused, angry, jealous, bitter and feeling really inadequate — like something is therefore wrong along with her/him that someone who may never arrange to them, had no problems committing to a higher person.

Generally what a commitment phobe wants is:

— someone who doesn’t automatically assume that it’s all a selfish act however understands and appreciates where the concern and anxieties are coming from (worry of losing one’s independence, worry of marriage, concern of intimacy, worry of getting youngsters, worry of financial burdens, concern of sharing a home, worry of offending members of the family, concern of moving to a different state or country etc). Understanding and appreciation can facilitate the two of you return to a compromise you’ll each live with.

— someone who is emotionally well enough and emotionally secure enough to provide some real tough-love; Several commitment phobes are through therefore many relationships and grasp exactly how the script plays out. Having a game-changer who will not play by the script can sometimes be the “shock therapy” a commitment phobe very needs.

— somebody who is committed to actually serving to the commitment phobe get to that place where she or he feels “safe” enough to come back out of their hiding place. Commitment phobia, like all worry, is really a wall to hide behind. And seeing that there is extremely nothing to worry is a nice relief to a commitment phobe.

So before you walk away, make sure that you have earned your manner out — that’s given it everything you got and more. That way you do not reminisce with regret because you dumped someone you continue to love and some months later she commits to someone else.

Writers Cafe has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Commitment, you can also check out his latest website about:
Pet Safe Dog Doors Which reviews and lists the best
Electric Pet Door

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Lunar Strike

Lunar Strike

AUTHOR: H.I. Larry


SERIES: Zac Power ; book 7


Astronauts are given three years to train for their first trip into outer space– Zac is given three hours to get the hang of zero gravity! An enemy agent is out to sabotage the worldwide webcast of a rock festival, and steal billions of dollars from the bank computer that orbits the Earth. Zac is rocketed into outer space to stop the robbery. Will Zac be able to stop the theft without being blasted to space dust?

Posted by Vernon Barford School Library on 2014-03-15 01:34:54

Tagged: , Zac , Power , H.I. Larry , HI , Larry , spy , spies , adventure , adventurers , adventures , Zac Power , spy stories , science fiction , science , fiction , vernon , barford , library , libraries , new , recent , book , books , read , reading , reads , junior , high , middle , school , vernonbarford , fictional , novel , novels , paperback , paperbacks , softcover , softcovers , quick , pick , picks , quick pick , quick picks , 9781443107259 , Andy , Hook , submarine , submarines , lunar , strike , “quick , picks” , book cover , book covers , cover , covers

How To Read Forex Quotes To Calculate The Value Of Your Money Transfer

How To Read Forex Quotes To Calculate The Value Of Your Money Transfer
Making a money transfer does not require deep understanding of Forex trading but it will definitely help you in calculating the approximate cost of your transfer and the amount of money the beneficiary will receive. A few general principles to remember include the following: currencies are always traded in pairs; all quotes contain a pair of three-letter trading symbols of the currencies traded. The first currency symbol is the base or selling currency and the later is the currency that you are buying.

The United States dollar is represented by the abbreviation USD, for instance, while GBP stands for the British pound, JPY is represented by the symbol JPY, EUR stands for the European euro, the Australian dollar is seen as AUD, CHF stands for the Swiss franc, and the Canadian dollar is represented by the symbol CAD, to list only the major currencies. Sometimes you can see a specific graphic symbol depicting a particular currency; the most well known symbols are those of the U.S. dollar, the British pound, the euro and the Japanese yen, despite that other currencies have graphic symbols as well.

No matter what symbols a particular trading platform or chart is using to depict currency pairs and currency rates, you must bear in mind that the first currency in the pair is the one that is more important to you. Imagine you want to send GBP 1,000 to Canada. Therefore, you must buy Canadian dollars to make a money transfer to the recipient. Otherwise, you can send British pounds but one way or another the beneficiary will have to convert your British pounds to Canadian dollars. Such being the case, you must obtain a currency rate chart to calculate the value of the transfer. In any case, you will get a chart that will read something like GBP/CAD 1.63524 or GBP/CAD = 1.63524. In broad terms, this means that right now the British pound is stronger than the Canadian dollar and 1 GBP can buy 1.63524 Canadian dollars. Multiplying the currency exchange rate by the amount of money you plan to transfer i.e. GBP 1,000 x CAD 1.63524 you will obtain a result of 1635.24 Canadian dollars that your pounds will buy.

This is the approximate value of the money transfer after conversion into the recipients currency; however, you have to bear in mind that the actual sum the beneficiary will receive will be of a smaller value due to commissions, fees and all other applicable charges. Moreover, this exchange rate is only for your information; it is obtained online by a reputable money transfer provider but the Forex market is extremely volatile and liquid so the currency rates fluctuate in minutes and the final currency rate you get would be quite different. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to check the present currency exchange rates. Doing so will allow you to make a more informed decision selecting a money transfer provider by comparing the exchange rates being offered.

Dr Timothy Ross is an expert on the financial markets. Recommendation: If you need to make a large or regular overseas payment consider the help of a money transfer specialist as an alternative to your bank.

Learn To Read Stock Market Quotes ? Its Not Difficult

Learn To Read Stock Market Quotes ? Its Not Difficult

Many people are afraid to start investing in stocks because there seems to be so much that they will need to learn first, and it’s true that investing in the stock market isn’t for everyone. But if you’re thinking about doing it one thing you will need to do is to learn to read stock market quotes. It’s not really as hard as it may seem.

Here is a breakdown of what the average quotes will have on them:

1. Price. This will tell you the most current price that stock was traded at.

2. Bid. This is the current price you would get for a stock if you were to sell it.

3. Ask. This is the lowest price a particular stock is currently selling for. The difference amount between the ask and the bid price is called the spread. The ask is generally the price you would pay to buy the stock.

4. Close. Also known as ‘previous close’ or ‘closing price’ this amount is the price the stock was sold at when trading ended the day before.

5. Change. The amount of change in the price the stock sold for between the previous close and the last trade.

6. Open. This will tell you what amount the stock trades for the first time it is sold on that particular day.

7. Day’s Range. This is the difference between the lowest and highest prices that a certain stock has been sold for during one trading day.

8. Yearly Range. This will tell you the highest and lowest amounts that a stock has been traded for in the last year. It can also be called ’52 week range’.

9. Volume. This is how many shares of a particular stock were traded during one day.

10. Average Volume. This is how many shares traded on one days worth of trading that has been averaged out.

11. Market Cap. This is the value of the outstanding shares of a company.

12. Dividend. This number will tell you the amount of money that has been paid in dividends for the last year. While this doesn’t mean that shareholders will continue to make this amount, it’s generally not a popular idea for companies to cut dividends.

12. Dividend Yield. This number will divide the amount of the dividend by the stock price to let shareholders know what they can expect to make in the unlikely event that the dividend and the stocks price stay at the same level for next year.

13. Earnings Per Share or EPS. This will let shareholders know how much profit the company has made in the preceding year.

14. Price / Earnings Ratio. This number will tell you the ratio of the price of the companies stocks to the EPS.

When you learn to read stock market quotes the above list includes the most commonly found figures, though they may not be the only ones. Learning all you can about investing, before you start putting your money up for grabs, is an extremely smart strategy. More often than not when you hear about someone who ‘lost their shirt’ in the stock market it’s because they simply didn’t know what they were doing. While even the experts will lose once in a while, you will lose less and make more if you take the time right from the start to learn what it’s all about. This article will help you with that.

Find more information about Stock Market,please click How to Invest in Stock Market and How to Buy Penny Stocks.