Fitness Tracker Foero Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Pressure Steps Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristband Pedometer IP67 Waterproof HD Touch Screen for Android and IOS

Fitness Tracker Foero Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Pressure Steps Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Wristband Pedometer IP67 Waterproof HD Touch Screen for Android and IOS

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Key Features:
Tracks steps,heart rate,walking distance,calories burnt,sleep quality,Blood pressure.
-Call and message Reminder
-Turn the wrist light screen
-Recording the daily goals
-Camera Control
-Heart rate monitor

Detection of heart rate:
-Real-time testing and every 30 mins automatically save data to APP;
-Under the heart rate detecting interface,wait 6-7 seconds,will display real-time heart rate , it will keep this continuously track about 60 seconds,and the data will not save to APP.

Blood pressure:Normal and Personal
-Generally please select Normal model.
-If you are hypertension or hypotension,please select Personal mode,and select on My Device of Personal mode and set your data as well on settings at the same time.

Sleep Monitor:
-Automatic monitoring sleep duration and sleep quality, sleep can view the trend to improve sleep, and through the vibration alarm clock wake you quietly.
-The sleep monitor will start form 9:00 PM to 9:00 AM.

Sedentary reminder:
-Remind you to leave the seat for just the right amount of exercise.


CPU: Nordic N51822
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Sensor: 3D Gravity Sensor
Trap Material: Silicone
Stand By: 5-7 days
Battery Capacity: 90mAh
Dust-proof &Waterproof: IP67
Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
System Requirement: Android 4.3 And Above, IOS8.0 And Above

What You Get:
1 x Smart Bracelet
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

Kindly NOTE:This device not for medical use,test data just for reference.

If you have any questions for the product, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you ASAP.


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Auto Insurance Rate Has Changed – Why?

Auto Insurance Rate Has Changed – Why?

When a policy period begins, you will be told the amount of your premium cost for the upcoming term. Many people know what they pay for auto insurance, and seeing a sudden increase can be very discomforting. It will likely make you curious, and probably even a bit angry. Sure, if your premium had gone down, you would be jumping for joy. But seeing your premium go up is a not a very comforting feeling. There are quite a few reasons as to why your auto insurance premium may have gone up.

You Were Part Of An Accident

Whenever you are in accident, and file a claim, your rates will increase. The premium for your auto insurance is based on quite a few factors – a major one being how many times the driver and/or policyholder has filed a claim. Obviously, the more claims that are being made, the more the insurer is paying – thus they are going to give you a higher premium.

There is only one thing to keep in mind; some insurers may offer an accident forgiveness plan. This means exactly what the name says – you will be “forgiven” for an accident or traffic violation, thus your premium will not increase.

You Were Given A Traffic Ticket

Even though a traffic ticket does not cost the insurer any money, it still will cause your rates to increase. By receiving a traffic violation for other speeding, not stopping at a stop sign, and so on, you are showing recklessness. This, in the eyes of an insurer, is cause for disaster. They will assume that you are at higher risk of getting in an accident, thus having to file a claim. For this exact reason, you will see an increase in your rate.

Your Insurance Company Has Had Many Claims Recently

Even though this may not seem fair, it is the truth. If your insurer has been having many claims filed lately, they will be losing money, unless they increase their customers premium costs. Thus, if they notice that they are not making profit, and in turn actually losing money, due to a lot of claims recently, you, and other customers, may notice an increase in your premium. You may feel upset and angered that your rate is being increased for something that is not your fault – but that is life. The increase may only be for a short while, until they start making profit again, and then you will be back to your normal premium.

Laws In Your State Have Changed

This is one that neither policyholders or insurers have a say in. If the laws in your state have changed, the rates will increase based on the changed law(s).

You Have Added Another Car To Your Policy

When you add a car to your policy, your rate is evidently going to increase. Why? Because adding another car is increasing the risk that you may be in an automobile accident, and in turn need to make a claim with the insurer. It is important to only add cars that have proper safety features, and are not that expensive to repair. If you are going to add brand new cars to a policy, or even sports cars, expect a hefty increase in your premium.

You Have Added Another Driver

When a new driver is added to your policy, your rate will increase. This is similar to adding another car to your policy – the change of having to make a claim is going to increase. If you are adding a teenager to your policy, expect a big increase in your rate, especially if it is a male. There is no much you can do to avoid this, except for making sure the new driver is going to follow the rules of the road and drive safely.

You Have Increased Coverage

Many people begin with the bare-minimum coverage required by their state, because it is all that they could fit into their budget at the time. Now, they may be able to afford a better policy which offers higher coverage. The more coverage you have, the more your rate will be.

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What To Look For In An Auto Insurance Rate Comparison In Florida

What To Look For In An Auto Insurance Rate Comparison In Florida
The only way to get the best deal in your insurance is by performing an auto insurance rate comparison in Florida. Regardless of the type of coverage you are after, it is necessary to get quotes from several providers. You can get a free quote online by visiting the website of the company. By doing this, you are able to get the best price for the right plan to suit your needs.

If you own and drive a 4-wheeled vehicle in Florida then you need to have it insured by an accredited provider. The Florida Department of Insurance regulates such companies. Failure to comply with these rules can get your license suspended.

You may lose your driving privileges and even have your driving registration revoked for up to 3 years. You may end up spending hundreds of dollars if you are found liable.

Florida imposes a minimum coverage for Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability. In some instances, you may be asked to have additional coverage for Bodily Injury Liability. This is required if you have been involved in an accident or if you get convicted for a particular driving offense. Florida does not require compensation for the vehicle of the policy holder, in case he is at fault in an accident.

Personal Injury Protection or PIP covers losses due to injury not considering who is at fault. This applies the person who was injured, including his passengers and relatives who live in the same household. This can be claimed by policyholders who get injured as a pedestrian, provided that a vehicle is involved. A bicyclist, for instance, can make a claim if he accidentally collides with a car.

Bodily Injury Liability or BIL covers third party damages when the policy holder gets involved in an accident. This pays for accidents that lead to death or cause serious bodily injuries to the other party involved. It also extends to pay for damages caused, not just by the policy holder, but also by his family members who live in the same household.

Coverage is only up to the limit of the policy. It also includes legal representation if a lawsuit takes place. Depending on the agreement, BIL may also cover other persons who are authorized to drive the insured vehicle. Property Damage Liability or PDL covers property damages to third parties caused by the plan holder or relatives who live in the same household.

Great tips and advice on what to look for in an auto insurance rate comparison in Florida now in our FL car fact sheet overview .

The 50% Divorce Rate – A Misnomer

The 50% Divorce Rate – A Misnomer

We’ve all heard the oft-quoted dictum that the United States has a 50% divorce rate. It’s enough to make you sour on the whole idea of marriage. After all, if half of all marriages end in divorce, do love and marriage really go together at all? Fortunately, that’s not really the case. At the end of the day, the divorce rate is a statistic, and just like all other statistics, it can be construed to mean just about anything. To quote Mark Twain: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

The problem with claiming that 50% of divorces end in divorce is that it’s such a broad claim that it’s almost meaningless when you consider it in terms of your own marriage. While it’s true that, of all the marriages people enter into in the United States, roughly half of them end in divorce, it isn’t the whole story.

When you factor in all first-time marriages, roughly 41% of them end in divorce. One of the theoretical reasons for this is that people in the United States tend to get married at a younger age than those in Europe and Asia. People who get married under the age of 24 have a nearly 50% divorce rate. Marriages in which the partners were older when they got married have a much lower divorce rate. Conversely, marriages which involve children are much less likely to end in divorce.

Another factor causing the divorce rate to be a bit swelled is that subsequent marriages after divorce have a much higher rate of divorce. Second marriages end in divorce about 60% of the time, while third marriages end in divorce a whopping 70% of the time. So, for the sake of statistics, let’s say that a man gets married to a woman when he’s 23. They get divorced, and he goes on to marry another woman several years later. This marriage ends, and he marries another time, which also ends in divorce. That’s a total of three marriages for him, all of which have ended in divorce. Meanwhile, another couple married at 28 and have been happily (more or less happily, anyway) since. Of the four marriages in question, three of them have ended in divorce. In a way, the statistics tend towards a higher divorce rate, almost by nature.

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“Toolbox Murders” – Inspiration for the Nuclear Powered Combat Chainsaw

This pathetic little plastic toy chainsaw, a relic of a brief period of "kinder, gentler" weapons, could not even cut through a warm stick of butter. Properly "scaled up" , though, it inspired the Nuclear Powered Combat Chainsaw, capable of cutting a Main Battle Tank in two with one lazy stroke.

1) upgrade the bar from under 2 inches to 8 feet

2) upgrade the cutting teeth to 5-inch razor sharp "shark teeth" fabricated from diamond dust coated titanium carbide

3) upgrade the spring motor to a computer controlled high torque electronically commutated 12-phase electric motor powered by a 100 megawatt portable nuclear reactor

4) offset alternate cutting teeth laterally to maximize cherf removal rate

5) add piezo-electric actuators to vibrate the teeth sideways to prevent seizing and stalling

After these simple upgrades you have a saw that is capable of producing more than "minor temporary inconvenience". Featured in the upcoming motion picture "Blood Bath Beach Meatcleaver Machete Toolbox Murder Chainsaw Massacre: A Love Story".

"Who will survive and what will be left of them?"

"You can’t take it any more.
The arms are spinning on the floor.
That’s what the chainsaw massacre
……………………………………… for"

(As performed by me in a hotel lobby in Seville, Spain on New Years Eve 1988 along with appropriate insane cannibal mass murderer gestures.)

Added December 2013 — the performance was 25 years ago today!!

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