A Generator and Dust

A Generator and Dust

The morning after the horrendous thunderstorm at Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley. We heard a number of generators running (we had no power ourselves). This one was outside the registration office. It didn’t produce enough juice for them to get their computers going, though. They made a note that we were leaving and that half a tree had fallen on our cabin — but the note was handwritten and our bill was left settled.

The air got dusty whenever any kind of vehicle went by. The mud from the flood dried to a fine powder that was easily raised — and then hung in the air and spread all around. I’ve seen floods after hurricanes where everything touched by the water showed some kind of mark. After this storm everything looked covered with powder.

Originally posted in 2006.

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Ghosts of the past

Ghosts of the past

(Note: I replaced this with an updated version a few moments ago after making very minor curve adjustments within a vignette of the fence-line and surrounding grass. I think it helps focus the attention down the fence-line in far better fashion. 4-13-2015)

I couldn’t help but wonder just how many hooves had walked up the weathered boards of this old chute I stopped to shoot beside US85 this past Tuesday (4-7-2015) as I made my way south to escape the Bakken for a few days. Nothing but dust and weeds inhabit the holding pen now and with the warmer spring temps arriving, perhaps a rattler and his prey in days to come.

Lighting was hit or miss (and the next day was simply nasty with fog and scattered rain for my trek to Devils Tower and points west in Wyoming) but it made for somewhat surreal results once I began playing with the processing. It’s not HDR (I haven’t used Photomatix since the last computer crash, in fact) but the results to which I seemed to gravitate might, perhaps, be considered a somewhat "manual HDR", I suppose.

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