2017 (Day 162 – 11th Jun): Our “backup” computer desk

2017 (Day 162 - 11th Jun): Our

This is set up in our spare room – partly, to give us a "secondary" control ro…, sorry, computer "workstation" if the main one is in use, but also to bring some "spare" gear back into use that would otherwise be gathering dust.

Normally, the computer here would be my Asus Chromebit CS10 (a "stick PC" running Chrome OS), but it wasn’t plugged in here at the time I took this shot. In case anyone noticed that the monitor (a "vintage" Philips 170C) is VGA-only, and the Chromebit only has an HDMI connector… there’s a converter in there 😉

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power supply [Day 3595]

power supply [Day 3595]

One of the side benefits of running a LAN party for virtual Blizzcon is that since I move my gaming PC out to the dining room area for the event, when it comes time to move it back it’s a great opportunity to open up the case and do some dusting. This sort of maintenance helps keep things running in top shape!

Photo-a-Day: Year 10, Day 308 – Total Days: 3,595

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Day One Hundred and Eighty-Five | Twitter

Day One Hundred and Eighty-Five | Twitter

in which the photographer rediscovers pigtails and eyeliner.

I really, really need a sensor clean, but I have just enough money for a tank of petrol, and that’s what it’s going to be used for, sadly. I don’t have Photoshop on this computer, but once I get around to it, I’ll replace this with a less dust-spotty photo.

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Project 365: #4

Project 365: #4

I got my real camera out and worked a shot out. A real shot, it was good. Unfortunately, it’s been long enough since I used the camera that I have absolutely no idea where the USB cable is, unless it’s at work somewhere.

During my hunting in the pile of my clothes (not a comic exaggeration: really, all my clothes), under the couch (bottle of Dr. Pepper and bottle of Coopers; flouro tube, starter, and cover; phonebooks), under the bed (a book I forgot I was reading; n boarding pass stubs; an alarm clock; something I really should’ve sent to someone back when it was a good idea to do so, sigh), on my desk (my passport — but I did at least know it was somewhere on my desk; three SD cards and an RS-MMC card, not that I have a reader in a computer that isn’t at work; my battery charger; my rechargable batteries; my camera bag; my group certificate from Canonical; more boarding passes; the receipt for my residence permit renewal, which I really need; more batteries; the board and case from my old DSL modem; four thousand mint packets I got from the ferry; business cards; crumbs and dust ad infinitum; six bottles of deodorant, five empty; the best pencil on the planet ever; an RS-MMC -> full MMC adaptor; my first set of spare keys), under my desk, in my heater (medal from the European championships of Australian Rules football), in my cupboard (chargers for devices I haven’t turned on since, er, 2001; the camera manual, the camera TV-out cables; my second spare key, which I didn’t knew I had), the table beside the chair I haven’t sat on in months (a glass that was in plain sight, for god’s sake), and in my coffee table (my group certificate from NEC), I didn’t find it. Bah.

So, that shot waits until tomorrow, and today you get a look under my wonderful couch. And a sneak peek of what’s to come.

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Where does it come from Project 365 Day 360

Where does it come from Project 365 Day 360

No not the vacuum cleaner, that came from Carrefour. I mean all the dust that seems to accumulate in the spare room.

Pam says it is because I have a computer in there. Well, the fans inside the computer might circulate the dust a a little but they don’t make it.

Never mind, it was another grey day yesterday so it was a good opportunity to give the study area its weekly clean.

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digital [1751]

digital [1751]

I was actually able to get alternate versions of this shot of my gaming PC’s interior in which there wasn’t a reflection on the glass panel, but I ended up liking the effect that the reflection caused. It gets kind of a neat double-exposure look.

Also, it looks like I should open it up this weekend and do a little dusting…

Photo-a-Day: Year 5, Day 290 – Total Days: 1751

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Another day, another day. I kept hearing reports of large amounts of snow, but we got merely a dusting. Weird. I was kind of hoping to watch the snow pile up as I toiled away with my computer code. Instead, I just toiled.

Glad to see Tumblr is back! I missed playing ask a photography question. So come on! Ask a question! What do you want to know? About my photography, or photography in general.

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Virtual Reality [Day 177/365]

Virtual Reality [Day 177/365]

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