Profitable Stock Market Investments

Profitable Stock Market Investments

To build a stock portfolio we start by looking for well-managed companies with good earnings growth that are selling at reasonable valuations!

To find them, we use fundamental factors, which include valuation, momentum and other techniques used in equities research.

We identify the investment objectives, fine-tune the processes to meet that objectives, identify the sources of returns, construct the portfolios, monitor and adjust them as necessary.

Increasing The Odds of Success!

Nothing guarantees success when investing in the stock markets, but there are tools and resources that can increase the probability of superior investment performance, and we do try to employ them all.

We promote ideas and in-depth research from around the world. To make sure we have access to every aspect of every company, we have also formed extensive alliances with international experts to provide market analysis and perspective.

Risk management is a science and when it comes to it, we believe that ongoing analysis and quality control are the keys to improved performance and to protecting our clients from unnecessary risks.

We set parameters and monitor risk across all strategies, review sector weightings and individual stocks on a daily basis, track where we are relative to specific benchmarks and our competition, and adjust our holdings as appropriate to the ever-changing world market environment.

Our global network is the foundation of our research effort, while the scope of our operations provides us with superior management access and trade execution virtually anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, we work with top investment managers and we support them with exceptional technology and information resources that lead to the most profitable and productive actions.

What about the “Long-Term?”

While reinforcing the need for patience, the markets performance during the past years has put many investors who claim to be long-term investors to the real acid test!

Our portfolios are designed to meet long-term objectives, and long-term does not mean the next month or the next year! They could very easily mean five years down the line when i.e. your first child goes to college or 30 years from now when it is time for your retirement.

Portfolios are put together to weather and even benefit from market cycles, not to be torpedoed in the middle of them.

That is why investors must always ask themselves why they want to invest in equities and what they really mean by “long term!”

In our opinion, if the investors don’t have their targets clearly focused they should not be in the markets at all. They would be better off putting their money into bonds and money market funds, or better yet… under their pillows!

And if they are in for the long-term, investors should do everything they can to ignore the pains of a down market. The time will come when the fall of i.e. Enron and/or WorldCom will be just a tiny footnote rather than a major front-page headline.

Everlasting Opportunities?

During the past years we have witnessed a brutal and confusing period for the stock market, with twists and turns that kept ignoring all historical trends.

Normally, one might take heart at the fact that, since the Depression at least, declines such as the 2001 – 2003 that we have lately seen have come near the end of bear markets and been followed by rapid advances.

But again, we seem to be in a period where historical patterns – for the short term at least – are not a certain guide anymore.

Basic rules and common sense were forgotten in the “gold rush” of the late 90s, but have been painfully reinforced and reactivated by the 2001 – 2003 stock market’s declining performance!

There is always risk involved in equity investment. The last bull market, when every stock from i.e. Internet start-ups to blue chip companies steadily kept on rising, was an anomaly, and it is not due for a fast return. The sooner we accept that the better will be for everybody!

And as difficult as it may be to believe it, during this severe bear market, there are always certain excellent buying opportunities to be found.

In fact we do believe that sometime during the next years we will look back to this point in time and see it as having been the ideal one for buying stocks …

The right stocks, that is!

Beating the market takes a little luck, a huge effort and constant hard work; and as we have shown, that we are well equipped to the challenges of capitalizing on opportunities!

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BuyBackWorld ? Easy, Fast, Profitable

BuyBackWorld ? Easy, Fast, Profitable

Technology is constantly on the rise. Nowadays, new gadgets come into the market one after the other, sometimes even in droves. Corporations churn them out regularly without losing a beat, always coming up with a brand new feature to give the product a “must-buy” status.

One can hardly keep track of the names and features of the many different types of gadgets, and picking which one to buy is such a pain for the ordinary semi-observer.

True blue techies though – those who have the disposable income to spare – most probably have it all. Hardcore technology enthusiasts buy all the latest electronics the market is offering.

There is always something new in the market. There are always consumers who would gravitate towards the hip, newer product. And there are always the old, replaced devices that these consumers don’t quite know how to get rid of. Little do they know, there are other people looking to own electronics that they find too expensive to buy new.

Enter, BuyBackWorld, a company that promises – and actually delivers – to give a whole new meaning to the practice of trading. By prioritizing the costumers’ needs, designing a very easy system and attaching fair and honest prices to each transacted item, BuyBackWorld has poised itself to achieve success.

The brainchild of young entrepreneurs Andreas Leptourgos and Steven Francess, BuyBackWorld was borne after the pair’s firsthand encounters with its pretty obvious necessity. When they realized that there are plenty of people who want to discard their old gadgets with absolutely no idea how to do so, Leptourgos and Francess decided to create a platform that makes it so much easier and faster for these people to sell their used devices.

Usually, long distance transactions are difficult, but this case is different. Participating in BuyBackWorld is extremely hassle-free. Sellers only have to go online to indicate the product they wish to unload, and then have it shipped. Payment comes upon inspection and approval of the item. Making money has never been this easy.

Leptourgos and Francess wish to make the process even more convenient for you, so shipping and packaging is completely free for the sellers. It is amazing how there is hardly any work involved in making money this way.

Perhaps most importantly, the safety and privacy of both sellers and buyers are top priorities of the company. All of the gadgets that are received are reset to their original factory settings, wiped out of all its saved data and checked thoroughly by a trained inspector for any trace of leftover information. Among other things, BuyBackWorld wants to make sure the people they are servicing feel secure entrusting their old personal gadgets to them.

BuyBackWorld makes perfect sense in so many ways. Costumers get a good deal by either earning or saving money, electronics are recycled instead of being part of the growing mound of trash, and the co-founders have the opportunity to build a business that’s wholly committed to their ideals in eco-awareness, integrity and fairness. With BuyBackWorld, every party is a winner.

Including the environment.

This company prides itself on being environmentally conscious. When the electronics are not deemed reusable (meaning, it did not reach the minimum standards of quality to be re-sold), BuyBackWorld has eco-friendly practices on recycling.



Recycle electronics now and find out why electronics recycling is good for you.

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How to select MQL4 Live trading result for profitable automated Forex Trading

How to select MQL4 Live trading result for profitable automated Forex Trading

Return on Investment (ROI)


This is an old term used in many investment projects and it is used to determine how profitable the program is. Comparing to Stocks and unit trust performance which is between 10 to 20% annually, Forex trading gives higher ROI of 100 to 200% annually. This is due to the leverage of the currency and the 24 hours trading features which makes it easy to trade and small capital of 1:200 leverage required to trade and hold. This in the case of stocks, can be option warrant or contract for difference, but the holding power is still much less attractive then Forex.




Some Forex broker accound provide 1:500 leverage, which means you only need $ 200 to hold on to a 100k full contract or $ 20 for mini lot 10K or $ 2 for micro lot trading (0.1 of mini lot or 0.01 of standard lot). You can execute 5 trades while still have the margin to carry on and earn potential $ 2000 profit with a 200 pips gain (1% to 2% currency value) compare to $ 50 for a 5% gain in stock and share assuming 10K capital used for both trading setup.


Duration of Live trading


In most case ROI is measured against monthly or annually. A good strategy Forex trading program will give 10% ROI monthly. Which equal to more then 100% anuually returns. But this is the average ROI, there may be months that is -10% and months that is +40%. Therefore, trading is almost looking at long term consistent profits, not short term gains. For live trading, at least 12 months of trading would gives a good ROI indicator of the program.


Profit Factor


This is important to any Forex trading program as it is a measure of its true abilities to trade and gain profit. Profit factor is measured by taking total profit winnings divide by total losses. Any number that is more then 1 will means that the program actually earn more then it lose. A good profit factor of 2 or 3 is desirable as it have to handle stop loss and bid-spread pip losses. This are 2 main problem for many Forex trading program and one of the most effective ways to counter it is to increase the profit factor. Anything less then 1.2 is consider no good.


Max Draw Down


Draw Down is common in Forex trading when the trades has not hit any stop loss. But comparing to Maximum Draw Down, it is the largest losses the account made include realized profit (loss) and unrealized profit (loss). Realized profit refer to trade that loss pips and are executed by the broker (Buy and then sell or Sell and then Buy). Unrealised profit is trade that is still holding on yet to let go. This is significant as it will affect your margin call calculation when you are running multiple trading programs. As a general rule is to have less then 15% or 20% draw down. You still have room to run another 2 more program to maximum your ROI while maintain your account margin.




I support green products and actively involved in recycling movement. Currently am blogging, affiliate marketing, selling holiday gifts online and trading Forex to earn extra income to support family on top of having a full-time job. Visit my website and share my ideas.


I am currently hosting a Forex review website at and also sharing Forex news, broker, trades and charting information. Last year, I started affiliate marketing and setup which features free tools and tips. My recent involvement is selling holiday gifts which provide world wide delivery at my personal blog

How to change profitable strategy into auto trading income

How to change profitable strategy into auto trading income

Winning Strategy


This is the most important portion in any Forex or Stock trading. You have to have winning strategy with rules and setup you follow every day in order to trade and earn profit from your trading. You may be using long or short term strategy on multiple currency and many different timeframe. In general, you need to have winning strategy.

Manual trade


Once you have a winning strategy, you have to try it out by manual trading. This portion of manual trading is more paper trading using paper money. Once you try a few trades, do review and refine your trading strategy and try again. Within weeks, you will have a refined trading strategy that works and gain profit for you.


Back ward testing


Next is back ward testing your strategy using historical data and chart. I would suggest at least back test up to 12 months of historical data to really fool proof your strategy. There are many Financial news through out the whole year which can affect the price of the currency and is important that your strategy can withstand those hugh trends and spike of price.


Code yourself


Once you have revise and refine your trading strategy by manual trading and backward testing, you are now ready to proceed to the next step is to automate your trading strategy. For programmer and self help trader, you may want to do the programming and code it yourself. You can use MT4 MQL to code it and there are many forum and blogs out there helping you to create your own Expert Advisor.


Hire a programmer


If you are not a hard-core programmer, you can always outsource the programming part to others. You can check out at or any other out-sourcing website where you can post your job and hire experience programmer in MT4 to handle your codes. This process will take a bit of time as you will need to run and check if the software is working according to your manual trading and backward testing.


Join a Forex Academy


The next alternative is to join a Forex School or Teaching Academy. Once you proof your strategy to them, they will help to automated your strategy and start offering to their students. In this way, you will ride on the school resources and gain passive income via rights or loyalties.


Post if out for partnership project.


This is the last suggestion and it does work wonders. MT4 programmer will know about it and help to program into software codes. They can help you run, test and debug the simulation results. You can work with them to develop other software with other strategy, a win-win situation.



I support green products and actively involved in recycling movement. Currently am blogging, affiliate marketing, selling holiday gifts online and trading Forex to earn extra income to support family on top of having a full-time job. Visit my website and share my ideas.


I am currently hosting a Forex review website at and also sharing Forex news, broker, trades and charting information. Last year, I started affiliate marketing and setup which features free tools and tips. My recent involvement is selling holiday gifts which provide world wide delivery at my personal blog

Invest carefully in real estate to enjoy profitable and transparent property deals

Invest carefully in real estate to enjoy profitable and transparent property deals

Someone in the city of Melbourne who does not want to take the trouble of buying a plot of land and then waiting for and coordinating the construction, would in most cases choose to look up the various options in Melbourne Apartments for Sale. It reduces the hassle of having to go through the whole process of waiting for construction to get over and then shifting in.  Searching for a house or apartment that is ready shall be a better option rather than scouting around for land and property developers.

Most people who try to build their houses from scratch, choose to buy a piece of land and then hand over the property to a Property Developer who does the needful regarding designing and making the house for them in exchange for a fee which is decided on from before.

Even for those who do not want houses for residential purposes and are actually looking for a place to set up their business may look up on options regarding Commercial Property for Sale. They could narrow in on their search by finding the property that suits their choices in terms of location and budget and then finally going in for the sale. Commercial property, unlike property which is sold for residential purposes will have a higher set of prices as they complete differ in terms of their whole get-up.

Commercial Real Estates too has the potential of providing for a wide range of options for someone looking to buy property for using it for business or commercial purposes. The manner in which commercial real estate operates is slightly different from how the market for apartments or residential property will operate.

If you are looking for a good set of options while trying to search for property, it is best to get hold of sources that know their way around and then get them to find the appropriate property which might suit your needs. Real estate by itself is a booming sector and can be very tricky when someone new is navigating his way round searching for property. Utmost care and preciseness should be used when searching for a piece of property because there is every chance that one may overlook some aspect or the other.

For more information about Commercial Property for Sale & Melbourne Apartments for Sale. So please visit here –

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Radical Partnering – The Art of Creating Profitable Business Alliances and Joint Ventures

Radical Partnering – The Art of Creating Profitable Business Alliances and Joint Ventures

Whether you’re King of the Hill and ready to Create Your Own Movement or you want to become the next Global Brand here’s absolutely the most important advice you’ll get from anybody. . . .form an alliance with your competition. Yep you heard me right. Ever read the Art of War? Well I’ll capsulize it for you – “Keep your Friends Close” and your “Enemies Closer”

You’re good, yes? You’ve made it up the Hill.

But you want more. You want to be BIG. Really BIG! You want to own your space, you want to dominate your market and most of all, you want to be “The One” that everyone talks about – am I close?

So what’s the issue? You have good leadership skills, a reasonably productive sales process and you’re making money right? Ahhh, that’s it you’re NOT making enough money. Well building an “Intelligent Business Alliance” is a way to profit from using today’s most important strategic tools, joint ventures, creative collaboration and strategic partnerships. Paradoxical as it may be, if you’re a “self-employed” entrepreneur, the best way to compete right now is to identify your competition, sort through how you can and cannot leverage the majority of these businesses and then form strategic alliances with the rest.

Think about it, whether it’s local market ownership or global market penetration and domination it will take this kind of evolved thinking. Even becoming the “go to” business in a local market will rely on getting past the “lone ranger” mentality.

Conflict and competition are not part of the new business dynamic. The Stone Age is called the 20th Century. Cooperation and mutual benefit reign supreme in the 21st Century and those who are smart enough to embrace the concept and plan strategically will own their markets.

So look for a good alliance partner to stand side-by-side with and together you can make “It” happen for both your businesses. Defining “it” together is where the finesse comes in.

Some suggestions: Look for a company who has expertise, skill sets where you “don’t” i.e. you have an established business but not enough customers? There are thousands of experienced sales and marketing consultants out there just looking to help you get more customers or let’s say you have a new product that you want to market on the internet but you don’t have a list of customers – FIND A COMPANY WITH THE SAME KIND OF PRODUCTS same target market and an established list of customers and “partner with them”. It makes good business sense to give up a percentage of your profit to this new “strategic partnership” to ‘get into business” quickly via someone else’s website and lead list.

So you’ve all heard that the best partnerships are “Win-Win” where both sides get “something” out of the alliance. You’ve Heard Right!

I challenge you to reexamine your thinking about creative collaboration and approach joint ventures and strategic partnerships with a new awareness. If you move toward potential business alliances armed with the clarity that comes from being ‘educated” on the subject and equipped with specific tools to evaluate and manage your collective business – YOU WILL SUCCEED. I GUARANTEE YOU the time you invest to better understand today’s most important strategic business tools – joint ventures, creative collaborations and strategic partnerships will serve you well over a lifetime.

Remember, conflict and competition is not part of the new business dynamic.

a.k. Tobor is in Corporate Recovery having escaped the Fortune 100 world in 2001 to create A Growing Enterprise™ (AGE, Inc) a San Francisco based multi-disciplinary business consultancy. The practice analyzes business performance for small and mid-size enterprises, entrepreneurs with “that one big idea”, as well as, corporations looking a competitive edge.

Preparing Insightful Quotes and Estimates for Profitable Returns

Preparing Insightful Quotes and Estimates for Profitable Returns


Creating job submittals with competitive pricing lists and correct product information is significant for the plumbing distributor to earn more revenues and profits. But this task can be extremely arduous as finding the relevant information from innumerable manufacturer catalogs and websites is time-consuming and often ridden with obsolete information. If you are a plumbing distributor you know the value of providing prompt and quality customer service. It increases the possibility to impress customers and ensures steady earnings.


When the entire world is taking advantage of advanced technology you too can utilize these tools to give your business the competitive edge and secure a stable position. In the midst of fierce competition you have to cautiously make your decisions so that you can avoid the pitfalls and save your business from detrimental consequences. The plumbing estimating software provides consistent support to help you deliver unmatched performances. All manual and time-wasting tasks are replaced by automated processes that display admirable capabilities.


The software provides a comprehensive and current database with 2.1 million items from over 720 plumbing items’ manufacturers. It assists you in preparing submittals, quoting accurate prices, researching on the products, finding alternatives for the products and creating customized price lists. The internet-based software can be deployed and managed easily with the help of a web browser. It is equipped with a powerful search engine that helps you to search for information quickly. You can easily find detailed descriptions of products and you can also use the cross-referencing facilities to find alternative products.


The plumbing estimating software helps to create a list of frequently used items and creates templates so that you can copy them quickly onto your new submittals. It provides you with a view of the history of the price change concerning each item. The database is always up-to-date with the latest industry news compiled from various sources. The software provides you with high quality images and illustrations of the products and facilitates you with several formatting options to help you to add company logos, job information, headers or footers and numbers to each page. It allows integration with other estimating systems.


The software helps to save costs on paper, printing and shipping by providing the facility of emailing the submittals. It provides you the control to change names, sequences and classify documents. You have the authority to determine who can edit the submittals. The estimating software provides great relief to the plumbing distributor as costs and damages are controlled, and customers are provided with excellent services.


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